FTF Episode 015


The Fire Pit Arena
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

September 11th, 2016


The opening signature occurs and then we immediately cut to ringside. “Forever Pissed” cues up and FTF Champion John Ire walks out onto the stage to a massive pop. Ire is flanked by his tag team partner Al Derringer. The two get to the ring and the audience dies down. Ire has a microphone.

John Ire: Right. For those of ye who didn’t see what happened last week, let’s take a look at what happened when I confronted “The Dread Haven”.

Last week…

The camera pans over to show Nobody approaching Ire. Nobody is holding a large pipe. Ire gets up to his knees and Nobody measures him up.
John Ire: Go on with it ye crazy cunt. If ye have the sack.
Nobody winds up and Ire doesn’t flinch. Second Hand Smoke watches from atop the loading bay and then nods. Nobody acknowledges the order and winds up even further. At the last second Nobody is tackled into a pile of full garbage bags. The camera pulls out.
Chris Jones: It’s Al Derringer! Al Derringer has returned!
Derringer turns to check on Ire. Smoke smirks and disappears back into the bowels of the arena. Ire tells Derringer that he is alright. Derringer turns to face Nobody but the latter is gone, having disappeared into the night.

John Ire: So there ye have it. Second Hand Smoke and Nobody were trying to take out The Angry Bloke. But they didn’t count on the Sarg himself, Al Derringer. I owe you a debt mate, that was a stand up move.

Al Derringer: I just did what was right, John.

John Ire: I didn’t think ye had a hard on for me. That’s not what I was saying. But what I am saying tonight is are you down to do what needs to be done? Are ye ready to take this all the way?

Al Derringer: I don’t understand what you are asking John.

John Ire: C’mon ye thick cunt! These blokes tried to kill ye at Duality. They tried to kill me last week. I’m going to handle Second Hand Smoke at Apex, ye can believe that. But ye need to handle Nobody. Ye need to take him out.

Al Derringer: I don’t know that I can John. He’s my friend.

John Ire: Mate I hate to break it to ye but your friend is fuckin’ gone. He is under that Smoke fuck’s spell or whatever. Maybe if ye get close enough to him ye can knock some sense into him.

Al Derringer: I don’t know John. I feel that I am responsible for who he has become. It’s my fault. I can’t put my hands on him.

John Ire: You’re gonna have to mate. Smoke has him under his control and maybe, just maybe, if ye get close to him then ye can help him. But if ye don’t, then he’s lost. Ye think that this is your fault? Then fix it mate.

Derringer takes a moment to consider the issue when somber orchestral music cues up. The lights dim and a fog fills the stage. The words “THE DREAD HAVEN” appear on the tron and eventually Second Hand Smoke and Nobody walk out onto the stage.

Second Hand Smoke: Ladies and gentlemen feast your eyes! The hero is back from the dead. Welcome back Alan, I was sure that Nobody and I had permanently dispatched you at Duality. It seems that I was wrong.

Al Derringer: It would take a lot more than that to keep me down you motherfucker.

Second Hand Smoke: Such harsh language. So unnecessary. I hope you know that my issues with you were not personal Alan. I just wanted to fix you. I wanted you to see the futility in this hero mentality that you have.

Smoke pauses and turns his attention to Nobody.

Second Hand Smoke: I wanted you to see things in a new light. Like Nobody has.

Al Derringer: His name is Carl you piece of shit.

Second Hand Smoke: Oh not anymore Alan. Carl Walken is dead, he is been reborn as Nobody. A disciple of The Dread Haven. He sees things my way, now.

Al Derringer: I’m going to kill you.

Second Hand Smoke: Please. You’ve tried twice. You’ve failed twice. My dance card is full for the foreseeable future. Next week I take your friend Jonathan’s FTF Championship and then after that I will be champion. You should not be anywhere near a title match so I am far out of your reach now Alan. You had your opportunities.

Smoke then looks at Nobody and puts his hand on his shoulder.

Second Hand Smoke: But I tell you what Alan. You may not want to face my protege Nobody, but he definitely wants to face you. Accept his challenge and should you defeat him at Apex, then you can face me in any type of match that you desire. How does that sound?

