Rankings: Episode 015

  1. johnire
    FTF Champion:
    John Ire – 10/02/00
    The champion stays at the top of the heap, despite not being in action this week. Ire is set to defend his championship against his most dangerous challenger yet when he takes on challenger Second Hand Smoke at Apex.
  2. secondhandsmoke
    Second Hand Smoke – 08/00/00 up2
    In the main event of Episode Fifteen Second Hand Smoke quickly dispatched Hiccup Bigelow. Smoke now has all of the momentum going into his FTF Championship match at Apex.
  3. hatchetmuldoon
    Hatchet Muldoon – 08/04/00 up2

    Along with his partner VJ Merrick, Hatchet Muldoon defeated Jin Feng and Ren Bao on Episode Fifteen. F.U.X. are now set to challenge The White Wolves for the FTF Tag Team Titles at Apex. It’ll be an uphill battle for The Wolves, considering the rabid state of mind that F.U.X. appear to be in…
  4. karinazima
    Karina Zima – 08/05/00
    Zima drops a spot this week because of inaction. Certainly she and Marie Veleno are looking to get another shot at the Tag Team Titles but that will have to wait until after Apex. Perhaps they could find something else to do at that event…
  5. ezralaforge
    FTF Tag Team Champion: Ezra LaForge – 07/05/00 

    LaForge holds steady at number five after a week of inactivity. She and her tag team partner Constance Ripley hopefully used that rest to prepare for their title match at Apex. F.U.X. drew them out by attacking Jin Feng and Ren Bao. Although there was no physical altercation, F.U.X. got an idea of the Wolves’ mindset.

  6. Marie Veleno – 06/05/00 up2
  7. FTF Tag Team Champion: Constance Ripley – 05/02/00 down2
  8. VJ Merrick – 05/06/00 up2
  9. Lobo Malo – 04/06/00 up2
  10. Al Derringer – 03/07/00 down2
  11. Mick Moody – 03/08/00 up2
  12. Lazlo Vaughan – 03/06/00 up2
  13. Tom Cherry – 03/01/00 down2
  14. Hiccup Bigelow – 02/06/00 down2
  15. Joffrey Gough – 01/02/00
  16. Brixton Gough – 01/02/00
  17. Windham Zedler – 00/06/00
  18. Bill Griff – 00/01/00
  19. Ren Bao – 00/03/00
  20. Jin Feng – 00/03/00