FTF Episode 011


Tonight FTF Champion John Ire answers the challenge of Miyami Kana. We will also see the two semi final matches in the Duality Tag Team Tournament.

The Fire Pit Arena
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

August 14th, 2016



The signature gets cut off as we immediately go to the arena and “Forever Pissed” is blaring over the p.a. system. FTF Champion John Ire comes stomping to the ring without a beer, so you can guess what that means. Ire gets into the ring and takes a mic.

John Ire: Alright gang, I’m out here to answer that little cunt Miyami Kana’s challenge. You want to come at me? You wanna blindside me just so ye can make a fuckin’ statement? Well challenge accepted bitch.

The audience pops big.

John Ire: But we aren’t doin’ it at fuckin’ Duality. We are gonna do it tonight. You and me. Two out of three falls, three outta five – fuck – a sixty minute iron man match if ye want. Just get your ass out here so I can show you why ye lost the first two fuckin’ times.

Ire drops the belt and gestures for Kana to come out, his anger is palpable. “Blood and Fire” cues up and Miyami Kana comes out onto the stage, smirking. She is flanked by her manager Ono Inari.

Ono Inari: Mr. Ire we are delighted that you chose to answer our challenge. However, the contract that we have is for Duality, not for tonight. So you will have to decide whether or not you are accepted the initial challenge for a 2 Out of 3 Falls Match at Duality or if you are just a coward.

John Ire: Oh don’t think ye can goad me into any bullshit. You don’t wanna do it tonight? Fine. We’ll do the match at Duality but that isn’t going to stop me from makin’ me own fuckin’ statement tonight.

Ire drops the microphone and heads up the ramp. Just before he reaches Kana and Inari a flood of security guards come out from the back.

Ono Inari: You know Mr. Ire we assumed that you would do this tonight. Our lawyers have convinced Mr. Odin that in order to protect the main event of Duality, it would be best if you leave the arena for the evening. You will not be putting your hands on Miyami Kana in this arena tonight.

Ire scowls and growls as Morgan Odin steps through the crowd of security guards. Ire yells something at him and Odin reluctantly gestures for him to leave. Ire instead lunges at Kana but the security force is too much, the wrestle him to the ground and eventually lead him through the curtain.

Singles Match
Second Hand Smoke
Windham Zedler
15 Minute Time Limit

The first contest of the evening sees Second Hand Smoke return to the ring to take on Windham Zedler. Zedler looks absolutely terrified.

Alan Irvine: For the third week in a row Windham Zedler has drawn the short straw.

Chris Jones: This poor guy.

The match begins and Zedler gets that “fuck it” expression on his face and he charges Smoke only to get hit with a clothesline from deep in the depths of hell.

Alan Irvine: I think that Zedler’s grandparents felt that one. They were cousins, y’know Jones.

Chris Jones: Don’t say things like that.

Alan Irvine: That’s what I get paid for.

Smoke throws Zedler into the corner like a sack of potatoes and follows that up with a running back elbow. Zedler staggers out from the turnbuckle and gets dropped over the top rope with snake eyes.

Chris Jones: No one has had an answer for Second Hand Smoke’s offence to this day. I feel like Windham Zedler is not going to be the first.

Against his better judgement, Zedler gets back up and eats a running big boot from Smoke. Smoke gets him up and plants him with the inverted ddt.

Alan Irvine: That didn’t take long. Thanks for coming out Windy!

From there it’s academic. Smoke locks in The Last Gasp and Zedler’s eyes roll back into his head, he passes out and the referee calls it.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Second Hand Smoke!

The referee raises Second Hand Smoke’s hand. Smoke kneels down beside Windham Zedler and puts his hand on Zedler’s forehead. Smoke then recites his litany of phrases in an unknown tongue. Smoke then stands and fixes his eyes on Nina Nichols.

Smoke approaches Nichols and takes her microphone. As soon as he turns away Nichols hightails it out of the ring.

Second Hand Smoke: Sergeant, I know that you aren’t here yet. I know that you are on your way. I know that you are coming for me.

Smoke pauses.

Second Hand Smoke: And I am ready for you. If you want to know what became of your friend, then you can find me in the parking lot. I will gladly unravel the mystery.

Smoke then drops the microphone, maintaining his stoic expression as he leaves the ring.