Derringer takes a moment to consider the offer. Ire whispers something in his ear and then the two turn back to the stage.

Al Derringer: Fine. I will get my brother back. Then I am coming for you, you son of a bitch.

John Ire: Nothing is gonna be left of him mate. Smoke, I’m going to rip yer guts out of yer arse at Apex. Me title is not goin’ anywhere, but you? You’re going back to the crypt that you floated out of. Understand me? Yer days are numbered.

Second Hand Smoke: Of course they are Jonathan. Of course they are. See you next week gentlemen. Prepare as best you can but know that no matter what you do, you won’t be ready. No one ever is. Right Alan?

Smoke smirks and the lights go out. When they come back on the members of The Dread Haven have both disappeared to the back.

Singles Match
Lobo Malo
Tom Cherry
15 Minute Time Limit

The next match sees Lobo Malo return to a uproarious applause. He does not play to the audience he just looks focussed, warming up in the ring. “The Heartstopper” Tom Cherry then comes to the ring with his usual theatrics.

Chris Jones: I feel like we’re seeing a different Lobo Malo here tonight Irv.

Alan Irvine: I can’t disagree. He isn’t playing to the fans. He isn’t showboating. He’s focussed.

Chris Jones: Do you think he wants to make a statement with Tom Cherry?

Alan Irvine: Of course he does. Cherry is a known associate of Lazlo Vaughan. Vaughan brutally assaulted Malo. Malo wants to send a message.

The match begins with the two men locking up. Malo takes Cherry over with an arm drag and then hits him with a running front drop kick to the face.

Chris Jones: Our resident luchadore hasn’t missed a step.

Alan Irvine: Well he wasn’t gone that long.

Cherry tries to rally back but Malo flips and nails him with a Juvi driver! Cherry rolls under the bottom rope and then stands up on the apron.

Chris Jones: Smart move by the undefeated Tom Cherry.

Malo charges Cherry but Cherry low bridges the top rope. Malo lands on the apron and hits Cherry with a high kick to the head. The two men then slug each other back and forth on the apron.

Chris Jones: This could get ugly really quick Irv.

Alan Irvine: I hope it does! I hope Cherry puts Malo back on the shelf so that The Handsome Grifter can focus on climbing the ranks.

Malo hops up and attempts to take Cherry over with a hurricanranna but Cherry holds him up and leaps off of the apron with a powerbomb to the floor! Both competitors lay in a heap on the outside and Toronto begins chanting “Holy shit!”.

Alan Irvine: What a gamechanger! Tom Cherry just planted Lobo Malo!

Cherry gets Malo up on the outside and he whips him into the steel steps. Malo lays face down on the top of the steps and Cherry gets a giant smirk on his face. Cherry taps his index finger on his temple.

Chris Jones: Oh no Irv. We saw what Tom Cherry did to Bill Griff a few weeks ago. Griff is still hospitalized!

Alan Irvine: If Vaughan couldn’t send Malo back to Mexico, Tom Cherry will!

With Malo laying on the steel steps, Cherry charges and looks for a double stomp to the back of the head but Malo moves out of the way at the last second. Cherry lands on the steps, on his feet.

Chris Jones: Lobo Malo saw it coming!

Malo runs and jumps up to the apron then he leaps and hits Cherry with a huricanranna off of the steel steps! Cherry flips and lands with a thud on the outside, Toronto pops huge for that one!

Chris Jones: What a move by Lobo Malo! Can he defeat the undefeated Tom Cherry?

Alan Irvine: No chance! Cherry is going to come back. He has to!

Cherry pulls himself up onto the apron and rolls into the ring. Malo jumps up onto the apron. Cherry turns away from him and Malo hits a springboard into the ring, planting Cherry with Mala Luna! Malo covers and gets the victory.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Lobo Malo!

Lobo Malo has his hand raised and the audience roars. Tom Cherry has no idea where he is but when he comes to he is going to be told that his undefeated streak is officially finished.


