FTF Episode 010


The Fire Pit Arena
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

August 7th, 2016


The FTF signature plays and we cut immediately to the ring. There stands FTF General Manager, Morgan Odin. He gets some applause but they quickly die down when he raises the microphone to his lips.

Morgan Odin: Last week we saw the first two matches in the Duality Tag Team Tournament. F.U.X. and The White Wolves were able to advance. However, following the conclusion of the main event a certain competitor completely stepped out of line.

Last week…

The White Wolves have no time to celebrate as Miyami Kana re-enters the ring and nails Constance Ripley with the Blood Sacrifice! Ezra LaForge tries to intervene but Kana gets her up and plants her with the Night Time Driver!

Chris Jones: Miyami Kana has lost it! She just destroyed both of the White Wolves.

Alan Irvine: It doesn’t look like she’s finished yet.

Kana has a crazed look in her eyes as she focusses on Lobo Malo. Malo gets up and he is immediately hit with Kana’s Blood Sacrifice. Kana then quickly locks in Magic Hour! Lobo screams in pain as referees try to get Kana to break the hold.

Chris Jones: Two losses in a row has sent Miyami Kana over the edge! She has destroyed everyone in the ring.

Alan Irvine: They do not call her The Living Weapon for nothing. She wants to be at the top of FTF and she has grown tired with not being there.

Chris Jones: The referees need to break this up, Kana has lost her mind!

The referees finally get Kana to break the hold but as soon as she does she starts hitting them with kicks. Five referees are downed in quick succession as Kana has left complete destruction in her wake. The camera closes in on her face and she looks absolutely mental as FTF Episode Nine goes off the air.

Cut back to the arena and Odin is shaking his head.

Morgan Odin: Attacking fellow competitors is one thing. That is the nature of this business. But deliberately assaulting my officials is not something that I can let happen. At this time I would like Miyami Kana to come to the ring.

Nothing happens for a moment and then “Blood And Fire” cues up. Miyami Kana stomps to the ring and quickly enters. She approaches Odin and gets right in his face. Security goes to enter the ring but Odin calls for them to wait. Kana backs up and gestures for Odin to speak.

Morgan Odin: Miyami, I understand that you are frustrated. You have been on a tear here in FTF since it’s inception but whenever you get a big opportunity, it doesn’t work out. I understand. But you cannot attack my officials. You just can’t.

Kana just glares at Odin.

Morgan Odin: You were scheduled to compete tonight but that decision was made before I had time to think about what you did. That being said, I have no choice but to–

Before Odin can continue, a voice comes over the p.a.

???: Wait just a minute.

A Japanese woman comes out onto the stage dressed in a fine power suit.

???: Mr. Odin, my name is Ono Inari and I am Miyami Kana’s manager.

Inari continues walking to the ring and she enters, taking her place by Kana’s side.

Ono Inari: Mr. Odin, the company that I work for has a vested interest in Miyami Kana’s success here in FTF. That is why when we discovered that you planned on suspending Ms. Kana here tonight, we went right to work on looking over her contract and the official FTF bylaws that wrestlers must abide by.

Odin cocks an eyebrow.

Ono Inari: In doing so we discovered that referees are listed as in-ring “talent” as well as being officials. They have all agreed to a certain degree of physicality and in turn they do receive a hazard pay bonus.

Inari looks to a referee at ringside with a smile.

Ono Inari: Although Kana’s attack on them was wrong, it is not grounds for suspension for the simple fact that she was provoked. A case could be made that she believed them to be roster members that were trying to stop her.

Odin goes to speak but Inari doesn’t let him.

Ono Inari: We could tie this matter up with lawyers for the next few weeks or you could make the sound decision, the right decision. You will let Miyami Kana compete tonight and we will forget that any of this happened. Trust me Mr. Odin, you do not want my employers to get their lawyers involved. You truly do not.

Odin doesn’t speak. He just approaches Kana and looks her in the eyes, disregarding Inari.

Morgan Odin: You need to watch yourself. This is not your personal playground. If this happens again I will find a way to make you pay for it. Trust me.

Odin then exits the ring, leaving Inari with a big grin on her face and Kana looking stoic as ever.

Singles Match
Miyami Kana
Windham Zedler
15 Minute Time Limit

Miyami Kana is already in the ring with Ono Inari remaining at ringside. Windham Zedler makes his way to the ring to a pretty soft reaction.

Alan Irvine: This is going to be the second week in a row that Windham Zedler is getting the short end of the stick.

