FTF Episode 017

SEVENTEEN.pngThe Fire Pit Arena
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

September 25th, 2016


Following a video package that highlighted the events of FTF Apex we go to ringside with Chris Jones and Alan Irvine.

Chris Jones: Ladies and gentlemen it is a new day in Fire Thunder Fighting. A new, dark day. We have a new champion and with that new champion a cloud has moved in on Toronto.

Alan Irvine: I hate to agree with you Jones but it’s true. Second Hand Smoke is now the face of FTF and he has brought his Dread Haven with him.

Chris Jones: Which now includes Nobody as well as Bill Griff, a man who we thought was in a coma.

Alan Irvine:  I still don’t understand that one Jones. Another thing I don’t understand is how The Riveros were allowed in the arena last week to attack Lobo Malo, to cost him his Falls Count Anywhere match with Lazlo Vaughan.

Chris Jones: The Riveros are here tonight but we have yet to get an update on Lobo Malo. Word is that they will be meeting with Morgan Odin.

Alan Irvine: I don’t foresee that going well but it sounds like it will be highly entertaining. Enough chit chat Jones. Let’s get to it!

Singles Match
Jacob White
Sofia Tapia
15 Minute Time Limit

The first match of the evening was a double debut as Jacob White of Montreal, Canada took on Sofia Tapia of Madrid, Spain. The Toronto audience did not treat the French Canadian with much love as he hit the ring. Tapia on the other hand got a big response. Following some big strikes White dumped Tapia over the top rope. White then hit a suicide dive elbow smash to Tapia and then tried to whip Tapia into the apron but Tapia popped up and hit him with an Asai moonsault. Once back in the ring White came back with a running knee lift. When White tried to maintain his momentum Tapia hit him with a spinning back kick to the mid-section. Tapia then stepped off of the second rope and sent White’s face into the canvas with a curb stomp! Tapia covered and got the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Sofia Tapia!

The bell rang and Tapia had her hand raised. White looked furious and for a moment it seemed as if he was going to attack Tapia but he held back…this time.

Chris Jones: The Spaniard Sofia Tapia picks up a victory in her first match.

Alan Irvine: Eh it was luck. Jacob White and I spoke before the show, he’s the only Canadian that I’ve ever liked. He has a big future, he’ll come back from this loss. Mark my words.

Chris Jones: I guess we’ll have to wait and see!


In the interview area Mischa Sloan stood with “The Soldier of Fortune” Al Derringer and the former FTF Champion, “Pissed Off” John Ire.

Mischa Sloan: Gentlemen last week at Apex we saw The Dread Haven become even more powerful when Second Hand Smoke not only defeated you John Ire for the FTF Championship but added Bill Griff to his ranks alongside Nobody. Can I get your comments?

John Ire: Aye Smoke beat me. He took me title. No two ways about that. But the fact remains that the cunt couldn’t do it on his own. He needed two of his mates to help him. I will be gettin’ me rematch and I will be gettin’ me title back.

Al Derringer: John is right. I had his back at Apex but it wasn’t enough. We weren’t expecting Bill Griff. Last we saw him, he was in a coma. No doubt Smoke had something to do with his miraculous recovery. I beat my friend Carl at Apex and that means that I get Smoke in any kind of match that I want.

John Ire: But first the two of us need to take care of his followers. If either of us is gonna take the title off of Smoke then those two cunts need to be taken out.

Al Derringer: That’s why tonight John and I are calling out Nobody and Bill Griff. No rules, no referees, no bullshit. Just two on two in a fight.

John Ire: Tonight we take Smoke’s backup down so when it’s time to defend that belt of his, he’s gotta do it on his own.

With that Ire and Derringer walked off, their words hanging in the air.

Singles Match
Galen Maylene
Quinn Troxler
15 Minute Time Limit

The next match was another double debut as Galen Maylene of New Zealand took on Quinn Troxler of Switzerland. These two were evenly matched but Troxler took the lead after some back and forth. Troxler used some big strikes on Maylene before grounding him with a top rope missile dropkick. Maylene then fought back and planted Troxler with a tornado ddt. Maylene tried for a pinfall after a swinging neckbreaker but Troxler kicked out and transitioned into a Border City stretch! Maylene made it to the ropes and was able to catch Troxler with an inverted STO into a Koji clutch! Troxler was trapped for a few moments before turning it over into a pinning predicament. Troxler eventually ascended to the top rope for a moonsault but Maylene leapt up to the top rope with him. Maylene then took Troxler off of the top rope with a back suplex and landed in a pinfall. The referee counted the fall but immediately realized that both men’s shoulders were in fact down.

