Episode 008: Death Or Glory


The Fire Pit Arena
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

July 24th, 2016


We get a special opening package for Episode Eight that ends with the Death or Glory logo fading into view. We get a shot of the audience in The Fire Pit Arena before cutting to Chris Jones and Alan Irvine at ringside.

Chris Jones: Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome FTF Episode Eight: Death or Glory!

Alan Irvine: I’m ready to go here tonight Jones. We have six huge matches.

Chris Jones: That we do. A lot of scores are going to be settled. Which matches are you most looking forward to?

Alan Irvine: Personally I’m looking forward to Pretty/Dirty finally dispatching Ezra LaForge and her new partner Constance Ripley. Pretty/Dirty need to focus on obtaining the FTF Championship, tonight they leave LaForge in the dust.

Chris Jones: That is definitely going to be a competitive tag team contest. We are also going to see Hatchet Muldoon take on Lobo Malo in a no disqualification match.

Alan Irvine: Yeah I can’t wait to see Muldoon absolutely murder Lobo Malo. No DQ? Lobo Malo doesn’t stand a chance. Speaking of not standing a chance, tonight we’re gonna see Al Derringer try and conquer the undefeated Second Hand Smoke.

Chris Jones: It’s a tall order indeed. Second Hand Smoke has had three matches in FTF so far and he has never been taken off of his feet. He’s barely taken any damage! But what about tonight’s main event Irv? The first defence for FTF Champion John Ire.

Alan Irvine: I look at it this way Jones, Miyami Kana has wrestled on every show. She only has one blemish on her record and that is a defeat at the hands of John Ire. We have seen a more ruthless side of Kana in the past few weeks, I don’t know that Ire is ready for her.

Chris Jones: We have seen a more aggressive Miyami Kana as of late, this is going to be quite the challenge for the FTF Champion. But all of that is later on, right now we kick off the action with the debut of a unique new competitor.


The tron lights up with a shot of a beautiful young woman. She is is sporting a big smile and is waiving enthusiastically.

Hiccup Bigelow: Hi pals! I’m Hiccup Bigelow and while I may not look like it, I’m a pro wrestler.

A bigger smile and a wink.

Hiccup Bigelow: Now to my fellow competitors, I don’t want you to be scared! When you lose to me it may hurt your ego but rest assured, you lost to the best. I’ve been called an anomaly, I’ve been called an underdog, but what I will be called soon enough is champion.

She motions for a belt.

Hiccup Bigelow: At Death or Glory I’m going to make my debut and I’ll beat Lazlo Vaughan. No two ways about it.

Another wink, cut.

Singles Match
Hiccup Bigelow
Lazlo Vaughan
15 Minute Time Limit

There is a mixed reaction as new FTF signee Hiccup Bigelow makes her way to the ring. She slaps hands with the fans as she comes down the ramp, sporting a huge smile on her face.

Chris Jones: This is Hiccup Bigelow from New Jersey. She has a bit of experience on the indy scene but for all intents and purposes she is a rookie.

Alan Irvine: You can tell! Look how happy and bubbly she is, that’s not going to fly against a guy like Lazlo Vaughan.

The bell sounds and Vaughan rushes Bigelow. She takes him over with an arm drag and then another one. Vaughan looks shocked and Bigelow just smiles at him.

Chris Jones: Bigelow got the nickname of Hiccup for being insanely fast, obviously. However, he mentors in Mexico and Japan have stated that she is the fastest competitor that they have ever seen.

Vaughan goes for a collar and elbow tie up but Hiccup swings behind him and goes for a German suplex. Vaughan hooks his leg onto hers and takes her over with a snapmare. Vaughan then applies a chin lock.

Chris Jones: You know as much as I think he’s scummy, Lazlo Vaughan doesn’t get enough credit. The man is an incredible counter wrestler, he just hasn’t really shown it yet.

Alan Irvine: I once heard that he conned his way into a giant amount of money and then left the briefcase it was in on the subway.

Chris Jones: I feel that something like that would have made national news.

Alan Irvine: Yeah it’s super possible that he lied.

Vaughan still has Bigelow grounded with a chin lock but the audience rallies behind her. Bigelow begins fighting back. She is able to get up and hits Vaughan with some big elbows to the mid-section which finally results in him breaking the hold.

Chris Jones: It didn’t take long for Hiccup Bigelow to get the audience in The Fire Pit on her side.

Alan Irvine: They are an impressionable bunch.

Bigelow shoots into the ropes with lightning quick speed and on her return she attempts a hurricanranna but Vaughan holds her up, runs and tosses her into the corner with a buckle bomb.

Alan Irvine: She may need to slow down and think about…y’know…strategy.

Bigelow stumbles out of the corner and Vaughan boots her in the mid-section. He lifts her up with a pump handle and then drops her with a flatliner, which he calls the Pigeon Drop. Vaughan covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Lazlo Vaughan!

Chris Jones: A rough first outing for Hiccup Bigelow, but she seems to have won over the fans.

Alan Irvine: Don’t talk about her! Talk about the winner! Lazlo Vaughan has secured his victory in FTF thanks to that huge finishing move, the Pigeon Drop. I suspect big things out of this guy in the future.


Backstage FTF Interview Mischa Sloan stands with fan favourite, Mick Mooney.

Mischa Sloan: Mick Mooney, tonight you have a rematch with your rival VJ Merrick.

Mick Mooney: That’s right. I have to face this plug, again. And you know what? I don’t really mind because the last time me and that bud went head to head, I smoked him. Now he wants to chirp me and attack me when I’m preoccupied? Pretty weak move if you ask me.

Mischa Sloan: Why do you think Merrick continues to be a thorn in your side?

Mick Mooney: The guy is a sore loser, simple as that. I dinged him and he can’t get over it. Tonight I’m going to do it again and then maybe, just maybe, he’ll get the message.

Mooney turns to the camera.

Mick Mooney: VJ, bud, when I smoke you tonight I think you need to take a step back. I think maybe you want to leave FTF for a bit, go back to your home on monster island and reevaluate your career. You can’t beat me and tonight I’m gonna drill that fact into your thick skulls. See ya out there, plug.