In the backstage area we see FTF interviewer Ben Choi standing with FTF’s resident luchadore, Lobo Malo.

Ben Choi: Lobo Malo, following a big victory over Hatchet Muldoon at Death or Glory your career has come to a standstill. You were not able to advance in the D3T so what I would like to know is, what’s next for you?

Lobo Malo: You aren’t telling lies Ben. I have not done anything of note recently but I want you and all of the fans to know, I am not going anywhere. I have earned my spot here in FTF and a few setbacks will not send me packing.

Just then Lazlo Vaughan walks into frame, hands in the pockets of his leather jacket.

Lazlo Vaughan: I love that. Love it. Love your determination Malo, love that you don’t want to go anywhere. I’ve gotta tell ya man, I can understand why.

Lobo Malo: What are you talking about ese?

Lazlo Vaughan: Woah woah don’t get hot man. I’m just saying that if I left behind what you left behind, I wouldn’t want to go back to Mexico either.

Lobo Malo: I don’t know what you’re trying to do here ese but joking about that kind of shit is going to get you in my bad books comprende?

Lazlo Vaughan: Man! Relax! I’m agreeing with you. I’m supporting you. I want you to succeed because if you’re forced to go back there, that’s likely the end of you. Isn’t it?

Malo gets in Vaughan’s face.

Lobo Malo: Listen man, you need to quit talking while you’re ahead. I’m about two seconds away from demonstrating on your punk ass why FTF signed me in the first place.

Lazlo Vaughan: Oh, is that so?

At that moment Vaughan quickly shoots forward and Malo’s body begins to shake violently before he falls on the ground in a heap. The shot pulls out to show Vaughan holding a taser.

Lazlo Vaughan: Sorry about that man. It’s just business. This is your one warning, either go back to Mexico and face your problems or I’ll be forced to send you back there. Maybe even in a box. Understand?

Vaughan then drops a couple of hard stomps to the side of Malo’s head.

Lazlo Vaughan: The Riveros send their regards.

The shot closes with Malo down and out on the ground.

Singles Match
Lazlo Vaughan
Miyami Kana
w/ Ono Inari
15 Minute Time Limit

Following his attack on Lobo Malo, Lazlo Vaughan comes to the ring looking pretty pleased with himself. That expression changes drastically when “Blood And Fire” cues up, bringing Miyami Kana to the ring followed by her manager Ono Inari.

Chris Jones: Irv are you aware of the concept of instant karma.

Alan Irvine: I am and I feel that Laz is about to become well acquainted with the idea.

The bell sounds and Kana rushes Vaughan but Vaughan ducks under her high kick attempt and rolls her up, getting a surprising two count.

Chris Jones: Some early offence from Lazlo Vaughan.

Alan Irvine: That was more of a defensive move but I know what you mean. He’s surviving. He’s a survivor. A cockroach if you will.

Chris Jones: An apt description.

The two get back up and Vaughan evades another kick. Vaughan then hits the ropes and attempts a clothesline but Kana ducks under it.

Chris Jones: Miyami Kana is so good at adapting to an opponent on the fly.

Vaughan reaches back and plants Kana with a neckbreaker that surprises everyone in the audience. Vaughan attempts to roll over into a cover but Kana rolls onto her stomach.

Alan Irvine: Lazlo Vaughan has a renewed confidence here. He is taking it to Miyami Kana.

The two get back to their feet and Vaughan is feeling pretty confident. Vaughan boots Kana in the mid-section and attempts a piledriver but Kana has other ideas.

Chris Jones: Uh oh. Kana is done playing around, I believe.

Alan Irvine: Yeah she is not interested in taking a piledriver.

Kana flips all of the way up and then takes Vaughan over with a headscissors take down. Vaughan gets back up to his knees and Kana immediately hits him with a buzzsaw kick to the side of the head.

Chris Jones: A devastating kick from Miyami Kana. That’ll muddle any offence from Vaughan real quick.

Vaughan staggers up to his feet and Kana tosses him overhead with a release northern lights suplex. Vaughan lands with a thud and Kana stays on him, running with a knee to his face.

Alan Irvine: Well thanks for coming out Vaughan. She’s kind of on a mission these days and you are an annoying side quest.

Chris Jones: I didn’t take you for a gamer Irv.

Alan Irvine: A what?

