FTF Episode 014


The Fire Pit Arena
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

September 4th, 2016


The usual signature plays and then we cut to the arena. A howl rings out over the p.a. and “Teeth” cues up. Toronto pops as the FTF Tag Team Champions, The White Wolves come out onto the stage. Constance Ripley and Ezra LaForge march to the ring with their manager Ken Laurier in tow. The trio enters the ring and the music dies down.

Ken Laurier: Last week the White Wolves were on the losing end of an eight man tag team match. Hatchet Muldoon was able to pin Ripley and there is no denying that fact.

Ripley has a disgusting look on her face at the mention of Muldoon.

Ken Laurier: But that will not deter us. The White Wolves are fighting champions and they are prepared to defend this titles whenever they step into the ring. If F.U.X. want their rematch for the titles then they will get it at Apex.

A cheer rises up from Toronto.

Ken Laurier: Every great team suffers setbacks. This may be the first but it will not be the last. It is how you face adversity that defines what kind of champion you are. The White Wolves are primed and ready to go into Apex and prove why they won the Duality Tag Team Tournament.

The Wolves hold their titles high when regal music cues up. The shot turns to the stage where The Kingmakers have appeared, both of them shaking their heads.

Joffrey Gough: My word, my word. What an inspiring speech that was Mr. Laurier. I can see now why your girls are champions. You spin quite the yard.

Brixton Gough: I must agree. You are an inspiration to us all Mr. Laurier. Taking two feeble athletes and raising them to the status of champions. It is a truly remarkable feat, considering that they are members of the lesser sex.

Ken Laurier: If you are trying to get under our skin then you are failing. The White Wolves are the best tag team in this company and their gender has not, nor will it ever inhibit them. FTF is an inter gender environment. Just because you two couldn’t get past the first round of the D3T doesn’t mean that you need to come out here and spout sexism.

Brixton Gough: Oh please Mr. Laurier, you have us all wrong. You see, my brother and I come from a very privileged background. We are more wealthy than royalty. Our family chooses who becomes royalty.

Joffrey Gough: We also choose who becomes a champion. In this case, we choose ourselves. You say that your dogs are willing to put their titles on the line whenever and wherever? Then why not tonight.

Ken Laurier: You two think that you deserve a title shot?

Brixton Gough: We know that we do. You should give us one, that is unless you don’t think that your dogs can handle the challenge that we will provide.

Ripley and LaForge step forward, telling The Kingmakers to bring it on.

Ken Laurier: You two kids need a lesson in tactics. You don’t have to come out here and try to goad my girls into a title match. They will gladly give you one. You want to try and step up against the pack? You’re on.

Brixton Gough: Why thank you Mr. Laurier. I must commend you, it is good that you don’t let them speak. We wouldn’t want their emotions to get the better of them. See you later on tonight ladies. Ta.

The Kingmakers head to the back while the Wolves and Laurier talk amongst themselves.

Singles Match
Hiccup Bigelow
VJ Merrick
15 Minute Time Limit

The first match of the evening sees Hiccup Bigelow take on VJ Merrick. Bigelow gets her usually pop while Toronto calls for Merrick’s blood.

Chris Jones: VJ Merrick really isn’t liked here in Toronto.

Alan Irvine: That’s because everyone in Toronto is an elitist. They think that this city is the greatest part of Canada but they are wrong! It smells and everyone is gay.

Chris Jones: Gay, Irv?

Alan Irvine: You heard me. I’m not a homophobe but everyone is gay. It’s hard enough getting laid.

Chris Jones: You are something else.

The two lock up with Merrick shoving Bigelow to the mat. She pops right back up and goes for an arm drag but Merrick hits her with a hard elbow to the side of the head.

Alan Irvine: VJ Merrick is one of the most underrated talents in FTF. He came from Australia because he and Hatchet Muldoon destroyed everyone in that country. There was no one left!

Merrick introduces Bigelow’s head to the turnbuckle and then takes her over with a back suplex. Merrick bridges into a pin but Bigelow kicks out at two.

Chris Jones: Hiccup Bigelow hasn’t had great luck in tag team action recently, perhaps a singles win could turn her career around.

Alan Irvine: She needs to do something. Her record is garbage.

As Merrick plays to the audience Bigelow rallies back, hits the ropes and blasts him with a shining wizard to the back of the head. Bigelow then climbs to the top rope.

Chris Jones: This is where Bigelow is most comfortable. She is one of the best high flyers that we have!

Before Bigelow can act Merrick charges and crotches her on the top rope. Merrick climbs to the top rope with her and takes her off of the top with a superplex! Merrick covers but only gets the two count.