Singles Match
Mick Mooney
VJ Merrick
15 Minute Time Limit

The next match sees Mick Mooney hit the ring first. While he waits for VJ Merrick to get to the ring, Merrick comes from the crowd and clubs Mooney from behind. The bell sounds and Merrick mounts Mooney, hitting him with a barrage of shots.

Chris Jones: VJ Merrick has been obsessed with getting his win back from Mick Mooney.

Alan Irvine: Obsessed is a bit much. Merrick knows that he is better than this jock idiot Mooney and he wants to prove it.

Chris Jones: Well if he is so much better, he wouldn’t have to constantly sneak attack him.

Mooney is able to buck his hips and put Merrick on his back. Mooney then feeds Merrick some shots of his own before shooting Merrick into the corner. Mooney follows that up with a running stinger splash.

Chris Jones: Despite a hard loss to Second Hand Smoke last week, Mick Mooney is as confident as ever.

Alan Irvine: He’s overconfident if you ask me. Guy is going to get a reality check tonight.

Merrick staggers out of the corner and Mooney plants him with a spinning neckbreaker. Mooney covers but Merrick kicks out at two. Undeterred, Mooney kneels on the side of Merrick’s head and flexes, which gets a pop.

Alan Irvine: See? Overconfident.

The audience is firmly behind Mooney when Merrick fights up and pokes Mooney in the eye. Mooney staggers backwards and Merrick shoots him into the ropes, taking him over with a hip toss. Merrick then keeps Mooney grounded with a standing arm bar.

Chris Jones: VJ Merrick trying to rip at the shoulder of Mick Mooney.

Alan Irvine: Let’s see that idiot flex now.

Thanks to chants from the audience, Mooney fights up and treats Merrick with a knee to the mid-section. With Merrick rocked, Mooney charges and hits a running high knee to Merrick’s face.

Chris Jones: I think that Mick Mooney is done playing around. He wants to defeat Merrick tonight but more than that he wants to leave without any doubt that he is the better man.

Alan Irvine: Oh he’ll be leaving with a great deal of doubt.

Mooney boots Merrick in the mid-section and goes for a ddt but Merrick blocks it and tries to take Mooney over with a northern lights suplex, which connects. Merrick bridges into a pin but Mooney kicks out at two.

Chris Jones: Excellent suplex from VJ Merrick.

The two are back up when Merrick catches Mooney with a hard chop to the throat. Mooney staggers back and Merrick clotheslines him over the top rope. Mooney lands on the apron and while Merrick celebrates, Mooney springboards into the ring and takes him down with a clothesline.

Chris Jones: This could spell the beginning of the end for VJ Merrick.

Mooney calls out to the audience and gets Merrick up. He gestures to Merrick to suck it before he boots Merrick in the mid-section and attempts The Tough Go fameasser, but Merrick steps back and pulls Mooney over with a roll-up! The referee doesn’t see Merrick pull on the tights for the extra leverage and Merrick gets the three count!

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, VJ Merrick!

VJ Merrick slides out of the ring and raises his arms! He then takes a lap, jogging around ringside in celebration. Mooney sees this and slides out of the ring after him. Merrick immediately runs up the ramp, with Mooney in pursuit.


Cut to the announce table with Chris Jones and Alan Irvine, ringside.

Chris Jones: At FTF Episode Five we saw the debut of a man who has become a serious force here in FTF, Second Hand Smoke.

Alan Irvine: This guy is scary. No one has been able to deal any damage to him.

Chris Jones: Very true and for whatever reason Smoke has developed an interest in the Soldier of Fortune Al Derringer. Let’s take a look back at how the issue between these two men came about.

Episode 005…

Second Hand Smoke applies a standing dragon sleeper and then falls to the mat, applying the body scissors. Lazlo Vaughan has no choice but to submit.

Following the contest Smoke allows his hand to be raised. He kneels down beside Vaughan and puts his hand on his forehead. Smoke then mutters some words in a foreign tongue before standing and exiting.

Alan Irvine: Jesus Christ. This man is unstoppable!

Episode 006…

Second Hand Smoke plants Merrick with an inverted ddt and then locks in the Last Gasp! Merrick struggles for a few moments but then eventually he has no choice but to submit. The bell sounds but Smoke doesn’t release the hold. He does after a few moments, much to the relief of the referee.

Smoke puts a hand on Merrick’s face and then recites words in an otherworldly tongue. 

Chris Jones: Smoke is cold, smoke is calculated. This man is quickly become a force here in FTF.

Episode 007…

Second Hand Smoke pulls Mick Mooney up to his feet and then pulls his head back, dropping him with an inverted ddt. Smoke holds on and applies the Last Gasp dragon sleeper. After only a few moments in the hold Mooney is forced to submit.

Second Hand Smoke has his hand raised and as has become his ritual, he kneels down beside Mooney and puts his hand on his forehead. Smoke then mutters some words in a foreign tongue.

Episode 006…

Second Hand Smoke walks into frame and stands next to Al Derringer.

Second Hand Smoke: You look pretty broken to me. You look like you could use some assistance.

Al Derringer: Listen pal, I don’t know you and I don’t wanna know you. Why don’t you just piss off and mind your business.

Second Hand Smoke: Oh but this is my business Alan. I feel that I can help you, that we can do great things together. Great, terrible things.

Al Derringer: I don’t know what the hell you are talking about pal but I’m nearing the end of my capacity for politeness. Kick rocks before it’s all used up.

Second Hand Smoke: Alright Alan, I will go away. But I will be watching you, waiting to see the day that your own inadequacies finally break you.

Episode 007…

Second Hand Smoke doesn’t exit the ring, he just watches VJ Merrick beat on Mick Mooney. That is when Al Derringer comes charging down the ramp.

Chris Jones: It’s Al Derringer! He has suffered a beat down from Merrick before and he doesn’t want to see it happen to someone else.

