Sober Thoughts: The Why

What the hell am I doing this?

Very good question, thanks for asking. But before I answer I want to let you know who I am. I go by the handle of Sober and I’ve been e-fedding for far, far, far too long. I take long periods of time off but I can never truly give up the hobby. I’ve done it all, top to bottom, everything you can do in this hobby, I have done.

That being said, I just want to explain why I am writing Fire Thunder Fighting. The entire project is handled by me, no one else is involved. I don’t have handlers, match writers or other staffers that assist me with this. It all comes from my mind.

Is it all good? Likely not. But I have had a lot of fun creating this world. I don’t have to worry about judging roleplays or handling the handlers. Deadlines aren’t really a thing and I don’t have to play referee for OOC issues. It’s a pretty good gig.

Although I am doing this all on my own, I am toying with the idea of opening up FTF to handlers. It likely won’t be for a while and there is a good reason for that. If you pay attention to the show dates, they are all dated from last year. That has given me a lot of time to create a mythology for FTF that handlers can easily step into, if I choose to go that route.

I don’t know how many (if any at all) have been reading FTF but I appreciate any and all feedback. Feel free to hit me up on twitter @FireThunderx.