Rankings: Episode 010

  1. johnire
    FTF Champion:
    John Ire – 08/02/00
    Despite losing in Episode 10’s main event against Pretty/Dirty and thus losing his opportunity to become a double champion, John Ire remains at the top of the heap as he has never been defeating in singles competition. However Miyami Kana is hot on his heels, challenging him to a third match for the FTF Championship.
  2. miyamikana
    Miyami Kana – 09/03/00
    Kana has proved her dominance again by destroying everything in her path. This week we saw her destroy rookie Windham Zedler on route to challenging John Ire to another FTF Championship match. But now with her manager Ono Inari at her side can Kana finally best the champion?
  3. karinazima
    Karina Zima – 05/04/00 up2
    Zima got back to her winning ways this week with partner Marie Veleno as Pretty/Dirty. The two got a huge victory by defeating Al Derringer and FTF Champion John Ire to advance in the Duality Tag Team Tournament. Pretty/Dirty is now one step closer to becoming the first FTF Tag Team Champions.
  4. hatchetmuldoon
    Hatchet Muldoon – 05/03/00 down2
    Muldoon falls one spot this week due to inactivity but he will compete in the semi finals of the Duality Tag Team Tournament. With partner VJ Merrick, Muldoon looks to advance to the finals and then go on to become the one half of the first FTF Tag Team Champions.
  5. secondhandsmoke
    Second Hand Smoke – 05/00/00 up2
    This man’s rampage continued this week but not the way he wanted. He defeated Constance Ripley by disqualification when Al Derringer assaulted him. Smoke has Derringer’s friend Carl Walken held hostage somewhere but where that is is unknown.
  6. Ezra LaForge – 04/04/00 down2
  7. Al Derringer – 03/06/00
  8. Mick Moody – 03/04/00 up2
  9. Lobo Malo – 02/06/00 down2
  10. Marie Veleno – 03/04/00 up2
  11. VJ Merrick – 02/04/00 down2
  12. Constance Ripley – 02/01/00
  13. Lazlo Vaughan – 01/03/00
  14. Hiccup Bigelow – 01/02/00
  15. Windham Zedler – 00/02/00
  16. Joffrey Gough – 00/01/00
  17. Brixton Gough – 00/01/00