Backstage we cut to FTF Interviewer standing in front of the FTF signature. Vaughan has his usual smug expression on his face.

Ben Choi: Ladies and gentlemen I am joined by The Handsome Grifter, Lazlo Vaughan. Lazlo, can I get your comments on Lobo Malo’s return to FTF.

Lazlo Vaughan: Shock! I am completely shocked. Not that he’s back, but that he has the sack to come after me. You’d think he would have learned his lesson.

Ben Choi: It surprises you that Lobo Malo wants revenge for what you did to him at Duality?

Lazlo Vaughan: Honestly? Yeah. Guy should have known to stay away from me. He sure as hell stayed away from Miyami Kana after she corrected his behaviour.

Ben Choi: Rumor has it that you have been working for The Riveros, the criminals that Malo fled from when he left Mexico. Is this true?

Lazlo Vaughan: Listen Benny, they paid me to do a job. They paid me to put a hurting on Malo in the hopes that he would be sent back to Mexico. Morgan Odin threw a wrench in that plan by keeping Malo in Canada. So I need to finish the job. If Malo won’t be sent back to Mexico, then I have to put a serious hurting on him here.

Ben Choi: What does that look like?

Lazlo Vaughan: It looks like Malo and I need to settle this. So Malo, if you have the cajones then why don’t we settle our issues next week at Apex. You and Me, falls count anywhere in the building. I await your response vato. You may be taking this personal but for me this is about money. The Handsome Grifter always collects.

Vaughan walks off after a sly smirk.

Singles Match
Marie Veleno
Windham Zedler
15 Minute Time Limit

The next match sees tag team specialist Marie Veleno against not winning specialist Windham Zedler. Zedler looks focussed and Veleno looks nonplussed.

Alan Irvine: Honestly Jones, why is this guy still on the roster? He has never won a match!

Chris Jones: Tonight could be his night.

The two lock up and Veleno hits Zedler with a knee to the mid-section. Veleno takes him down with a bulldog and then charges, nailing him with a lionsault.

Chris Jones: We haven’t seen much of Marie Veleno is singles competition recently but she is a truly gifted competitor.

Veleno doesn’t bother going for a pin, she gets Zedler back up and shoots him into the corner. Veleno follows that up with a big running dropkick.

Alan Irvine: This guy can’t even get any offence in! He’s terrible. Just put him away Veleno, this is a waste of your energy.

Chris Jones: Things aren’t looking good for Windham Zedler.

Alan Irvine: Things never look good for Windham Zedler.

Zedler staggers out of the corner right into an Irish whip from Veleno. On his return Veleno takes him over with a hip toss and then applies a standing arm wringer.

Chris Jones: Could this be the beginning of another singles run for Veleno?

Alan Irvine: Don’t say such things! Pretty/Dirty will never die.

Veleno breaks the hold and kicks Zedler in the back. Veleno then hits the ropes and nails Zedler with a hard knee to the back of the head. Zedler drops and Veleno covers but she only gets a two count.

Chris Jones: Near fall for the Widow Maker.

Zedler attempts to rally back by shooting Veleno into the corner. Veleno hits the corner hard and Zedler runs in with a clothesline. Zedler then seats Veleno up on the top rope, preparing for a superplex.

Alan Irvine: Oh my God is he actually going to hit a move?

Veleno hits Zedler with some big shots that send him flying back off of the apron, onto his back. Veleno then leaps off of the top rope with Velenospina and nails it perfectly. Veleno covers and gets the clean three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Marie Veleno!

Marie Veleno celebrates her victory and Windham Zedler is still down. After Veleno leaves the ring, Zedler gets up onto his knees and pounds his hands on the mat in frustration at yet another loss.


Backstage we now see FTF Interviewer Mischa Sloan standing with Lobo Malo. Malo is seething and is not his usual upbeat self.

Mischa Sloan: Lobo Malo, first of all welcome back from injury. Secondly, what do you have to say about Lazlo Vaughan’s challenge from earlier tonight?

