Rankings: Episode 012

  1. johnire
    FTF Champion:
    John Ire – 09/02/00
    Following his second successful title defence John Ire is still in the number one spot. He defeated Miyami Kana 2 falls to 1 at Duality. In what is being called the best match FTF has hosted so far the champion had to scratch and claw to retain. The question now is, who’s next?
  2. miyamikana
    Miyami Kana – 10/04/00
    A third shot at the title and a third loss. Miyami Kana became the first person to pin John Ire but she was unable to win the title, losing 2-1 at Duality. Rumours are circulating that Kana was injured in the match but that has yet to be confirmed.
  3. secondhandsmoke
    Second Hand Smoke – 07/00/00 up2
    Smoke was able to win a brutal death match against Al Derringer at Duality to continue his undefeated streak. Now in the top three, one would think that Smoke has his eyes on the number one spot…
  4. ezralaforge
    FTF Tag Team Champion: Ezra LaForge – 06/04/00 up2
    Despite taking a powerbomb through the announce table by Hatchet Muldoon, Ezra LaForge and along with her partner Constance Ripley were able to defeat F.U.X. to win the Duality Tag Team Tournament and become the first ever FTF Tag Team Champions.
  5. hatchetmuldoon
    Hatchet Muldoon – 06/04/00 down2
    Althought they tried every trick in the book, F.U.X. were unable to defeat The White Wolves and thus became the runners up in the Duality Tag Team Tournament. If we know anything about the Australian Anarchists, they won’t go quietly into that good night.

  6. Karina Zima – 06/05/00
  7. FTF Tag Team Champion: Constance Ripley – 04/01/00 up2
  8. Marie Veleno – 04/05/00 down2
  9. Al Derringer – 03/07/00 down2
  10. Mick Moody – 03/06/00 down2
  11. Lobo Malo – 03/06/00 down2
  12. VJ Merrick – 03/05/00 down2
  13. Lazlo Vaughan – 01/05/00
  14. Hiccup Bigelow – 01/04/00
  15. Tom Cherry – 01/00/00 NEW
  16. Joffrey Gough – 00/01/00
  17. Brixton Gough – 00/01/00
  18. Windham Zedler – 00/04/00 down2