Rankings: Episode 017


  1. secondhandsmoke
    FTF Champion:
    Second Hand Smoke – 09/00/00
    Despite not being in action this week the new FTF Champion stays at the top of the heap. Instead of letting his “disciples” settle his issues with John Ire and Al Derringer, Smoke offered both men a title shot at War of Attrition in a Three Way Dance. It seems that The Emissary of Darkness wants to prove that he is a deserving champion.
  2. johnire
    John Ire – 10/03/00
    The former champion spends another week in the second position. That is as high as he will rise unless he can win back his championship and he will get his chance at War of Attrition in a Three Way Dance.
  3. karinazima
    Karina Zima – 10/05/00

    Zima stays in third position after a huge main event victory this week. Alongside Marie Veleno she defeated Hiccup Bigelow and Mick Mooney to become Number One Contenders to the FTF Tag Team Titles. Following the victory, Pretty/Dirty challenged The White Wolves to have the championship match on Episode Eighteen and the champions gladly accepted.
  4. ezralaforge
    FTF Tag Team Champion: Ezra LaForge – 08/05/00 

    Even though she is one half of the Tag Team Champions, LaForge stays in fourth position this week do to inactivity. She and Constance Ripley made a second successful defence of their titles at Apex against F.U.X. but will have to put the titles on the line again next week against their rivals Pretty/Dirty.
  5. marieveleno
    Marie Veleno – 08/05/00
    Following a main event victory with her partner Karina Zima to become the next challengers to the Tag Team Titles, Marie Veleno finally cracks the top five. Next week she and her partner will get a shot at FTF gold which is an opportunity that they are not likely to squander.

  6. Hatchet Muldoon – 08/06/00 down2
  7. FTF Tag Team Champion: Constance Ripley – 06/02/00
  8. Tom Cherry – 05/01/00 up2
  9. Lazlo Vaughan – 05/06/00 up2
  10. VJ Merrick – 05/07/00 down2
  11. Al Derringer – 04/07/00 down2
  12. Lobo Malo – 04/07/00 down2
  13. Mick Mooney – 04/09/00 down2
  14. Hiccup Bigelow – 03/07/00
  15. Joffrey Gough – 01/03/00
  16. Brixton Gough – 01/03/00
  17. Sofia Tapia – 01/00/00 NEW
  18. Ravage – 00/01/00
  19. Nobody – 00/01/00
  20. Ren Bao – 00/05/00
  21. Jin Feng – 00/05/00
  22. Galen Maylene – 00/00/01 NEW
  23. Quinn Troxler – 00/00/01 NEW
  24. Jacob White – 00/01/00 NEW



FTF Episode 017

SEVENTEEN.pngThe Fire Pit Arena
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

September 25th, 2016


Following a video package that highlighted the events of FTF Apex we go to ringside with Chris Jones and Alan Irvine.

Chris Jones: Ladies and gentlemen it is a new day in Fire Thunder Fighting. A new, dark day. We have a new champion and with that new champion a cloud has moved in on Toronto.

Alan Irvine: I hate to agree with you Jones but it’s true. Second Hand Smoke is now the face of FTF and he has brought his Dread Haven with him.

Chris Jones: Which now includes Nobody as well as Bill Griff, a man who we thought was in a coma.

Alan Irvine:  I still don’t understand that one Jones. Another thing I don’t understand is how The Riveros were allowed in the arena last week to attack Lobo Malo, to cost him his Falls Count Anywhere match with Lazlo Vaughan.

Chris Jones: The Riveros are here tonight but we have yet to get an update on Lobo Malo. Word is that they will be meeting with Morgan Odin.

Alan Irvine: I don’t foresee that going well but it sounds like it will be highly entertaining. Enough chit chat Jones. Let’s get to it!

Singles Match
Jacob White
Sofia Tapia
15 Minute Time Limit

The first match of the evening was a double debut as Jacob White of Montreal, Canada took on Sofia Tapia of Madrid, Spain. The Toronto audience did not treat the French Canadian with much love as he hit the ring. Tapia on the other hand got a big response. Following some big strikes White dumped Tapia over the top rope. White then hit a suicide dive elbow smash to Tapia and then tried to whip Tapia into the apron but Tapia popped up and hit him with an Asai moonsault. Once back in the ring White came back with a running knee lift. When White tried to maintain his momentum Tapia hit him with a spinning back kick to the mid-section. Tapia then stepped off of the second rope and sent White’s face into the canvas with a curb stomp! Tapia covered and got the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Sofia Tapia!

The bell rang and Tapia had her hand raised. White looked furious and for a moment it seemed as if he was going to attack Tapia but he held back…this time.

Chris Jones: The Spaniard Sofia Tapia picks up a victory in her first match.

Alan Irvine: Eh it was luck. Jacob White and I spoke before the show, he’s the only Canadian that I’ve ever liked. He has a big future, he’ll come back from this loss. Mark my words.

Chris Jones: I guess we’ll have to wait and see!


In the interview area Mischa Sloan stood with “The Soldier of Fortune” Al Derringer and the former FTF Champion, “Pissed Off” John Ire.

Mischa Sloan: Gentlemen last week at Apex we saw The Dread Haven become even more powerful when Second Hand Smoke not only defeated you John Ire for the FTF Championship but added Bill Griff to his ranks alongside Nobody. Can I get your comments?

John Ire: Aye Smoke beat me. He took me title. No two ways about that. But the fact remains that the cunt couldn’t do it on his own. He needed two of his mates to help him. I will be gettin’ me rematch and I will be gettin’ me title back.

Al Derringer: John is right. I had his back at Apex but it wasn’t enough. We weren’t expecting Bill Griff. Last we saw him, he was in a coma. No doubt Smoke had something to do with his miraculous recovery. I beat my friend Carl at Apex and that means that I get Smoke in any kind of match that I want.

John Ire: But first the two of us need to take care of his followers. If either of us is gonna take the title off of Smoke then those two cunts need to be taken out.

Al Derringer: That’s why tonight John and I are calling out Nobody and Bill Griff. No rules, no referees, no bullshit. Just two on two in a fight.

John Ire: Tonight we take Smoke’s backup down so when it’s time to defend that belt of his, he’s gotta do it on his own.

With that Ire and Derringer walked off, their words hanging in the air.

Singles Match
Galen Maylene
Quinn Troxler
15 Minute Time Limit

The next match was another double debut as Galen Maylene of New Zealand took on Quinn Troxler of Switzerland. These two were evenly matched but Troxler took the lead after some back and forth. Troxler used some big strikes on Maylene before grounding him with a top rope missile dropkick. Maylene then fought back and planted Troxler with a tornado ddt. Maylene tried for a pinfall after a swinging neckbreaker but Troxler kicked out and transitioned into a Border City stretch! Maylene made it to the ropes and was able to catch Troxler with an inverted STO into a Koji clutch! Troxler was trapped for a few moments before turning it over into a pinning predicament. Troxler eventually ascended to the top rope for a moonsault but Maylene leapt up to the top rope with him. Maylene then took Troxler off of the top rope with a back suplex and landed in a pinfall. The referee counted the fall but immediately realized that both men’s shoulders were in fact down.

Nina Nichols: This match has been ruled a no contest.

Right after the bell Maylene and Troxler had a stare down before shaking hands, which got a big pop from the Toronto audience.

Chris Jones: Both of these men impressed me here tonight Irv.

Alan Irvine: Yeah but do they have the killer instinct? A handshake? Come on. This is FTF, you’ve got to be mean to survive.

Chris Jones: That’s not true.

Alan Irvine: Have you seen who our champion is?


In the backstage area Morgan Odin stood with Ben Choi in the interview area.

Ben Choi: Mr. Odin I just wanted to take this opportunity to ask you about the Hybrid Championship and how you will decide the first champion?

Morgan Odin: I’m glad you asked Ben. I have thought long and hard about this. I have decided that since the FTF Championship was decided via the Summit Series and the Tag Team Titles through the Duality Tag Team Tournament, that the best way to determine the Hybrid Champion would be to do so in a similar fashion.

Ben Choi: Can you elaborate?

Morgan Odin: Of course. Some of our fans may have seen that our next big event is in three weeks and it will be called FTF War of Attrition. The reason for that is because we will see the first ever War of Attrition Match and it will be for the Hybrid Championship.

Ben Choi: What exactly is a War of Attrition Match?

Morgan Odin: It is a gauntlet match with six competitors. The match will start with two competitors and every three minutes a new competitor will join the fray. You can be eliminated by pinfall, submission, or knockout. The last person standing will be the first Hybrid Champion. Oh yes and the match will be no disqualifications or count outs.

Ben Choi: That sounds like a must see. Can you tell us who the six competitors are?

Morgan Odin: That I will reveal next week. As for–

Just then the head of security Travis Locke ran up and whispered something in Odin’s ear. Odin’s expression turned to shock and the security guard led him away. The camera followed.

Chris Jones: What do you think is going on here Irv?

Alan Irvine: Judging by Odin’s reaction, nothing good.

The cameraman caught up to Odin and Locke as they stood in front of a brick wall in the parking lot that had been tagged with spray paint.


The camera then panned down to show four bloodied security guards, they had been beaten to an absolute pulp. Odin looked irate. Odin turned to the head of security.

Morgan Odin: I want you to track down Los Riveros. I want you to track down Lobo Malo. I want all of them here next week and we will settle this. Hire more men, hell, hire some mercenaries. I don’t care. But next week I want a safe environment in which we can work all of this nonsense out, do you understand me?

Travis Locke: Yeah I understand you boss. But what about my men? They won’t be able to work for months after this!