Kana goes to grab Vaughan but he tries to exit the ring. Kana grabs him by the belt and pulls him back into a release German suplex. Vaughan is rocked and Inari is clapping enthusiastically at ringside.

Chris Jones: This looks like the end for the con man.

Vaughan is rocked as he gets up and when he does The Living Weapon charges and blasts him with the Blood Sacrifice knee! Vaughan drops and Kana covers for the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Miyami Kana!

“Blood And Fire” cues up and Miyami Kana leaves the ring almost immediately with Ono Inari in tow.

Chris Jones: Miyami Kana improves her record, building a ton of momentum going into her last chance Two Out of Three Falls match for the FTF Championship at Duality.

Alan Irvine: This is a different Miyami Kana, Jones. I think she’s got Ire’s number come Duality. We are looking at our next FTF Champion.

When Kana disappears behind the curtain Lobo Malo stomps past her. The exchange glances but Malo has other things to handle. He walks out onto the stage, holding his head with one hand and a mic with another.

Lobo Malo: Vaughan, you wanna attack me on behalf of those piece of shit gangsters? I hope they are payin’ you a lot ese because I’m gonna make it real fuckin’ hard for you. You think you can send me back to Mexico? Send me back to The Riveros?

Malo takes a moment.

Lobo Malo: Then you are welcome to try homes. You and me, one on one at Duality. You want to try and force me out of FTF? It’s gonna take a lot more than a taser you coward. I’m still standing and I’m not going anywhere.


Backstage Hiccup Bigelow and Mick Mooney are getting ready for their semi final match.

Mick Mooney: Snipe, you were amazing last week. That springboard 450 was beauty. Real beauty stuff.

Hiccup Bigelow: Thanks Mick! And thanks for asking me to be your partner. This tournament is the shot in the arm that my career needs. We’re going to win the whole thing. I can feel it.

Mick Mooney: Me too snipe. None of these plugs can touch us. We are the perfect combination. But you gotta take my lead on this next one. I know these Aussie plugs. Merrick and I have history. Gotta have our heads on a swivel, got me?

Hiccup Bigelow: Definitely! I know they are liars and cheaters but we aren’t going to let that happen tonight. We have each other’s backs. We’re going to the finals, we’re going to win those Tag Team Titles.

On that last word Pretty/Dirty walk into frame, both of them laughing.

Karina Zima: Oh this is adorable. You two actually think that you’re going to make it to the finals at Duality? Bozhe moi you are delusional.

Marie Veleno: You two aren’t going to get past F.U.X. Your win last week was luck, against two reclutas. You’ve proved nothing. Niente.

Karina Zima: This little love thing that you’ve got going on is cute and all. And if you do manage to get past the Crocodile Dundee Duo then you will be running into us and let me tell you, that is not something you want to deal with.

Mooney goes to say something but Bigelow steps in front of him and gets in Zima’s face.

Hiccup Bigelow: You two are just a couple of bullies. But you are right about one thing. Micky and I aren’t just friends, we are tag team partners and we are going to the finals of this tournament. If you somehow beat the White Wolves (even when you couldn’t last time) then we will see you there. And we’ll kick your butts!

Both members of Pretty/Dirty are just stunned. Momentarily. Then they start laughing really hard.

Marie Veleno: Did you just say that you are going to kick our butts? My God bambino you are delusional. Good luck tonight. We likely won’t be seeing you next week.

Pretty/Dirty walk away laughing, leaving Bigelow and Mooney fuming.

Hiccup Bigelow & Mick Mooney
15 Minute Time Limit

The next match sees F.U.X., Hatchet Muldoon and VJ Merrick come to the ring first, followed by the unseasoned team of Hiccup Bigelow and Mick Mooney. Merrick and Mooney start the match for their respective teams.

Chris Jones: There is history here Irv. Mooney and Merrick are one and one when facing off with each other. This is somewhat of a rubber match.

Alan Irvine: Not really. One on one again would be the rubber match.

Chris Jones: That’s why I said “somewhat”.

Alan Irvine: Still wrong Jones. Still wrong.

Merrick and Mooney charge at each other and begin exchanging rights and lefts. Mooney gets the upperhand and sends Merrick into the ropes. Mooney drives his knee into Merrick’s mid-section which sends Merrick flipping over onto his back.

Chris Jones: Mooney sent that knee deep, driving all of the air out of Merrick’s body.

