FTF Episode 012: Duality


It’s time for our third supershow where we will see a Death Match, the D3T Finals, and a 2 Out of 3 Falls match for the FTF Championship.

The Fire Pit Arena
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

August 21st, 2016


The FTF signature plays but it is altered to show the Duality logo. The audience in The Fire Pit is excited with signs in the audience reading “PISS ON KANA”, “PACK MENTALITY”, “RESPECT THE SARG”. We then cut to ringside.

Chris Jones: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to FTF Episode Twelve: Duality. My name is Chris Jones alongside my broadcast colleague Alan Irvine. Al, this is our third and biggest supershow yet. How are you feeling?

Alan Irvine: I’m feeling great. It’s almost like we have three main events tonight. Al Derringer and Second Hand Smoke are going to go to war in a Death Match. I can’t wait to see it.

Chris Jones: It’s going to be a brutal affair. One has to wonder how Carl Walken is going to factor into that contest after he attacked his friend Al Derringer last week.

Alan Irvine: We’ll have to wait and see. But we also get to see F.U.X. face the White Wolves in the finals of the D3T to determine the first FTF Tag Team Champions. Tonight is the night for those surly Australians.

Chris Jones: The White Wolves are undefeated as a tag team so the D3T Final is bound to be quite the contest. That is one of two title matches on the show as the main event is going to see Miyami Kana challenge John Ire for the FTF Championship in a two out of three falls match.

Alan Irvine: Tonight is Miyami Kana’s night. She has lost to John Ire twice but now she has Ono Inari in her corner and she is more ferocious than ever. I don’t think that Mr. Pissed Off is going to leave here tonight with his title.

Chris Jones: That remains to be seen but we are going to get things started tonight with the debut of a brand new talent here in FTF. A man who does not lack confidence…


Backstage FTF Interviewer Mischa Sloan is standing in front of the FTF insignia.

Mischa Sloan: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, debuting tonight at Duality, Tom Cherry.

A young wrestler with shaggy hair walks into frame sporting an arrogant grin.

Mischa Sloan: Tom, welcome to FTF.

Tom Cherry: Yeah yeah I don’t need to be welcomed by you. The audience is going to welcome me with open arms as soon as I step out on that stage. I’m Tom Cherry and while you goobers don’t know me yet…you will.

Mischa Sloan: Okay…what can we expect from your debut tonight?

Tom Cherry: Expect absolute greatness. Expect fireworks. Expect to be sexually aroused in a way the scares and confuses you. Watching me is an experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Trust.

Mischa Sloan: Any words for your opponent Windham Zedler?

Tom Cherry: Who? The guy across the ring from me? Fuck ’em, I don’t care. He’s gonna lose and there is absolutely nothing he can do about it. Pay attention honey, you’re gonna fucking love this.

Cherry walks out of frame and Sloan looks annoyed.

Singles Match
Tom Cherry
Windham Zedler
15 Minute Time Limit

Tom Cherry struts to the ring and due to his interview, the crowd is not exactly kind to him. He doesn’t seem to care, he just grins and soaks it all in like the entire arena is chanting his name.

Chris Jones: Tom Cherry certainly is a confident young man.

Alan Irvine: The man oozes charisma Jones. He’s right, I love it!

Windham Zedler is out next and he actually gets a pop, mainly because the crowd already hates Cherry and they want to see him get punched in the mouth. The bell sounds and they square up.

Chris Jones: Here we go, Tom Cherry’s first match in FTF.

Cherry and Zedler go to lock up but Cherry holds a figure up, gesturing for Zedler to pause for a moment. Cherry drops to a knee to tie his boot and Zedler looks perplexed. Cherry then darts forward and drives Zedler into a corner with his shoulder.

Alan Irvine: Ha ha amazing! What a ploy from Tom Cherry.

Chris Jones: An effective way to start this match for Tom Cherry. Windham Zedler didn’t see that coming at all.

Alan Irvine: Windham is still fucked up from when Second Hand Smoke choked him out last week.

Cherry has Zedler in the corner and hits him with a series of big shoulder blocks before smashing Zedler with a European uppercut. Cherry then struts out of the corner, playing to an audience that hates him.

Chris Jones: Tom Cherry needs to focus on his opponent now, not the audience. If he loses in his debut then all credibility goes out the window.

Zedler comes back to life and charges, nailing Cherry with a big clothesline that pops the audience. Cherry gets back up and Zedler hits him with a boot to the mid-section. Zedler attempts a piledriver but Cherry blocks it.

Alan Irvine: Where the hell did Zedler learn how to wrestle?

Chris Jones: The Southern Son is quite a capable wrestler, he’s just been getting a raw deal for the last few weeks. He wouldn’t be here if he couldn’t go.

Cherry back drops Zedler but Zedler reaches up and pulls Cherry into a roll up. Zedler gets a two count but Cherry kicks out. Both men scramble to get back up but Cherry is there first and he hits Zedler with a hard soccer kick to the head.

Chris Jones: Tom Cherry muddles Zedler’s offence there. Looks like Mr. Cherry may have a bit of a mean streak.

Cherry shoots Zedler back into the corner and follows that up with a running clothesline that sees Cherry slip through onto the apron. Zedler staggers out of the corner and Cherry hits a springboard clothesline! Cherry covers but Zedler kicks out at two.

Alan Irvine: I’ve seen Cherry’s tape, I know what this kid can do and I think the argument can be made that he might be the best all around wrestler in FTF. He can do everything.

Chris Jones: He’ll need to win to prove that to our audience.

The rookie feels like he is in complete control now and he is getting cockier with the minute. Cherry shoots Zedler into the ropes and on Zedler’s return, Cherry goes for a backdrop but Zedler grabs him by the head and plants him with a running DDT!

Chris Jones: Windham Zedler will not die! Tom Cherry got overconfident and got caught!

Alan Irvine: Zedler showed up tonight, no doubt about that.

Both men are down and a small Zedler chant has started up. They stand and Zedler goes for a clothesline but Cherry evades it, kicks Zedler in the mid-section and plants him with a Tiger Driver ’98 which he calls the Cherry Popper. Cherry covers and wins in his debut.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Tom Cherry!

Tom Cherry has his hand raised and he makes the referee hold it up for much longer than necessary. Cherry then approaches the camera and puts his face far too close to the lens.

Tom Cherry: This is just the beginning honey. This was just foreplay. I haven’t even taken off my pants. Stay wet ladies and gentlemen. You fucking loved it.

Cherry then shoves the camera man backwards and plays to the audience even more, while they boo him relentlessly.


In the locker room the con man Lazlo Vaughan is ready for his match but he is talking on his cellphone.

Lazlo Vaughan: Don’t worry hombre. I’m going to take him out, I’m going to send the message for you.

The voice answers.

Lazlo Vaughan: Alright fine I won’t call you hombre. But did you hear what I said? I’m going to take him out, I’m gonna beat him and then Odin will have no choice but to fire Malo. The guy is a complete bust for this company.

The voice speaks, louder this time.

Lazlo Vaughan: I’m not going to lose so don’t worry about it. I’m the best, I get things done. I’ll hurt him, I’ll make it so he can’t compete. If he can’t compete, he’s gotta go back to Mexico. That’s where you can get him. Comprende?

The voice yells causing Vaughan to hold the phone away from his ear and wince.

Lazlo Vaughan: Alright alright I won’t speak Spanish anymore. Just know that I’m going to neuter the wolf and then he’ll be shipped back to ya. Okay? Alright.

Vaughan hangs up and heads out of the locker room.

Singles Match
Lobo Malo
Lazlo Vaughan
15 Minute Time Limit

Lobo Malo comes to the ring and he looks absolutely furious. Lazlo Vaughan is out next and the bell sounds. Malo rushes Vaughan immediately and spears him to the mat. Malo starts laying into Vaughan with big shots.