Chris Jones: He may surprise us Irv.

Alan Irvine: Yeah right.

The bell sounds and Zedler goes for a lock up but Kana shoots behind him and takes him over with a vile German suplex.

Chris Jones: Okay maybe you’re right.

Zedler gets up to his knees but Kana is lightning quick, she smashes him with a buzzsaw kick that nearly takes poor Zedler’s head right off.

Alan Irvine: Ho ho! Miyami Kana is in top form tonight. I’m surprised that Zedler’s head is still attached to his body.

Chris Jones: You can say that again.

Alan Irvine: I’m surprised that Zedler’s head is still attached to his body.

Chris Jones: Christ.

Kana shoots Zedler into the corner and follows that up with a running shotgun dropkick. Zedler staggers forward right into a jaw jacker.

Alan Irvine: She wants Zedler’s head! She wants to take it home with her!

Zedler is hung up on the ropes when Kana charges and hits him with a running high knee. Zedler is in a daze when Kana gets him in a fireman’s carry and plants him with the Night Time Driver.

Chris Jones: And that’s it. No one gets up from the Night Time Driver.

Kana covers but at two she breaks up her own pin. Inari claps at ringside as Kana transitions into the Magic Hour submission.

Alan Irvine: Kana wants to prove a point here. She isn’t losing to anyone any time soon.

Zedler can’t even verbalize or signal that he submits because he is out cold due to Kana’s strikes. The referee calls for the bell.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Miyami Kana!

Following the contest the referee raises Miyami Kana’s hand and she rips it away. She lunges at the referee but stops short. The ref falls down out of fear and Kana shows a small smile. She then exits the ring and walks up the ramp with Ono Inari at her side.


The tron lights up with a black and white scene showing a fit young man with shaggy hair sitting on a park bench. A voice begins speaking over the scene.

Voiceover: I’ve lived a hard life.

The young man looks up, with a contemplative expression.

Voiceover: It’s really hard being me, none of you could possibly understand.

He looks down again at his feet, his hands clasped in front of him.

Voiceover: The burden I carry…it can be a lot to handle.

A little boy approaches the young man, he’s holding a balloon. The young man stands and looks down at the child.

Voiceover: When you are this good, everyone wants a piece of you.

The young man smiles and color washes over the scene.

Voiceover: Luckily I’m Tom Cherry. Ain’t nothing I can’t handle. But FTF? Not one of you can handle me. I’ll see you soon.

Cherry pops the kid’s balloon with a clap and then shoves the kid down. The kid sits, crying as Cherry walks away.

Tom Cherry: You’ll fucking love it.

Tag Team Match
Brixton Gough & Joffrey Gough
Hiccup Bigelow & Mick Mooney
15 Minute Time Limit

The next contest was our third first round match in the Duality Tag Team Tournament. FTF rookies, brothers Brixton and Joffrey Gough were out first followed by Hiccup Bigelow and Mick Mooney.

Chris Jones: Tonight we see the debut of the Gough Brothers. Irv what do you know about them?

Alan Irvine: I actually personally scouted them while in England a few months ago. They were supposed to be on FTF Episode One but visa issues got in the way. But now that they are here I think that they are a dark horse team in this tournament.

The bell sounds with Brixton starting the match against Bigelow. The two stand in the center of the ring and Brixton gestures for Mooney to get in the ring.

Alan Irvine: A true British gentleman. Brixton Gough does not want to hit a girl.

Chris Jones: Well he had better get used to it, FTF is an intergender promotion. The girls can fight just as well as the boys.

Alan Irvine: Yeah a few can. Hiccup Bigelow is not one of them.

Mooney laughs but Bigelow doesn’t think it’s funny. Instead of tagging in Mooney she hits Brixton with a forearm smash to the face!

Chris Jones: Brixton Gough doesn’t have a choice now.

Bigelow attempts to send Brixton into the ropes but he reverses it and on her return he hits her with a giant back body drop. Brixton shakes his head and gestures again for Mooney to tag in.

Alan Irvine: This is unfair. Bigelow just isn’t on Brixton’s level.

Chris Jones: I think that it’s a bit too early to say that.

Bigelow refuses to tag, she stands and hits Brixton with another forearm smash. Brixton staggers into his corner where Joffrey is happy to tag in. Joffrey enters the ring and smiles at Bigelow.

Chris Jones: Bigelow needs to get out of the Gough’s corner.

Joffrey charges and Bigelow takes him down with a drop toe hold. Bigelow floats forward and applies a grounded head lock. Joffrey is able to quickly fight up to his feet.

