Wrestler Spotlight: Ezra LaForge


Hails From: Tofino, British Columbia, Canada
Height & Weight: 5’2″ & 110lbs.
Alignment: Face
Team: White Wolves (w/ Constance Ripley)
Style: Technical


– Professional Grade (Border City Stretch)

Signature Move:
– LaForgery (Pop Up Tornado DDT)

Ezra LaForge was trained by retired Canadian wrestling legend Ken Laurier at the Wolf Den in Vancouver, British Columbia. When FTF sent out a call looking for talent, LaForge sent them a tape despite her mentor’s objections. Despite what Laurier thought, LaForge was invited to compete at the first show.

LaForge won her first match but then found herself suffering four consecutive losses. One of which came in the Summit Series which saw her shot at becoming the first FTF Champion go up in smoke. Following this, she found herself at odds with the tandem of Karina Zima and Marie Veleno, Pretty/Dirty. Zima and Veleno kept antagonizing LaForge, to the point where they actually attacked her mentor Laurier.

In order to combat Pretty/Dirty, Laurier called upon another one of his students named Constance Ripley. Ripley debuted and saved LaForge from a beat down. The two would then declare themselves a team, now known as White Wolves. They challenged Pretty/Dirty to a tag team match at Episode 008: Death or Glory. The Wolves were able to come out on top, staking their claim as the best tag team in FTF.

Title History:
– n/a

Record: 03/04/00

Match History:
– FTF 001: Ezra LaForge def. Marie Veleno
– FTF 002: Miyami Kana def. Ezra LaForge
– FTF 003: Karina Zima def. Ezra LaForge
– FTF 004: Miyami Kana def. Ezra LaForge
– FTF 006: Karina Zima & Marie Veleno def. Ezra LaForge
– FTF 007: Ezra LaForge def. Lazlo Vaughan
– FTF 008: White Wolves def. Pretty/Dirty