Chris Jones: Lazlo Vaughan is clearly in cahoots with the men that caused Lobo Malo to flee Mexico. He is here to hurt him tonight, he wants to put him out so that he’ll be forced to go home.

Alan Irvine: Vaughan wants to get paid. These Rivero people, whoever they are want Malo back in Mexico for whatever reason.

Chris Jones: Malo is showing here that he isn’t going anywhere without a fight.

Malo shoots Vaughan into the corner and follows that up with a running dropkick to the face. Vaughan comes out of the corner and Malo goes for a hurricanranna but Vaughan holds him up and powerbombs him into the corner.

Alan Irvine: What a counter from Lazlo Vaughan!

Malo comes out of the corner and throws a kick at Vaughan but Vaughan takes him down with a dragon screw! Vaughan then drops an elbow to Malo’s knee. Vaughan then wraps Malo up and applies a figure four.

Chris Jones: And here we see the plan in action. Vaughan is targeting Malo’s knee, he wants to put him out of FTF.

Alan Irvine: It’s a sound strategy. He made a promise and he wants to keep it.

Chris Jones: He wants to get paid.

Alan Irvine: That too.

The audience tries to will Malo on as Vaughan wrenches back with the figure four. Malo eventually rolls Vaughan over and the hold is broken. The two scramble back up and Vaughan takes Malo down with a chop block.

Chris Jones: Lobo Malo, despite his pleasant demeanor just seems to have enemies all over the place. Let’s not forget that Miyami Kana assaulted him pretty badly on episode nine.

Alan Irvine: Yeah and he did nothing about it! He was scared of her!

Chris Jones: I don’t think that is the case. I think that Malo got wind that The Riveros were coming for him in one way or another, which was more important to be on the lookout for.

Vaughan drops an elbow to the back of Malo’s head and then goes back to the leg. Vaughan grabs Malo’s leg and smashes Malo’s knee into the mat. Malo lets out in pain while Vaughan looks extremely pleased with himself.

Alan Irvine: Vaughan knows exactly what he is doing here. The guy is insanely calculated.

The con man starts walking around the ring, playing to the audience and they respond with serious boos. Vaughan grabs Malo by the waist and attempts a deadlift German suplex but Malo flips backward and lands on his feet, but drops to a knee in agony.

Chris Jones: That knee is hurt Irv. Vaughan has done some serious damage.

Alan Irvine: The Riveros are going to be very happy. If Malo is injured, then he gets shipped back to Mexico to recover. If he’s not working, he’s not here.

Vaughan shoots in on Malo and attempts to put him down with another dragonscrew but Malo reverses it with an enziguiri! Vaughan catches himself on the ropes and Malo hits him with a dropkick that sends him to the outside!

Chris Jones: Lobo Malo is still alive!

Vaughan tries to recover on the outside but Malo charges and dives through the ropes with a suicide dive, taking Vaughan down. Both men are down on the outside and the audience is firmly behind Malo.

Alan Irvine: The kid will not die I’ve gotta give him that! But if he gets hurt here then death may be at his door.

Chris Jones: That’s horrible.

Malo attempts to take control but Vaughan catches him with a shot to the mid-section. Vaughan then folds up Malo’s leg and drops Malo’s knee onto the steel steps. Vaughan then quickly slides Malo into the ring, ready to end the match.

Chris Jones: Things are looking bleak for Lobo Malo here.

Alan Irvine: He knows he’s in trouble. He’s terrified. The pussy.

Vaughan boots Malo in the mid-section and sets Malo up for the Pigeon Drop. At the last second Malo shifts his weight and plants Vaughan with Mala Luna! Vaughan is in la la land when Malo covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Lobo Malo!

Lobo Malo has his hand raised but Lazlo Vaughan is back up, his expression is one of disbelief. Vaughan darts forward and takes Malo down with a chop block! Vaughan then exits the ring and takes hold of a steel chair.

Chris Jones: This isn’t a case of being a sore loser. Vaughan has a mission and he is going to complete it. Disgusting.

Vaughan reenters the ring and begins smashing Malo in the leg with a steel chair, relentlessly. After a dozen shots with the steel chair the referee disarms him. Vaughan slides out of the ring smiling as Malo lays in the ring, legitimately hurt.


The shot shows an elegantly decorated room, done in a victorian style. Sitting in two throne like chairs are Joffrey and Brixton Gough, a tag team that debuted in FTF just a few weeks ago.

Joffrey Gough: Greetings peasants. I am Joffrey Gough and this is my brother Brixton. You remember us from the first round of the Duality Tag Team Tournament, I’m sure.

Brixton Gough: Things did not go exactly as planned for us in that tournament but we are not deterred. For we are remarkable men and remarkable men do not give up. Unlike the masses that attend FTF events, we have resolve.

Joffrey Gough: My brother and I are unique, we are special. We are the type of men that are above great, above celebrity, we are above royalty. We are the type of men who influence revolution. We determine where absolute power lies.

Brixton Gough: We are The Kingmakers. We are almost Gods and we will not let a minor setback derail our plans. Our initial failure is but a hiccup in our vision. We return to FTF next week and our paradigm shift begins.

Joffrey Gough: FTF, prepare to take the knee.

The feed cuts and the audience fills the arenas with boos.

Tag Team Match
Hiccup Bigelow & Mick Mooney
15 Minute Time Limit

The next match of the evening is the consolation contest of the D3T. Hiccup Bigelow and Mick Mooney make their entrances first, followed by the villainous Pretty/Dirty. The contest starts with Karina Zima and Mick Mooney.

Chris Jones: One would have to believe that the winning team in this contest could be the first challengers to whomever wins the D3T Final later this evening.

Alan Irvine: Bigelow and Mooney aren’t even a real team. Pretty/Dirty are a well oiled unit and they deserve to challenge whomever becomes champion.

Mooney shoots at Zima and applies a go behind but Zima drops to a knee and takes him over with a snapmare. Mooney turns and gets in Zima’s face but she serves him with a hard slap that sends him staggering backwards.

Alan Irvine: That’s what you get you hockey goon fuck.

Chris Jones: Were you bullied in high school Irv?

Alan Irvine: …no.

Mooney decides to tag in Bigelow and she is more than happy to get in the ring. Bigelow charges at Zima but Zima ducks under a clothesline attempt. Zima grabs Bigelow and goes for a sleeper hold.

Chris Jones: Karina Zima wants to slow the pace here which is a sound strategy against someone as quick as Hiccup Bigelow.

Bigelow slips behind Zima and lifts her up for a back suplex but Zima flips and lands on her feet. Zima takes Bigelow down with an okada roll but Bigelow kicks out at two. The two stand again but Zima cracks Bigelow with a spinning back fist.

Alan Irvine: A lot of people don’t know Zima’s background but she grew up in a tough neighborhood. She knows how to fight but she fights her way.

Chris Jones: She has had a hard life there is no doubt about that. She once told me that the reason she takes shortcuts is because everyone in the world who is successful does the same thing.

Zima leads Bigelow over to the Pretty/Dirty corner. Zima tags in Veleno and then applies an abdominal stretch. Veleno hits the ropes and comes back with a drive by kick to Bigelow’s face.

Chris Jones: Pretty/Dirty are the most seasoned team in FTF right now and that is showing here. That being said, Bigelow and Mooney have been a force since their partnership started.

Alan Irvine: They’ve won one match and it wasn’t even that impressive. F.U.X. put them in their place last week. That’s why they aren’t in the finals.

Zima exits the ring and Veleno goes to work on Bigelow. Veleno shoots Bigelow into a corner but Bigelow leaps up to the top rope, comes off the second rope and takes Veleno down with an arm drag.

Chris Jones: As much as I love tag team wrestling I would love to see a one on one match between Hiccup Bigelow and Marie Veleno one day. These two talented high flyers would put on a clinic.