Chris Jones: If Joffrey gives Bigelow any room then she could run away with this match. She is insanely fast.

Alan Irvine: Yeah yeah we know. Quick as a hiccup. Clever name. Puke.

Joffrey takes Bigelow over with a back suplex and holds it into a bridge. The referee counts but Bigelow kicks out just after two.

Alan Irvine: Excellent suplex from Joffrey Gough. This kid is a technical wizard, you’ll see that soon enough Jones.

Mooney calls for the tag and Bigelow runs, looking for it. She tries to jump over Joffrey but he holds her in the air and then tosses her forward onto her stomach.

Alan Irvine: Oh now she wants to tag.

Chris Jones: She doesn’t have a choice Irv. The Goughs have worked her over.

Joffrey tags in Brixton and then hoists Bigelow up for a suplex. Brixton comes off of the top rope with a crossbody as Joffrey drops the suplex. Brixton covers and Bigelow is able to kick out.

Alan Irvine: That right there is why these brothers are in FTF. They are an excellent tandem.

Bigelow crawls to her corner and Brixton grabs her foot. Bigelow hops up to one foot, turns and hits him with an enziguiri! Bigelow then tags in Mooney.

Chris Jones: This is it! Hiccup Bigelow needs to tag in Mick Mooney to stay in this tournament.

Alan Irvine: Get up Brixton! Mooney hits harder.

Chris Jones: Was that a compliment to Mick Mooney?

Alan Irvine: All I said is that he hits marginally harder than a girl. Relax.

Mooney gets the hot tag, runs at Brixton and nails him with a front dropkick to the face. Joffrey enters the ring and walks right into an overhead belly to belly throw.

Chris Jones: Mick Mooney is fired up Irv!

As Joffrey rolls out of the ring, Brixton gets up and walks right into The Tough Go from Mooney! Mooney then tags in Bigelow. She looks around at the audience for support and then hits a springboard into the ring with a 450 splash!

Alan Irvine: Holy shit!

Chris Jones: You said it! Hiccup Bigelow with a springboard 450 splash! What a move!

Bigelow hit the move perfectly and covers Brixton for the three count and the victory.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners, advancing to the semi finals of the Duality Tag Team Tournament, Hiccup Bigelow and Mick Mooney!

Hiccup Bigelow and Mick Mooney hug in the center of the ring before the referee raises their hands.

— 06/06/06

The tron shows a shot of a dark room where a man sits in a chair. He looks scared. Just then a large figure walks into the room. It’s Second Hand Smoke.

Second Hand Smoke: Please, Lieutenant Walken, relax. You are in no immediate danger. Actually, do you mind if I call you Carl?

Carl Walken: What the fuck do you want man? Why you got me tied up here?

The camera pulls out to show that Walken is tied to a chair.

Second Hand Smoke: I got the impression that you would not sit long enough to answer my questions once we began. I wanted to be certain that you would. I have things that I would like to know.

Carl Walken: You can’t do this man. Who the fuck are you?

Second Hand Smoke: I could go through my litany but we do not have time for that. But if you answer one of my questions, I will answer one of yours. That seems fair, no?

Carl Walken: What the fuck you wanna know man?

Second Hand Smoke: I want to know about Alan Derringer, your sergeant. He was in your platoon, no?

Carl Walken: Yeah, what you wanna know about Al, man?

Second Hand Smoke: I want to know his secrets. I want to know the man behind the rank.

Carl Walken: What secrets? Al is a good dude, you should leave him the fuck alone.

Second Hand Smoke: I would if I could Carl. He is not my only concern, however, before I move on I need to finish my issue with him. I need to break him, completely. We are almost there but not quite. He still has some life in him.

Carl Walken: A guy like Al ain’t scared by a guy like you, you freak. He’s tough as nails, one of the best guys I know.

Second Hand Smoke: Lieutenant I do not have time for lies. I have done my research but the documents that I have acquired are incomplete. You will tell me what I want to know. You will tell me about June 6th, 2006. And you will do it now…

The scene fades out as Smoke advances on Walken.

Singles Match
Constance Ripley
Second Hand Smoke
15 Minute Time Limit

Second Hand Smoke is already in the ring, having just watched himself on the Tron.

Chris Jones: Second Hand Smoke is here in front of us, obviously that footage was recorded sometime before tonight and somewhere else.

Alan Irvine: Well duh.

Chris Jones: What kind of man does this? Does that mean that Smoke still has Carl Walken held hostage somewhere?