Morgan Odin: I will speak to the higher ups at the Kasai Sanda Company. They will be compensated for this Locke, I assure you.

Travis Locke: Alright. I’ll take care of everything else.

Morgan Odin: Thank you.

EMTs arrived to look after the fallen security guards just before the scene faded out

Tag Team Match
Lazlo Vaughan & Tom Cherry
Ren Bao & Jin Feng
15 Minute Time Limit

The third contest of the night saw “The Handsome Grifter” Lazlo Vaughan once again team up with “The Heartstopper” Tom Cherry to take on Ren Bao and Jin Feng. Vaughan and Cherry completely dominated this contest with Cherry working Bao over in the beginning of the contest. Cherry planted Bao with a brutal piledriver before tagging in Vaughan. Vaughan worked on Bao’s neck and just when the contest seemed like it was finished Bao made the tag to Feng. Feng came in like a house of fire, taking both Vaughan and Cherry down with high flipping dropkicks. Bao and Feng were then able to hit Vaughan with a stacked superplex for a near fall. Cherry came from behind and dumped Feng over the top rope after the latter tagged Bao back in. From there Vaughan was able to hit Bao with The Pigeon Drop for the pinfall and the victory.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners Lazlo Vaughan and Tom Cherry!

Following the match Mischa Sloan entered the ring to get a word with the winners.

Mischa Sloan: Gentlemen another week and another victory for you both. How does it feel?

Tom Cherry: Are you kidding Mischa? It feels great. It’s tremendous. We love it and you fucking love it.

Cherry gestured to the crowd.

Lazlo Vaughan: We are the future of FTF and Morgan Odin had better know that. Next week when he announces the participants in the War of Attrition both of our names had better be spoken, get it?

Mischa Sloan: And if they aren’t?

Tom Cherry: Then maybe we take a page out of Los Riveros’ playbook and get attention another way. Seems to have worked for them, right?

Cherry and Vaughan laughed obnoxiously before blowing by Sloan, leaving the ring.


Cut to the hallways of The Fire Pit arena and we saw the hulking mass that is Hatchet Muldoon stomping around.

Hatchet Muldoon: Merrick! Where are ye mate? I just want to have a chat!

The camera dollies out to show that Muldoon is wielding a solid hickory axe handle.

Hatchet Muldoon: Come out ye cunt! I’m not gonna hurt ye!

Muldoon rounded a corner and there Morgan Odin was talking to some police officers as EMTs were still tending to the injured security guards.

Hatchet Muldoon: Oy! Odin! Where the fuck is that cunt Merrick?

Odin, preoccupied with the police, tried to ignore Muldoon.

Hatchet Muldoon: Oy! Cunt! I’m talkin’ to ya!

Odin sighed and turned his attention to Muldoon.

Morgan Odin: Muldoon please. He’s your partner you should know that he needed the week off.

Hatchet Muldoon: Oh yeah? For what bloody reason.

Morgan Odin: He had to fly back to Australia for his grandmother’s funeral.

Muldoon began grinding his teeth in frustration.

Hatchet Muldoon: For fucks sake Odin, the cunt is an orphan!

Morgan Odin: Listen, Muldoon, I truly do not care. He needed the week off and I gave it to him. So stop stomping around like you are going to murder someone and leave me alone.

Hatchet Muldoon: He’s afraid of me Odin! He knew I’d be lookin’ fer him tonight and that’s why he buggered off. You need to make this right Odin. Gimme a match with the cunt next week.

Morgan Odin: Fine. Whatever. You can have it. But Muldoon…

Hatchet Muldoon: What?

Morgan Odin: Leave the axe handle in the locker room. Understand?

Hatchet Muldoon: Yeah mate. I hear ya.

Muldoon tossed the axe handle over his shoulder and walked away.

#1 Contendership: Tag Team Titles
Hiccup Bigelow & Mick Mooney
15 Minute Time Limit

The main event was announced as a number one contenders match as both of the participating teams were victorious at Apex. The match began with Karina Zima and Bigelow in the ring together. Zima slapped Bigelow around a bit and was then treated to a wheel barrow bulldog. Mooney got tagged in and put Zima down with a scoop slam. Mooney tagged Bigelow back in and she nailed Zima with a top rope moonsault for a two count. Following a poke to Bigelow’s eye, Zima was able to tag in Marie Veleno. Veleno put Bigelow in the corner with a high flipping dropkick and then hit a back handspring elbow smash before covering for two. Veleno put Bigelow down with a dragon screw and then tagged in Zima who hit Bigelow with the K Chortoo scissor kick for a two count. Zima tagged Veleno back in but Bigelow rallied with an enziguiri and then tagged in Mooney. Veleno tried to rush Mooney but he hit her with The Tough Go for a two count but Zima broke up the fall. Bigelow then took Zima over the top rope with a wheel kick but also fell to the outside herself. While the referee was preoccupied with Bigelow and Zima on the outside. Veleno hit Mooney with a low blow and then put him down with a school girl for the surprise three count.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners and number one contenders to the FTF Tag Team Championship, Karina Zima and Marie Veleno…Pretty/Dirty!

As soon as the bell sounded “Teeth” cued up and the FTF Tag Team Champions, The White Wolves walked out onto the stage.

Chris Jones: These two teams know each other very well Irv and it looks like they are poised to go at it again.

Alan Irvine: Good. And this time it won’t be Ripley and LaForge who come out on top. Pretty/Dirty are the most underrated duo in FTF, it’s time that changes.

In the ring Zima took a microphone and directed her attention to Ripley and LaForge.

Karina Zima: Your day of reckoning is at hand devochki! It is time for Pretty/Dirty to take what is ours.

Veleno stepped forward with a microphone of her own.

Marie Veleno: We are now officially the number one contenders and we want our championship match. We want it next week! Are you scared? Hai paura?

Both Ripley and LaForge just shook their heads. LaForge mouthed the words “You’re on.” before the feed cut to commercial.


After the commercial break Al Derringer and John Ire stood in the middle of the ring. Neither man had a weapon but both had microphones.

John Ire: Alright you cunts, we said we were going to call you out and ‘ere we fookin’ are. Nobody, Griff – get yer asses out to this ring.

Al Derringer: We aren’t playin’ boys. Neither of you are the men that you used to be and now it’s time that we beat some sense back into ya.

John Ire: That might be Al’s prerogative but mine is to just be ye so badly that you can’t influence my rematch for the belt. Now get the fook out ‘ere.

The two men waited a few moments and then the lights shut off. Orchestral music cued up and two figures stepped out onto the ramp. They stood their shrouded in smoke momentarily before a third, much larger figure stepped between them and out in front.

Chris Jones: There he is Irv. The new FTF Champion.

Alan Irvine: I have no problem telling you that I am experience a serious fear right now. God I hate these three.

The lights came back on and the entire Dread Haven stood at the top of the ramp with the new FTF Champion Second Hand Smoke standing in front with a microphone.

Second Hand Smoke: So angry. So very, very angry. It is understandable. I have taken a lot from both of you. Alan, I took your pride, your best friend, your identity as “the hero”. And you Jonathan, I took your championship. I took your entire world.

We cut back to Ire in the ring and he is absolutely seething.

Second Hand Smoke: You can say whatever you want about how I become FTF Champion but the reality is that no matter how it happened…it was always going to happen. The Emissary of Darkness was always meant to become champion and the truth is, there is nothing that either of you could do to stop it.

Ire was pacing around the ring like a caged animal.

Second Hand Smoke: Yes I did receive assistance from a new disciple. Allow me to introduce a man who I pulled back from the brink of eternal mental damnation. A man who was told that he would never compete again. Bill Griff awoke from his coma and awoke as a different man. A man ready to be molded by the right influencer.

Smoke put his hand on Griff’s shoulder.

Second Hand Smoke: Namely – me. He has seen the proper path to achieve his goals, he has been given permission to compete utilizing his true nature. That of a malicious beast. The man that assaulted you at Apex was not Bill Griff, Jonathan. Bill Griff never awoke from that coma. The man who did is not a man at all…he is Ravage.

The man now known as Ravage let out a primal grunt as he stared into the ring.

Second Hand Smoke: You two, you want to fight my disciples. Jonathan, you want to destroy Ravage for what he did to you at Apex. Alan, you want to fight Nobody in hopes of bringing your friend Carl back. Both of these are fools errands. Both of these goals are pointless. Because what both of you want, more than anything…

Smoke paused for effect.

Second Hand Smoke: …is to fight me.

Ire and Derringer looked at one another, seemingly agreeing with their mutual rival.

Second Hand Smoke: I will give you the opportunity. You do not need to fight my disciples. It is pointless. I will dismantle you both myself, like I have already proven I can. Jonathan, you are owed a rematch for your title. Alan, I said that if you beat Nobody then you could face me whenever you desired. Let us settle this at War of Attrition in three weeks. Alan Derringer, Jonathan Ire, and The Emissary of Darkness. We will compete in a three way dance for my FTF Championship. You can both attempt to cut off the head of the snake.

Smoke smirked and looked down at the title around his waist.

Second Hand Smoke: And you will both fail.

Smoke dropped the microphone and the lights went out briefly. When they came back on The Dread Haven was gone, leaving Ire and Derringer in the ring as Episode Seventeen came to a close.