Alan Irvine: Try to focus on the here and now Jones.

Veleno rallies back to her feet but Bigelow catches her with a drop toe hold that sends her face first into the middle turnbuckle. Bigelow then rolls forward and tags in Mooney.

Chris Jones: A timely tag for Bigelow and Mooney!

Mooney and Bigelow take hold of Veleno and send her into the ropes. On Veleno’s return Mooney and Bigelow take her up and down with a double flapjack. Mooney then climbs to the top rope, points and drops a big elbow onto Veleno.

Alan Irvine: Never seen him do that before. It sucked.

Chris Jones: I respectfully disagree.

Alan Irvine: And that’s why you and I don’t hang out.

Veleno kicks out at two and is able to dive and tag in Zima. Zima climbs to the top rope and the referee has his attention on her when Veleno nails Mooney with a low blow. Bigelow enters the ring to try and defend her partner but Veleno spears her through the ropes to the outside!

Chris Jones: Oh my God!

Zima comes off the top rope with a double axe handle on Mooney. Zima then grabs him and plants him with the Proshchay Driver! Zima covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners, Karina Zima and Marie Veleno, Pretty/Dirty!

Karina Zima exits the ring and helps Marie Veleno to her feet. Pretty/Dirty celebrate on the outside of the ring while Toronto voices their displeasure with the outcome.



Episode 006…

Second Hand Smoke walks into frame and stands next to Al Derringer.

Second Hand Smoke: You look pretty broken to me. You look like you could use some assistance. I will be watching you, waiting to see the day that your own inadequacies finally break you.

Episode 007…

Second Hand Smoke doesn’t exit the ring, he just watches VJ Merrick beat on Mick Mooney. That is when Al Derringer comes charging down the ramp.

Chris Jones: It’s Al Derringer! He has suffered a beat down from Merrick before and he doesn’t want to see it happen to someone else.

Derringer slides into the ring but Smoke meets him with a shot to the throat. Derringer drops and Smoke gets him back up. Smoke drops Derringer with an inverted ddt.

Alan Irvine: Haha! Smoke said he’d be watching Derringer but it looks like he wants to do more than watch.

Later that night…

Second Hand Smoke: Al Derringer. You believe yourself to be a hero. You believe that you stand for truth, justice, and all of those traditional American values. More than that, you believe that they are the right things to stand for. I will show you failure. I will show you pain. I will show you death. I will show you what happens to hope when I confront it.

Even later that night…

Al Derringer: Second Hand Smoke, you want to show me death? Well I have news for you punk, I’ve seen death. I’ve stared it right in the face and I smiled. This soldier has seen more death than you can imagine. I’ve confronted it hundreds of times and I survived. I’ll see you at Death or Glory, where I plan on taking the latter.

Death or Glory…

Smoke forces Derringer into the corner by the throat and continues to choke him. The referee starts the count of five and Smoke releases at four. But when he does, Derringer answers by grabbing Smoke around the throat!

Smoke sends Derringer over the top rope with a clothesline to the outside. Derringer lands on his feet but that clothesline busted his mouth open.

Smoke gets Derringer up and shoots him hard into the ring post. Derringer’s head smashes off of the ring post and opens up a giant gash on his forehead. Smoke kneels beside Derringer and holds his head, showing the camera Derringer’s bloodied face.

Chris Jones: This is uneccessary. Smoke is just trying to make an example out of Derringer at this point.

Smoke locks in the Last Gasp dragon sleeper. The referee is there to call the submission but Derringer doesn’t tap out. He passes out. The bell sounds.

Smoke puts his hand on Derringer’s bloodied forehead. Smoke then recites his litany of phrases in an unknown tongue. Smoke then wipes Derringer’s blood on his own chest before leaving the ring.

Episode 009…

Al Derringer: At Death Or Glory I was made to look like a victim. I confronted death and I lost. I’ll be honest, when Second Hand Smoke victimized me I figured that my time in FTF was done.

Second Hand Smoke: Oh Alan, Alan, Alan. Did I knock something loose at Death or Glory? I feel like a must have because you seem…different.

Episode 010…

The tron shows a shot of a dark room where a man sits in a chair. He looks scared. Just then a large figure walks into the room. It’s Second Hand Smoke.

Carl Walken: What the fuck do you want man? Why you got me tied up here?

Second Hand Smoke: I have things that I would like to know. I want to know about Alan Derringer, your sergeant. I want to know his secrets. I want to know the man behind the rank. I need to finish my issue with him. I need to break him, completely. We are almost there but not quite. He still has some life in him.

Carl Walken: A guy like Al ain’t scared by a guy like you, you freak. He’s tough as nails, one of the best guys I know.

Second Hand Smoke: Lieutenant I do not have time for lies. I have done my research but the documents that I have acquired are incomplete. You will tell me what I want to know. You will tell me about June 6th, 2006. And you will do it now…

Later that night…

Al Derringer enters the ring and spears Second Hand Smoke right through the ropes! The two land on the outside with a thud and the referee has no choice but to call for the disqualification.

Derringer mounts Smoke on the outside and starts absolutely beating on his face. In between each punch Derringer screams at Smoke.

Al Derringer: Where is he!?

Another punch.

Al Derringer: Where is he!?


Al Derringer: Where the fuck is Carl you son of a bitch!

Derringer keeps beating on Smoke until security swarms. It takes ten men to pull Derringer off of Smoke. Smoke lays on the outside, his face busted open. He is smiling, his teeth covered in his own blood.

Episode 011…

Al Derringer: No. We will settle this now. You are gonna tell me just where the fuck Carl is.

Second Hand Smoke: You’re right, I will tell you. As soon as you accept my challenge. I want to see the hero become the villain. I want you to be completely free to exact your vengeance. I want to face you in a Death Match.

Al Derringer: You’re on motherfucker and you are going to regret it. You have pushed me too far. You want to see the villain in me come out boy? You’re gonna get it.

Second Hand Smoke: Exquisite. Now, would you like to know where Carl Walken is?

Al Derringer: Tell me you son of a bitch!

Second Hand Smoke: No. I’ll show you.

Just as those words leave Smoke’s mouth, Derringer is attacked from behind with a sledgehammer! Derringer drops and the shot pulls out to show that the attacker is Carl Walken! Derringer stares up at his friend while in immense pain.

Al Derringer: Carl…why…

Instead of getting an answer, Walken saunters away with a dead look in his eyes leaving the Soldier of Fortune laying in agony.

Death Match
Al Derringer
Second Hand Smoke
30 Minute Time Limit

The audience is buzzing for this one with Al Derringer coming to the ring first to a big reaction. He stands in the ring and awaits the villain. Second Hand Smoke comes to the ring amid darkness and fog. Smoke enters the ring and the lights come on.

Chris Jones: Ladies and gentlemen if you have young children I recommend that you put them to bed. This is going to be beyond violent, this is going to be brutal.

Derringer charges Smoke and nails him with a hard clothesline into the corner. Derringer feeds Smoke some knees to the mid-section and then clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor. Smoke lands on his feet and falls back into the guard rail.

Chris Jones: This contest is beyond personal for Al Derringer and he has come out swinging.

Alan Irvine: Smoke has really gotten into the head of Derringer. So much so that I don’t know that Derringer is focussed on winning.

Chris Jones: I don’t think this is about winning. This is about revenge. Smoke has done something to Derringer’s best friend Carl Walken. What that is, we don’t know.

Derringer exits the ring and charges Smoke but Smoke lifts the big man up and flap jacks him onto the guard rail. Smoke then sends Derringer hard into the ring steps. Smoke then approaches Smoke and puts his boot against his head, grinding it against the steps.

Chris Jones: I just want to know why Smoke is doing this. He says that he hates the hero that Derringer is trying to be but why?