Lobo Malo: What do I have to say? I say that is what I came back for. I have been in Fire Thunder since the beginning. I have earned my place here. Lazlo Vaughan is trying to take all of that away from me by bringing my past back to haunt me. I can not let that happen. I won’t let that happen.

Mischa Sloan: Is that you saying that you accept his challenge for a falls count anywhere match at Apex?

Lobo Malo: Believe it. Lazlo Vaughan wants to try and take me out for The Riveros? Well he tried once and he failed. He thinks that the second time is going to be any different? He’s loco. He tried to end my career at Duality. I will end his career at Apex.

Mischa Sloan: Do you think if you beat him at Apex, then he will stop trying to take you out?

Lobo Malo: After Apex, Vaughan will stop attacking me. Because he’ll be in a fucking coma. At Apex, The Handsome Grifter wrestles his last match.

Malo then stomps off.

Singles Match
Lazlo Vaughan
Mick Mooney
15 Minute Time Limit

The next contest sees a wave of hatred come from the crowd and land on the entrance ramp as The Handsome Grifter, Lazlo Vaughan walks out. Toronto’s mood changes as perennial favourite Mick Mooney comes out.

Chris Jones: Lazlo Vaughan is quickly becoming the most hated man on the FTF roster.

Alan Irvine: I don’t see why, the guy just wants to get paid!

The match begins and the two men lock up. Mooney forces Vaughan into a headlock but Vaughan shoves him off into the ropes. Mooney comes back and hits Vaughan with a shoulder block.

Chris Jones: Mick Mooney is looking to get back to his winning ways tonight. His last few outings haven’t gone so well.

Vaughan gets back up and drives a shoulder into Mooney’s mid-section, carrying him all the way into the corner. Vaughan then starts delivering shoulder thrusts into Mooney’s mid-section repeatedly.

Alan Irvine: I love what Vaughan has turned into recently. He is focussed. He is dangerous.

Chris Jones: I won’t dispute that. He has really turned a corner.

Mooney tries to block one but Vaughan nails him with a hard uppercut. Mooney staggers forward right into a snap suplex from Vaughan. Vaughan floats over into a cover but Mooney kicks out at two.

Chris Jones: With his match against Lobo Malo set for Apex next week, Vaughan really needs a win to get some momentum.

Alan Irvine: Next week isn’t going to be about competition for Malo and Vaughan. It’s about violence.

The two lock up again but Mooney breaks the hold with a boot to the gut. Mooney attempts The Tough Go fameasser but Vaughan stands up and plants Mooney with a sit-out powerbomb. Vaughan covers but only gets a two count.

Alan Irvine: Mooney tried for The Tough Go earlier and paid for it. Vaughan absolutely planted him.

Vaughan stays on top of Mooney, hitting him with hard elbows to the side of the head. Mooney tries to cover up but Vaughan is just destroying him. The referee applies a five count and Vaughan breaks it off at four.

Alan Irvine: Vaughan knows exactly how to use the rules to his advantage. He waited until the very last second to stop, applying maximum damage.

Chris Jones: It is within the rules, I can’t fault him for that.

Mooney shoves Vaughan backwards and then charges him. Mooney drops him with a spear and starts hitting Vaughan with shots of his own. Mooney steps off of the second rope and drops a guillotine leg drop across Vaughan’s throat.

Chris Jones: The momentum has shifted in Mooney’s favour. He’s trying to pull out a win in the proverbial third period.

Alan Irvine: A hockey reference, really?

Chris Jones: The man played!

Instead of covering, Mooney gets Vaughan up and applies a sleeper hold. Mooney keeps it wrapped on tight before he falls forward and plants Vaughan with a sleeper slam. Mooney covers and gets a two count.

Chris Jones: Mick Mooney is close to victory Irv!

Alan Irvine: Hopefully not! The guy is a goon!

The two get back up and Vaughan catches Mooney with a glancing elbow to the head that cuts him open. Vaughan pounces and gets Mooney up before planting him with The Pigeon Drop! Vaughan covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, The Handsome Grifter, Lazlo Vaughan!