Match Results:
– Sofia Tapia def. Jacob White
– Galen Maylene and Quinn Troxler was a Draw
– Vaughan & Cherry def. Bao/Feng
– Pretty/Dirty def. Bigelow & Mooney

Rankings: Episode 016

  1. secondhandsmoke
    FTF Champion:
    Second Hand Smoke – 09/00/00 up2
    Thanks to Nobody and his (seemingly) new disciple Bill Griff, Second Hand Smoke was able to defeat the first FTF Champion for the title. With two followers now in his Dread Haven, Smoke is going to be a tough champion to conquer.
  2. johnire
    John Ire – 10/03/00 down2
    Thanks to interference from Nobody and Bill Griff, John Ire’s FTF Championship run has come to an end. The former champion will no doubt want his rematch but with The Dread Haven looking so strong, how can Ire hope to reclaim the gold.
  3. karinazima
    Karina Zima – 09/05/00
    A victory alongside Marie Veleno against Jin Feng and Ren Bao puts Karina Zima back in the top three. The question now stands as whether she will continue looking towards at Tag Team Title match or if the FTF Championship is in her sights.
  4. ezralaforge
    FTF Tag Team Champion: Ezra LaForge – 08/05/00 up2

    The White Wolves successfully defended their Tag Team Titles and will likely be looking at new challengers in the near future. With F.U.X. seemingly in their rear view, which of FTF’s many teams will step into the Wolves’ den next?
  5. hatchetmuldoon
    Hatchet Muldoon – 08/06/00 down2

    Thanks to a mistake on the part of his partner VJ Merrick, Hatchet Muldoon failed yet again to capture gold in FTF. Merrick fled the scene before we could see the result of his mistake…perhaps F.U.X.’s next target will be each other…

  6. Marie Veleno – 07/05/00
  7. FTF Tag Team Champion: Constance Ripley – 06/02/00
  8. VJ Merrick – 05/07/00
  9. Lazlo Vaughan – 04/06/00 up2
  10. Al Derringer – 04/07/00
  11. Lobo Malo – 04/07/00 down2
  12. Mick Moody – 04/08/00 down2
  13. Tom Cherry – 04/01/00
  14. Hiccup Bigelow – 03/06/00
  15. Joffrey Gough – 01/03/00
  16. Brixton Gough – 01/03/00
  17. Bill Griff – 00/01/00
  18. Nobody – 00/01/00
  19. Ren Bao – 00/04/00
  20. Jin Feng – 00/04/00

FTF Episode 016: Apex


The Fire Pit Arena
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

September 18th, 2016


The opening signature plays, showing shots of The White Wolves, F.U.X., Lazlo Vaughan, Lobo Malo, Second Hand Smoke and lastly FTF Champion John Ire. We then cut to the announce table where Chris Jones stands with Alan Irvine.

Chris Jones: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to FTF Episode Sixteen: Apex! Tonight we have our biggest show to date! Seven huge matches, including two championship matches.

Alan Irvine: Aw yeah. We’re also going to see a Loser Leaves Town Match and a Falls Count Anywhere Match. FTF brings you all kinds of action and tonight it’s going to cement us as one of the top independent promotions in the world. Fuck anyone who isn’t us.

Chris Jones: I concur. While we plan on taking over the wrestling world, The Dread Haven wants to take over FTF. Second Hand Smoke and Nobody have become a serious force here in FTF.

Alan Irvine: Tonight two of our best try to stop The Dread Haven before it can really get started. Al Derringer will take on his former friend, now going by the name of Nobody.

Chris Jones: And in the main event John Ire will attempt to defend the FTF Championship against the undefeated Second Hand Smoke. What are his chances of success Irv?

Alan Irvine: They are slim. Second Hand Smoke has barely been challenged by anyone physically so far in his FTF career. The guy seems like he was sent straight from hell.

Chris Jones: That much is definitely true. But if one person can take down Second Hand Smoke then it is our champion John Ire.

Alan Irvine: But that is much later tonight. Let’s get to the action! My favourite tag team in FTF is in action, right now! Awww. Yeeeee.

Tag Team Match
Jin Feng & Ren Bao
15 Minute Time Limit

The first match of the evening saw the Chinese imports Jin Feng and Ren Bao take on Karina Zima and Marie Veleno. Feng and Zima started the match with Feng coming at her hot. Following a running forearm to the face, Feng tagged in Bao and the two planted her with a double back suplex.

Bao climbed to the top rope and went for a double stomp which connected. He went for a cover but Zima rolled to the outside of the ring. Bao then attempted a suicide dive but Zima moved and Bao went head first into the guardrail.

Chris Jones mentions that before that move, “The Bangkok Knights’ were looking strong. Alan Irvine countered by saying that it isn’t working out for them now.

Zima got Bao into the ring and worked his neck before tagging in Veleno. The two put some furious double stomps to Bao while Feng begged for the tag. Pretty/Dirty attempted their high/low combination but Bao dove forward and tagged in Feng.

Veleno sent Bao over the top rope with a spinning heel kick. Zima then dropped Bao with The Proshchay Driver and covered for the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners, Karina Zima and Marie Veleno, Pretty/Dirty!

The two celebrate after the contest, motioning that they want the tag team titles.


Cut to the parking lot where headlights appeared beyond the opening garage door. As the car approached we could see that it is a green candy painted low rider. The driver wasn’t visible but the camera panned down to show Mexican license plates.

Chris Jones: Who could this be Irv?

Alan Irvine: I have a suspicion…

Still at license plate level we saw a figure step out of the passenger seat but we only saw their feet. The figure in question was wearing expensive looking alligator skin shoes. The camera panned over to show another pair of feet emerging, also wearing alligator skin shoes. The two figures then walked out of frame and the camera pans up just in time to see the door to the arena closing behind them.

Loser Leaves Town
Singles Match
Tom Cherry
Windham Zedler
15 Minute Time Limit

The second match of the night saw “The Heartstopper” Tom Cherry hit the ring first, followed by perennial underdog Windham Zedler. Chris Jones noted that Zedler had yet to get a win in FTF and if he lost tonight then he would be done with the company.

Zedler came at Cherry right off the bell with explosiveness. Zedler hit Cherry with a big combo of rights and lefts before he caught him with a knee to the chin that sent Cherry flying backwards over the top rope.

On the outside Zedler whipped Cherry hard into the ring steps and then charged. Cherry moved at the last second and put Zedler face first into the ring steps with a drop toe hold. Zedler was busted open from this move and the audience support died.

Back in the ring, Cherry was in control. Alan Irvine said that Cherry is the future of FTF and the future does not include Zedler. Zedler tried to rally back at this point but he was rocked. Cherry mocked Zedler and then flipped him off and then planted him with the Cherry Popper. Cherry covered and got the victory.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Tom Cherry!

Chris Jones: Unfortunately for Windham Zedler, his time in FTF is now done.

Alan Irvine: Good! If you can’t win, you shouldn’t be here!

Chris Jones: Thank you for your time Zedler, good luck in the future.

Zedler sat up in the middle of the ring and then gets to his knees. He looked around in the audience but there was no sympathy. They started singing “Na-na-na-na…etc.” to him and he looked devastated. Devastated and unemployed.


In the interview area we see Ben Choi with his trusty microphone in hand.

Ben Choi: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guests at this time, Brixton and Joffrey Gough, The Kingmakers.

The hated duo walk into frame.

Ben Choi: Gentlemen, tonight you take on the team of Hiccup Bigelow and Mick Mooney. Can I get your thoughts.

Brixton Gough: Our thoughts are this; people like Bigelow and Mooney do not deserve to be in a company like FTF. This is a business for the powerful, for the mighty.

Joffrey Gough: Those two are not mighty. They are children. They are insects.

Ben Choi: Some would disagree, some would say that Bigelow and Mooney are serious contenders for the Tag Team Titles.

Brixton Gough: Those people are wrong. They cling to people like Bigelow and Mooney because they believe that if Bigelow and Mooney succeed, then these peasants can rise up and make something of themselves.

Joffrey Gough: But the truth is that they can’t. This is a world molded by men like us. Everyone else is just living in it. Tonight we will make that point very clear.

Brixton Gough: Very, very clear.

With that, The Kingmakers walked out of frame ready for battle.

Tag Team Match
Hiccup Bigelow &  Mick Mooney
The Kingmakers
15 Minute Time Limit

In tag team action Mick Mooney started the contest against Joffrey Gough. The two went back and forth with Mooney getting the upperhand. After a serious of offense Mooney sent Joffrey hard into a corner and caught him with a palm strike.

Mooney wrenched Joffrey’s arm and then tagged in Bigelow. Bigelow climbed to the top rope and came off with a double axe handle to Joffrey’s arm. She then applied an octopus hold, looking for the submission.

Joffrey fought out of it and poked Bigelow in the eye. Joffrey then planted her with a lariat and tagged in Brixton. The two planted her with a back suplex neckbreaker combo and covered for one. Alan Irvine noted that despite Mooney and Bigelow’s work as a tandem, brothers work better together.

After frequent tags between The Kingmakers, Bigelow was sufficiently worn down. Brixton attempted a superplex but Bigelow shoved him off of the top rope and nailed a top rope elbow. Bigelow made the tag to Mooney and they double teamed Brixton.

Bigelow speared Joffrey through the ropes to the outside and Mooney planted Brixton with The Rough Go for the pinfall and the victory.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners, Hiccup Bigelow and Mick Mooney!

As Mooney and Bigelow celebrated, Brixton took Bigelow down with a chop block. Joffrey dumped Mooney to the outside and then collected a chair. Joffrey placed Bigelow’s leg inside of the chair and Brixton came off the middle rope with a stomp. Bigelow writhed in pain as The Kingmakers left the ring.

Alan Irvine: They said they were going to make a point tonight and they did.

Chris Jones: And yet they didn’t win.

Alan Irvine: They sure look like winners to me.


Following the last match we get a video rundown of the issues between Al Derringer and The Dread Haven. We see that Second Hand Smoke essentially kidnapped Al Derringer’s army pal Carl Walken.