Alan Irvine: Because Smoke believes that heroes don’t exist. He thinks that Derringer is fake, he thinks that he is a phoney!

Smoke backs up and charges at Derringer looking for a running knee to the face but Derringer moves at the last second and Smoke smashes into the ring steps flying over the steps and landing hard. Derringer then begins searching under the ring.

Chris Jones: And here we go. Derringer is looking to inflict serious pain on Second Hand Smoke.

Alan Irvine: Is that even possible? No one has even come close to hurting Smoke. Derringer included.

Chris Jones: A death match may change that.

Derringer pulls out a table and sets it up ringside. Derringer then charges Smoke again but Smoke grabs him around the throat and chokes him down to a knee. Smoke then tosses Derringer aside and looks under the ring for some weapons for himself.

Chris Jones: This man with a weapon is a scary thought Irv.

Alan Irvine: That may be the understatement of the night.

Smoke pulls out a bat from under the ring that has a bunch of nails sticking out of it. The crowd reacts with horror but some of the more blood thirst audience members are all for it. Smoke approaches Derringer and starts stabbing him in the forehead with the nail bat.

Alan Irvine: I think I’m going to be sick.

Chris Jones: Blood is squirting out of Derringer’s head!

Alan Irvine: Second Hand Smoke is demented.

Derringer’s forehead starts actually spewing blood. Smoke looks pleased as Derringer screams. Smoke then backs up and kicks Derringer in the back of the head. Smoke takes hold of Derringer and lays him on the table.

Chris Jones: The Sarg is in a bad way here.

Smoke climbs up onto the apron and stares down at the bloodied Soldier of Fortune. Smoke then runs, leaps off of the apron and looks for a leg drop but Derringer rolls off of the table at the last second and Smoke goes crashing through the table.

Alan Irvine: Smoke is down! Smoke is down! Oh my God!

Chris Jones: This is Derringer’s opportunity! Can he be the first man to put Smoke away?

Alan Irvine: If he has a chance at all it’s right now.

Both men are down but Derringer is a bloody mess. Derringer pulls himself up using the guard rail. Derringer then picks up the bat and the audience pops huge! Derringer stares at it through the blood that covers his face and is ready for revenge.

Chris Jones: Al Derringer has the bat. It’s time for him to exact his vengeance. I don’t think that the hero is here tonight. This is the soldier.

Smoke slowly gets up and Derringer approaches him with the nail bat but Smoke stops him with a boot to the mid-section. Smoke then lifts Derringer up and drops him with snake eyes but across the apron. Smoke then rolls Derringer into the ring.

Alan Irvine: Even I am beginning to feel for Derringer. He just can’t maintain any momentum.

Derringer lays in a pool of blood in the middle of the ring when Smoke grabs a steel chair. Smoke enters the ring but Derringer is up and he looks furious. Derringer nails Smoke with a hard shot and then grabs him around the throat.

Chris Jones: Do it Sarg! Send this man back to hell where he belongs!

Alan Irvine: Can he do it? Can he get this giant up in the air for the chokebreaker?

Chris Jones: He’s gonna try!

Derringer shows his insane strength by picking Smoke up and planting him with the Shock and Awe! Derringer then collapses, both men are down in the center of the ring. The audience is on their feet.

Chris Jones: Cover him Al! End this nightmare!

After a few moments Derringer gets up but Smoke sits up and crosses his legs, laughing. Derringer picks up the chair and when Smoke stands, Derringer goes to hit him with the steel chair but Smoke grabs it and rips it out of his hands.

Alan Irvine: What is it going to take to stop this man?

Chris Jones: I don’t know Irv but all I know is that we are looking at pure evil right now.

Alan Irvine: The devil is here in Toronto.

Smoke drives the chair into Derringer’s mid-section and then smashes him over the back with it. But Derringer stands right back up and roars in Smoke’s face! Derringer then blasts Smoke with a clothesline that flattens him.

Chris Jones: Get him Sarg! Slay the demon!

Alan Irvine: It’s his time to be the hero! Even I’m behind you Sarg. Finish him!

The audience is firmly behind Derringer as he gets Smoke up but then a figure in facepaint comes through the crowd and enters the ring. Derringer stops and stares at the person.

Chris Jones: That’s Carl Walken! What has happened to him? He looks deranged!

Derringer stares at Walken for a moment. Walken doesn’t move, he just stares at Derringer. Smoke then spins Derringer around and plants him with a modified lifting STO! Derringer is down and Smoke covers for the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Second Hand Smoke!

Following the match Second Hand Smoke and Carl Walken stand over Al Derringer. Both men then kneel beside Derringer and both put their hands on his forehead. Smoke recites his litany of phrases while Walken stays silent. The two men then stand and leave the ring together.


As the ring crew cleans up the mess that Second Hand Smoke and Al Derringer made we cut to the announce table where both Chris Jones and Alan Irvine look very stoic.

Chris Jones: Well folks we just witnessed a war. We hope that Al Derringer can get the medical attention that he needs.

Alan Irvine: That…that was just brutal.

Chris Jones: Absolutely it was. But let’s switch gears to something a little more uplifting. At our last supershow FTF General Manager Morgan Odin announced a tournament to crown the first FTF Tag Team Champions. Over the last few weeks we have seen tag teams rise here in FTF.

Alan Irvine: That’s right and tonight we will see the finals of the Duality Tag Team Tournament. Let’s see how we got here.

Death or Glory…

Morgan Odin: Tag team wrestling is alive and well in Fire Thunder Fighting. Tag team wrestling is a huge part of this business, it is tradition.

The audience buzzes, many knowing exactly what Odin is about to announce.

Morgan Odin: Starting next week will be the FTF Duality Tag Team Tournament. Eight teams will compete over four weeks with the finals being held on Episode Twelve. The winners will be crowned the first ever FTF Tag Team Champions.

Episode 009…

Hatchet Muldoon lifts Windham Zedler up for a powerbomb with his back to the corner. Merrick climbs to the top rope and leaps, flipping over Zedler with a blockbuster as Muldoon drops him with a powerbomb. Merrick then covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners, advancing to the semi finals of the Duality Tag Team Tournament, Hatchet Muldoon and VJ Merrick…F.U.X.!

Later that night…

Lobo Malo gets up but is met with a double superkick from the White Wolves! Constance Ripley then charges and dives through the ropes, taking Miyami Kana down on the outside! Ezra LaForge covers Malo and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners, advancing to the semi finals of the Duality Tag Team Tournament, Constance Ripley and Ezra LaForge, The White Wolves!

Episode 010…

As Joffrey Gough rolls out of the ring, Brixton Gough gets up and walks right into The Tough Go from Mick Mooney! Mooney then tags in Bigelow. She looks around at the audience for support and then hits a springboard into the ring with a 450 splash!


Bigelow hit the move perfectly and covers Brixton for the three count and the victory.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners, advancing to the semi finals of the Duality Tag Team Tournament, Hiccup Bigelow and Mick Mooney!

Later that night…

Al Derringer lets go of Karina Zima and goes to leave the ring but Marie Veleno is there to hit him with a giant kick to the face from the apron. Zima charges and headbutts John Ire through the ropes, causing him to fall off the apron.

Zima tags in Veleno and they hit their version of the total elimination on Derringer! Veleno covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners, advancing to the semi finals of the Duality Tag Team Tournament, Karina Zima & Marie Veleno, Pretty/Dirty!

Episode 011…

Mick Mooney collides with Hiccup Bigelow, knocking her off of the apron by accident. Before Mooney knows what is what, Hatchet Muldoon grabs him and plants him with a burning hammer! Mooney is down and Muldoon covers, getting the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners, advancing to the finals of the Duality Tag Team Tournament, Hatchet Muldoon and VJ Merrick, F.U.X.!

