Rankings: Episode 011

  1. johnire
    FTF Champion:
    John Ire – 08/02/00
    The champion remains in the top spot despite not being in action this week. With Miyami Kana hot on his heels, this may be Ire’s last week at the top of the heap.
  2. miyamikana
    Miyami Kana – 10/03/00
    Set for her third attempt to become FTF Champion, Miyami Kana has all of the momentum in the world. She defeated Lazlo Vaughan with Ono Inari at her side and she may very well become FTF Champion at Duality thanks to her new found ferocity.
  3. hatchetmuldoon
    Hatchet Muldoon – 06/03/00 up2
    Muldoon moves up a spot this week thanks to his tag team victory alongside VJ Merrick over Hiccup Bigelow and Mick Mooney. F.U.X. are now set to compete in the finals of the Duality Tag Team Tournament to crown the first FTF Tag Team Champions.
  4. secondhandsmoke
    Second Hand Smoke – 06/00/00 up2
    Smoke rises in the rankings again with a dominant victory over rookie Windham Zedler. Smoke’s feud with Al Derringer will come to a head at Duality in FTF’s first ever Death Match.
  5. ezralaforge
    Ezra LaForge – 05/04/00 up2
    One half of the White Wolves cracks the top five after a victory over rival team Pretty/Dirty. LaForge has been on a hot streak as of late and now with her partner Constance Ripley she looks to defeat F.U.X. to become the first ever FTF Tag Team Champions.

  6. Karina Zima – 05/05/00 down2
  7. Al Derringer – 03/06/00
  8. Mick Moody – 03/05/00
  9. Lobo Malo – 02/06/00
  10. Constance Ripley – 03/01/00 up2
  11. VJ Merrick – 03/04/00
  12. Marie Veleno – 03/05/00 down2
  13. Lazlo Vaughan – 01/04/00
  14. Hiccup Bigelow – 01/03/00
  15. Windham Zedler – 00/03/00
  16. Joffrey Gough – 00/01/00
  17. Brixton Gough – 00/01/00