Cut to our last major show Duality and Carl Walken assisting Smoke in defeating Derringer in brutal fashion. Second Hand Smoke announces that Walken has been reborn as Nobody and is the first disciple of The Dread Haven.

FTF Champion John Ire knocks some sense into Derringer and tells him that in order to get his friend back, he has to beat some sense into him. Smoke issues to the challenge on Nobody’s behalf and Derringer reluctantly accepts. If Derringer can beat Nobody, then he can face Smoke in a contest of his choosing.

Singles Match
Al Derringer
15 Minute Time Limit

The contest began with a staredown. Derringer tried to speak to Nobody but Nobody’s expression remained unchanged, Nobody just stared a hole through his former friend.

Chris Jones said that Nobody is not Carl Walken, he is now a follower of Smoke and no amount of discussion will change that. Alan Irvine agrees.

Nobody charged Derringer and hit him with a palm strike. Nobody doubled Derringer over with a knee to the midsection and then laid in some knees to the side of Derringer’s head. When Derringer dropped to all fours, Nobody jumped in the air and put a knee straight down into the back of Derringer’s head.

Nobody continued his onslaught with kicks to Derringer’s head, with Derringer not defending himself. Finally after Derringer began bleeding from the ear he caught one of Nobody’s kicks, lifted him up and planted him with a powerbomb.

Derringer then led Nobody around the ring and introduced his face to all four turnbuckles. Derringer then levelled him with a clothesline. Derringer covered but Nobody kicked out. Nobody tried to rush Derringer but Derringer caught him and planted him with a DDT.

Nobody looked out of it and Derringer shouted at him to stay down but Jones asserted that Derringer would have to “pull the trigger”. Derringer shook his head and then lifted Nobody up, planting him with the Shock & Awe.

Nobody crawled to the ropes and Irvine was impressed, he said that it takes quite the warrior to keep moving after that move. Derringer once again told Nobody to stay down but the latter refused. Nobody rushed Derringer again and again he was hit with a Shock & Awe. This time Derringer covered and Nobody was not getting up. Derringer got the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Al Derringer!

Following the contest, Derringer tried to reason with Nobody but Nobody just rolled out of the ring. Nobody held favoured his neck but backed up the ramp, staring at Derringer with a blank expression.

Alan Irvine: Derringer gets his match with Smoke but he doesn’t get his friend back.

Chris Jones: I think he knew that beating Nobody wouldn’t be the end of this. To get Carl Walken back, Derringer needs to cut off the head of the snake.

Alan Irvine: Easier said than done Jones.


In Morgan Odin’s office he stood facing the camera.

Morgan Odin: Ladies and gentlemen I hope that you are enjoying Apex thus far. I will not derail the show for any longer than necessary but I felt that this was the best occasion to make an announcement.

The audience buzzed in anticipation.

Morgan Odin: The growth of FTF has been exponential since our inception and with that we have showcased a unique style of wrestling. We sign competitors from all over the world, from different wrestling scenes, with different styles. Here, those styles blend together and become Fire Thunder Fighting.

An “FTF” chant started in the arena.

Morgan Odin: With that being said, I want FTF to be a place of opportunity. A place where competitors can have goals and can see proof when the achieve those goals. A few months ago we introduced Tag Team Titles and the matches in that division have been fantastic so far. But now it is time to introduce a new goal, a new achievement to work towards.

The audience quieted and waited for the kick.

Morgan Odin: At our next super show we will crown the first ever FTF Hybrid Champion. I have ideas on how to accomplish that but I won’t reveal them just yet. The Hybrid Championship will be a stepping stone for new competitors to prove their mettle en route to an FTF Championship opportunity. I look forward to seeing what the Hybrid Division has to offer. More information will be available in the coming weeks. Now let us return to the action.

The scene then cut and the audience was left to speculate amongst themselves.

FTF Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
White Wolves (c)
w/ Ken Laurier
15 Minute Time Limit

The next match was our first of two title matches, a rematch from the D3T finals. Hatchet Muldoon started the contest against Constance Ripley. Muldoon tried to over power Ripley early but she was too quick, working his knee. Chris Jones said that the Wolves would have to adjust their strategy based on which member of F.U.X. was in the ring. Alan Irvine said “duh”.

Before he took too much damage, Muldoon was able to shove Ripley away and tag in Merrick. Merrick hit a springboard glancing knee which stopped Ripley’s momentum. Merrick wore Ripley down with a chin lock as Ezra LaForge tried to will her on from their corner.

Merrick tagged Muldoon back in and then held her in a waist lock. Muldoon charged and smashed Ripley with a big boot as Merrick took her over with a German suplex. Muldoon covered but Ripley kicked out.

Muldoon attempted the Drongo Bomb but Ripley spun and turned it into a huricanranna. Ripley then tagged in LaForge, who went to work. Muldoon got up but Ripley and LaForge took him down with a double dropkick.

Merrick tried to enter the ring but the Wolves took him down with a double dropkick as well. Muldoon scrambled back to his feet and charged LaForge but she lowbridged the top rope. Ripley then went for slingshot splash to the outside but Muldoon caught her and hit a fallaway slam into the barricade.

Back in the ring Merrick hit LaForge with a knee to the lower back then spun her around and nailed her with the Gobsmacker! LaForge dropped and Merrick covered but he was not the legal man. Muldoon slid into the ring for the cover but only got a two count.

Muldoon hoisted Merrick up for a Drongo Bomb and as he brought it down Merrick hit LaForge with a backstabber completing Downunderworld! Muldoon covers and just as the referee’s hand came down for the three count Ripley hit springboard elbow to break up the fall.

Ripley got Merrick up and shot him into the ropes and on his return Merrick went for the Gobsmacker but Ripley moved and Merrick nailed Muldoon! Ripley then nailed Merrick with a high roundhouse kick to the head which dropped him. Muldoon got back to his feet and got hit with the Pack Mentality dual superkicks by the White Wolves. LaForge covered and got the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners and still FTF Tag Team Champions, Constance Ripley and Ezra LaForge, The White Wolves!

Ripley and LaForge collect their titles and get their hands raised. Ken Laurier enters the ring and celebrates with them as Merrick pounds his fists on the mat in anger. Merrick leaves before Muldoon can get to his feet.

Chris Jones: The champions retain!

Alan Irvine: Good move on Merrick’s part for getting out of dodge. Muldoon is bound to be irate after Merrick’s mistake.

Chris Jones: No doubt but he won’t get his reaction tonight. Tonight, the White Wolves stand tall!


We saw Lobo Malo being interviewed by Ben Choi. Lazlo Vaughan came into frame and after an exchange between Vaughan and Malo, Vaughan used a taser to subdue Malo.

Cut to the week before where Vaughan was speaking to someone on the phone and promised that he would get to work as long as “the money had been sent to his account”.

At Duality, Malo and Vaughan went one on one with Malo coming out victorious. Following the contest, Vaughan attacked Malo and used a steel chair to destroy Malo’s knee.

Following a victory for Vaughan and Tom Cherry at FTF Episode 014, Malo returned and attacked Vaughan. The following week Vaughan challenges Malo to a falls count anywhere match at Apex. Malo is then interviewed and he knows that Vaughan is working for The Riveros, the brothers that ran him out of Mexico. Malo accepted Vaughan’s challenge.

Malo tried to attack Vaughan later that evening but Vaughan retreated. Vaughan pointed at his temple and told Malo that he’d see him next week.

Falls Count Anywhere
Lazlo Vaughan
Lobo Malo
15 Minute Time Limit

The penultimate match at Apex started backstage with “The Handsome Grifter” Lazlo Vaughan jumping Lobo Malo in the gorilla position. Vaughan used everything at his disposal to attack Malo before sending him through the curtain.

At the top of the ramp Vaughan dropped a bunch of hard elbows onto Malo’s head before he tried to introduce Malo’s head to one of the stage lights. Malo countered with a hook kick to Vaughan’s mid-section and then planted him with a tornado ddt.

Malo then climbed up onto the tron, about ten feet in the air. Malo then jumped off with a double stomp and landed perfectly on Vaughan’s sternum. Vaughan rolled to the side and off of the stage.

The audience was hype for Malo but Malo didn’t seem to care, the luchadore showed up to destroy Vaughan. Malo went looking for Vaughan just to the right of the entrance ramp but Vaughan was nowhere to be found.

Malo looked around for Vaughan for a moment and then Vaughan jumped out of the shadows and caught Malo with a taser! Vaughan shoved it right in Malo’s back and the luchadore dropped to his knees.

Knowing full well that he could beat Malo now, Vaughan decided against it. The Handsome Grifter wanted to hurt Malo and badly. Vaughan dragged Malo to ringside and whipped him hard into the ring apron. Vaughan then followed that up with a running, flying forearm.

Vaughan went under the ring and pulled out a table. The audience popped (for the table, not for Vaughan). Vaughan set it up and when he turned to face Malo he was treated to a wheel kick to the face. Malo then went under the ring and pulled out a ladder.

Vaughan stood and attempted to use the taser again but Malo kicked it out of his hands. Malo then dropped Vaughan with Mala Luna! Not content with pinning Vaughan right then and there, Malo set up the ladder and then laid Vaughan on the table.

Malo climbed to the top of the ladder, with his back to the table. He pointed back at Vaughan who was lying prone on the table. That’s when two figures came through the crowd. It was the two men with the lavish alligator skinned shoes.

Chris Jones: Is this…are these two men The Riveros?

Alan Irvine: They’ve got to be! These are the two men that drove Lobo Malo out of Mexico!

Chris Jones: The men who hired Lazlo Vaughan to take Malo out!