Later that night…

Constance Ripley enters the ring and with Ezra LaForge, they smash Marie Veleno with double superkicks, the Pack Mentality! Karina Zima slides into the ring and tries to save her partner but LaForge drops her with an STO and locks in the Professional Grade! Zima can’t save Veleno as she gets pinned by Ripley for the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners, advancing to the finals of the Duality Tag Team Tournament, Constance Ripley and Ezra LaForge, the White Wolves!

Constance Ripley and Ezra LaForge celebrate as Pretty/Dirty scurry out of the ring to regroup. The White Wolves’ music cuts when F.U.X. come out onto the stage. The Wolves are ready for a fight but F.U.X. stay where they are, just motioning for the titles as Episode Eleven comes to a close.

Cut back to the announce table with Jones and Irvine looking a bit more excited.

Chris Jones: Tonight one team will make history as they become the first FTF Tag Team Champions. Will it be F.U.X. or will it be the White Wolves?

Alan Irvine: We will find out next!

FTF Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
White Wolves
30 Minute Time Limit

Nina Nichols: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is the finals of the Duality Tag Team Tournament to crown the first FTF Tag Team Champions.

“Down Underworld” cues up and the audience immediately starts booing. Hatchet Muldoon and VJ Merrick walks out onto the stage not giving a shit about what the fans in Toronto think.

Nina Nichols: Introducing first, the team of Hatchet Muldoon and VJ Merrick, the Fairfield Union Express, F.U.X.!

Muldoon and Merrick enter the ring to a massive amount of boos. Those boos stop when “Teeth” cues up, preceded by the howl of a wolf pack. Ezra LaForge and Constance Ripley come out onto the stage dressed in white fur lined vests. Ken Laurier is with them!

Nina Nichols: Introducing second, being accompanied to the ring by Ken Laurier, the team of Ezra LaForge and Constance Ripley, The White Wolves!

The trio walk to the ring, not taking their eyes off of F.U.X. Laurier stands ringside as his charges enter the ring. With all four competitors in the ring, the referee holds the Tag Team Titles for them to see. The bell then sounds.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Instead of going to the apron, both members of F.U.X. charge and smash the White Wolves with clotheslines. Muldoon dumps LaForge over the top rope. Merrick then whips Ripley right at Muldoon who nearly takes her head off with a big boot.

Alan Irvine: Genius! F.U.X. will not leave empty handed tonight. They refuse to.

Chris Jones: I don’t agree with it but it’s a great strategy from F.U.X.

Merrick takes his place on the apron as Muldoon takes hold of Ripley. Muldoon lifts Ripley up with a military press, walks towards the ropes and throws her over the top rope to the outside where Ripley lands on top of LaForge.

Alan Irvine: The White Wolves were not prepared for this Jones. F.U.X. are picking them apart right from the get go.

Chris Jones: If the White Wolves didn’t expect these kind of tactics from F.U.X. then they are naive. F.U.X. do not play by the rules.

Alan Irvine: And that’s why they will leave here as champions.

Laurier checks on his team as Muldoon snarls in the ring. Ripley gets back up and climbs onto the apron but Muldoon grabs her and brings her into the ring the hard way. Ripley gets back up but Muldoon puts her back down with a running shoulder block.

Chris Jones: F.U.X. may have this match in hand before it starts.

Ripley pulls herself up using the ropes when Muldoon charges her. Ripley hits him with a knee to the mid-section and then she plants him with an inverted side Russian legsweep. Ripley stands and rolls to her corner, tagging in LaForge.

Chris Jones: Maybe now the Wolves can get something going.

Alan Irvine: They need to. They took a lot of damage in the opening moments there.

Chris Jones: I can’t say that it wasn’t effective.

LaForge enters the ring and hits Muldoon with a sliding clothesline. LaForge then takes hold of his arm and rolls him up but Muldoon kicks out at two. Muldoon stands and hits LaForge with a hard shot to the mid-section. He then beales her into the F.U.X. corner.

Alan Irvine: That’s not where LaForge wants to be. Say what you will about F.U.X. but they have been on top of the Wolves since the get go here.

Muldoon tags in Merrick and then lifts LaForge up for a spinebuster. Merrick hits the ropes and comes back with a clothesline, completing the hart attack combination! Merrick covers LaForge but only gets a two count.

Chris Jones: What a tag team move. F.U.X. came to play here tonight. Their dirty tactics and hard hitting style may be too much for the Wolves.

Alan Irvine: The Wolves are idealists. They were trained by an idealist. Maybe they need to sink to F.U.X.’s level in order to gain some ground in this match.

Chris Jones: Maybe but I don’t see it happening.

Merrick puts the boots to LaForge before grabbing her by the hair. Merrick starts yelling in LaForge’s face before slapping her. This gets a chorus of boos but Merrick just flips the audience off. Merrick then takes LaForge over with a suplex.

Chris Jones: That was uncalled for.

Alan Irvine: This ain’t ballet.

Merrick applies a grounded headlock to LaForge, trying to wear her down as much as he can. When she seems sufficiently subdued Merrick gets up and tags in Muldoon. LaForge sits up but Merrick hits her with a stiff boot to the face. Muldoon climbs to the top rope.

Chris Jones: Over 300lbs. is perched on the top rope…

The big man of F.U.X. is on the top rope and he leaps off looking for a knee drop but LaForge moves out of the way at the last second. Muldoon crashes into the mat and LaForge crawls to her corner.

Chris Jones: That’s why elephants don’t fly.

Muldoon tries to stop it but LaForge makes the tag. Ripley hits a springboard into the ring and catches Muldoon with a hurricanranna! Merrick tries to enter the ring to halt momentum but LaForge gets up and with Ripley they nail the Pack Mentality superkicks that send him over the top rope to the floor.

Chris Jones: Pack Mentality! Pack Mentality! VJ Merrick has been knocked out of this contest for the time being.

Alan Irvine: That was nearly an illegal move. Maybe they are learning Jones.

LaForge and Ripley then take hold of Muldoon and they set him up for a double suplex. They try but Muldoon isn’t having it. Instead he hits them with a double suplex! The audience can’t help but pop for that vulgar display of power.

Chris Jones: This man is a behemoth!

Alan Irvine: Elephant, behemoth, cool it with the body shaming. He’s not even fat.

LaForge rolls out of the ring and Ripley goes to get back up. Muldoon is taking a bit longer so Ripley goes to charge him but Maverick grabs her foot from the outside, halting her. Ripley turns around to face him and Muldoon hits her with a big boot that sends her over the top rope to the floor.

Chris Jones: This is not where Ripley wants to be.

With Ripley on the outside, LaForge reenters the ring, charges and dropkick Muldoon in the back of the head which sends him over the top rope to the outside. LaForge then charges and dives over the top rope with a front flip senton but Muldoon catches her!

Alan Irvine: Uh oh LaForge. You may be right fucked now.

Chris Jones: Irv get out of Dodge, he’s coming this way!

Alan Irvine: Oh fuck!

Muldoon has LaForge in powerbomb position, Muldoon runs and dives powerbombing her right through the announce table! The table explodes beneath LaForge’s weight and she lays among the rubble, the audience cannot believe it.

Chris Jones: Jesus Christ!

Alan Irvine: My iPad! My…coffee!

Merrick grabs Ripley and Irish whips her right into the arms of Muldoon and a sidewalk slam on the outside! Both Wolves are down and out. Muldoon grabs Ripley and rolls her into the ring as Merrick gets back up on the apron.

Chris Jones: Constance Ripley is all alone now Irv. LaForge is down and out right in front of us here. I think the Wolves chances of becoming Tag Team Champions have gone out the window.

Alan Irvine: Yeah I don’t see LaForge getting up after that.

Laurier runs over to check on LaForge but her eyes are glazed over. In the ring Muldoon tags in Merrick and then he lays Ripley over his knee. Merrick climbs to the top rope and comes off with a top rope guillotine legdrop, taking Ripley off of Merrick’s knee.