Alan Irvine: Oh what a hero! Not.

Derringer slides into the ring but Smoke meets him with a shot to the throat. Derringer drops and Smoke gets him back up. Smoke drops Derringer with an inverted ddt.

Alan Irvine: Haha! Smoke said he’d be watching Derringer but it looks like he wants to do more than watch.

Chris Jones: But why? Why has Smoke set his sights on Al Derringer?

Later that night…

Second Hand Smoke: Al Derringer. You believe yourself to be a hero. You believe that you stand for truth, justice, and all of those traditional American values. More than that, you believe that they are the right things to stand for.

Second Hand Smoke: At Death or Glory I will show you the ultimate fate of anyone who attempts to be a guardian angel, a hero. I will show you failure. I will show you pain. I will show you death. I will show you what happens to hope when I confront it.

Even later that night…

Al Derringer: Second Hand Smoke, you want to show me death? Well I have news for you punk, I’ve seen death. I’ve stared it right in the face and I smiled. This soldier has seen more death than you can imagine. I’ve confronted it hundreds of times and I survived. I’ll see you at Death or Glory, where I plan on taking the latter.

Singles Match
Al Derringer
Second Hand Smoke
15 Minute Time Limit

Following the video package, “The Solider of Fortune” Al Derringer comes to the ring to a pop from the audience. He doesn’t pander to them, he looks focussed and ready.

Alan Irvine: I really hope that the Sarg knows what he has gotten himself into here.

Chris Jones: Why is that?

Alan Irvine: I hope that he got his affairs in order, because Second Hand Smoke is going to kill him. Dead.

A darkness falls over the arena. Smoke fills the ramp way as a nocturne plays over the speakers. Second Hand Smoke slowly walks to the ring. He reaches ringside and slowly walks up the steps. When he enters the ring, the lights come back on and the pale white face of Smoke stares a hole through Derringer.

Alan Irvine: It feels like death follows this man.

Chris Jones: I wish that the people at home could feel what we feel in this arena right now. It’s chilling, to say the very least.

The bell sounds and Derringer rushes Smoke. He starts hitting him with big shots but Smoke just eats them. Smoke pie faces Derringer backwards and then follows it up with a big boot, however, Derringer doesn’t go down.

Chris Jones: Derringer stands tall!

Smoke shoots off of the ropes and hits Derringer with a clothesline but Derringer doesn’t go down. Smoke’s expression doesn’t change. Derringer hits the ropes and attempts a clothesline of his own but Smoke ducks under it and hits Derringer with a throat thrust.

Alan Irvine: I can honestly say that I am surprised that Derringer is holding his own. Kind of. It’s entirely possible that I grow to respect this man.

Chris Jones: Really?

Alan Irvine: Eh, probably not.

Derringer is staggered when Smoke grabs him and whips him into the ropes. Smoke goes for a big boot but Derringer catches it. Derringer then pulls Smoke in and takes him over with a belly to belly suplex! The audience explodes!

Chris Jones: He did it! Al Derringer is the first man to take Second Hand Smoke down!

Alan Irvine: I don’t believe what I’ve just seen.

Smoke doesn’t show any pain, he just sits up and crosses his legs. Derringer doesn’t know what to think of this so he hits the ropes and goes for a stiff boot to Smoke’s face but Smoke shows great speed by rolling out of the way, standing, and smashing Derringer with a boot.

Chris Jones: We have not seen that kind of speed from Second Hand Smoke yet but there it is. This man is a freak of nature.

Derringer is sent flying onto his back and Smoke pounces. Smoke gets Derringer up and sends him into the corner. Smoke follows that up with a running clothesline in the corner. Derringer staggers out and Smoke lifts him over his shoulder before dropping him onto the top rope with snake eyes.

Chris Jones: Oh no Irv, this is usually the prelude to the end for Smoke’s opponents.

Alan Irvine: Nice to know you Sarg.

Smoke gets Derringer up and sets him up for the inverted ddt but Derringer fights out, lifts Smoke up and absolutely drills him into the mat with a spinebuster! The audience explodes once again and Derringer covers, only getting a one count and barely.

Chris Jones: He barely even got a one count there. Second Hand Smoke may be unstoppable Irv.

Alan Irvine: That is a scary notion, for everyone in the locker room.

Smoke sits up again but this time doesn’t cross his legs. He just stands and walks right at Derringer, getting in his face. Derringer starts yelling things at Smoke before hitting him with a right hand but Smoke just eats it and then grabs Derringer around the throat.

Chris Jones: It’s like any offence that Derringer lands, just makes Smoke stronger.

Alan Irvine: How do you beat a man like this? I honestly do not know.

Chris Jones: Nor do I Irv, nor do I.

Smoke forces Derringer into the corner by the throat and continues to choke him. The referee starts the count of five and Smoke releases at four. But when he does, Derringer answers by grabbing Smoke around the throat!

Chris Jones: It could be time for the Shock & Awe! This could put Second Hand Smoke away! Do you believe in miracles Irv?

Alan Irvine: I don’t but if Derringer can hit this then maybe I will start.

Derringer tries to lift Smoke up for the Shock & Awe but Smoke hits him with elbows to the side of the head. Smoke then sends Derringer over the top rope with a clothesline to the outside. Derringer lands on his feet but that clothesline busted his mouth open.

Alan Irvine: God a shot from Smoke must feel like getting hit with a sledgehammer.

Derringer tries to recover on the outside and doesn’t see Smoke hit the opposing ropes, charge and leap over the top rope with a suicide dive! Smoke lands right on top of Derringer and takes him down. The audience cannot believe it.

Chris Jones: Neither of these men can be called cruiserweights. What a display of athleticism from Second Hand Smoke.

Alan Irvine: We have only seen a small percentage of what this man can do and that is terrifying.

Smoke gets Derringer up and shoots him hard into the ring post. Derringer’s head smashes off of the ring post and it busts him open. Smoke kneels beside Derringer and holds his head, showing the camera Derringer’s bloodied face.

