Wrestler Spotlight: Miyami Kana


Hails From: Osaka, Japan
Height & Weight: 5’3″ & 137lbs.
Alignment: Tweener
Style: Joshi

– Night Time Driver (Jumping Death Valley Driver)
– Blood Sacrifice (Busaiku Knee Strike)

Signature Moves:
– Magic Hour (Code of Silence)

Miyami Kana was a star in Japan but wanted to test her skills in North America. Enter FTF. She came to FTF as a member of the Original Eight and appeared on the first episode of FTF. She remained undefeated going into the first ever Summit Series.

At the Summit Series, Kana defeated Ezra LaForge in the first round, Hatchet Muldoon in the second round and found herself in the finals against John Ire to crown the first FTF Champion. Although Kana came up short, she solidified herself as a force to be reckoned with going forward.

Following the Summit Series, Kana returned to her winning ways. During John Ire’s FTF Championship coronation both Kana and Hatchet Muldoon challenged the champion. Morgan Odin proceeded to put them in a number one contenders match the following week. Kana was able to defeat Muldoon and will get her rematch with John Ire at Episode 008: Death or Glory.

Title History:
– n/a


Match History:
– FTF 001: Miyami Kana def. Al Derringer
– FTF 002: Miyami Kana def. Ezra LaForge
– FTF 003: Miyami Kana def. Lobo Malo
– FTF 004: Miyami Kana def. Ezra LaForge
– FTF 004: Miyami Kana def. Hatchet Muldoon
– FTF 004: John Ire def. Miyami Kana to win the FTF Championship
– FTF 005: Miyami Kana def. Al Derringer
– FTF 006: Miyami Kana def. Hatchet Muldoon
– FTF 007: Hatchet Muldoon & Miyami Kana def. John Ire & Lobo Malo