Lazlo Vaughan has his hand raised as medical staff immediately hit the ring to tend to the cut above Mick Mooney’s left eye. Attention turns away from that to Lobo Malo on the stage.

Chris Jones: Lobo Malo is here Irv, he no doubt wants some of Lazlo Vaughan.

Vaughan tells Malo to bring it on. Malo runs to the ring and Vaughan immediately powders to the outside. Vaughan points to his temple and smirks. Vaughan yells “Next week, guy. Next week.” Vaughan then escapes through the crowd.


In the backstage area Windham Zedler is sipping on a bottle of water, mulling over the defeat that he suffered earlier. Zedler is keeping to himself until The Heartstopper, Tom Cherry walks into frame.

Tom Cherry: Fuck sakes Zeddy. Another loss bud? Should have taken my advice.

Windham Zedler: I’m not giving up on myself. I don’t care what you or anyone says. And you’re one to talk, you lost earlier.

Tom Cherry: I did not lose, I just didn’t win.

Windham Zedler: What in the sam hell is the difference?

Tom Cherry: If I need to explain it to you then you won’t understand. I won’t bother. But there is a giant difference between you and I Zeddy. You see, I have a bright career ahead of me. You do not.

Windham Zedler: People have come back from worse slumps hoss, you’ll see.

Tom Cherry: Do not call me hoss, you hayseed. You are delusional if you think that you are going to make it anywhere in FTF. You have a 0-6 record! You have the worst record on the roster by far. You need to give up, it’s becoming sad.

Windham Zedler: Give up? Never. I will prove myself. I’ll prove myself against you.

Tom Cherry: Sorry buttercup but I already beat your ass at Duality. You aren’t a challenge for me. You don’t even resemble a threat.

Windham Zedler: Then let’s make it interesting. You want me to leave FTF so bad? Well I want you to leave too. Why don’t we have a match and put our careers on the line.

Tom Cherry: You…are going to put your career on the line…against me? Are you insane Zeddy? That’s lunacy.

Windham Zedler: No hoss. That’s faith. Faith in myself. Maybe you don’t have the same faith. Maybe you don’t want to do it because you know you’ll lose.

Tom Cherry: Alright moron. You want to do a loser leaves town match at Apex? Fine. Then pack your shit because you’re leaving town. Loser.

Cherry gets in Zedler’s face.

Tom Cherry: I fucking love it.

Cherry scoffs at Zedler and walks out of frame.

Tag Team Match
Jin Feng & Ren Bao
15 Minute Time Limit

The next match started off on the ramp. As Jin Feng and Ren Bao were making their way to the ring, F.U.X. jumped them. Muldoon tossed Feng into the ring and the match began.

Chris Jones: This is ridiculous! Jumping these men before they even get in the ring?

Alan Irvine: It’s not about competition Jones. F.U.X. know that they can beat these two men. They want to prove a point. They want to intimidate The White Wolves.

Feng got to his feet and Muldoon charged, nailing him with a clothesline. Muldoon pounced on Feng and hit him with a flurry of shots.

Chris Jones: Hatchet Muldoon may be the most vicious man on the roster. He treats every match like it’s life or death.

Muldoon gets Feng up and shoots him into the ropes. On Feng’s return Muldoon lifts him high in the air and Feng comes crashing down across Muldoon’s knee.

Alan Irvine: Just brutal. The Drongo Destroyer is here to make quick work of the men from China.

Chris Jones: Muldoon does not suffer drongos. He has made this very clear.


Muldoon tags in Merrick, who leaps off of the top rope with a flying double foot stomp to Feng’s mid-section. Merrick covers but only gets a two count.

Chris Jones: If F.U.X. bring this level of brutality to their championship match next week, we could see new champions.

Alan Irvine: On that we can agree.

Merrick applies a sleeper hold on Feng but Feng lifts him up and plants him with a back suplex! Feng crawls towards his own corner and tags in Ren Bao.

Chris Jones: Finally, a reprieve for Jin Feng.

Bao climbs to the top rope and comes off with a cross body that takes Merrick down. Bao covers but Merrick kicks out at one. Bao tries to get Merrick up but eats a pele kick!