Nina Nichols: This match has been ruled a no contest.

Right after the bell Maylene and Troxler had a stare down before shaking hands, which got a big pop from the Toronto audience.

Chris Jones: Both of these men impressed me here tonight Irv.

Alan Irvine: Yeah but do they have the killer instinct? A handshake? Come on. This is FTF, you’ve got to be mean to survive.

Chris Jones: That’s not true.

Alan Irvine: Have you seen who our champion is?


In the backstage area Morgan Odin stood with Ben Choi in the interview area.

Ben Choi: Mr. Odin I just wanted to take this opportunity to ask you about the Hybrid Championship and how you will decide the first champion?

Morgan Odin: I’m glad you asked Ben. I have thought long and hard about this. I have decided that since the FTF Championship was decided via the Summit Series and the Tag Team Titles through the Duality Tag Team Tournament, that the best way to determine the Hybrid Champion would be to do so in a similar fashion.

Ben Choi: Can you elaborate?

Morgan Odin: Of course. Some of our fans may have seen that our next big event is in three weeks and it will be called FTF War of Attrition. The reason for that is because we will see the first ever War of Attrition Match and it will be for the Hybrid Championship.

Ben Choi: What exactly is a War of Attrition Match?

Morgan Odin: It is a gauntlet match with six competitors. The match will start with two competitors and every three minutes a new competitor will join the fray. You can be eliminated by pinfall, submission, or knockout. The last person standing will be the first Hybrid Champion. Oh yes and the match will be no disqualifications or count outs.

Ben Choi: That sounds like a must see. Can you tell us who the six competitors are?

Morgan Odin: That I will reveal next week. As for–

Just then the head of security Travis Locke ran up and whispered something in Odin’s ear. Odin’s expression turned to shock and the security guard led him away. The camera followed.

Chris Jones: What do you think is going on here Irv?

Alan Irvine: Judging by Odin’s reaction, nothing good.

The cameraman caught up to Odin and Locke as they stood in front of a brick wall in the parking lot that had been tagged with spray paint.


The camera then panned down to show four bloodied security guards, they had been beaten to an absolute pulp. Odin looked irate. Odin turned to the head of security.

Morgan Odin: I want you to track down Los Riveros. I want you to track down Lobo Malo. I want all of them here next week and we will settle this. Hire more men, hell, hire some mercenaries. I don’t care. But next week I want a safe environment in which we can work all of this nonsense out, do you understand me?

Travis Locke: Yeah I understand you boss. But what about my men? They won’t be able to work for months after this!

Morgan Odin: I will speak to the higher ups at the Kasai Sanda Company. They will be compensated for this Locke, I assure you.

Travis Locke: Alright. I’ll take care of everything else.

Morgan Odin: Thank you.

EMTs arrived to look after the fallen security guards just before the scene faded out

Tag Team Match
Lazlo Vaughan & Tom Cherry
Ren Bao & Jin Feng
15 Minute Time Limit

The third contest of the night saw “The Handsome Grifter” Lazlo Vaughan once again team up with “The Heartstopper” Tom Cherry to take on Ren Bao and Jin Feng. Vaughan and Cherry completely dominated this contest with Cherry working Bao over in the beginning of the contest. Cherry planted Bao with a brutal piledriver before tagging in Vaughan. Vaughan worked on Bao’s neck and just when the contest seemed like it was finished Bao made the tag to Feng. Feng came in like a house of fire, taking both Vaughan and Cherry down with high flipping dropkicks. Bao and Feng were then able to hit Vaughan with a stacked superplex for a near fall. Cherry came from behind and dumped Feng over the top rope after the latter tagged Bao back in. From there Vaughan was able to hit Bao with The Pigeon Drop for the pinfall and the victory.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners Lazlo Vaughan and Tom Cherry!