Alan Irvine: We are looking at the future of FTF right here Jones.

Chris Jones: I assume that you are only referring to Merrick.

Alan Irvine: Of course I am. Bigelow is trash!

Merrick takes hold of Bigelow and attempts a fisherman’s suplex but Bigelow blocks it and plants him with an implant ddt. Bigelow then hops onto the apron.

Chris Jones: This could be it! Time for a Home Remedy!

Bigelow wastes no time as she launches herself into the ring with the Home Remedy springboard 450 splash! Bigelow covers and gets the three count!

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Hiccup Bigelow!

Hiccup Bigelow celebrates and VJ Merrick is absolutely irate. He can’t believe that he lost to her and he looks to take revenge but Bigelow gets out of Dodge and heads to the back with a smile on her face.


In the backstage area the handsome, cologne ad model looking FTF General Manager Morgin Odin stands, ready to address the audience.

Morgan Odin: Greetings ladies and gentlemen. Last week FTF saw the debut of a new wrestler named Bill Griff. While his match started off well Griff suffered a major injury only minutes into the contest.

Last week…

Tom Cherry is trying to recover on the outside when Bill Griff charges at him. Cherry catches Griff with a drop toe hold that sends Griff’s face right into the steel steps. Cherry then backs up and nails Griff with a double stomp to the back of the head, onto the steps!

Chris Jones: Oh my God! Did you hear that Irv? I swear Bill Griff’s skull just cracked.

Alan Irvine: I think I’m going to spew.

The audience his shock after that vile move. Cherry rolls back into the ring and demands that the referee counts Griff out. The referee has no choice as Griff is knocked out cold.

The referee raises Tom Cherry’s hand and then exits the ring to check on Bill Griff. The referee calls for EMTs as Cherry celebrates in the ring.

Morgan Odin: Bill Griff is being seen to by expert medical staff but unfortunately he is in a medically induced coma until doctors can determine the extent of his injury. I will provide more information as it becomes available. Please keep Bill Griff in your thoughts.

Just as Odin finishes, The Angry Bloke, FTF Champion John Ire walks into the room and he looks more pissed off than usual.

John Ire: Right Odin, I want to get me hands on that Walken fella. Tonight. I know that you’re going to sign him, everyone is talkin’ about it.

Morgan Odin: I had a feeling that you would come in here asking for that John but I can’t help you. While it is true that we are going to sign Nobody, a.k.a. Carl Walken, the deal is not yet done. I can’t make a match for you with someone who isn’t on the roster.

John Ire: Well then just tell me where he is. I know he is here somewhere because Smoke is here somewhere. I want me opportunity to crack his fuckin’ skull.

Morgan Odin: I don’t know where he is John. But he is not yet my problem so if you choose to meet him outside and settle this, I won’t stop you. I also won’t sanction it. I can’t.

John Ire: I see what yer sayin’ mate. Fine. Then unsanction is the route we go. Get the word out. The champ is waiting for this Nobody cunt in the loading bay. I’ll be there all fuckin’ night.

Ire stomps out of frame and slams the door behind him, causing a picture of the Apex poster to fall of the wall.

Singles Match
Karina Zima
Windham Zedler
15 Minute Time Limit

The third match of the night sees Karina Zima’s return to singles action as she takes on perennial loser Windham Zedler. Zima enters the ring and gestures to Zedler as if to say “Really? This is my competition?”.

Alan Irvine: We need to be providing an athlete like Karina Zima with better competition. Windham Zedler has never won a match!

Zedler shocks Zima by hitting her with a hard clothesline to start the match. Zedler then starts putting the boots to her before letting her get up.

Chris Jones: Zima can’t afford to get cocky. Zedler may be on a significant losing streak but that makes him dangerous. This Southern Man has the ability, he just needs to get some wins.

Alan Irvine: You can have all of the ability in the world but if you can’t win then why the hell are you here? Contracts in FTF can be terminated at every time if a competitor  is on a big losing streak. I think that Zedler has the worst record going right now!

When Zima gets up Zedler hits her with a toe kick to the mid-section and he attempts a piledriver but Zima spins out of it and nails him with a high kick to the side of the head.

Chris Jones: Zima is a slippery competitor, no doubt about that.

Zedler tries to cover up but Zima hits him with a knee to the gut. Zima then plants him with a Northern lights suplex into a bridge. Zima gets a two count but Zedler kicks out just after two.

Chris Jones: Zima is coming off of a win last week that she had little to do with. She needs to prove herself tonight.

Alan Irvine: She needs to prove nothing! She is one of the top singles stars in FTF and she is one half of one of the best tag teams. Zima is a top talent. Zedler is not even close.