One of The Riveros took hold of the taser and climbed up on the apron. He tased Malo and the other Rivero flipped over the top of the ladder and hit a sunset flip powerbomb off of the ladder, through the table. Vaughan barely rolled out of the way in time. With Malo downed, Vaughan fell back and covered Malo for the victory.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, “The Handsome Grifter” Lazlo Vaughan!

Following the contest, Vaughan fled ringside as The Riveros stood on either side of Malo. Neither man said anything, but they both pointed down at Malo and dragged their thumbs across their respective throats.

Chris Jones: It seems that Mexico has come for Lobo Malo. What does this mean Irv?

Alan Irvine: It means that even though Malo thought he was safe, he really isn’t. I guess The Riveros felt that Vaughan couldn’t get the job done on his own so here there are.

Chris Jones: Something tells me that we have not seen the last of this issue.


In preparation for our main event we got a video package with highlights of how we arrived at the evening’s main event. The package begins showing John Ire, the pissed off Welshman advancing through each round of the Summit Series before finally defeating Miyami Kana to become champion at Episode 004. We then see Ire defend the title for the first time against Kana at Death or Glory successfully. Then at Duality Ire defeated Kana two falls to one to retain the title yet again.

On the flip side of that we see the debut of Second Hand Smoke, “The Emissary of Darkness” was the first of his kind if FTF. He is dominant in every match he takes place in, leading to an impressive undefeated streak. We then see him defeat Al Derringer at Episode 008 and again in a brutal contest at Episode 012, with help from his disciple Nobody.

At the start of Episode 013, Smoke interrupted Ire and challenged him to a championship match at Apex. Later in the evening, Nobody attacked Ire with a steel chair following the latter’s victory over Lazlo Vaughan. Smoke then taunted Ire with Nobody at his side.

Seeking revenge the following week, Ire demanded a match with Nobody from Morgan Odin. Odin refused, saying that Nobody had yet to sign his contract. Ire then said that he would be waiting for Nobody in the parking lot, all night.

Later that evening Smoke attacked Ire in the loading bay and kicked him off of the loading dock. Nobody then went to finished Ire with a lead pipe but Al Derringer showed up just in time to stop the attack. The following week Ire promised to do away with The Dread Haven by cutting off the head of the snake.


FTF Championship
Second Hand Smoke
John Ire (c)
30 Minute Time Limit

The entrances occur and surprisingly Second Hand Smoke came to the ring alone. John Ire stomped to the ring and tossed the title into the ring. The introductions happened and the bell sounded. Ire immediately rushed at Smoke and began hitting him with huge shots to the mid-section.

Chris Jones noted that no one had taken the fight to Smoke like Ire was doing. Ire peppered Smoke with a flurry of shots to the mid-section before a big uppercut. Smoke staggered back and Ire hit him with a running shoulder block into the corner.

In an impressive move Smoke dropped a double axe handle on Ire’s back and then lifted him over head with a Canadian backbreaker. Smoke then dropped Ire over the top rope with Ire landing hard on his face on the outside of the ring.

Smoke worked on Ire at ringside and whipped him into the steel steps. Smoke took hold of Ire, lifted him up and dropped him with a back suplex onto the ring apron. Smoke then slid Ire up onto the apron, with the champion looking up at the lights with his legs under the bottom rope and his head hanging over to the outside.

Smoke got up on the apron, stepped forward and jumped into the air. Smoke came down with a guillotine leg drop onto Ire’s neck. Smoke landed on the outside and maintained his stoic expression while Ire rolled around in agony.

Smoke reentered the ring and kept Ire grounded with a reverse chin lock. Ire fought up and hit Smoke with a series of elbows to the mid-section to break the hold. Ire then hit the ropes but on his return he walked right into a big boot. Smoke covered but only got a two count.

Smoke sat himself on the top rope and waited for Ire to rise. Jones said that this was uncharacteristic for Smoke but Irvine countered by saying that they don’t really know anything about The Emissary of Darkness. Smoke came off the top rope with a double axe handle but Ire smashed him with The Pisstaker elbow out of nowhere.

Irvine called Smoke “a genius” for rolling under the bottom rope or else Ire would have retained. Smoke used the top rope to pull himself up and Ire grabbed him. Ire lifted Smoke up overhead and hit the To Hell With Ye Alabama slam into the corner.

Smoke was rocked and Ire was calling for another Pisstaker when Nobody came charging down the ramp. Before Nobody could intervene, Al Derringer hopped the barricade and took him out with a lariat. Derringer then mounted Nobody and began laying into him with strikes.

The referee tried to break up the fight on the outside and while he did that someone else entered the ring. The figure whistled and Ire turned right into a massive spear! Ire went down hard and then we got a look at the person’s face.

Chris Jones: That’s…that’s Bill Griff! He’s supposed to be in a coma.

Alan Irvine: Look at his eyes Jones, he looks like he’s in a different kind of trance now.

The coloring around Griff’s eyes was blackened, like he hadn’t slept in weeks. Griff then rolled out of the ring, jogged around the ring and hit Derringer with a massive spear right through the barricade! In the ring Smoke got Ire up and planted him with Black Smoke, a modified reverse STO. The referee turned and saw Smoke covering, he counted the three.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner and new FTF Champion, Second Hand Smoke!

Nobody and Bill Griff entered the ring, the two flanked Smoke and stood tall beside him. Smoke was handed the FTF Championship and he stared at it for a moment before dropping it on the ground in front of him. The Dread Haven stood tall to end the broadcast, stronger than ever.



Match Results:
– Pretty/Dirty def. Jin Feng & Ren Bao
– Tom Cherry def. Windham Zedler
– Hiccup Bigelow & Mick Mooney def. The Kingmakers
– Al Derringer def. Nobody
– White Wolves def. F.U.X. to retain the Tag Team Titles
– Lazlo Vaughan def. Lobo Malo
– Second Hand Smoke def. John Ire to win the FTF Title

Rankings: Episode 015

  1. johnire
    FTF Champion:
    John Ire – 10/02/00
    The champion stays at the top of the heap, despite not being in action this week. Ire is set to defend his championship against his most dangerous challenger yet when he takes on challenger Second Hand Smoke at Apex.
  2. secondhandsmoke
    Second Hand Smoke – 08/00/00 up2
    In the main event of Episode Fifteen Second Hand Smoke quickly dispatched Hiccup Bigelow. Smoke now has all of the momentum going into his FTF Championship match at Apex.
  3. hatchetmuldoon
    Hatchet Muldoon – 08/04/00 up2

    Along with his partner VJ Merrick, Hatchet Muldoon defeated Jin Feng and Ren Bao on Episode Fifteen. F.U.X. are now set to challenge The White Wolves for the FTF Tag Team Titles at Apex. It’ll be an uphill battle for The Wolves, considering the rabid state of mind that F.U.X. appear to be in…
  4. karinazima
    Karina Zima – 08/05/00
    Zima drops a spot this week because of inaction. Certainly she and Marie Veleno are looking to get another shot at the Tag Team Titles but that will have to wait until after Apex. Perhaps they could find something else to do at that event…
  5. ezralaforge
    FTF Tag Team Champion: Ezra LaForge – 07/05/00 

    LaForge holds steady at number five after a week of inactivity. She and her tag team partner Constance Ripley hopefully used that rest to prepare for their title match at Apex. F.U.X. drew them out by attacking Jin Feng and Ren Bao. Although there was no physical altercation, F.U.X. got an idea of the Wolves’ mindset.

  6. Marie Veleno – 06/05/00 up2
  7. FTF Tag Team Champion: Constance Ripley – 05/02/00 down2
  8. VJ Merrick – 05/06/00 up2
  9. Lobo Malo – 04/06/00 up2
  10. Al Derringer – 03/07/00 down2
  11. Mick Moody – 03/08/00 up2
  12. Lazlo Vaughan – 03/06/00 up2
  13. Tom Cherry – 03/01/00 down2
  14. Hiccup Bigelow – 02/06/00 down2
  15. Joffrey Gough – 01/02/00
  16. Brixton Gough – 01/02/00
  17. Windham Zedler – 00/06/00
  18. Bill Griff – 00/01/00
  19. Ren Bao – 00/03/00
  20. Jin Feng – 00/03/00

FTF Episode 015


The Fire Pit Arena
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

September 11th, 2016


The opening signature occurs and then we immediately cut to ringside. “Forever Pissed” cues up and FTF Champion John Ire walks out onto the stage to a massive pop. Ire is flanked by his tag team partner Al Derringer. The two get to the ring and the audience dies down. Ire has a microphone.

John Ire: Right. For those of ye who didn’t see what happened last week, let’s take a look at what happened when I confronted “The Dread Haven”.

Last week…

The camera pans over to show Nobody approaching Ire. Nobody is holding a large pipe. Ire gets up to his knees and Nobody measures him up.
John Ire: Go on with it ye crazy cunt. If ye have the sack.
Nobody winds up and Ire doesn’t flinch. Second Hand Smoke watches from atop the loading bay and then nods. Nobody acknowledges the order and winds up even further. At the last second Nobody is tackled into a pile of full garbage bags. The camera pulls out.
Chris Jones: It’s Al Derringer! Al Derringer has returned!
Derringer turns to check on Ire. Smoke smirks and disappears back into the bowels of the arena. Ire tells Derringer that he is alright. Derringer turns to face Nobody but the latter is gone, having disappeared into the night.

John Ire: So there ye have it. Second Hand Smoke and Nobody were trying to take out The Angry Bloke. But they didn’t count on the Sarg himself, Al Derringer. I owe you a debt mate, that was a stand up move.

Al Derringer: I just did what was right, John.