Following the match Mischa Sloan entered the ring to get a word with the winners.

Mischa Sloan: Gentlemen another week and another victory for you both. How does it feel?

Tom Cherry: Are you kidding Mischa? It feels great. It’s tremendous. We love it and you fucking love it.

Cherry gestured to the crowd.

Lazlo Vaughan: We are the future of FTF and Morgan Odin had better know that. Next week when he announces the participants in the War of Attrition both of our names had better be spoken, get it?

Mischa Sloan: And if they aren’t?

Tom Cherry: Then maybe we take a page out of Los Riveros’ playbook and get attention another way. Seems to have worked for them, right?

Cherry and Vaughan laughed obnoxiously before blowing by Sloan, leaving the ring.


Cut to the hallways of The Fire Pit arena and we saw the hulking mass that is Hatchet Muldoon stomping around.

Hatchet Muldoon: Merrick! Where are ye mate? I just want to have a chat!

The camera dollies out to show that Muldoon is wielding a solid hickory axe handle.

Hatchet Muldoon: Come out ye cunt! I’m not gonna hurt ye!

Muldoon rounded a corner and there Morgan Odin was talking to some police officers as EMTs were still tending to the injured security guards.

Hatchet Muldoon: Oy! Odin! Where the fuck is that cunt Merrick?

Odin, preoccupied with the police, tried to ignore Muldoon.

Hatchet Muldoon: Oy! Cunt! I’m talkin’ to ya!

Odin sighed and turned his attention to Muldoon.

Morgan Odin: Muldoon please. He’s your partner you should know that he needed the week off.

Hatchet Muldoon: Oh yeah? For what bloody reason.

Morgan Odin: He had to fly back to Australia for his grandmother’s funeral.

Muldoon began grinding his teeth in frustration.

Hatchet Muldoon: For fucks sake Odin, the cunt is an orphan!

Morgan Odin: Listen, Muldoon, I truly do not care. He needed the week off and I gave it to him. So stop stomping around like you are going to murder someone and leave me alone.

Hatchet Muldoon: He’s afraid of me Odin! He knew I’d be lookin’ fer him tonight and that’s why he buggered off. You need to make this right Odin. Gimme a match with the cunt next week.

Morgan Odin: Fine. Whatever. You can have it. But Muldoon…

Hatchet Muldoon: What?

Morgan Odin: Leave the axe handle in the locker room. Understand?

Hatchet Muldoon: Yeah mate. I hear ya.

Muldoon tossed the axe handle over his shoulder and walked away.

#1 Contendership: Tag Team Titles
Hiccup Bigelow & Mick Mooney
15 Minute Time Limit

The main event was announced as a number one contenders match as both of the participating teams were victorious at Apex. The match began with Karina Zima and Bigelow in the ring together. Zima slapped Bigelow around a bit and was then treated to a wheel barrow bulldog. Mooney got tagged in and put Zima down with a scoop slam. Mooney tagged Bigelow back in and she nailed Zima with a top rope moonsault for a two count. Following a poke to Bigelow’s eye, Zima was able to tag in Marie Veleno. Veleno put Bigelow in the corner with a high flipping dropkick and then hit a back handspring elbow smash before covering for two. Veleno put Bigelow down with a dragon screw and then tagged in Zima who hit Bigelow with the K Chortoo scissor kick for a two count. Zima tagged Veleno back in but Bigelow rallied with an enziguiri and then tagged in Mooney. Veleno tried to rush Mooney but he hit her with The Tough Go for a two count but Zima broke up the fall. Bigelow then took Zima over the top rope with a wheel kick but also fell to the outside herself. While the referee was preoccupied with Bigelow and Zima on the outside. Veleno hit Mooney with a low blow and then put him down with a school girl for the surprise three count.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners and number one contenders to the FTF Tag Team Championship, Karina Zima and Marie Veleno…Pretty/Dirty!

As soon as the bell sounded “Teeth” cued up and the FTF Tag Team Champions, The White Wolves walked out onto the stage.

Chris Jones: These two teams know each other very well Irv and it looks like they are poised to go at it again.

Alan Irvine: Good. And this time it won’t be Ripley and LaForge who come out on top. Pretty/Dirty are the most underrated duo in FTF, it’s time that changes.