Both get to their feet and Zedler is hit with a forearm smash from Zima. Zima then smacks Zedler in the back of the head a few times which infuriates him.

Chris Jones: Now she is just mocking him. This is uncalled for.

Zedler comes back with a furious uppercut that knocks Zima backwards into the corner. Zedler follows that up with a running stinger splash and then he takes Zima out of the corner with a running bulldog.

Chris Jones: Zedler is gaining momentum. This could be a massive upset!

Alan Irvine: Zima won’t be able to show her face around her for weeks if Zedler breaks his streak by beating her.

Zedler begs for Zima to get back up and when she does he boots her in the mid-section and attempts the piledriver again. Zima reverses it with a big back drop where Zedler lands with a thud.

Chris Jones: And there goes all of Zedler’s momentum…

Zima roars and takes Zedler, dropping him with the Proshchay Driver! Zedler is on dream street as Zima covers and gets a three count, securing victory.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Karina Zima!



FTF Championship
Second Hand Smoke (Challenger)
John Ire (Champion)

Episode Sixteen will see the leader of The Dread Haven, The Emissary of Darkness Second Hand Smoke challenge The Angry Bloke, “Pissed Off” John Ire for the FTF Championship. It’s Undefeated Streak versus Championship in the main event.

Tag Team Match
Jin Feng & Ren Bao
Lazlo Vaughan & Tom Cherry
15 Minute Time Limit

Next up was tag team action as the new tandem of Chinese stars Jin Feng and Ren Bao took on the team of Lazlo Vaughan and Tom Cherry.

Alan Irvine: I think that these two might be my new favourite tag team! What a pairing. The Handsome Grifter and The Heartstopper. I love it!

Cherry and Bao start the match with a lockup. Bao takes Cherry down with a snapmare and then hits him with a quick dropkick to the back of the head.

Chris Jones: We saw the debut of these two Chinese stars last week in a losing effort. A win over Cherry and Vaughan would do wonders for their careers.

Alan Irvine: Get real Jones! We are looking at FTFs hottest new tag team. The Heart Grifters!

Chris Jones: That’s pretty week Irv.

Alan Irvine: You’re pretty weak!

Cherry tries to rally back with a running shoulder block but Bao holds on to him with a chokehold. Bao backs up into his own corner where he tags in Feng.

Chris Jones: Ren Bao and Jin Feng trained together. They were a tag team in China. Now they have come to North America together. They are definitely the more experienced team in this match Irv.

Alan Irvine: Experience isn’t everything Jones. Vaughan and Cherry have the je ne c’est quoi. They have the x-factor that can trump experience.

Feng shoots over the top rope with a double stomp to Cherry’s back just as Bao releases his hold. Feng then gets Cherry up and goes for an inverted atomic drop but Cherry back flips and lands on his feet.

Chris Jones: Great athleticism from The Heartstopper Tom Cherry.

Cherry darts and tags in Vaughan who shoots into the ring with a slingshot spear that takes Feng down. Vaughan then mounts Feng and lays into him with rights and lefts.

Alan Irvine: The Handsome Grifter is taking it to Jin Feng! Get him Vaughan, welcome him to FTF with your fists!

Chris Jones: Vaughan certainly is motivated. He had a great match with FTF Champion John Ire last week that showed everyone that he is going to be a player in the future.

Vaughan shoots Feng into the ropes and plants him with a sky high. Vaughan pins but Feng kicks out at two. Vaughan gets up and goes for a running knee to Feng’s face but Feng is able to evade it.

Chris Jones: This is Feng’s opportunity. He needs to tag in his partner Ren Bao!

Feng goes to tag in Bao but Vaughan pulls him backwards into a German suplex with a bridge. Vaughan gets a two count but Bao breaks up the fall at the last second.

Alan Irvine: Come on ref! Get ahold of this match!

While the referee tries to get Bao out of the ring, Cherry enters the ring and nails Feng with a low blow. Cherry then charges and clotheslines Bao over the top rope.

Chris Jones: There goes Ren Bao and Tom Cherry! Jin Feng is left all alone with Lazlo Vaughan and Feng is hurting from that low blow!

The Handsome Grifter then gets Feng up and nails him with The Pigeon Drop. Vaughan covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners, Lazlo Vaughan and Tom Cherry!

Following the contest Lazlo Vaughan and Tom Cherry celebrate. The lights then go out and stay that way for a few moments. When they come back on there is someone new in the ring.

Chris Jones: He’s back! It’s Lobo Malo!