Chris Jones: This is uneccessary. Smoke is just trying to make an example out of Derringer at this point.

Alan Irvine: Fear is a useful tool. This will put everyone in the locker room on notice.

Smoke gets Derringer up and slides him into the ring. When Smoke enters, Derringer is up and he hits Smoke with a right hand. Smoke just eats it. Derringer tries another but again Smoke just eats it. Rocked and possibly concussed, Derringer hits the ropes and comes back at Smoke only to get caught with a sidewalk slam.

Chris Jones: It may just be academic at this point Irv.

Smoke gets Derringer up and pulls his head back, dropping him with the inverted ddt. There, Smoke locks in the Last Gasp dragon sleeper. The referee is there to call the submission but Derringer doesn’t tap out. He passes out. The bell sounds.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, via referee stoppage, Second Hand Smoke!

The bell sounds and the referee raises Second Hand Smoke’s hand. Smoke kneels down beside Al Derringer and puts his hand on Derringer’s bloodied forehead. Smoke then recites his litany of phrases in an unknown tongue. Smoke then wipes Derringer’s blood on his own chest before leaving the ring.

Chris Jones: This man has just made a statement Irv. Who in FTF can oppose him?

Alan Irvine: As much as I don’t care for the Sarg, he did his best and it wasn’t even close to good enough. Whomever wins the main event should take notice, FTF may belong to Second Hand Smoke.


In the backstage area Hatchet Muldoon sits, with a giant axe laying across his lap.

Hatchet Muldoon: I am a superstitious man. I’ve bloody well admitted that. Lobo Malo cost me my shot at fighting for the FTF Title with his careless words. He is the black cat that has crossed me path and I can’t continue my war for the FTF Title until I skin him.

Muldoon runs his thumb along the edge of the axe.

Hatchet Muldoon: Tonight we will go to war, a war with no rules. Anything goes. I hope that you are dreading this Malo, you cunt. Because if you aren’t then you aren’t paying attention.

Muldoon draws blood with a small cut on his thumb.

Hatchet Muldoon: I am a bad man Malo. You know this. But you don’t know how bad I can really be. Tonight, I show you. Tonight I show everyone. I am the most hardcore man in this company, I am the most blood thirsty shark in these seas.

He stands and slings the axe of his shoulder.

Hatchet Muldoon: Listen to me “bad wolf”. You aren’t bad. But let me tell you something; what is about to happen to you is going to be the definition of bad. Everyone else? Pay attention.

Muldoon grunts and walks out of frame.

No Disqualification Match
Hatchet Muldoon
Lobo Malo
15 Minute Time Limit

The match begins with Hatchet Muldoon standing in the ring with his chair. Muldoon swings on Lobo Malo but Malo ducks underneath it, turns around and hits a dropkick right into Muldoon’s face.

Chris Jones: Lobo Malo showing Hatchet Muldoon what hardcore is right off the bat!

Alan Irvine: It was a chair, not a bat.

Muldoon staggers back into the corner and catches himself. Malo charges in and hits Muldoon with a high knee. Malo then brings Malo out of the corner with a running bulldog right onto the chair!

Chris Jones: It has been all Lobo Malo in the opening moments here! He is looking to get his career back on track and a win over Hatchet Muldoon would do that for him.

Malo covers but only gets a two count, Muldoon kicks out with authority. Muldoon has developed a small cut on his forehead and it seems to have put him into a blood rage. Muldoon snarls and stands.

Chris Jones: This does not look good for Lobo Malo, Irv.

Alan Irvine: This entire match was never a good idea for Malo. But now? Now it’s going to get very, very bad.

Malo rushes Muldoon but Muldoon catches Malo by the throat and sends him flying over the top rope to the outside! Malo lands on the ringsteps with a thud and the audience collectively gasps.

Chris Jones: Oh my God! Did you see the angle that Malo landed? He could have broken his back.

Alan Irvine: It was a nasty bump but this is a nasty match. Malo knew that coming into this contest.

Chris Jones: Fair enough but still, that was rough.

Muldoon exits the ring and grabs Malo. He whips him hard into the guard rail and then Muldoon follows that up with a running knee to the mid-section. Muldoon then lifts Malo up and drops him chest first on the guard rail.

Alan Irvine: We are now seeing the real Hatchet Muldoon. He hasn’t had an opportunity to let it out and now that he has been given that opportunity, we are going to see the hell that he can bring.

The force of nature that is Muldoon gets Malo up and lifts him overhead with a military press and tosses him right into the time keeper’s area. Muldoon then turns his attention to the ring and lifts up the apron.

Chris Jones: Jesus! Malo almost took us out Irv.

Alan Irvine: He’s lucky he landed over here. If he spilled my coffee on me, we’d have a problem!

Chris Jones: Right. Coffee.

Muldoon pulls out a trashcan full of weapons. He dumps them onto the mat and then holds up the garbage can. He goes to approach Malo but Malo steps off of the guard rail and hits a flying kick that sends the garbage can into Muldoon’s face.

Chris Jones: Malo fights right back! He may not claim to be hardcore but he’s proving it here!

Malo picks up a fire extinguisher from ringside and when Muldoon stands, Malo sprays Muldoon in the face! Muldoon stumbles backwards clutching at his face when Malo charges, pushes off of the ring steps, flies through the air and blasts Muldoon in the face with the fire extinguisher.

Alan Irvine: What a shot! That fire extinguisher weighs more than he does!

Chris Jones: That could be a tide turner Irv.

Muldoon is down and Malo tries desperately to get him into the ring. He is able to get Muldoon up on the apron and then puts the garbage can into the ring. Muldoon stands but Malo doesn’t see that Muldoon has one hand on the steel chair.

Alan Irvine: Malo didn’t listen Jones! He’s not paying attention!

Malo leaps up to the second rope and tries to come at Muldoon with a flying forearm but Muldoon swats him out of the air with the steel chair! Malo drops and Muldoon has a sadistic smile on his face.

Chris Jones: What a shot from Hatchet Muldoon. He’s enjoying this Irv! He really is. He’s a sick, sick man.

