Rankings: Episode 016

  1. secondhandsmoke
    FTF Champion:
    Second Hand Smoke – 09/00/00 up2
    Thanks to Nobody and his (seemingly) new disciple Bill Griff, Second Hand Smoke was able to defeat the first FTF Champion for the title. With two followers now in his Dread Haven, Smoke is going to be a tough champion to conquer.
  2. johnire
    John Ire – 10/03/00 down2
    Thanks to interference from Nobody and Bill Griff, John Ire’s FTF Championship run has come to an end. The former champion will no doubt want his rematch but with The Dread Haven looking so strong, how can Ire hope to reclaim the gold.
  3. karinazima
    Karina Zima – 09/05/00
    A victory alongside Marie Veleno against Jin Feng and Ren Bao puts Karina Zima back in the top three. The question now stands as whether she will continue looking towards at Tag Team Title match or if the FTF Championship is in her sights.
  4. ezralaforge
    FTF Tag Team Champion: Ezra LaForge – 08/05/00 up2

    The White Wolves successfully defended their Tag Team Titles and will likely be looking at new challengers in the near future. With F.U.X. seemingly in their rear view, which of FTF’s many teams will step into the Wolves’ den next?
  5. hatchetmuldoon
    Hatchet Muldoon – 08/06/00 down2

    Thanks to a mistake on the part of his partner VJ Merrick, Hatchet Muldoon failed yet again to capture gold in FTF. Merrick fled the scene before we could see the result of his mistake…perhaps F.U.X.’s next target will be each other…

  6. Marie Veleno – 07/05/00
  7. FTF Tag Team Champion: Constance Ripley – 06/02/00
  8. VJ Merrick – 05/07/00
  9. Lazlo Vaughan – 04/06/00 up2
  10. Al Derringer – 04/07/00
  11. Lobo Malo – 04/07/00 down2
  12. Mick Moody – 04/08/00 down2
  13. Tom Cherry – 04/01/00
  14. Hiccup Bigelow – 03/06/00
  15. Joffrey Gough – 01/03/00
  16. Brixton Gough – 01/03/00
  17. Bill Griff – 00/01/00
  18. Nobody – 00/01/00
  19. Ren Bao – 00/04/00
  20. Jin Feng – 00/04/00