Alan Irvine: That’ll muddle the offence.

Chris Jones: That’s my line!

Merrick tags in Muldoon and then shoots Bao into the ropes. On Bao’s return Muldoon flips him with a hip toss and has him land right on Muldoon’s knee! Merrick then charges and knocks Feng off of the apron.

Chris Jones: What a double team. F.U.X. really know how to work together.

Alan Irvine: Yeah. That’s kind of the idea Jones. Come on, get a clue.

Muldoon drags his thumb across his throat and then gets Bao up. Muldoon boots him in the mid-section and then plants him with a Drongo Bomb. Muldoon covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners, Hatchet Muldoon and VJ Merrick, F.U.X.!

The bell sounds but F.U.X. are not done. VJ Merrick rolls Jin Feng into the ring and then plants him with the Gobsmacker bicycle knee. Hatchet Muldoon gets Ren Bao back up and hits him with another Drongo Bomb, right on top of Feng! A snarl is heard over the p.a. and “Teeth” cues up, Toronto collectively explodes with applause.

Chris Jones: The champs have seen enough of this Irv!

Alan Irvine: Ever think that F.U.X. was trying to lure The White Wolves out? To…y’know…hurt them?

Constance Ripley and Ezra LaForge hit the ring and both hit sprinboards into the ring, taking Muldoon and Merrick down with cross body blocks! The two teams get back up and F.U.X. decide to leave the ring.

Chris Jones: I guess F.U.X. figure that if they don’t strike first, there isn’t any point.

Alan Irvine: That’s right. It’s called strategy Jones. Something you would know nothing about! F.U.X. want to be one hundred percent for next week.

Chris Jones: It’s going to be quite the contest when The White Wolves defend their Tag Team Titles against F.U.X. next week at Apex.


We cut to backstage near the entrance curtain where Mick Mooney is being sewn up by the house doctor after developing a cut over his eye earlier in the night, thanks to Lazlo Vaughan. Hiccup Bigelow is there getting ready for her main event match with Second Hand Smoke.

Mick Mooney: I’m saying that you’ve gotta be careful Snipe. I’ve faced Smoke before, dude has no chill. He’ll hurt you just for a laugh.

Hiccup Bigelow: I know and I don’t care. If I can beat the number one contender then that shoots me up the rankings. You’ve got to understand that buddy!

Mick Mooney: Yeah I get it. I just don’t want you to get hurt. He’s a dangerous dude. He’s no joke Snipe. He could end your career.

Bigelow puts a hand on Mooney’s shoulder.

Hiccup Bigelow: I appreciate the thought Mickey but I’ll be fine. He doesn’t scare me.

Mick Mooney: He should. He scares me.

A laugh is heard out of frame and the camera shows The Kingmakers, Joffrey and Brixton Gough walking towards Mooney and Bigelow, laughing.

Joffrey Gough: Scare easily, do you boy?

Brixton Gough: Does Second Hand Smoke haunt your dreams? Do you need to sleep with a night light?

Bigelow steps in between The Kingmakers and Mooney.

Hiccup Bigelow: Hey! He’s my friend and I don’t take kindly to people bullying him. Especially when he’s injured!

Mick Mooney (embarrassed): Aw come on…

Joffrey Gough: Sorry, we didn’t mean to hurt his feelings.

Brixton Gough: Oh of course we didn’t.

Hiccup Bigelow: Hey! You’re being sarcastic! Did you know that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit? Huh? Didja?

Joffrey Gough: We were not aware. We will make our insults more direct in the future.

Brixton Gough: Like right now. You two are terrible. Mooney got schooled by Vaughan earlier this evening and you, Bigelow, are about to be legitimately murdered by Second Hand Smoke.

Hiccup Bigelow: Not true! I am going to beat him. Just like me and Mickey beat you two clowns in the D3T. Remember that?

The Kingmakers close in on Bigelow, they aren’t smiling anymore.

Brixton Gough: We most definitely remember that. It was embarrassing. It was a fluke.

Joffrey Gough: One that we intend on correcting. Next week.