Alan Irvine: That may be true but we all knew what was coming. Muldoon told us what he was going to do and now you are surprised that he’s doing it? Come on.

Muldoon sets up the chair. He then boots Malo in the mid-section and lifts Malo up for a powerbomb but Malo spins around and brings Muldoon back with Mala Luna! Muldoon’s head is driven directly onto the seat of the chair! Malo covers and amazingly gets the three count!

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Lobo Malo!

Lobo Malo only has a few minutes to celebrate as Hatchet Muldoon gets up and smashes him with a chair shot to the back. Malo stumbles forward and Muldoon sends him sailing over the top rope to the outside. Malo lands with a thud onto his back.

Alan Irvine: You know this may be one case where someone would have been much better off not trying to win. Muldoon is going to make Malo pay for his victory.

Muldoon is fuming as he gets Malo up and screams something in his face. Muldoon then lifts Malo up and sends him crashing through the announce table with a massive powerbomb. Malo is left among the rubble as Muldoon leaves through the crowd.


Episode 002…

Karina Zima shoots Marie Veleno into the ropes but Veleno steps off of the second rope and comes back with a tornado ddt. Veleno gets Zima up but Zima pokes her in the other eye and plants her with the Proshchay Driver! Zima covers and gets the three count.

Later that evening…

Karina Zima: Hello comrade. How are you feeling? How are the eyes?

Marie Veleno: You have about five seconds to walk away before I remove yours.

Karina Zima: That is an understandable reaction. I would be upset too. But think about this Widow Maker – I am most transparent about the lengths that I am willing to go to win.

Veleno says nothing.

Karina Zima: And it works, yes? But you put up quite a fight. I think you have an incredible amount of talent and potential. So what I propose is that we work together.

There is a brief pause.

Marie Veleno: I am listening.

Episode 003…

The referee then checks on Veleno as she complains about her neck. Zima gets up onto the apron and low blows Mooney! He drops to his knees.

Chris Jones: Come on! Veleno is proving nothing right now. This is practically a handicap match.

Alan Irvine: How man times to I have to tell you that Zima secures victory by any means necessary. She told Veleno that she could turn her career around and she is!

Chris Jones: It’s not right.

Alan Irvine: Who cares?

Veleno is quickly back up, she plants Mooney with a kneeling ddt and then ascends to the top rope. Zima cheers Veleno on as the latter leaps off the top rope with the Velenospina 630 senton. She hits it perfectly on Mooney and covers, getting the pinfall.

Karina Zima: I told you! You like the feeling of winning, yes? It feels good, yes?

Marie Veleno: Yes.

Karina Zima: This is only the beginning angel moy.

Later that Evening…

Ezra LaForge: I wouldn’t so much worry about the Summit Series just yet. You need to worry about me, tonight, Karina.

Zima scoffs.

Karina Zima: Malyshka you do not worry me. You could not win last week, you will not win this week. Now go away and play with your dolls or something. (Laughs)

LaForge gets in Zima’s face.

Ezra LaForge: You know what? I broke all of the dolls I had as a girl. I’m going to do the very same to you tonight. Just as long as your lackey here doesn’t get involved.

Marie Veleno: I do not appreciate that insult. You would be wise to take it back.

Ezra LaForge: You would be wise to stay in the back tonight or else I won’t be held responsible for what happens to you. Understand? Good.

Even later that evening…

LaForge quickly gets back up and runs into the ropes. Veleno hooks LaForge’s leg from the outside. Zima then shoots in and bundles LaForge up for the Proshchay Driver! Zima covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Karina Zima!

Marie Veleno enters the ring to celebrate with her associate Karina Zima. As Zima’s hand is raised, LaForge slowly stands. Veleno and Zima stare her down.

Like two vipers, Veleno and Zima strike simultaneously. Veleno smashes LaForge with a forearm smash while Zima darts behind the latter. Zima goes low with a leg sweep as Veleno goes high with a spinning roundhouse, their version of the Total Elimination.

Ken Laurier slides into the ring and chases the pair off before checking on his protege. Zima and Veleno trotted up the ramp arm in arm, laughing.

Episode 004…

Ezra LaForge: I am ten times the wrestler that Veleno and Zima are but Zima made it father than I did. Maybe playing by the rules isn’t worth it.

Ken Laurier: I don’t want to hear you say that ever again. Zima was just destroyed by a better competitor, fairly. Honor and integrity are what separates us from the unworthy. We do not resort to such tactics.

Ezra LaForge: Then I need to rid myself of those two but I can’t do it alone. They outnumber me and that’s how they keep defeating me.

Ken Laurier: This is true. They are crafty and they will keep coming after you. You need a partner. Someone you can trust.

Episode 005…

Ezra LaForge and Ken Laurier are in the ring when Karina Zima comes out onto the stage with Marie Veleno. Zima is armed with a microphone.

Karina Zima: Oh dedushka please stop talking. You are just jealous that angel moy and I are much more successful than your kotenok. We have trumped her at every turn.

At this point LaForge takes the microphone.

Ezra LaForge: You wouldn’t be so lucky if it was a fair fight.

Marie Veleno: Luck has nothing to do with it little girl. We are the two best talents in this company, that’s why we keep winning.

Ezra LaForge: That’s why you both lost to John Ire last week?

This incenses Zima and Veleno.

Karina Zima: Kotenok we would advise you to watch your mouth or we will be forced to shut it. Again.

Ezra LaForge: I would love it. How about I take both of you on at the same time? That way it’s all legal.

Episode 006…

Karina Zima and Marie Veleno charge at Ezra LaForge, Veleno goes high and Zima goes low and they take LaForge out with a total elimination. Veleno covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners, Karina Zima and Marie Veleno!

Following the contest Karina Zima and Marie Veleno stand over Ezra LaForge. Ken Laurier enters the ring to check on his protege and that’s when Zima and Veleno turn their attention to him.

Chris Jones: This doesn’t look good Irv. Back in the day Ken Laurier was a formidable competitor but injuries have made him retire. He needs to get out of there before something bad happens.

