Wrestler Spotlight: Pretty/Dirty


Hails From: Moscow, Russia (Zima) / Milan, Italy (Veleno)
Alignment: Heel
Style: Cheater (Zima) / High Flyer (Veleno)

Tag Team Finisher:

– Dirt Nap (Total Elimination)

Signature Move:
– Lunar Eclipse (Flying Leg Drop [Zima] / Top Rope Frog Splash [Veleno])

Both members of the FTF original eight, Karina Zima and Marie Veleno did not start out as friends. In fact, the first time they faced off Zima defeated Veleno via nefarious methods. Following that, Zima offered Veleno a partnership and thus Pretty/Dirty was born.

Their first target was Ezra LaForge. For weeks they harassed and bullied the Total Pro. The zenith came after Pretty/Dirty defeated LaForge in a handicap match and then proceeded to assault her manager Ken Laurier.

Pretty/Dirty then faced LaForge and her new partner Constance Ripley at Death or Glory in a losing effort. Following that they advanced in the first round of the Duality Tag Team Tournament, defeating Al Derringer and FTF Champion John Ire which was a huge victory for the young team. The two have their sights set on becoming the first FTF Tag Team Champions by any means necessary.

Title History:
– n/a

Record: 02/01/00

Match History:
– FTF 006: Pretty/Dirty def. Ezra LaForge
– FTF 008: White Wolves def. Pretty/Dirty
– FTF 010: Pretty/Dirty def. Al Derringer & John Ire