Vaughan turns around and walks right into a 180 hook kick to the face from Lobo Malo! Cherry wants no part of this and he flees the ring.

Chris Jones: Lobo Malo is back and he wants revenge for the brutal attack that Vaughan treated him to at Duality.

Alan Irvine: What a coward! He’s attacking him from behind!

Chris Jones: I don’t think that Lobo Malo cares about honour right now. He wants blood!

Vaughan tries to defend himself but Malo pops up and plants him with Mala Luna! Malo then continues his assault until security floods the ring. The two are eventually separated and Toronto roars in approval of Lobo Malo’s return.


Backstage Windham Zedler is walking. He passes by a garbage can and kicks it, furious with yet another loss on his record. He passes by Tom Cherry, who is eating an apple.

Tom Cherry: Tough break guy. You just can’t seem to get a win, can you?

Windham Zedler: Fuck you pal, I don’t want to hear yer bullshit. Understand?

Tom Cherry: Well of course you don’t want to hear it. But you need to hear it. You see, my record in FTF so far is flawless. I’m 3-0, never been beaten. You’re at, what, 0-5 now? That’s pretty shit man.

Windham Zedler: Great observation partner. Thanks for sharing it.

Tom Cherry: What I’m saying is that maybe you aren’t cut out for this place, y’know? Maybe a few more years on the indies and you can come back. This might just be too high a level for you.

Zedler grinds his teeth, loudly.

Tom Cherry: Just something to think about man. Go back to the indies and thrive! You’ll fuckin’ love it.

Cherry takes a big bite of his apple and walks off, leaving Zedler stewing.


FTF Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
The Kingmakers
White Wolves (c)
15 Minute Time Limit

Our main event sees The Kingmakers hit the ring first, followed by the champion White Wolves who are accompanied by Ken Laurier. The Wolves get a big pop, just like earlier in the evening.

Chris Jones: This is a massive opportunity for The Kingmakers. If they can defeat The White Wolves tonight then the entire complexion of the tag team division changes.

Joffrey Gough and Constance Ripley start the match for their respective teams. They lock up with Joffrey forcing Ripley into a head lock. Ripley shoots Joffrey into the ropes.

Alan Irvine: The Kingmakers are beyond royalty. These two brothers come from a very powerful family and having them as our tag team champions would do wonders for FTF’s brand image.

On Joffrey’s return hit hits Ripley with a shoulder block that takes her down. Joffrey then tries to hit her with a falling elbow but Ripley rolls out of the way and kicks him in the face.

Chris Jones: A hard kick to the face of Joffrey Gough. Good thing that he is wealthy because plastic surgery may be in his future.

Alan Irvine: No chance. He is a battle tested warrior! Just because he is rich, doesn’t mean that he’s a pussy.

Ripley shoots Joffrey into the ropes and on his return she leaps over him. When he comes back the second time she sends him flying with a monkey flip. Joffrey scrambles to his corner and tags in his brother Brixton.

Chris Jones: A tag from Joffrey and it couldn’t have come any sooner for The Kingmakers.

The Kingmakers charge and nail Ripley with a double clothesline. They get her up, shoot her into the ropes and take her down with a double flapjack before the referee makes Joffrey leave the ring.

Alan Irvine: This is real tag team wrestling Jones. The Kingmakers are brothers. They grew up together, they know every move that the other is going to make.

Chris Jones: The White Wolves trained together for years.

Alan Irvine: The Kingmakers have been together for nearly two decades!

Brixton puts a knee on the back of Ripley’s neck, using the ropes for leverage. The referee applies a five count and Brixton let’s go at four. He then treats Ripley to a parting stomp to the back of the head before backing off.

Chris Jones: A cheap shot from Brixton Gough.

Ripley gets up and tries to make the tag to her partner Ezra LaForge but Brixton is in her way. Brixton catches her and holds her as Ripley tries to reach for her partner. Brixton plants her with a sit-out spinebuster and covers, only getting a two count.

Alan Irvine: No tag today Ripley!

Chris Jones: Constance Ripley is in a bad way. She was pinned by Hatchet Muldoon last week so you know that she wants to make a statement tonight.

Alan Irvine: She should just be focussed on keeping the titles.

Brixton drags Ripley to The Kingmakers’ corner and tags Joffrey back in. Brixton lifts Ripley up onto his shoulders in the electric chair. Joffrey leaps off of the top rope and takes Ripley off of his brother’s shoulders with a bulldog!

Alan Irvine: What a move! We are going to have new champions!

Chris Jones: Constance Ripley may be down for the count!

Joffrey covers and nearly gets the three count but Ripley kicks out at the last second. Ripley tries to rally back but Joffrey catches her with a boot to the mid-section. Joffrey calls for a ddt.