Mooney gets Merrick up and shoots him into the corner. Mooney runs in and hits Merrick with a running splash before taking him down with a snapmare. Mooney gets Merrick up and applies an arm wringer before tagging in Bigelow.

Chris Jones: This being only their second match together, Mooney and Bigelow are functioning well as a team.

Alan Irvine: They’ve tagged each other once in this match. Keep your panties on Jones.

Chris Jones: I’ll have you know that I wear briefs.

Bigelow climbs to the top rope and comes off of the top rope with a double axe handle to Merrick’s shoulder. Bigelow shoots Merrick into the ropes and hits him with a high flipping dropkick to the chin. Bigelow covers but only gets a two count.

Chris Jones: Hiccup Bigelow moves like lighting Irv, it’s amazing.

Bigelow tries to go for a ddt but Merrick picks her up and tosses her forward. Bigelow gets up on all fours but Merrick charges and hits her with a vile soccer kick to Bigelow’s face that gets a collective gasp from the audience.

Alan Irvine: This ain’t ballet Bigelow. Welcome to FTF.

Chris Jones: A heinous kick from Merrick. Something that we’ve come to expect from him and Hatchet Muldoon.

Merrick drags Bigelow by the foot back to the F.U.X. corner and he tags in his monster of a partner Hatchet Muldoon. Merrick applies a waist lock to Bigelow while Muldoon hits the ropes.

Chris Jones: This does not look good for Hiccup Bigelow!

Alan Irvine: Rest in peace their Throwup!

Muldoon comes running back and he smashes Bigelow with a running big boot while Merrick takes her over with a release German suplex. Bigelow goes down hard but rolls under the bottom rope.

Chris Jones: Hiccup Bigelow is on dream street but she knew enough to roll under the bottom rope, giving herself some time to recover.

The massive Australian stomps towards Bigelow and reaches over the top rope. Muldoon gets Bigelow and beales her over the top rope back into the ring. Bigelow lands with a thud and Muldoon is sporting a sadistic smile.

Chris Jones: Hiccup Bigelow really needs to make a tag here or her dreams of becoming Tag Team Champion are out the window.

Alan Irvine: Above all F.U.X. are destroyers. Hiccup Bigelow is a kid, a kid who is in way over her head and she is going to bring Mick Mooney down with her.

Muldoon sends Bigelow hard into the corner and follows it up with a running forearm to the face. Bigelow is then sent into the opposing corner and Muldoon hits her with a second forearm.

Chris Jones: She may be out cold Irv!

Bigelow is sent back to the other corner and this time Muldoon winds up while running at her. Muldoon goes for a third running forearm but Bigelow escapes through the ropes, onto the apron!

Chris Jones: Bigelow escapes! Maybe out of instinct alone.

Alan Irvine: This is her shot. She can’t mess it up Jones!

Chris Jones: Mick Mooney is aching for a tag!

Muldoon collides with the corner and Bigelow quickly climbs to the top rope. Bigelow leaps off of the top rope and takes Muldoon with a blockbuster. Both competitors are down and Mooney is begging for a tag.

Chris Jones: Get up kid! This is your chance to turn it around!

Bigelow crawls to the ropes as Muldoon slowly pulls himself up using the ropes. It takes a moment but Muldoon gets his wits about him and he charges at Bigelow. At the very last second Bigelow dives and makes the tag to Mooney.

Chris Jones: She does it! She makes the tag to Mick Mooney!

Alan Irvine: Aw God he thinks he’s actually going to be effective.

Mooney enters the ring and evades a clothesline from Muldoon. Mooney reaches back and plants Muldoon with a neckbreaker. Mooney then kips up, charges and knocks Merrick off of the apron.

Chris Jones: Mick Mooney had a plan and he is executing it! He could be on his way to the finals!

Alan Irvine: That was a cheap shot! What a hypocrite!

Chris Jones: Not untrue but still effective.

Muldoon takes refuge in the Bigelow/Mooney corner, sitting and seeing stars. Mooney lines Muldoon up and then charges in at Muldoon. Mooney goes for a running knee but Muldoon moves at the last second.

Chris Jones: Oh no! A miscalculation from Mooney!

Alan Irvine: No one ever called the kid a math wiz.