Zima taps Laurier on the shoulder and he turns around right into the total elimination from Zima and Veleno! Laurier is turned inside out and the Canadian audience boos like crazy.

Episode 007…

They begin walking towards the ring but LaForge is ready, inviting them into the ring.

Chris Jones: Ezra LaForge needs to get out of there!

Alan Irvine: Zima and Veleno told me earlier that they now want to be referred to as Pretty/Dirty. They said that it’s in reference to their beauty and how they get things done. I didn’t need that explained to me but the mouth breathers in the audience do.

Chris Jones: Well it looks like Pretty/Dirty have come to finish the job that they started weeks ago. LaForge is all alone.

Zima and Veleno enter the ring but LaForge is ready to fight. She puts her back to the ropes and motions for them to come at her. Just as both Zima and Veleno begin to advance unfamiliar music starts up and a figure appears at the top of the ramp.

Chris Jones: Wait just a minute! That’s Constance Ripley! Another student of Ken Laurier’s!

Ripley charges to the ring and slides in under the bottom rope. Veleno goes to attack but Ripley smashes her in the face with a leaping leg lariat. LaForge then connects with a big superkick to Zima that sends her over the top rope to the floor.

Chris Jones: The fact of the matter is that Ezra LaForge is no longer alone and things are about to get very interesting.

Later that evening…

Constance Ripley: Our mentor Ken Laurier called me a few weeks back about coming in to help against those fools Zima and Veleno. It took me a minute to get here, but believe that if I had been here last week Ken would not be in the hospital.

Mischa Sloan: Do you have any words for Zima and Veleno?

Constance Ripley: In fact we do.

Ripley grabs LaForge’s shoulder.

Constance Ripley: We just spoke to Morgan Odin and since I signed my contract earlier today, at Death or Glory Ez and I will be facing off with Veleno and Zima.

Ezra LaForge: That’s right. Next week, the White Wolves put an end to this issue with Pretty/Dirty. Permanently.

The White Wolves walk off, their words hanging in the air.

Tag Team Match
White Wolves
15 Minute Time Limit

The two teams make their way to the ring, Pretty/Dirty first. They have elegant new entrance jackets that have their team name emblazoned on the back. The White Wolves come out second. Both Constance Ripley and Ezra LaForge are wearing fake fur vests with wolf head patches on the back.

Chris Jones: Conspicuous by his absence is the White Wolves’ mentor, Ken Laurier. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Alan Irvine: You do, I don’t.

The bell sounds with LaForge and Veleno starting the contest for their respective teams. LaForge and Veleno lock up with LaForge immediately taking Veleno down with a snapmare. LaForge begins dropping huge elbows onto Veleno’s neck and shoulder.

Chris Jones: LaForge is vicious tonight! We saw the weeks of torment that she has endured from Pretty/Dirty and it’s all coming out now!

LaForge gets Veleno up and shoots her into the corner. LaForge follows that up with a high knee and then sends Veleno out of the corner. LaForge seats her self on the top rope and then leaps off with a glancing knee to Veleno’s head.

Alan Irvine: I’ve said many times that Ezra LaForge does not impress me. But right now we are seeing a reignited passion in her and I don’t exactly hate it.

Chris Jones: Did you just praise her? Did you just praise a Canadian.

Alan Irvine: No. I said that I don’t hate it. I still dislike it.

Veleno stands only for LaForge to grab her arm and twist with an arm wringer. LaForge drops several more elbows onto Veleno’s shoulder before spinning her around to take her over with a snap suplex. LaForge covers but only gets a two count.

Chris Jones: Marie Veleno is one hell of an athlete but LaForge is making her look like a complete rookie here.

Veleno tries to crawl to her corner but LaForge grabs her boot. Veleno goes for an enziguiri but LaForge ducks under it. Veleno is able to hit a mule kick that sends LaForge flying backwards. LaForge rallies and charges right into a superkick from Veleno.

Chris Jones: SUPERKI-

Alan Irvine: No. No! NO! Fucking no Jones.

The Widow Maker drops to her stomach and grinds her forearm into LaForge’s head. Veleno then gets LaForge up and takes her back down with a big high flipping dropkick. Veleno then climbs to the top rope and comes off with a froggy elbow! Veleno lands it perfectly and covers but LaForge kicks out at two.

Alan Irvine: I know that you like to piss and moan about Pretty/Dirty’s tactics Jones but Marie Veleno is one of the best high flyers in all of pro wrestling.

Chris Jones: I don’t disagree but we rarely get to see what she can really do because she relies on Karina Zima to help her in her matches.

Alan Irvine: And so what? Why do you hate the thought of women working together? It’s 2016 for Christ’s sake Jones.

Veleno gets LaForge up and forces her into the Pretty/Dirty corner. Veleno does a back hand spring and then runs forward, driving an elbow into LaForge’s mid-section. Veleno then tags in Zima.

Chris Jones: This is where LaForge is going to find herself in trouble. She needs to stay out of the Pretty/Dirty corner or they will pick her apart.

Alan Irvine: Damn right they will. They are the best team in this company, bar none. They complete each other!

Zima enters the ring and Pretty/Dirty takes LaForge over with a double suplex. Zima covers immediately, hooking the leg but LaForge is able to kick out. The two get back up and Zima grapples with LaForge but LaForge gets behind her and takes her over with a German suplex!

Chris Jones: Zima landed right on her head Irv!

With Zima down, LaForge begins to crawl towards her corner. Veleno tries to will Zima on but that German suplex rocked her. LaForge is about to get to Ripley in the White Wolves corner but Zima dives on top of her.

Alan Irvine: What a save by The Conniver! LaForge isn’t getting saved any time soon. Sorry Connie!

Chris Jones: I’ve been told that she hates being called that.

Alan Irvine: …good.

Zima smashes LaForge with some big forearms to the back of the head before getting her up. Zima calls for the end and goes for the Proshchay Driver! LaForge flips all of the way up and then comes down with an implant ddt!