Alan Irvine: If Joffrey Gough hits this, it’s over!

Joffrey tries to pull Ripley back with a ddt but she counters it and tosses him over head with a Northern Lights Suplex! Ripley drops to her knees and reaches out to her corner.

Chris Jones: Constance Ripley needs to get to Ezra LaForge or the Tag Team Titles will slip through the White Wolves’ hands!

Alan Irvine: Paws, I think you mean.

Chris Jones: Be serious Irv! This is a title match.

Ripley is crawling towards the corner when Joffrey is able to tag Brixton back in. Brixton enters the ring and charges for Ripley. Brixton grabs her foot but Ripley hits him with an enziguiri!

Chris Jones: This is Ripley’s chance!

Ripley dives and makes the tag to LaForge. LaForge enters the ring and nails Joffrey with a running shoulder block into the corner. Brixton comes at LaForge but she evades a right hand and plants him with a German suplex.

Chris Jones: Ezra LaForge coming in like a house on fire!

Alan Irvine: Come on Goughs! Get ahold of this situation.

Joffrey staggers out of the corner and Ripley but she boots him in the mid-section and plants him with Nostromo! Joffrey rolls out of the ring and Ripley turns just in time to heed the call from LaForge.

Chris Jones: It’s time!

Brixton stands and turns right into the Pack Mentality dual superkicks from LaForge and Ripley! Brixton is floored and LaForge covers for the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners and still FTF Tag Team Champions, Constance Ripley and Ezra LaForge, The White Wolves!

“Teeth” cues up and The White Wolves are handed the Tag Team Titles. Just as they take hold of the titles Hatchet Muldoon and VJ Merrick run into the ring through the crowd.

Alan Irvine: Here come the Aus-holes! The Wolves are in real trouble now.

Muldoon blasts Ripley with a lariat to the back of the head and Merrick does the same to LaForge. The Kingmakers reenter the ring and join in on the assault. Brixton helps Muldoon get LaForge up for the Drongo Bomb. Joffrey helps Merrick get Ripley up for a Drongo Bomb of his own.

Chris Jones: This is a mugging! Four-on-two!

Before either can complete the move, Hiccup Bigelow and Mick Mooney run to the ring. F.U.X. and The Kingmakers choose to flee instead of fight. The Wolves have been saved from serious injury, for now.


John Ire is sitting on the ledge of the loading dock with a six pack of Guinness by his side. Well, it was a six pack. Now it’s more like two. The FTF Title is sitting beside him when he hears a voice behind him. It’s Second Hand Smoke.

Second Hand Smoke: Lovely night, isn’t it Jonathan.

Ire turns to see Smoke and Ire pops up to his feet, in a fighting stance.

John Ire: Ye are one ballsy cunt. I wanted to take on your boy but you’ll do, since I know that it’s ye that is callin’ his shots.

Second Hand Smoke: I just thought that we could discuss this Jonathan. You see, I just wanted to talk this out before things got out of hand…

John Ire: The time fer talkin’ is way past mate. All we can do now is throw hands. Understand?

Second Hand Smoke: If that is what you want. Then so be it.

Smoke lights a piece of flash paper and it ignites in Ire’s face, temporarily blinding him. Smoke then hits Ire with a boot to the chest that sends Ire off the loading bay backwards! Ire falls five feet and lands on a pile of wooden pallets, crushing them.

Smoke walks to the edge of the loading bay and calls down to Ire, who is laying in a heap in a serious amount of pain.

Second Hand Smoke: When you wake up in the hospital Jonathan, remember one thing. Remember that I gave you an opportunity to talk this through. You wanted to fight.

The camera pans over to show Nobody approaching Ire. Nobody is holding a large pipe. Ire gets up to his knees and Nobody measures him up.

John Ire: Go on with it ye crazy cunt. If ye have the sack.

Nobody winds up and Ire doesn’t flinch. Smoke watches from atop the loading bay and then nods. Nobody acknowledges the order and winds up even further. At the last second Nobody is tackled into a pile of full garbage bags. The camera pulls out.

Chris Jones: It’s Al Derringer! Al Derringer has returned!

Derringer turns to check on Ire. Smoke smirks and disappears back into the bowels of the arena. Ire tells Derringer that he is alright. Derringer turns to face Nobody but the latter is gone, having disappeared into the night.


Match Results:
– Hiccup Bigelow def. VJ Merrick
– Karina Zima def. Windham Zedler
– Vaughan & Cherry def. Feng & Bao
– White Wolves def. Kingmakers to retain the Tag Team Titles