Rankings: Episode 017


  1. secondhandsmoke
    FTF Champion:
    Second Hand Smoke – 09/00/00
    Despite not being in action this week the new FTF Champion stays at the top of the heap. Instead of letting his “disciples” settle his issues with John Ire and Al Derringer, Smoke offered both men a title shot at War of Attrition in a Three Way Dance. It seems that The Emissary of Darkness wants to prove that he is a deserving champion.
  2. johnire
    John Ire – 10/03/00
    The former champion spends another week in the second position. That is as high as he will rise unless he can win back his championship and he will get his chance at War of Attrition in a Three Way Dance.
  3. karinazima
    Karina Zima – 10/05/00

    Zima stays in third position after a huge main event victory this week. Alongside Marie Veleno she defeated Hiccup Bigelow and Mick Mooney to become Number One Contenders to the FTF Tag Team Titles. Following the victory, Pretty/Dirty challenged The White Wolves to have the championship match on Episode Eighteen and the champions gladly accepted.
  4. ezralaforge
    FTF Tag Team Champion: Ezra LaForge – 08/05/00 

    Even though she is one half of the Tag Team Champions, LaForge stays in fourth position this week do to inactivity. She and Constance Ripley made a second successful defence of their titles at Apex against F.U.X. but will have to put the titles on the line again next week against their rivals Pretty/Dirty.
  5. marieveleno
    Marie Veleno – 08/05/00
    Following a main event victory with her partner Karina Zima to become the next challengers to the Tag Team Titles, Marie Veleno finally cracks the top five. Next week she and her partner will get a shot at FTF gold which is an opportunity that they are not likely to squander.

  6. Hatchet Muldoon – 08/06/00 down2
  7. FTF Tag Team Champion: Constance Ripley – 06/02/00
  8. Tom Cherry – 05/01/00 up2
  9. Lazlo Vaughan – 05/06/00 up2
  10. VJ Merrick – 05/07/00 down2
  11. Al Derringer – 04/07/00 down2
  12. Lobo Malo – 04/07/00 down2
  13. Mick Mooney – 04/09/00 down2
  14. Hiccup Bigelow – 03/07/00
  15. Joffrey Gough – 01/03/00
  16. Brixton Gough – 01/03/00
  17. Sofia Tapia – 01/00/00 NEW
  18. Ravage – 00/01/00
  19. Nobody – 00/01/00
  20. Ren Bao – 00/05/00
  21. Jin Feng – 00/05/00
  22. Galen Maylene – 00/00/01 NEW
  23. Quinn Troxler – 00/00/01 NEW
  24. Jacob White – 00/01/00 NEW