Alan Irvine: No Karina, get up!

Both Zima and LaForge are trying to crawl to their respective corners. Zima is able to tag in Veleno. Veleno enters and runs after LaForge but LaForge stands, dives and tags in Ripley! Ripley hits a springboard into the ring and nails Veleno with a missile dropkick.

Chris Jones: Constance Ripley is in this contest! We get to see what she can do!

Alan Irvine: Hopefully nothing! Pretty/Dirty are the top tandem in FTF, no rookie from Canada is going to stop them.

Chris Jones: Well Marie Veleno just got rocked by Ripley so I think that you are already wrong.

Ripley gets Veleno up and hits her with kicks to either knee, an elbow to the face, a headbutt and then she finishes it off with a spinning back fist that drops Veleno. Ripley then gets up to the second rope and comes off with an impressive moonsault!

Chris Jones: Constance Ripley can fly! Pretty/Dirty are at a serious disadvantage here. They have no idea what Ripley can do!

Ripley goes to cover but Zima enters the ring and breaks up the fall with a boot to the back of Ripley’s head. Ripley stands, turns and hits a spin kick that sends Zima over the top rope to the outside of the ring.

Alan Irvine: Zima isn’t legal! Ripley can’t hit her!

Chris Jones: Well she just did, and it sent Zima into another timezone!

Zima stands on the outside and LaForge enters the ring, charges and dives over the top rope with a somersault plancha that takes her down. While Ripley watches this happen, Veleno stands and pokes her in the eye!

Chris Jones: Oh come on!

Veleno rolls Ripley up and pulls the tights but the referee sees it! LaForge gets back up in her corner. Veleno plants Ripley with a piledriver and then climbs to the top rope. She tries to come off with Velenospina but Ripley moves.

Chris Jones: Velenospina comes up empty! Ripley saw it coming!

Alan Irvine: This is unfair. Pretty/Dirty were never provided with tape on Ripley!

Ripley tags in LaForge and Zima attempts to get back in the ring! Ripley and LaForge look at each other and then throw double superkicks at Zima that sends her flying backwards onto the mat. They then do the same to Veleno and LaForge covers, getting the three count and earning a huge pop from the audience.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners, Constance Ripley and Ezra LaForge, The White Wolves!

The White Wolves have their arms raised and the audience is on their feet. Pretty/Dirty recover on the outside of the ring, hugging each other as they back up the ramp, glaring a hole through the White Wolves.


Following a commercial for FTF’s online merchandise store, we cut back to the arena and the ring is cleared. FTF General Manager Morgan Odin then makes his way to the ring. He walks up the steps and accepts a microphone when he enters the ring.

Morgan Odin: Ladies and gentlemen, how are we enjoying Death or Glory?

A big pop from the audience.

Morgan Odin: I thought as much. And momentarily we will get to this evening’s main event for the FTF Championship. But before that, I have an announcement. An announcement, that involves gold.

The audience pops again.

Morgan Odin: As we just saw, tag team wrestling is alive and well in Fire Thunder Fighting. Tag team wrestling is a huge part of this business, it is tradition.

The audience buzzes, many knowing exactly what Odin is about to announce.

Morgan Odin: And it will continue right here in FTF. Starting next week will be the FTF Duality Tag Team Tournament. Eight teams will compete over four weeks with the finals being held on Episode Twelve. The winners will be crowned the first ever FTF Tag Team Champions.

The crowd explodes and Odin gets a chant from those in attendance. He smiles and does a slight bow before leaving the ring.


FTF Championship
Miyami Kana
John Ire (c)
60 Minute Time Limit

Cut to the arena and “Blood and Fire” cues up. Miyami Kana walks down the ramp with a look of determination on her face, partially hidden by the half mask that she wears during her entrance.

Nina Nichols: The following contest is your Death or Glory main event and it is for the Fire Thunder Fighting Championship! Introducing first, from Osaka, Japan, “The Living Weapon” Miyami Kana!

Kana doesn’t acknowledge her introduction, she turns her gaze to the entrance ramp. “Forever Pissed” cues up and the audience is on their feet. “Pissed Off” John Ire walks out onto the stage and holds the FTF Championship high.

Nina Nichols: And her opponent, from Cardiff, Wales, the Fire Thunder Fighting Champion, “Pissed Off” John Ire.

Ire hits the ring and chugs a can of Guiness before tossing it into the crowd. Ire throws the title at the referee, who catches it. The referee holds the title up in the air and the bell sounds.

Ding, Ding!

Right off the bell Ire locks up with Kana but she executes a standing switch and gets behind him. Kana then hits Ire with a high flipping dropkick to the back that sends him into the corner.

Chris Jones: I don’t doubt that Miyami Kana learned a lot from her first encounter with John Ire. She won’t be making the same mistakes again.

Alan Irvine: Of course she won’t. She is a living weapon but she is not a blunt object. Kana is a master strategist. John Ire is not. He’s a drunk.

Kana charges in at Ire but he catches her and seats her on the top rope. Ire hits her with an uppercut that causes her to fall to the outside, onto the apron. Ire then hits the opposing ropes, charges and spears Kana off of the apron, to the outside!

Chris Jones: Oh my God!

Alan Irvine: John Ire is trying to kill her!

Chris Jones: He may have!

Both competitors collide with the guardrail but Kana really takes the worst of it. Ire gets up and hits Kana with a boot to the mid-section. He lifts her up for a powerbomb but Kana rolls backwards and send Ire head first into the ring steps with a huricanranna.

Alan Irvine: The Living Weapon with the move of the night! John Ire is out cold.

Chris Jones: I don’t think that he is.

Alan Irvine: He might be!

Chris Jones: Yeah, no.

Ire stands but Kana charges and hits Ire with a front dropkick that sends the big man flying backwards into the guard rail. Kana then follows up by running, stepping off of the ring steps and she hits Ire with double knees to the face.

Alan Irvine: F-f-f-fatality!