Alan Irvine: One would think so, yes.

Constance Ripley comes to the ring and enters. The bell sounds and she cautiously approaches Smoke.

Chris Jones: Every time we see Second Hand Smoke we learn more and more about what he is capable. He has a man held hostage somewhere! What the hell?

Alan Irvine: I don’t know Jones but what I do know is that this man scares the absolute shit out of me.

Ripley hits Smoke with a leg kick but Smoke doesn’t even flinch. She tries another and again, he doesn’t even flinch.

Alan Irvine: That’s obviously not working honey. Maybe just lay down so that you can actually participate in your semi final match next week.

Ripley tries to shoot on Smoke but he hits her with a double axe handle to the back. He then pulls her up by the hair and shoots her into the ropes.

Chris Jones: Constance Ripley is one hell of an athlete but Second Hand Smoke is an otherworldly force. She needs to be extremely careful here.

Alan Irvine: She should lay down! Easy.

On Ripley’s return Smoke downs her with a big boot. Smoke then gets her up and sends her into the corner. He follows that up with a running clothesline.

Chris Jones: Second Hand Smoke is undefeated. He brutalized Al Derringer at Death or Glory. Constance Ripley needs to think about her career.

Smoke gets Ripley up and drops her across the top rope with snake eyes. She then staggers towards him right into a double choke lift.

Chris Jones: This is hard to watch Irv.

Alan Irvine: I know it doesn’t happen often but I agree.

As Ripley’s feet dangle, the referee applies the five count. Smoke holds on until four before throwing Ripley onto her back.

Chris Jones: I think it is just about over Irv. The Last Gasp is coming.

Smoke gets Ripley up and pulls her head back for the inverted ddt but he tosses her aside when Al Derringer comes charging down the ramp!

Chris Jones: Here comes the Soldier of Fortune! He must have seen Smoke’s video!

Alan Irvine: He looks absolutely pissed. The juggernaut is coming for blood!

Chris Jones: Or answers…

Derringer enters the ring and spears Smoke right through the ropes! The two land on the outside with a thud and the referee has no choice but to call for the disqualification.

Nina Nichols: Your winner by disqualification, Second Hand Smoke!

Al Derringer mounts Second Hand Smoke on the outside and starts absolutely beating on his face. In between each punch Derringer screams at Smoke.

Al Derringer: Where is he!?

Another punch.

Al Derringer: Where is he!?


Al Derringer: Where the fuck is Carl you son of a bitch!

Derringer keeps beating on Smoke until security swarms. It takes ten men to pull Derringer off of Smoke. Smoke lays on the outside, his face busted open. He is smiling, his teeth covered in his own blood.


Backstage we see Lazlo Vaughan speaking to someone on his cellphone.

Lazlo Vaughan: Has the money been transferred to my account?

The voice on the other end speaks.

Lazlo Vaughan: Well that’s just great. He’s in Toronto, I’ve already told you that but I know that you want more. What do you want me to do?

The voice speaks again and Vaughan raises his eyebrows in surprise.

Lazlo Vaughan: That’s going to cost you double but I can make it work. You want him to hurt, you want him to suffer…that’s no problem as long as you pay.

They speak again, this time louder but still inaudible.

Lazlo Vaughan: For sure. Just send the money and I’ll get to work.

Vaughan hangs up and smirks before walking out of frame.

M A I N  E V E N T
John Ire & Al Derringer
15 Minute Time Limit

FTF Champion John Ire is out first but it takes a few moments for Al Derringer to come out. Once he hits the ring Ire talks to him, visibly concerned. Ire then smacks him in the face.

Chris Jones: Al Derringer’s head may not be in this match. John Ire knows it.

Alan Irvine: And he’s not having any of it.

Pretty/Dirty are out next. They enter the ring and the bell sounds, with Karina Zima starting the match for her team against Ire.

Chris Jones: Karina Zima was unable to defeat Al Derringer last week, you can bet that she wants that win back.

Alan Irvine: More than that, Pretty/Dirty want to prove that they are the best team in FTF.

Chris Jones: That too.

Ire approaches Zima and she tries to exit the ring like she usually does but Ire pulls her back and launches her across the ring with a beale toss.

Chris Jones: The champion with quite the toss!

Ire gets Zima up and whips her into the ropes before planting her with a flap jack. Zima is immediately back up but Ire turns her inside out with a clothesline.

Alan Irvine: John Ire is 1-1 in tag team matches.

Chris Jones: Yes but the one that he was victorious in saw Al Derringer as his partner.

