FTF Champion
Second Hand Smoke

1. John Ire

FTF Episode 004: Summit Series
June 26th, 2016 – September 18th, 2016
(84 Days)
In the first ever FTF Summit Series John Ire defeated Marie Veleno in the first round, Karina Zima in the second round and Miyami Kana in the main event to be crowned the first ever FTF Champion.

– FTF 004: John Ire def. Miyami Kana
– FTF 008: John Ire def. Miyami Kana
– FTF 012: John Ire def. Miyami Kana in a 2 Out of 3 Falls Match

2. Second Hand Smoke

FTF Episode 016: Apex
September 18th, 2016 – ???

At Apex it was undefeated streak versus championship when “The Emissary of Darkness” Second Hand Smoke challenged “Pissed Off” John Ire. Thanks to interference from Smoke’s Dread Haven followers Nobody and Bill Griff, Smoke was able to capture the championship following his Black Smoke finisher.

– n/a


FTF Tag Team Champions
The White Wolves

1. Constance Ripley & Ezra LaForge (The White Wolves)
FTF Episode 012: Duality
August 21st, 2016 – ???
By winning the first ever Duality Tag Team Tournament, Ripley and LaForge were crowned the first FTF Tag Team Champions. The defeated Lobo Malo & Miyami Kana in round one, Pretty/Dirty in round 2, and F.U.X. in the finals to claim the titles.

– FTF 012: White Wolves def. F.U.X.
– FTF 014: White Wolves def. The Kingmakers
– FTF 016: White Wolves def. F.U.X.