John Ire: I didn’t think ye had a hard on for me. That’s not what I was saying. But what I am saying tonight is are you down to do what needs to be done? Are ye ready to take this all the way?

Al Derringer: I don’t understand what you are asking John.

John Ire: C’mon ye thick cunt! These blokes tried to kill ye at Duality. They tried to kill me last week. I’m going to handle Second Hand Smoke at Apex, ye can believe that. But ye need to handle Nobody. Ye need to take him out.

Al Derringer: I don’t know that I can John. He’s my friend.

John Ire: Mate I hate to break it to ye but your friend is fuckin’ gone. He is under that Smoke fuck’s spell or whatever. Maybe if ye get close enough to him ye can knock some sense into him.

Al Derringer: I don’t know John. I feel that I am responsible for who he has become. It’s my fault. I can’t put my hands on him.

John Ire: You’re gonna have to mate. Smoke has him under his control and maybe, just maybe, if ye get close to him then ye can help him. But if ye don’t, then he’s lost. Ye think that this is your fault? Then fix it mate.

Derringer takes a moment to consider the issue when somber orchestral music cues up. The lights dim and a fog fills the stage. The words “THE DREAD HAVEN” appear on the tron and eventually Second Hand Smoke and Nobody walk out onto the stage.

Second Hand Smoke: Ladies and gentlemen feast your eyes! The hero is back from the dead. Welcome back Alan, I was sure that Nobody and I had permanently dispatched you at Duality. It seems that I was wrong.

Al Derringer: It would take a lot more than that to keep me down you motherfucker.

Second Hand Smoke: Such harsh language. So unnecessary. I hope you know that my issues with you were not personal Alan. I just wanted to fix you. I wanted you to see the futility in this hero mentality that you have.

Smoke pauses and turns his attention to Nobody.

Second Hand Smoke: I wanted you to see things in a new light. Like Nobody has.

Al Derringer: His name is Carl you piece of shit.

Second Hand Smoke: Oh not anymore Alan. Carl Walken is dead, he is been reborn as Nobody. A disciple of The Dread Haven. He sees things my way, now.

Al Derringer: I’m going to kill you.

Second Hand Smoke: Please. You’ve tried twice. You’ve failed twice. My dance card is full for the foreseeable future. Next week I take your friend Jonathan’s FTF Championship and then after that I will be champion. You should not be anywhere near a title match so I am far out of your reach now Alan. You had your opportunities.

Smoke then looks at Nobody and puts his hand on his shoulder.

Second Hand Smoke: But I tell you what Alan. You may not want to face my protege Nobody, but he definitely wants to face you. Accept his challenge and should you defeat him at Apex, then you can face me in any type of match that you desire. How does that sound?

Derringer takes a moment to consider the offer. Ire whispers something in his ear and then the two turn back to the stage.

Al Derringer: Fine. I will get my brother back. Then I am coming for you, you son of a bitch.

John Ire: Nothing is gonna be left of him mate. Smoke, I’m going to rip yer guts out of yer arse at Apex. Me title is not goin’ anywhere, but you? You’re going back to the crypt that you floated out of. Understand me? Yer days are numbered.

Second Hand Smoke: Of course they are Jonathan. Of course they are. See you next week gentlemen. Prepare as best you can but know that no matter what you do, you won’t be ready. No one ever is. Right Alan?

Smoke smirks and the lights go out. When they come back on the members of The Dread Haven have both disappeared to the back.

Singles Match
Lobo Malo
Tom Cherry
15 Minute Time Limit

The next match sees Lobo Malo return to a uproarious applause. He does not play to the audience he just looks focussed, warming up in the ring. “The Heartstopper” Tom Cherry then comes to the ring with his usual theatrics.

Chris Jones: I feel like we’re seeing a different Lobo Malo here tonight Irv.

Alan Irvine: I can’t disagree. He isn’t playing to the fans. He isn’t showboating. He’s focussed.

Chris Jones: Do you think he wants to make a statement with Tom Cherry?

Alan Irvine: Of course he does. Cherry is a known associate of Lazlo Vaughan. Vaughan brutally assaulted Malo. Malo wants to send a message.

The match begins with the two men locking up. Malo takes Cherry over with an arm drag and then hits him with a running front drop kick to the face.

Chris Jones: Our resident luchadore hasn’t missed a step.

Alan Irvine: Well he wasn’t gone that long.

Cherry tries to rally back but Malo flips and nails him with a Juvi driver! Cherry rolls under the bottom rope and then stands up on the apron.

Chris Jones: Smart move by the undefeated Tom Cherry.

Malo charges Cherry but Cherry low bridges the top rope. Malo lands on the apron and hits Cherry with a high kick to the head. The two men then slug each other back and forth on the apron.

Chris Jones: This could get ugly really quick Irv.

Alan Irvine: I hope it does! I hope Cherry puts Malo back on the shelf so that The Handsome Grifter can focus on climbing the ranks.

Malo hops up and attempts to take Cherry over with a hurricanranna but Cherry holds him up and leaps off of the apron with a powerbomb to the floor! Both competitors lay in a heap on the outside and Toronto begins chanting “Holy shit!”.

Alan Irvine: What a gamechanger! Tom Cherry just planted Lobo Malo!

Cherry gets Malo up on the outside and he whips him into the steel steps. Malo lays face down on the top of the steps and Cherry gets a giant smirk on his face. Cherry taps his index finger on his temple.

Chris Jones: Oh no Irv. We saw what Tom Cherry did to Bill Griff a few weeks ago. Griff is still hospitalized!

Alan Irvine: If Vaughan couldn’t send Malo back to Mexico, Tom Cherry will!

With Malo laying on the steel steps, Cherry charges and looks for a double stomp to the back of the head but Malo moves out of the way at the last second. Cherry lands on the steps, on his feet.

Chris Jones: Lobo Malo saw it coming!

Malo runs and jumps up to the apron then he leaps and hits Cherry with a huricanranna off of the steel steps! Cherry flips and lands with a thud on the outside, Toronto pops huge for that one!

Chris Jones: What a move by Lobo Malo! Can he defeat the undefeated Tom Cherry?

Alan Irvine: No chance! Cherry is going to come back. He has to!

Cherry pulls himself up onto the apron and rolls into the ring. Malo jumps up onto the apron. Cherry turns away from him and Malo hits a springboard into the ring, planting Cherry with Mala Luna! Malo covers and gets the victory.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Lobo Malo!

Lobo Malo has his hand raised and the audience roars. Tom Cherry has no idea where he is but when he comes to he is going to be told that his undefeated streak is officially finished.


Backstage we cut to FTF Interviewer standing in front of the FTF signature. Vaughan has his usual smug expression on his face.

Ben Choi: Ladies and gentlemen I am joined by The Handsome Grifter, Lazlo Vaughan. Lazlo, can I get your comments on Lobo Malo’s return to FTF.

Lazlo Vaughan: Shock! I am completely shocked. Not that he’s back, but that he has the sack to come after me. You’d think he would have learned his lesson.

Ben Choi: It surprises you that Lobo Malo wants revenge for what you did to him at Duality?

Lazlo Vaughan: Honestly? Yeah. Guy should have known to stay away from me. He sure as hell stayed away from Miyami Kana after she corrected his behaviour.

Ben Choi: Rumor has it that you have been working for The Riveros, the criminals that Malo fled from when he left Mexico. Is this true?

Lazlo Vaughan: Listen Benny, they paid me to do a job. They paid me to put a hurting on Malo in the hopes that he would be sent back to Mexico. Morgan Odin threw a wrench in that plan by keeping Malo in Canada. So I need to finish the job. If Malo won’t be sent back to Mexico, then I have to put a serious hurting on him here.

Ben Choi: What does that look like?

Lazlo Vaughan: It looks like Malo and I need to settle this. So Malo, if you have the cajones then why don’t we settle our issues next week at Apex. You and Me, falls count anywhere in the building. I await your response vato. You may be taking this personal but for me this is about money. The Handsome Grifter always collects.

Vaughan walks off after a sly smirk.

Singles Match
Marie Veleno
Windham Zedler
15 Minute Time Limit

The next match sees tag team specialist Marie Veleno against not winning specialist Windham Zedler. Zedler looks focussed and Veleno looks nonplussed.

Alan Irvine: Honestly Jones, why is this guy still on the roster? He has never won a match!

Chris Jones: Tonight could be his night.

The two lock up and Veleno hits Zedler with a knee to the mid-section. Veleno takes him down with a bulldog and then charges, nailing him with a lionsault.

Chris Jones: We haven’t seen much of Marie Veleno is singles competition recently but she is a truly gifted competitor.

Veleno doesn’t bother going for a pin, she gets Zedler back up and shoots him into the corner. Veleno follows that up with a big running dropkick.

Alan Irvine: This guy can’t even get any offence in! He’s terrible. Just put him away Veleno, this is a waste of your energy.

Chris Jones: Things aren’t looking good for Windham Zedler.

Alan Irvine: Things never look good for Windham Zedler.

Zedler staggers out of the corner right into an Irish whip from Veleno. On his return Veleno takes him over with a hip toss and then applies a standing arm wringer.

Chris Jones: Could this be the beginning of another singles run for Veleno?

Alan Irvine: Don’t say such things! Pretty/Dirty will never die.

Veleno breaks the hold and kicks Zedler in the back. Veleno then hits the ropes and nails Zedler with a hard knee to the back of the head. Zedler drops and Veleno covers but she only gets a two count.

Chris Jones: Near fall for the Widow Maker.

Zedler attempts to rally back by shooting Veleno into the corner. Veleno hits the corner hard and Zedler runs in with a clothesline. Zedler then seats Veleno up on the top rope, preparing for a superplex.