Alan Irvine: This is it! F.U.X are about to win the Tag Team Titles!

Chris Jones: It doesn’t look good for the White Wolves!

Instead of covering, Merrick wants to add insult to injury. Merrick gets Ripley up and sends her into the corner. Merrick follows that up with a running high knee to the chin. Merrick then takes Ripley out of the corner with a bulldog and transitions into his version of the Muta lock!

Alan Irvine: Constance Ripley has no one to tag! She has to tap out.

Chris Jones: Ezra LaForge is laid out in front of us. Ripley has to get to the ropes.

Alan Irvine: She can’t, she’s trapped!

Laurier is trying to revive LaForge on the outside as her partner Ripley screams in agony, dead center in the middle of the ring. Merrick is screaming for Ripley to submit. She reaches for the ropes and amazingly she gets there.

Chris Jones: Ripley got to the ropes! The Wolves are still alive!

LaForge starts to stir at ringside as Merrick gets Ripley up to her feet. Merrick backs up and then goes for a superkick but Ripley pulls him in and takes him over with a capture suplex. Both competitors are down and Muldoon is screaming obscenities at his partner, telling him to get up and make the tag.

Alan Irvine: Muldoon is angry! Merrick needs to make the tag, they need to finish off the Wolves and they need to do it now!

Muldoon is so preoccupied with Merrick that he doesn’t see LaForge get up onto the apron. She is favoring her lower back but she whistles at him to get his attention. Muldoon turns just in time to eat a superkick which sends him backwards off of the apron! Muldoon lands awkwardly on the ring steps.

Chris Jones: Muldoon is down! Muldoon is down!

Alan Irvine: No! It’s up to you Merrick!

LaForge walks back over to her corner and Ripley tags her in. LaForge enters the ring and with Ripley they nail the Pack Mentality dual superkicks! LaForge covers and the referee makes the count for three.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners of the 2016 Duality Tag Team Tournament and the new FTF Tag Team Champions, Constance Ripley and Ezra LaForge, The White Wolves!

Constance Ripley and Ezra LaForge embrace in the middle of the ring. Ken Laurier enters the ring and hugs them both as their are each presented with a championship title. Both Ripley and LaForge climb respective turnbuckles and hold the titles high as Toronto chants for the Wolves.


The ring crew has replaced the announce table as Chris Jones and Alan Irvine stand to address the audience.

Chris Jones: The White Wolves have made history here tonight and have become the first FTF Tag Team Champions but now we must move on to our main event.

Alan Irvine: Kana needs save my night. She needs to become the FTF Champion.

Chris Jones: Let’s take a look at how our main event came to be.

Summit Series…

Both John Ire and Miyami Kana stand and begin hitting each other with big shots. They go back and forth until Ire nails a nasty uppercut. Kana turns around, holding her jaw but Ire grabs her from behind and nails her with a ripcord Pisstaker! Kana drops and Ire covers, getting the three count.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner of the FTF Summit Series and new FTF Champion, John Ire!

The audience in Toronto becomes unglued! The explode with cheers as the referee raises John Ire’s hand. Morgan Odin enters the ring and presents Ire with the FTF Championship title. Ire raises it high as confetti falls from the ceiling.

Death or Glory…

John Ire smashes Miyami Kana’s face off of the top turnbuckle and then looks like he is going to attempt a top rope piledriver! Kana fights out of it and shoves him off of the top rope. Ire lands hard on his back and Kana lines him up.

Alan Irvine: This is it Kana! End this and take your title!

Kana leaps off of the top rope but Ire pops up at the last second and takes her out of mid-air with The Pisstaker elbow. Kana drops and Ire flops into a cover. The audience counts along as Ire gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner aaaaand still FTF Champion, “Pissed Off” John Ire!

“Forever Pissed” cues up and John Ire takes hold of his championship. He gets his arm raised and then rips it away, falling to the mat with the title in his grasp.

Episode 009…

Lobo Malo gets up but is met with a double superkick from the White Wolves! Constance Ripley then charges and dives through the ropes, taking Miyami Kana down on the outside! LaForge covers Malo and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners, advancing to the semi finals of the Duality Tag Team Tournament, Constance Ripley and Ezra LaForge, The White Wolves!

The White Wolves have no time to celebrate as Miyami Kana re-enters the ring and nails Constance Ripley with the Blood Sacrifice! Ezra LaForge tries to intervene but Kana gets her up and plants her with the Night Time Driver!

Chris Jones: Miyami Kana has lost it! She just destroyed both of the White Wolves.

Alan Irvine: It doesn’t look like she’s finished yet.

Kana has a crazed look in her eyes as she focusses on Lobo Malo. Malo gets up and he is immediately hit with Kana’s Blood Sacrifice. Kana then quickly locks in Magic Hour! Lobo screams in pain as referees try to get Kana to break the hold.

Chris Jones: Two losses in a row has sent Miyami Kana over the edge! She has destroyed everyone in the ring.

Alan Irvine: They do not call her The Living Weapon for nothing. She wants to be at the top of FTF and she has grown tired with not being there.

Chris Jones: The referees need to break this up, Kana has lost her mind!

The referees finally get Kana to break the hold but as soon as she does she starts hitting them with kicks. Five referees are downed in quick succession as Kana has left complete destruction in her wake.

Episode 010…

Morgan Odin: Miyami, I understand that you are frustrated. You have been on a tear here in FTF since it’s inception but whenever you get a big opportunity, it doesn’t work out. I understand. But you cannot attack my officials. You just can’t.

Kana just glares at Odin.

Morgan Odin: You were scheduled to compete tonight but that decision was made before I had time to think about what you did. That being said, I have no choice but to–

Before Odin can continue, a voice comes over the p.a.

???: Wait just a minute.

A Japanese woman comes out onto the stage dressed in a fine power suit.

???: Mr. Odin, my name is Ono Inari and I am Miyami Kana’s manager.

Inari continues walking to the ring and she enters, taking her place by Kana’s side.

Ono Inari: Mr. Odin, the company that I work for has a vested interest in Miyami Kana’s success here in FTF. That is why when we discovered that you planned on suspending Ms. Kana here tonight, we went right to work on looking over her contract and the official FTF bylaws that wrestlers must abide by.

Odin cocks an eyebrow.

Ono Inari: In doing so we discovered that referees are listed as in-ring “talent” as well as being officials. They have all agreed to a certain degree of physicality and in turn they do receive a hazard pay bonus.

Inari looks to a referee at ringside with a smile.

Ono Inari: Although Kana’s attack on them was wrong, it is not grounds for suspension for the simple fact that she was provoked. A case could be made that she believed them to be roster members that were trying to stop her.

Odin goes to speak but Inari doesn’t let him.

Ono Inari: We could tie this matter up with lawyers for the next few weeks or you could make the sound decision, the right decision. You will let Miyami Kana compete tonight and we will forget that any of this happened. Trust me Mr. Odin, you do not want my employers to get their lawyers involved. You truly do not.

Later that night…

As John Ire stands in the ring, he gestures for his title while keeping his eyes on Al Derringer. Derringer disappears behind the curtain and a figure enters the ring with the title.

Kana runs and smashes Ire in the back of the head with the FTF Championship. He drops and she starts putting the boots to him.

Ono Inari then also enters the ring as Ire lays on the mat.

Ono Inari: Sorry about the violence Mr. Ire but we wanted to get your attention. Miyami Kana is not done with you, but you are done with the D3T.

Kana stomps on Ire again for good measure.

Ono Inari: We would like to officially challenge you to a match for the FTF Championship at Duality.

Kana picks up the FTF Championship.

Ono Inari: But seeing as how you defeated my client twice, she wants her wins back. She wants this to be a two out of three falls match.