Mooney collides with Bigelow, knocking her off of the apron. Before Mooney knows what is what, Muldoon grabs him and plants him with a burning hammer! Mooney is down and Muldoon covers, getting the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners, advancing to the finals of the Duality Tag Team Tournament, Hatchet Muldoon and VJ Merrick, F.U.X.!

VJ Merrick reenters the ring and demands that his hand be raised alongside Hatchet Muldoon. F.U.X. celebrate as Hiccup Bigelow looks down and out ringside.


In the parking lot we see a yellow taxi cab arrive and Al Derringer steps out, the audience in the arena popping huge. Derringer stomps through the parking lot, making sure to check his six often.

Al Derringer: Where are you Smoke? Get your ass out here and tell me what I want to know. Now!

Derringer slowly looks around until something catches his attention. He looks up and the camera follows his glance. There, standing on top of a production truck is Second Hand Smoke.

Second Hand Smoke: Our hero has arrived! How wonderful! I can see that your friend Carl means a lot to you Sergeant.

Al Derringer: Stop with the bullshit Smoke. Come down here and let’s end this, man to man.

Second Hand Smoke: Oh we will settle this Sergeant, but not here. We will settle this on a much bigger stage. We will settle this at Duality.

Al Derringer: No. We will settle this now. You are gonna tell me just where the fuck Carl is.

Second Hand Smoke: You’re right, I will tell you. As soon as you accept my challenge. But before you do I want you to know that I want this match to be primal. I want to see the hero become the villain. I want you to be completely free to exact your vengeance. I want to face you in a Death Match.

Derringer takes a moment to consider it.

Al Derringer: You’re on motherfucker and you are going to regret it. You have pushed me too far. You want to see the villain in me come out boy? You’re gonna get it.

Second Hand Smoke: Exquisite. Now, would you like to know where Carl Walken is?

Al Derringer: Tell me you son of a bitch!

Second Hand Smoke: No. I’ll show you.

Just as those words leave Smoke’s mouth, Derringer is attacked from behind with a sledgehammer! Derringer drops and the shot pulls out to show that the attacker is Carl Walken! Derringer stares up at his friend while in immense pain.

Al Derringer: Carl…why…

Instead of getting an answer, Walken saunters away with a dead look in his eyes leaving the Soldier of Fortune laying in agony.

M A I N  E V E N T
White Wolves
15 Minute Time Limit

Next was the main event, a rematch from Death or Glory. Constance Ripley and Marie Veleno begin the match for their respective teams. They lock up and Veleno takes Ripley down immediately with a deep arm drag.

Chris Jones: Despite her less than stellar record, Marie Veleno is a talented high flyer and she never fails to impress me.

Ripley charges Veleno but gets taken over again with an arm drag. Veleno then applies a headlock but Ripley shoves her into the ropes. Veleno comes back and puts Ripley down with a shoulder block.

Alan Irvine: It’s time for Pretty/Dirty’s redemption! They are going to the finals. I know it Jones.

Chris Jones: Well history is against them in that regard but they have pulled out big wins in the past.

Veleno hits the ropes and tries to come back with a senton but Ripley rolls out of the way. Ripley spins on her heels and dives into a jacknife cover, only getting a two count.

Chris Jones: It was almost over right there Irv!

Alan Irvine: Yeah right. Veleno was just using that time to rest. She’s intelligent.

Chris Jones: No one is disputing that.

The two get back up and lock up again. Veleno breaks the hold and nails Ripley with a knee to the mid-section. Veleno goes for a ddt but but Ripley swings out of it into a go behind. Ripley tries for a German suplex but Veleno does a full backflip and lands on her feet.

Alan Irvine: What an athlete the Widow Maker is! Ripley looks shocked but she shouldn’t be. Marie Veleno is a seriously talented competitor.

The audience claps for the exchange and Veleno flips her hair at Ripley before casually tagging in Zima. Ripley charges in and Veleno catches her with a back kick to the mid-section. Zima then jumps off of the top rope with a double foot stomp to Ripley’s back.

Chris Jones: That was a game changer Irv. Pretty/Dirty are master strategists.

Alan Irvine: Well duh.

Zima gets Ripley up and shoots her into the ropes. On Ripley’s return Zima goes for a back drop but instead Ripley boots her in the face. Ripley drops Zima with a sitout facebuster and then rolls backwards to tag in LaForge.