Alan Irvine: Oh my God is he actually going to hit a move?

Veleno hits Zedler with some big shots that send him flying back off of the apron, onto his back. Veleno then leaps off of the top rope with Velenospina and nails it perfectly. Veleno covers and gets the clean three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Marie Veleno!

Marie Veleno celebrates her victory and Windham Zedler is still down. After Veleno leaves the ring, Zedler gets up onto his knees and pounds his hands on the mat in frustration at yet another loss.


Backstage we now see FTF Interviewer Mischa Sloan standing with Lobo Malo. Malo is seething and is not his usual upbeat self.

Mischa Sloan: Lobo Malo, first of all welcome back from injury. Secondly, what do you have to say about Lazlo Vaughan’s challenge from earlier tonight?

Lobo Malo: What do I have to say? I say that is what I came back for. I have been in Fire Thunder since the beginning. I have earned my place here. Lazlo Vaughan is trying to take all of that away from me by bringing my past back to haunt me. I can not let that happen. I won’t let that happen.

Mischa Sloan: Is that you saying that you accept his challenge for a falls count anywhere match at Apex?

Lobo Malo: Believe it. Lazlo Vaughan wants to try and take me out for The Riveros? Well he tried once and he failed. He thinks that the second time is going to be any different? He’s loco. He tried to end my career at Duality. I will end his career at Apex.

Mischa Sloan: Do you think if you beat him at Apex, then he will stop trying to take you out?

Lobo Malo: After Apex, Vaughan will stop attacking me. Because he’ll be in a fucking coma. At Apex, The Handsome Grifter wrestles his last match.

Malo then stomps off.

Singles Match
Lazlo Vaughan
Mick Mooney
15 Minute Time Limit

The next contest sees a wave of hatred come from the crowd and land on the entrance ramp as The Handsome Grifter, Lazlo Vaughan walks out. Toronto’s mood changes as perennial favourite Mick Mooney comes out.

Chris Jones: Lazlo Vaughan is quickly becoming the most hated man on the FTF roster.

Alan Irvine: I don’t see why, the guy just wants to get paid!

The match begins and the two men lock up. Mooney forces Vaughan into a headlock but Vaughan shoves him off into the ropes. Mooney comes back and hits Vaughan with a shoulder block.

Chris Jones: Mick Mooney is looking to get back to his winning ways tonight. His last few outings haven’t gone so well.

Vaughan gets back up and drives a shoulder into Mooney’s mid-section, carrying him all the way into the corner. Vaughan then starts delivering shoulder thrusts into Mooney’s mid-section repeatedly.

Alan Irvine: I love what Vaughan has turned into recently. He is focussed. He is dangerous.

Chris Jones: I won’t dispute that. He has really turned a corner.

Mooney tries to block one but Vaughan nails him with a hard uppercut. Mooney staggers forward right into a snap suplex from Vaughan. Vaughan floats over into a cover but Mooney kicks out at two.

Chris Jones: With his match against Lobo Malo set for Apex next week, Vaughan really needs a win to get some momentum.

Alan Irvine: Next week isn’t going to be about competition for Malo and Vaughan. It’s about violence.

The two lock up again but Mooney breaks the hold with a boot to the gut. Mooney attempts The Tough Go fameasser but Vaughan stands up and plants Mooney with a sit-out powerbomb. Vaughan covers but only gets a two count.

Alan Irvine: Mooney tried for The Tough Go earlier and paid for it. Vaughan absolutely planted him.

Vaughan stays on top of Mooney, hitting him with hard elbows to the side of the head. Mooney tries to cover up but Vaughan is just destroying him. The referee applies a five count and Vaughan breaks it off at four.

Alan Irvine: Vaughan knows exactly how to use the rules to his advantage. He waited until the very last second to stop, applying maximum damage.

Chris Jones: It is within the rules, I can’t fault him for that.

Mooney shoves Vaughan backwards and then charges him. Mooney drops him with a spear and starts hitting Vaughan with shots of his own. Mooney steps off of the second rope and drops a guillotine leg drop across Vaughan’s throat.

Chris Jones: The momentum has shifted in Mooney’s favour. He’s trying to pull out a win in the proverbial third period.

Alan Irvine: A hockey reference, really?

Chris Jones: The man played!

Instead of covering, Mooney gets Vaughan up and applies a sleeper hold. Mooney keeps it wrapped on tight before he falls forward and plants Vaughan with a sleeper slam. Mooney covers and gets a two count.

Chris Jones: Mick Mooney is close to victory Irv!

Alan Irvine: Hopefully not! The guy is a goon!

The two get back up and Vaughan catches Mooney with a glancing elbow to the head that cuts him open. Vaughan pounces and gets Mooney up before planting him with The Pigeon Drop! Vaughan covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, The Handsome Grifter, Lazlo Vaughan!

Lazlo Vaughan has his hand raised as medical staff immediately hit the ring to tend to the cut above Mick Mooney’s left eye. Attention turns away from that to Lobo Malo on the stage.

Chris Jones: Lobo Malo is here Irv, he no doubt wants some of Lazlo Vaughan.

Vaughan tells Malo to bring it on. Malo runs to the ring and Vaughan immediately powders to the outside. Vaughan points to his temple and smirks. Vaughan yells “Next week, guy. Next week.” Vaughan then escapes through the crowd.


In the backstage area Windham Zedler is sipping on a bottle of water, mulling over the defeat that he suffered earlier. Zedler is keeping to himself until The Heartstopper, Tom Cherry walks into frame.

Tom Cherry: Fuck sakes Zeddy. Another loss bud? Should have taken my advice.

Windham Zedler: I’m not giving up on myself. I don’t care what you or anyone says. And you’re one to talk, you lost earlier.

Tom Cherry: I did not lose, I just didn’t win.

Windham Zedler: What in the sam hell is the difference?

Tom Cherry: If I need to explain it to you then you won’t understand. I won’t bother. But there is a giant difference between you and I Zeddy. You see, I have a bright career ahead of me. You do not.

Windham Zedler: People have come back from worse slumps hoss, you’ll see.

Tom Cherry: Do not call me hoss, you hayseed. You are delusional if you think that you are going to make it anywhere in FTF. You have a 0-6 record! You have the worst record on the roster by far. You need to give up, it’s becoming sad.

Windham Zedler: Give up? Never. I will prove myself. I’ll prove myself against you.

Tom Cherry: Sorry buttercup but I already beat your ass at Duality. You aren’t a challenge for me. You don’t even resemble a threat.

Windham Zedler: Then let’s make it interesting. You want me to leave FTF so bad? Well I want you to leave too. Why don’t we have a match and put our careers on the line.

Tom Cherry: You…are going to put your career on the line…against me? Are you insane Zeddy? That’s lunacy.

Windham Zedler: No hoss. That’s faith. Faith in myself. Maybe you don’t have the same faith. Maybe you don’t want to do it because you know you’ll lose.

Tom Cherry: Alright moron. You want to do a loser leaves town match at Apex? Fine. Then pack your shit because you’re leaving town. Loser.

Cherry gets in Zedler’s face.

Tom Cherry: I fucking love it.

Cherry scoffs at Zedler and walks out of frame.

Tag Team Match
Jin Feng & Ren Bao
15 Minute Time Limit

The next match started off on the ramp. As Jin Feng and Ren Bao were making their way to the ring, F.U.X. jumped them. Muldoon tossed Feng into the ring and the match began.

Chris Jones: This is ridiculous! Jumping these men before they even get in the ring?

Alan Irvine: It’s not about competition Jones. F.U.X. know that they can beat these two men. They want to prove a point. They want to intimidate The White Wolves.

Feng got to his feet and Muldoon charged, nailing him with a clothesline. Muldoon pounced on Feng and hit him with a flurry of shots.

Chris Jones: Hatchet Muldoon may be the most vicious man on the roster. He treats every match like it’s life or death.

Muldoon gets Feng up and shoots him into the ropes. On Feng’s return Muldoon lifts him high in the air and Feng comes crashing down across Muldoon’s knee.

Alan Irvine: Just brutal. The Drongo Destroyer is here to make quick work of the men from China.

Chris Jones: Muldoon does not suffer drongos. He has made this very clear.


Muldoon tags in Merrick, who leaps off of the top rope with a flying double foot stomp to Feng’s mid-section. Merrick covers but only gets a two count.

Chris Jones: If F.U.X. bring this level of brutality to their championship match next week, we could see new champions.

Alan Irvine: On that we can agree.

Merrick applies a sleeper hold on Feng but Feng lifts him up and plants him with a back suplex! Feng crawls towards his own corner and tags in Ren Bao.

Chris Jones: Finally, a reprieve for Jin Feng.

Bao climbs to the top rope and comes off with a cross body that takes Merrick down. Bao covers but Merrick kicks out at one. Bao tries to get Merrick up but eats a pele kick!

Alan Irvine: That’ll muddle the offence.

Chris Jones: That’s my line!

Merrick tags in Muldoon and then shoots Bao into the ropes. On Bao’s return Muldoon flips him with a hip toss and has him land right on Muldoon’s knee! Merrick then charges and knocks Feng off of the apron.

Chris Jones: What a double team. F.U.X. really know how to work together.

Alan Irvine: Yeah. That’s kind of the idea Jones. Come on, get a clue.

Muldoon drags his thumb across his throat and then gets Bao up. Muldoon boots him in the mid-section and then plants him with a Drongo Bomb. Muldoon covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners, Hatchet Muldoon and VJ Merrick, F.U.X.!