Kana tosses the title down on top of Ire.

Ono Inari: We eagerly await your response.

Inari drops the microphone and exits the ring with Kana. The two stand at the bottom of the ramp staring at Ire as Episode Ten goes off the air.

Episode 011…

John Ire: Alright gang, I’m out here to answer that little cunt Miyami Kana’s challenge. You want to come at me? You wanna blindside me just so ye can make a fuckin’ statement? Well challenge accepted bitch.

The audience pops big.

John Ire: But we aren’t doin’ it at fuckin’ Duality. We are gonna do it tonight. You and me. Two out of three falls, three outta five – fuck – a sixty minute iron man match if ye want. Just get your ass out here so I can show you why ye lost the first two fuckin’ times.

Ire drops the belt and gestures for Kana to come out, his anger is palpable. “Blood and Fire” cues up and Miyami Kana comes out onto the stage, smirking. She is flanked by her manager Ono Inari.

Ono Inari: Mr. Ire we are delighted that you chose to answer our challenge. However, the contract that we have is for Duality, not for tonight. So you will have to decide whether or not you are accepted the initial challenge for a 2 Out of 3 Falls Match at Duality or if you are just a coward.

John Ire: Oh don’t think ye can goad me into any bullshit. You don’t wanna do it tonight? Fine. We’ll do the match at Duality but that isn’t going to stop me from makin’ me own fuckin’ statement tonight.

Ire drops the microphone and heads up the ramp. Just before he reaches Kana and Inari a flood of security guards come out from the back.

Ono Inari: You know Mr. Ire we assumed that you would do this tonight. Our lawyers have convinced Mr. Odin that in order to protect the main event of Duality, it would be best if you leave the arena for the evening. You will not be putting your hands on Miyami Kana in this arena tonight.

Later that night…

Lazlo Vaughan is rocked as he gets up and when he does The Living Weapon charges and blasts him with the Blood Sacrifice knee! Vaughan drops and Kana covers for the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Miyami Kana!

“Blood And Fire” cues up and Miyami Kana leaves the ring almost immediately with Ono Inari in tow.

Chris Jones: Miyami Kana improves her record, building a ton of momentum going into her last chance Two Out of Three Falls match for the FTF Championship at Duality.

Alan Irvine: This is a different Miyami Kana, Jones. I think she’s got Ire’s number come Duality. We are looking at our next FTF Champion.

M A I N  E V E N T
FTF Championship
2 Out of 3 Falls Match
Miyami Kana
w/ Ono Inari
John Ire (c)
60 Minute Time Limit

Nina Nichols: The following contest is your Duality Main Event and it is a two out of three falls match for the FTF Championship!

“Blood and Fire” cues up and the audience greets Miyami Kana with unanimous boos. She is flanked by Ono Inari as she stomps down the ramp. Kana has hate in her eyes tonight, she looks focussed.

Nina Nichols: Introducing first, the challenger, from Osaka, Japan, weighing in tonight at 137lbs., being accompanied to the ring by Ono Inari, “The Living Weapon” Miyami Kana!

Kana enters the ring and Inari takes her place at ringside. Kana begins running the ropes before standing on the far side of the ring, waiting for the champion. “Forever Pissed” cues up and Toronto explodes. The FTF Champion John Ire walks out onto the stage, without a beer which is odd.

Nina Nichols: Introducing second, from Cardiff, Wales, weighing in tonight at 231lbs., he is the FTF Champion, “Pissed Off” John Ire!

Ire marches to the ring amid a chorus of cheers from the fans in Toronto. He tosses the belt over the top rope and slides into the ring. The referee goes to pick up the belt but Ire snatches it away from him and raises it high in the air. Ire then approaches Kana and holds the belt up in front of her before the referee separates them.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The match begins and Ire is cautious at first. Ire has his fists up and he is ready to brawl. They meet in the center of the ring and Kana goes for a kick but Ire checks it. She goes for another and he backs out of the way. Ire shoots in for a combo but Kana back rolls out of harms way.

Chris Jones: These know each other really well Irv. They know what to watch out for.

Alan Irvine: But this is a very different Miyami Kana. She is more focussed, more enraged, and she also has Ono Inari on the outside. All of these equates to bad news for the FTF Champion John Ire!

Kana goes to shoot in on Ire and he goes for a high knee but Kana moves. Kana nails Ire with a hard kick to the right thigh and Ire feels it. Kana sees this and shoots in again looking for another but he hits her with a right hand to the button that sends her staggering backwards.

Chris Jones: Kana got caught! Could we see the first fall early?

Ire sees this opportunity and he throws Kana into the corner. Ire starts peppering Kana with rights and lefts to the body but Kana catches him with a knee to the chin. Ire staggers backwards and Kana charges looking for the Blood Sacrifice knee! Ire catches her, tosses her up and plants her with a powerbomb.

Chris Jones: She went for the Blood Sacrifice too early! Ire had it scouted.

Alan Irvine: Kana will recover. A minor setback for The Living Weapon.

Ire goes to cover but Kana rolls onto her stomach and crawls under the bottom rope. She pulls herself up on the apron and Ire goes to attack her but Kana hits him with a high kick to the face. Ire stumbles backwards and Kana shoots herself into the ring with a spear!

Chris Jones: Yeah that didn’t really work for her.

The spear doesn’t take Ire down, he stays on his feet. He holds Kana in position and then hits her with a double sledge to the back. Kana drops to a knee and Ire quickly hits the ropes. He comes back and smashes her with a Yakuza kick. Kana is rocked and Ire covers but she kicks out at two.

Alan Irvine: Ire is taking his time and picking his shots. I may not like the man but he is our champion for a fucking reason. As much as it eats me up inside.

Chris Jones: I know it does buddy.

Alan Irvine: Thanks for understanding.

Ire takes hold of Kana and lifts her over head into a Canadian backbreaker which gets a pop from the Canuck audience. Ire racks her for a few moments before dropping to his knees. Ire covers Kana again but she kicks out at two.

Chris Jones: John Ire is really working over Kana’s back. That is definitely going to limit her offense.

Alan Irvine: But that’s what is great about Kana. She is a top talent in many disciplines. If she can’t fly, she’ll resort to her insane strikes.

Chris Jones: Very true.

The champ takes hold of Kana and applies a chin lock. Kana grits her teeth in pain as Ire drives his knee into her back. Ire then savagely starts dropping hard elbows to her collar bone in an attempt to break it!

Chris Jones: This is the most intense that we’ve ever seen the champion. He doesn’t just want to win, he wants to make a statement.

Alan Irvine: He wants to hurt her. Which isn’t a bad strategy.

Ire gets Kana up and puts her over his shoulder again but this time he steps forward and drops her with a shoulder breaker over his knee. Inari lets out a horrified scream at ringside as Ire covers but again he only gets a two count.

Chris Jones: John Ire is picking Kana apart piece by piece. He wants the world to know why he is the FTF Champion.

Kana is out of it when Ire gets her up again but this time she is stuck in the dreaded torture rack! Toronto starts a “Tap! Tap! Tap!” chant as Ire uses his immense strength to nearly snap Kana in half.

Alan Irvine: Come on Kana! You’ve gotta get out of this!

Kana has nowhere to go as Ire does his best to bend her in half. Her only source of escape is to hit him with a series of elbows to the side of the head. Ire finally lets go and Kana lands behind him. She hits the ropes and when he turns around Kana nails him with the Blood Sacrifice! Kana covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: The winner of the first fall, Miyami Kana!

The audience can’t believe it. Kana has pinned the champion and is now up 1-0. The referee separates Kana from Ire and gives both of them a moment before he calls for the match to continue.

Alan Irvine: She did it! She has taken the lead and in doing so is the first person in FTF to ever pin John Ire. It’s all downhill for the champion.