Kana does her best to get Ire up but when she does, he chops her in the throat. Ire then lifts Kana up with a military press and tosses her into the ring. Ire gets in the ring and Kana charges at him but he catches her with a spinning layout sidewalk slam. Ire covers but only gets a two count.

Chris Jones: Kana came out swinging here but so did Ire. They both know how important this contest is but Ire has the upperhand, he has already beaten Kana and more than that, he is undefeated in singles competition.

Alan Irvine: Exactly. And Kana has been defying the odds her entire career. This is not going to be like their match in the Summit Series. This is going to be something completely different.

Chris Jones: You are right in saying that, it is already a different kind of war.

Ire mounts Kana and hits her with big shots to the face. He then gets her up and sends her into the ropes. On her return he sends her flying into the air with a back body drop. Kana gets back up but walks right into a boot to the mid-section.

Chris Jones: John Ire has muddled any offence from Kana.

Ire lifts Kana up with a suplex but then he tosses her across the ring. Kana gets back up again but Ire charges and grounds her with a body avalanche. Ire covers but Kana kicks out yet again, much to Ire’s surprise.

Alan Irvine: Kana will not be denied tonight.

Chris Jones: She is showing incredible resilience.

Kana stands and when Ire approaches her she hits him with a leaping knee to the chin. Kana then hits Ire with a series of huge kicks to the right knee. After a half dozen, Ire drops to a knee and Kana hits the ropes. She comes back with a shining wizard and covers, but Ire kicks out a two.

Alan Irvine: That was three ref! Open your fucking eyes!

Kana hits Ire with a series of quick kicks to the side of the head and then climbs to the top rope. She leaps off of the top rope with a flying double foot stomp that finds it’s mark. Kana covers again but Ire, again, kicks out at two.

Chris Jones: John Ire is in trouble here.

Alan Irvine: I’ll say. Kana is in assassin mode.

With Ire down, Kana rolls over his body and locks his head in the Magic Hour! Ire can’t power out as Kana screams, locking the hold in as tight as she can. Ire has to use his power to push his body towards the rope and eventually he makes it, hooking his feet on the bottom rope.

Alan Irvine: No one has been locked in Kana’s Magic Hour that long. Ire’s neck is definitely fucked!

Chris Jones: It’s a deadly hold and as tough as Ire is, the damage may be his undoing.

Alan Irvine: We can only hope, we need a real warrior as our champion.

Ire lays face down on the mat when Kana gets up and stomps furiously on the back of his neck. She then steps off of the second rope and drops a knee onto the back of his neck. With Ire still down, Kana applies a camel clutch!

Alan Irvine: She is going to break his neck! Good!

Kana wrenches back but knowing that he is in serious danger, Ire uses all of his strength to grab Kana’s arms and flip her forward. Kana rolls through and runs back, hitting Ire with a basement dropkick to the face.

Chris Jones: Kana is determined to break John Ire’s neck. That may be the only way to beat him.

Alan Irvine: Ire is not unbeatable. You’ll see that tonight Jones.

Kana stands and begins stomping on the back of Ire’s neck again. She then drags him forward and drapes his neck across the bottom rope. Kana then backs up, charges and goes for a double dropkick to the back of Ire’s neck but he moves at the last second and she flies through the ropes, landing hard on the outside.

Chris Jones: A rare miscalculation from Miyami Kana! That will buy the champion some time.

After taking a moment to recover, Ire exits the ring and gets Kana up. He hits her with a knee to the mid-section and then positions her head between his legs. Ire then lifts Kana up and plants her head first on the outside with a piledriver!

Alan Irvine: He’s trying to kill her!

Chris Jones: Now you’re against murder?

Alan Irvine: Some murder, yes.

Ire gets Kana up once again and kicks her in the mid-section. This time Ire lifts her up and drops her with a hard powerbomb onto the ring apron. The audience collectively gasps as Kana falls to the outside mats in a heap.

Chris Jones: John Ire with a desperation move. Will this keep Miyami Kana down?

Alan Irvine: No, it won’t.

Chris Jones: Why?

Alan Irvine: Because fuck John Ire, that’s why.

Ire gets Kana up and slides her into the ring. He enters and measures her. With the audience on his side, Ire lets Kana get up and when she does he goes for The Pisstaker elbow but Kana ducks underneath it, hits the ropes and comes back with the Blood Sacrifice knee!

Alan Irvine: New champion! New champion!

With the champion down, Kana could have the match won but she can’t cover. After a few moments she shoots the half and covers but Ire gets his foot on the bottom rope before the three count.

Alan Irvine: Come the fuck on! That was three.

Chris Jones: It really wasn’t. Ire got his foot on the bottom rope.

Alan Irvine: Fuck the bottom rope!

Kana scowls and lines Ire up. When he finally stands she charges, looking for another Blood Sacrifice but he moves and Kana collides with the corner. Ire grabs her and puts her on the top rope. He then ascends to the top rope with her.

Chris Jones: John Ire is looking to pull out all of the stops to beat Miyami Kana.

Ire smashes Kana’s face off of the top turnbuckle and then looks like he is going to attempt a top rope piledriver! Kana fights out of it and shoves him off of the top rope. Ire lands hard on his back and Kana lines him up.

Alan Irvine: This is it Kana! End this and take your title!

Kana leaps off of the top rope but Ire pops up at the last second and takes her out of mid-air with The Pisstaker elbow. Kana drops and Ire flops into a cover. The audience counts along as Ire gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner aaaaand still FTF Champion, “Pissed Off” John Ire!

“Forever Pissed” cues up and John Ire takes hold of his championship. He gets his arm raised and then rips it away, falling to the mat with the title in his grasp. Ire sits up, title in his lap as he stares at his fallen opponent, ending the episode.



Match Results:
– Lazlo Vaughan def. Hiccup Bigelow
– VJ Merrick def. Mick Mooney
– Second Hand Smoke def. Al Derringer
– Lobo Malo def. Hatchet Muldoon
– White Wolves def. Pretty/Dirty
– John Ire def. Miyami Kana to retain the FTF Title