Alan Irvine: Is Al Derringer even here right now or is he with his friend Carl Walken, wherever he is?

The champion covers but only gets a two count. Ire gets Zima back up and shoots her into his corner but she jumps and drop kicks Derringer off of the apron!

Alan Irvine: Yes! That’s why Pretty/Dirty are the best. Make sure that Derringer isn’t a factor.

Zima turns and avoids a clothesline attempt from Ire that sees him collide with the corner. Zima then rolls Ire up and gets her feet on the second rope for leverage but Ire is still able to kick out at two.

Chris Jones: It’s going to take better cheating than that to keep the champion down.

Alan Irvine: That is but one method Jones. It’s just one.

Zima runs and tags in Veleno before Ire can get up. Veleno hits a springboard into the ring and looks for a cross body but Ire catches her, spins her around and drops her with a sideslam.

Chris Jones: Can’t surprise the champ. That’s why he is the champ.

Ire covers Veleno but she kicks out at two. Ire stands and points at Derringer, who is back on the apron. He screams “Get yer fuckin’ head in the game.” before turning back to Veleno.

Chris Jones: John Ire is getting real tired of Al Derringer.

Alan Irvine: It’s like he doesn’t even have a partner. Derringer has been a nonfactor so far.

Veleno catches Ire with a thumb to the eye but the champ is smart enough to stagger back into his corner where Derringer tags in. Derringer enters the ring and Veleno cowers in her corner.

Alan Irvine: Is he in this match now? I mean is he really?

Derringer charges at Veleno but she tags in Zima and moves out of the way. Derringer hits the corner and then at the same time, Veleno and Zima springboard into the ring. They hit stereo dropkicks on the Sarg and Zima covers, only getting a two count.

Zima drops a serious of stiff boots to Derringer’s mid-section before climbing to the top rope. She leaps off looking for a double axe handle but Derringer catches her by the throat.

Chris Jones: This is how Derringer defeated Zima last week!

Alan Irvine: Do something Veleno!

Derringer lifts Veleno up for the Shock & Awe but then the lights go out and the screen lights up. Carl Walken is shown again, tied to a chair. The word “LIVE” is written in the corner of the screen.

Chris Jones: Is this a live feed? What the hell?

Derringer lets go of Zima and goes to leave the ring but Veleno is there to hit him with a giant kick to the face from the apron. Zima charges and headbutts Ire through the ropes, causing him to fall off the apron.

Alan Irvine: Yes! Yes! Zima and Veleno have taken advantage of the distraction.

Zima tags in Veleno and they hit their version of the total elimination on Derringer! Veleno covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners, advancing to the semi finals of the Duality Tag Team Tournament, Karina Zima & Marie Veleno, Pretty/Dirty!

Pretty/Dirty quickly exit the ring and run up the ramp, not wanting to stay any longer than necessary. In the ring, John Ire enters and looks more pissed off than usual.

Chris Jones: The champ is not happy Irv.

Alan Irvine: Is he ever?

Al Derringer gets up, holding the back of his head. Ire shoves him and asks him “What the hell mate?” but Derringer just brushes him off and leaves the ring. Derringer stomps up the ramp, leaving the champ all alone.


As John Ire stands in the ring, he gestures for his title while keeping his eyes on Al Derringer. Derringer disappears behind the curtain and a figure enters the ring with the title.

Kana runs and smashes Ire in the back of the head with the FTF Championship. He drops and she starts putting the boots to him.

Ono Inari then also enters the ring as Ire lays on the mat.

Ono Inari: Sorry about the violence Mr. Ire but we wanted to get your attention. Miyami Kana is not done with you, but you are done with the D3T.

Kana stomps on Ire again for good measure.

Ono Inari: We would like to officially challenge you to a match for the FTF Championship at Duality.

Kana picks up the FTF Championship.

Ono Inari: But seeing as how you defeated my client twice, she wants her wins back. She wants this to be a two out of three falls match.

Kana tosses the title down on top of Ire.

Ono Inari: We eagerly await your response.

Inari drops the microphone and exits the ring with Kana. The two stand at the bottom of the ramp staring at Ire as Episode Ten goes off the air.




Match Results:
– Miyami Kana def. Windham Zedler
– DT3 Quarter Final: Hiccup Bigelow & Mick Mooney def. The Gough Brothers
– Second Hand Smoke def. Constance Ripley via DQ
– DT3 Quarter Final: Pretty/Dirty def. Al Derringer & John Ire