Chris Jones: Miyami Kana needed to get the first fall to prove her merit. She has definitely shaken the champion’s confidence.

Alan Irvine: You’re goddamn right she has!

The referee motions for the match to continue and Kana pounces on the champion. He is turtled and Kana begins feeding him knees to the side of his head. She is a woman possessed, repeatedly smashing him in the ear.

Chris Jones: This is Miyami Kana’s moment. She finally has Ire on the ropes and she could take the entire match in the next few minutes.

Alan Irvine: It’s music to my ears pal.

Favouring her back and shoulder, Kana backs up and charges. She hits Ire with a basement dropkick to the side of the head and then immediately transitions into big elbows to the side of his head.

Chris Jones: She is relentless and that’s what she needs to be. Once you have the champion down you need to stay on him.

Ire is able to shove Kana away but she rushes him again and nails him in the face with a shining wizard! Kana covers but Ire powers out at two. She immediately steps off of the second rope and hits him with a double stomp to the back of the head.

Alan Irvine: John Ire is in serious trouble here. Kana has had control of him for the past few minutes and she has not let up.

Chris Jones: Whomever wins, this has been a great championship match so far.

Alan Irvine: No doubt about that. It’s going to be even better when The Living Weapon becomes the champion.

Ire takes refuge in the corner but Kana runs in and hits him with a high knee to the chin. Ire does a Flair flop and Kana climbs up to the top rope. Kana leaps off of the top rope with an amazing phoenix splash and lands in a cover.

Alan Irvine: Phoenix splash! New champion! New Champion!

Somehow Ire kicks out before the three and Inari cannot believe it at ringside. Inari gets up on the apron and starts arguing with the referee. Ire gets up to his feet and Kana nails him with a kick to the groin!

Chris Jones: Come on! We’ve never seen Kana resort to that kind of tactic.

Alan Irvine: The title is on the line Jones. You need to pull out all of the stops.

Ire drops to his knees and Kana lines him up. She nails him with a buzzsaw kick and then quickly transitions into the Magic Hour submission! Ire is locked in place and Kana is screaming for him to submit.

Chris Jones: Magic Hour! Magic Hour! John Ire has nowhere to go! This could be it for the champion.

Alan Irvine: Tap! Tap you drunken piece of shit! It’s The Living Weapon’s time!

Chris Jones: Ire’s title reign is in serious trouble.

At ringside Inari stares at Ire in the eyes telling him to give up, telling him that his title is lost and that he needs to think about his career! This causes Ire to push himself up off the mat, he lifts Kana up and plants her with a sit out last ride powerbomb!

Alan Irvine: No! Kana you had him! Come on!

Both competitors are down but Toronto is trying to rally behind the champion. “Pissed Off! Pissed Off! Pissed Off!” chants rise up and Ire gets up to his feet. Kana is up too and she looks to strike first.

Alan Irvine: This is it kid! Finish him off. End his farce of a title reign.

Chris Jones: There is a glimmer of hope here for the champion but Kana is looking to snuff it out. She has gotten one of her falls back, now she wants the second and the title.

Kana darts towards the ropes, she steps off the second rope and flies through the air with a moonsault but Ire moves and she lands on her feet. Ire turns around and absolutely levels Kana with The Pisstaker elbow! Kana is flattened and Ire covers getting the three count.

Nina Nichols: The winner of the second fall, John Ire!

Both competitors are down again. The referee checks on Kana and then checks on Ire. No one is sitting in the audience. “Pissed Off!” chants have dissipated but only because the audience wants to see what is going to happen next.

Chris Jones: We are tied up now Irv. This is anybody’s match!

Alan Irvine: This is a nail biter and I hate it.

Chris Jones: Because you don’t like suspense?

Alan Irvine: No. I’ve been trying to stop biting my nails. It’s as hard as starting to floss.

Ire gets up and the referee calls for them to continue. Ire charges and drives Kana into the corner with his shoulder. Ire hits her with repeated shoulder thrust in the corner and once she is doubled over he starts dropping elbows onto her collar bone, again.

Chris Jones: Ire wants to break Kana’s collarbone Irv.

Alan Irvine: Yeah. And it’s fucking rude.

Kana throws a kick but Ire simply punches her in the face. She looks to return a punch but Ire grabs her arm, falls backwards and traps her with a kimura lock. Kana screams in agony as Ire tries to break her arm.

Chris Jones: Kimura! Kimura! We’ve never seen this but with Kana’s bad shoulder, Ire could get the submission victory.

The Living Weapon is able to get her feet on the bottom rope and Ire has to break the hold. The two stand back up and Ire turns Kana inside out with a lariat. Ire then does something out of character, he climbs to the top rope.

Chris Jones: What. The. Hell.

Alan Irvine: You idiot! What are you doing!?

Ire is perched on the top rope but Kana comes back to life. She runs and leaps up to the top rope for him and she looks for a hurricanranna but he tosses her down to the mat, landing hard on her back. Ire then leaps off of the top rope and comes crashing down on top of her with a frog splash.

Chris Jones: Frog splash from the champion! Who thought that we’d see that.

Alan Irvine: I hate to admit it but John Ire is a many of many talents. Jesus Christ that was devastating! Don’t let me down Kana!

The champion covers Kana but she gets her foot on the bottom rope on the last second. The audience can’t believe it and neither can Ire. The two get back up and Ire shoots Kana into the ropes, however, she comes back and hits him with a second Blood Sacrifice!

Alan Irvine: New champion! New champion! Ire is done for. This is it! We are witnessing history here Jones! Take it all in!

Kana goes to cover but Ire rolls onto the apron! Kana can’t believe it. She pulls him back under the bottom rope and gets him up. Kana goes for a kick but Ire catches her foot. For the first time ever we see a look of genuine concern on Kana’s face.

Chris Jones: Uh oh Kana.

Ire backflips out of it and lands on her feet but Ire smashes her with The Pisstaker elbow! Kana drops and Ire covers. 1…2…Kickout! At the last possible second Kana kicks out of The Pisstaker. Ire can’t believe it.

Alan Irvine: No one has ever kicked out of The Pisstaker. This is Miyami Kana’s night!

Chris Jones: This is one hell of a match. The best match FTF has seen thus far.

Both competitors get up with Kana being the more groggy of the two. They start exchanging shots back and forth but Kana gets a spurt of life, ducks under one right hand and she lifts Ire up for the Night Time Driver!

Alan Irvine: Goodnight John Ire! Say goodbye to your title reign.

Chris Jones: This could be it! We could be seconds away from crowning a new champion.

Alan Irvine: Yes! Kill him! Kill HIM!

Ire hits Kana with hard elbows to the collar bone and she has no choice but to let him go. Kana goes for a high kick but Ire evades it, grabs her arm and hits her with a ripcord Pisstaker elbow! Kana is flattened and Ire covers, finally getting the three count.

Nina Nichols: The winner of the third fall aaaaaaand still your FTF Champion, “Pissed Off” John Ire!

“Forever Pissed” cues up and Toronto explodes with cheers. John Ire takes a knee until the referee hands him the FTF Championship. He takes a moment to catch his wind and then stands. He takes another moment before holding the championship high in the air for all to see. Ono Inari helps Miyami Kana out of the ring but she immediately collapses ringside.

EMTs rush to the ring to check on Kana and she isn’t moving. Meanwhile, in the ring, Ire stands tall. The “Pissed Off” chant starts again and leads us through to the end of Episode Twelve.


fednwsmallMatch Results:
Tom Cherry def. Windham Zedler
– Lobo Malo def. Lazlo Vaughan
– Pretty/Dirty def. Hiccup Bigelow & Mick Mooney
– Second Hand Smoke def. Al Derringer
D3T Finals: White Wolves def. F.U.X. to win the FTF Tag Team Titles
– John Ire def. Miyami Kana 2-1 to retain the FTF Title