In the ring Zima took a microphone and directed her attention to Ripley and LaForge.

Karina Zima: Your day of reckoning is at hand devochki! It is time for Pretty/Dirty to take what is ours.

Veleno stepped forward with a microphone of her own.

Marie Veleno: We are now officially the number one contenders and we want our championship match. We want it next week! Are you scared? Hai paura?

Both Ripley and LaForge just shook their heads. LaForge mouthed the words “You’re on.” before the feed cut to commercial.


After the commercial break Al Derringer and John Ire stood in the middle of the ring. Neither man had a weapon but both had microphones.

John Ire: Alright you cunts, we said we were going to call you out and ‘ere we fookin’ are. Nobody, Griff – get yer asses out to this ring.

Al Derringer: We aren’t playin’ boys. Neither of you are the men that you used to be and now it’s time that we beat some sense back into ya.

John Ire: That might be Al’s prerogative but mine is to just be ye so badly that you can’t influence my rematch for the belt. Now get the fook out ‘ere.

The two men waited a few moments and then the lights shut off. Orchestral music cued up and two figures stepped out onto the ramp. They stood their shrouded in smoke momentarily before a third, much larger figure stepped between them and out in front.

Chris Jones: There he is Irv. The new FTF Champion.

Alan Irvine: I have no problem telling you that I am experience a serious fear right now. God I hate these three.

The lights came back on and the entire Dread Haven stood at the top of the ramp with the new FTF Champion Second Hand Smoke standing in front with a microphone.

Second Hand Smoke: So angry. So very, very angry. It is understandable. I have taken a lot from both of you. Alan, I took your pride, your best friend, your identity as “the hero”. And you Jonathan, I took your championship. I took your entire world.

We cut back to Ire in the ring and he is absolutely seething.

Second Hand Smoke: You can say whatever you want about how I become FTF Champion but the reality is that no matter how it happened…it was always going to happen. The Emissary of Darkness was always meant to become champion and the truth is, there is nothing that either of you could do to stop it.

Ire was pacing around the ring like a caged animal.

Second Hand Smoke: Yes I did receive assistance from a new disciple. Allow me to introduce a man who I pulled back from the brink of eternal mental damnation. A man who was told that he would never compete again. Bill Griff awoke from his coma and awoke as a different man. A man ready to be molded by the right influencer.

Smoke put his hand on Griff’s shoulder.

Second Hand Smoke: Namely – me. He has seen the proper path to achieve his goals, he has been given permission to compete utilizing his true nature. That of a malicious beast. The man that assaulted you at Apex was not Bill Griff, Jonathan. Bill Griff never awoke from that coma. The man who did is not a man at all…he is Ravage.

The man now known as Ravage let out a primal grunt as he stared into the ring.

Second Hand Smoke: You two, you want to fight my disciples. Jonathan, you want to destroy Ravage for what he did to you at Apex. Alan, you want to fight Nobody in hopes of bringing your friend Carl back. Both of these are fools errands. Both of these goals are pointless. Because what both of you want, more than anything…

Smoke paused for effect.

Second Hand Smoke: …is to fight me.

Ire and Derringer looked at one another, seemingly agreeing with their mutual rival.

Second Hand Smoke: I will give you the opportunity. You do not need to fight my disciples. It is pointless. I will dismantle you both myself, like I have already proven I can. Jonathan, you are owed a rematch for your title. Alan, I said that if you beat Nobody then you could face me whenever you desired. Let us settle this at War of Attrition in three weeks. Alan Derringer, Jonathan Ire, and The Emissary of Darkness. We will compete in a three way dance for my FTF Championship. You can both attempt to cut off the head of the snake.

Smoke smirked and looked down at the title around his waist.

Second Hand Smoke: And you will both fail.

Smoke dropped the microphone and the lights went out briefly. When they came back on The Dread Haven was gone, leaving Ire and Derringer in the ring as Episode Seventeen came to a close.


Match Results:
– Sofia Tapia def. Jacob White
– Galen Maylene and Quinn Troxler was a Draw
– Vaughan & Cherry def. Bao/Feng
– Pretty/Dirty def. Bigelow & Mooney