Chris Jones: Ezra LaForge is in this match for the first time and she looks hot!

Alan Irvine: She is an athlete Jones, do not comment on her appearance like that. Do not objectify her.

Chris Jones: I meant that she looks ready to go!

LaForge enters the ring and takes Zima down with a dropkick. Zima gets right back up but LaForge puts her down with another. Zima gets up a third time but this time LaForge boots her in the mid-section and applies a front face lock.

Chris Jones: We know what is coming next Irv!

Alan Irvine: I don’t! Tell me! Don’t keep it a secret.

The audience pops as LaForge takes Zima over with a suplex. LaForge pops her hips, gets Zima up and hits her with a second suplex! She does this one more time but this time she lifts Zima up with a back suplex but then drops her face first with a wheelbarrow facebuster.

Chris Jones: Ezra LaForge with the trifecta. She is really showing a renewed sense of confidence since forming the White Wolves with Constance Ripley.

Alan Irvine: Yeah and she is about to be humbled. She and Ripley are too full of themselves and they are about to get a rude awakening.

Chris Jones: That remains to be seen!

Zima is in la la land as and LaForge measures her up. LaForge charges and goes for a shining wizard but Veleno shoots into the ring and hits her with a missile dropkick! When the referee moves to get Veleno out of the ring Zima pokes LaForge in the eye.

Chris Jones: Oh come on. Can’t they go one match without pulling this kind of shit?

Alan Irvine: Relax Jones. They are the future Tag Team Champions.

When the referee is finally able to get Veleno out of the ring, Zima gets LaForge up and plants her with the Proshchay Driver! Zima covers and the audience can’t believe it, the referee makes the count but at the last second LaForge gets her foot on the bottom rope.

Alan Irvine: Bullshit! Disqualification.

Chris Jones: You just aren’t making any sense now.

Alan Irvine: I’m a straw grasper! I grasp at straws!

Zima can’t believe it but her resolve remains. Zima holds on to LaForge’s foot and tags Veleno in. Veleno shoots over the ropes and drops a foot onto LaForge’s head. Veleno gets LaForge up and plants her with a short arm clothesline.

Alan Irvine: Cut the ring in half Veleno! She’s near death!

Veleno brings LaForge to a corner and then sits on the top rope. She grabs LaForge’s head and then plants her with a tornado ddt. Veleno covers but LaForge is able to kick out at two.

Chris Jones: Ezra LaForge is showing real resolve here. You can see how badly she wants to get to the finals next week.

Alan Irvine: I can’t say that she doesn’t have guts but I can say that she has no hope.

LaForge is sent into the Pretty/Dirty corner but she nails Zima with a sick kick that takes her off of the apron! Veleno charges to but LaForge sends her head first into the middle turnbuckle with a drop toe hold!

Chris Jones: This is what the White Wolves needed!

Alan Irvine: A cheap shot! Zima was minding her own business and she got assaulted for it. How can you be alright with that Jones?

Chris Jones: Tit for tat I suppose.

Alan Irvine: Get your mind out of the gutter. Please. I’m begging.

LaForge crawls to her corner but Veleno is on her. Veleno grabs LaForge by the foot but Veleno rolls forward sending Veleno into the White Wolves’ corner! Ripley blasts Veleno with a high kick from the apron just before LaForge makes the tag.

Chris Jones: What team work!

Ripley enters the ring and with LaForge they smash Veleno with the double superkicks, the Pack Mentality! Zima slides into the ring and tries to save her partner but LaForge drops her with an STO and locks in the Professional Grade! Zima can’t save Veleno as she gets pinned by Ripley for the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners, advancing to the finals of the Duality Tag Team Tournament, Constance Ripley and Ezra LaForge, the White Wolves!

Constance Ripley and Ezra LaForge celebrate as Pretty/Dirty scurry out of the ring to regroup. The White Wolves’ music cuts when F.U.X. come out onto the stage. The Wolves are ready for a fight but F.U.X. stay where they are, just motioning for the titles as Episode Eleven comes to a close.



Match Results:
– Second Hand Smoke def. Windham Zedler
– Miyami Kana def. Lazlo Vaughan
– D3T Semi Finals: F.U.X. def. Hiccup Bigelow & Mick Mooney
– D3T Semi Finals: White Wolves def. Pretty Dirty