The bell sounds but F.U.X. are not done. VJ Merrick rolls Jin Feng into the ring and then plants him with the Gobsmacker bicycle knee. Hatchet Muldoon gets Ren Bao back up and hits him with another Drongo Bomb, right on top of Feng! A snarl is heard over the p.a. and “Teeth” cues up, Toronto collectively explodes with applause.

Chris Jones: The champs have seen enough of this Irv!

Alan Irvine: Ever think that F.U.X. was trying to lure The White Wolves out? To…y’know…hurt them?

Constance Ripley and Ezra LaForge hit the ring and both hit sprinboards into the ring, taking Muldoon and Merrick down with cross body blocks! The two teams get back up and F.U.X. decide to leave the ring.

Chris Jones: I guess F.U.X. figure that if they don’t strike first, there isn’t any point.

Alan Irvine: That’s right. It’s called strategy Jones. Something you would know nothing about! F.U.X. want to be one hundred percent for next week.

Chris Jones: It’s going to be quite the contest when The White Wolves defend their Tag Team Titles against F.U.X. next week at Apex.


We cut to backstage near the entrance curtain where Mick Mooney is being sewn up by the house doctor after developing a cut over his eye earlier in the night, thanks to Lazlo Vaughan. Hiccup Bigelow is there getting ready for her main event match with Second Hand Smoke.

Mick Mooney: I’m saying that you’ve gotta be careful Snipe. I’ve faced Smoke before, dude has no chill. He’ll hurt you just for a laugh.

Hiccup Bigelow: I know and I don’t care. If I can beat the number one contender then that shoots me up the rankings. You’ve got to understand that buddy!

Mick Mooney: Yeah I get it. I just don’t want you to get hurt. He’s a dangerous dude. He’s no joke Snipe. He could end your career.

Bigelow puts a hand on Mooney’s shoulder.

Hiccup Bigelow: I appreciate the thought Mickey but I’ll be fine. He doesn’t scare me.

Mick Mooney: He should. He scares me.

A laugh is heard out of frame and the camera shows The Kingmakers, Joffrey and Brixton Gough walking towards Mooney and Bigelow, laughing.

Joffrey Gough: Scare easily, do you boy?

Brixton Gough: Does Second Hand Smoke haunt your dreams? Do you need to sleep with a night light?

Bigelow steps in between The Kingmakers and Mooney.

Hiccup Bigelow: Hey! He’s my friend and I don’t take kindly to people bullying him. Especially when he’s injured!

Mick Mooney (embarrassed): Aw come on…

Joffrey Gough: Sorry, we didn’t mean to hurt his feelings.

Brixton Gough: Oh of course we didn’t.

Hiccup Bigelow: Hey! You’re being sarcastic! Did you know that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit? Huh? Didja?

Joffrey Gough: We were not aware. We will make our insults more direct in the future.

Brixton Gough: Like right now. You two are terrible. Mooney got schooled by Vaughan earlier this evening and you, Bigelow, are about to be legitimately murdered by Second Hand Smoke.

Hiccup Bigelow: Not true! I am going to beat him. Just like me and Mickey beat you two clowns in the D3T. Remember that?

The Kingmakers close in on Bigelow, they aren’t smiling anymore.

Brixton Gough: We most definitely remember that. It was embarrassing. It was a fluke.

Joffrey Gough: One that we intend on correcting. Next week.

Mooney stands up, his stitches finished. Mooney stands tall beside Bigelow.

Mick Mooney: You’re on. You want to face us again? You want to lose again. No problem, plugs. We’ll gladly dummy you for a second time. Now take off. Snipe has a match to get ready for.

The Kingmakers scoff and walk off, the match is set.

M A I N  E V E N T
Singles Match
Hiccup Bigelow
w/ Mick Mooney
Second Hand Smoke
w/ Nobody
15 Minute Time Limit

The main event sees the firey upstart Hiccup Bigelow takes on the number one contender to the FTF Championship, Second Hand Smoke. Mick Mooney comes to the ring with Bigelow and Smoke is accompanied by his Dread Haven compatriot, Nobody.

Chris Jones: Second Hand Smoke’s influence is growing Irv.

Alan Irvine: Without question. Who knows what he did to get Carl Walken on his side but I’m pretty sure that Carl Walken no longer exists.

Bigelow starts the match by charging Smoke, hitting him with a running forearm to the jaw. She hits a few more but it barely fazes Smoke.

Alan Irvine: Smoke is untouchable but I respect Bigelow’s competitive spirit.

Smoke lets Bigelow hit him a few more times before he has had enough. Smoke grabs Bigelow by the throat and then tosses her into the corner.

Chris Jones: Uh oh.

Smoke runs in looking for a body avalanche but Bigelow slips through the ropes to the apron. Bigelow then climbs to the top rope and points down at Smoke.

Chris Jones: Hiccup Bigelow is so eager to prove herself. She won’t let herself be intimidated by someone like Smoke.

Alan Irvine: Discretion is the better part of valour.

Bigelow lets out and leaps off of the top rope looking for a cross body. Smoke catches her and then spins her out into a side slam. Smoke just stays seated on the mat, staring into the audience.

Chris Jones: The lack of emotion that he displays during his matches is what makes Smoke so intimidating. He doesn’t not care what he has to do in order to win. He is heartless.

Bigelow favours her ribs and she stands, taking refuge against the ropes. Smoke lifts her up and drops her over the top rope with snake eyes. Bigelow staggers back and Smoke hits the ropes, clocking her with a big boot.

Alan Irvine: Christ even I don’t want to see this. Just put her away already Smoke.

Nobody watches from outside the ring with a stoic expression as Mooney looks on with great concern. Smoke gets Bigelow up then plants her with the inverted ddt.

Chris Jones: It looks like this is quickly at an end Irv.

Smoke locks in the Last Gasp and Bigelow has no choice but to submit. The bell sounds and Smoke releases the hold.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Second Hand Smoke!

Orchestral music plays and Second Hand Smoke goes to kneel beside Hiccup Bigelow for his usual ritual but Mick Mooney enters the ring and nails Smoke with a running knee to the side of the head.

Alan Irvine: Oh Mooney you absolute idiot.

Nobody enters the ring and clocks Mooney with an elbow to the back of the head. Nobody subdues Mooney with some stomps. Nobody then gets Mooney up and holds his arms behind his back. Smoke approaches, staring deep into Mooney’s eyes.

Chris Jones: Mick Mooney thought that his night was over after getting stitched up by the medics. After this he may need a hospital stay!

Bigelow gets back up and tries to defend Mooney but Smoke grabs her by the throat. Smoke lifts her high in the air and plants her with a chokeslam while Nobody plants Mooney with a full nelson slam.

Just as this happens, FTF Champion John Ire and Al Derringer rush the ring. Derringer enters the ring and he goes right for Nobody! This gets a huge pop from the audience. Ire enters the ring and he spears Smoke to the mat.

Security floods the ring to break up the brawl and it takes more than twenty of them to regain order. Smoke tosses most of them off and exits through the audience with Nobody in tow as Episode Fifteen goes off the air.



Match Results:
– Lobo Malo def. Tom Cherry
– Marie Veleno def. Windham Zedler
– Lazlo Vaughan def. Mick Mooney
– F.U.X. def. Jin Feng & Ren Bao
– Second Hand Smoke def. Hiccup Bigelow

Rankings: Episode 014

  1. johnire
    FTF Champion:
    John Ire – 10/02/00
    The champion was not in action this week but he did attempt to square off with The Dread Haven. Smoke and Nobody got the drop on Ire and were about to put him out of action permanently when Ire’s friend Al Derringer made the save. With an ally, Ire seems to have a chance at ending Smoke’s undefeated streak at Apex.
  2. secondhandsmoke
    Second Hand Smoke – 07/00/00 up2
    Smoke was not in action again this week, instead he chose to pull the strings behind the scenes. He and Nobody concocted a plan to take out John Ire but it was foiled by Al Derringer. With the numbers even, The Dread Haven may have to resort to more nefarious tactics if they want to unseat the FTF Champion.
  3. karinazima
    Karina Zima – 08/05/00
    Zima rises two spots this week after defeating Windham Zedler. Although it wasn’t her biggest challenge to date, the injury of Miyami Kana and the inactivity of Hatchet Muldoon has propelled her into the number three spot.
  4. hatchetmuldoon
    Hatchet Muldoon – 07/04/00
    Muldoon is stationary this week due to inactivity. He did however attempt to get the edge on his Apex opponents when he and partner VJ Merrick attacked The White Wolves, with help from The Kingmakers. Had Hiccup Bigelow and Mick Mooney not intervene, who knows what could have happened to the champions.
  5. ezralaforge
    FTF Tag Team Champion:
    Ezra LaForge – 07/05/00  up2

    LaForge returns to the top five after a successful title defence against The Kingmakers. The White Wolves have accepted F.U.X.’s challenge to a title match at Apex and the Wolves see it as an opportunity to prove that they are worthy of being called champions.

  6. FTF Tag Team Champion: Constance Ripley – 05/02/00 up2
  7. Marie Veleno – 05/05/00
  8. VJ Merrick – 04/06/00 up2
  9. Al Derringer – 03/07/00 up2
  10. Mick Moody – 03/07/00 up2
  11. Lobo Malo – 03/06/00 up2
  12. Tom Cherry – 03/00/00 up2
  13. Hiccup Bigelow – 02/05/00 up2
  14. Lazlo Vaughan – 02/06/00
  15. Joffrey Gough – 01/02/00
  16. Brixton Gough – 01/02/00
  17. Windham Zedler – 00/05/00
  18. Bill Griff – 00/01/00
  19. Ren Bao – 00/02/00
  20. Jin Feng – 00/02/00