Mooney stands up, his stitches finished. Mooney stands tall beside Bigelow.

Mick Mooney: You’re on. You want to face us again? You want to lose again. No problem, plugs. We’ll gladly dummy you for a second time. Now take off. Snipe has a match to get ready for.

The Kingmakers scoff and walk off, the match is set.

M A I N  E V E N T
Singles Match
Hiccup Bigelow
w/ Mick Mooney
Second Hand Smoke
w/ Nobody
15 Minute Time Limit

The main event sees the firey upstart Hiccup Bigelow takes on the number one contender to the FTF Championship, Second Hand Smoke. Mick Mooney comes to the ring with Bigelow and Smoke is accompanied by his Dread Haven compatriot, Nobody.

Chris Jones: Second Hand Smoke’s influence is growing Irv.

Alan Irvine: Without question. Who knows what he did to get Carl Walken on his side but I’m pretty sure that Carl Walken no longer exists.

Bigelow starts the match by charging Smoke, hitting him with a running forearm to the jaw. She hits a few more but it barely fazes Smoke.

Alan Irvine: Smoke is untouchable but I respect Bigelow’s competitive spirit.

Smoke lets Bigelow hit him a few more times before he has had enough. Smoke grabs Bigelow by the throat and then tosses her into the corner.

Chris Jones: Uh oh.

Smoke runs in looking for a body avalanche but Bigelow slips through the ropes to the apron. Bigelow then climbs to the top rope and points down at Smoke.

Chris Jones: Hiccup Bigelow is so eager to prove herself. She won’t let herself be intimidated by someone like Smoke.

Alan Irvine: Discretion is the better part of valour.

Bigelow lets out and leaps off of the top rope looking for a cross body. Smoke catches her and then spins her out into a side slam. Smoke just stays seated on the mat, staring into the audience.

Chris Jones: The lack of emotion that he displays during his matches is what makes Smoke so intimidating. He doesn’t not care what he has to do in order to win. He is heartless.

Bigelow favours her ribs and she stands, taking refuge against the ropes. Smoke lifts her up and drops her over the top rope with snake eyes. Bigelow staggers back and Smoke hits the ropes, clocking her with a big boot.

Alan Irvine: Christ even I don’t want to see this. Just put her away already Smoke.

Nobody watches from outside the ring with a stoic expression as Mooney looks on with great concern. Smoke gets Bigelow up then plants her with the inverted ddt.

Chris Jones: It looks like this is quickly at an end Irv.

Smoke locks in the Last Gasp and Bigelow has no choice but to submit. The bell sounds and Smoke releases the hold.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Second Hand Smoke!

Orchestral music plays and Second Hand Smoke goes to kneel beside Hiccup Bigelow for his usual ritual but Mick Mooney enters the ring and nails Smoke with a running knee to the side of the head.

Alan Irvine: Oh Mooney you absolute idiot.

Nobody enters the ring and clocks Mooney with an elbow to the back of the head. Nobody subdues Mooney with some stomps. Nobody then gets Mooney up and holds his arms behind his back. Smoke approaches, staring deep into Mooney’s eyes.

Chris Jones: Mick Mooney thought that his night was over after getting stitched up by the medics. After this he may need a hospital stay!

Bigelow gets back up and tries to defend Mooney but Smoke grabs her by the throat. Smoke lifts her high in the air and plants her with a chokeslam while Nobody plants Mooney with a full nelson slam.

Just as this happens, FTF Champion John Ire and Al Derringer rush the ring. Derringer enters the ring and he goes right for Nobody! This gets a huge pop from the audience. Ire enters the ring and he spears Smoke to the mat.

Security floods the ring to break up the brawl and it takes more than twenty of them to regain order. Smoke tosses most of them off and exits through the audience with Nobody in tow as Episode Fifteen goes off the air.



Match Results:
– Lobo Malo def. Tom Cherry
– Marie Veleno def. Windham Zedler
– Lazlo Vaughan def. Mick Mooney
– F.U.X. def. Jin Feng & Ren Bao
– Second Hand Smoke def. Hiccup Bigelow