FTF Episode 007


The Fire Pit Arena
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

July 17th, 2016


The show begins and Hatchet Muldoon’s music hits immediately. He stomps to the ring holding an axe handle and he looks angrier than ever. He enters the ring and snatches a microphone out of Nina Nichols hand.

Hatchet Muldoon: Alright you cunts, I’ve got some shit I want to get off my chest. You may have seen me lose in the main event last week. You may think it’s because I’m just not good enough to challenge for the belt.

The audience agrees.

Hatchet Muldoon: But you’re wrong! Last week was not my fault. Hell, it wasn’t even Memoirs of a Geisha’s fault. It was the fault of one cunt in particular and I want him to come out here, right now. Lobo Malo, get your arse to the ring.

After a few moments Lobo Malo comes out to a pop from the audience. He is cautious, remaining at the top of the ramp.

Lobo Malo: What are you talking about vato? I was nowhere near the ring during the main event last week. You made sure of that when you attacked me earlier in the night.

Hatchet Muldoon: Exactly. And why did I attack you? Because you wished Kana good luck. You didn’t need to put that out into the bloody universe but ya did! And it cost me my shot at the belt.

Lobo Malo: What the hell are you talking about? You lost because you couldn’t beat her. Not because I said anything.

Hatchet Muldoon: You’re wrong! I’m a superstitious man Malo and you should have just kept your mouth shut. Now it’s going to cost you.

Lobo Malo: You’re out of your mind ese. I had nothing to do with that. But if you want to settle this, we can do it in the ring.

Hatchet Muldoon: My thoughts exactly. We will settle this next week at Death or Glory. You, me, no disqualification. That way I can do to you exactly what you’ve done to my career. I am going to gut you.

Lobo Malo: You need help Muldoon but if that’s what you want then fine. I want payback for what you did last week. You’re on.

Hatchet Muldoon: You just made the biggest mistake of your life, ya cunt.

Muldoon smiles maniacally in the ring as we cut to a commercial.

Singles Match
Mick Mooney
Second Hand Smoke
15 Minute Time Limit

The first match of the evening sees Mick Mooney take on the undefeated Second Hand Smoke. Smoke makes his entrance and the arena feels like it gets colder. Mooney doesn’t seem to be afraid.

Alan Irvine: I was speaking to Mick Mooney earlier and he feels that his win over VJ Merrick two weeks ago is the start of a big roll for him. I disagree.

Chris Jones: Second Hand Smoke is not VJ Merrick. This man has been dominant in the past few weeks.

The match begins and the two come to the center of the ring. Mooney goes to lock up but Smoke hits him with an overhead chop to the head. Mooney staggers backwards and Smoke hits him with a running big boot.

Alan Irvine: I think that that effectively forced all confidence out of Mooney’s body.

Smoke gets Mooney up over his shoulder and drops him face first onto the top rope with snake eyes. Mooney staggers to the middle of the ring and Smoke plants him with a sidewalk slam.

Chris Jones: Smoke is cold, smoke is calculated. This man is quickly become a force here in FTF.

Alan Irvine: No doubt about it. Mick Mooney needs to hope that Smoke is merciful, that he ends this contest soon.

Chris Jones: It would be best for Mooney’s career.

Smoke shoots Mooney into the ropes and then lifts him up with a double choke. Mooney’s feet dangle as the referee applies a five count. Smoke releases Mooney at four and then drops him with a head butt.

Alan Irvine: Jesus Christ. This man is unstoppable!

Chris Jones: It seems that way. Mick Mooney has been unable to mount any offence in this contest and it doesn’t look like he will any time soon.

Smoke pulls Mooney up to his feet and then pulls his head back, dropping him with an inverted ddt. Smoke holds on and applies the Last Gasp dragon sleeper. After only a few moments in the hold Mooney is forced to submit.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Second Hand Smoke!

Second Hand Smoke has his hand raised and as has become his ritual, he kneels down beside Vaughan and puts his hand on his forehead. Smoke then mutters some words in a foreign tongue.

Chris Jones: I wish we had some kind of idea of what Smoke is saying here.

Alan Irvine: He has done this to every opponent so far. Is it some kind of gothic ritual? Who knows? Not me. And I don’t really want to go and ask him.

Before Smoke leaves, VJ Merrick runs down the ramp. He slides into the ring, cautiously sneaking past Smoke, having already felt his wraith. Merrick then mounts Mooney and starts hitting him with rights and lefts.

Chris Jones: Oh come on Merrick! Are you still salty about losing to Mooney?

Alan Irvine: Of course he is! He needs to teach Mooney a lesson.

Smoke doesn’t exit the ring, he just watches Merrick beat on Mooney. That is when Al Derringer comes charging down the ramp.

Chris Jones: It’s Al Derringer! He has suffered a beat down from Merrick before and he doesn’t want to see it happen to someone else.

Alan Irvine: Oh what a hero! Not.

Derringer slides into the ring but Smoke meets him with a shot to the throat. Derringer drops and Smoke gets him back up. Smoke drops Derringer with an inverted ddt.

Alan Irvine: Haha! Smoke said he’d be watching Derringer but it looks like he wants to do more than watch.

Chris Jones: But why? Why has Smoke set his sights on Al Derringer?

Merrick stops after seeing Derringer planted. Merrick walks over to Smoke and pats him on the back, in a show of thanks. Smoke then turns, grabs Merrick around the throat and sends him flying over the top rope to the outside. Smoke then exits the ring and slowly walks up the ramp, leaving complete destruction in his wake.


Cut to the backstage area where FTF General Manager Morgan Odin stands with FTF Interviewer Ben Choi.

Ben Choi: Mr. Odin, Death or Glory is next week and we have only two matches. Hatchet Muldoon will take on Lobo Malo and Miyami Kana will challenge John Ire for the FTF Championship. What else can we expect from the show?

Morgan Odin: Given the events so far this evening I feel that certain people are going to want to get their hands on each other. Therefore Mick Mooney will face VJ Merrick and Al Derringer will face Second Hand Smoke.

Ben Choi: Two exciting matches. And what about tonight?

Morgan Odin: I’m glad you asked. Since he felt the need to try and get his hands on this man earlier, then Al Derringer will face off with VJ Merrick.

Ben Choi: An exciting contest.

Morgan Odin: Also in a preview of Death or Glory, our main event will see Hatchet Muldoon team with Miyami Kana to take on Lobo Malo and FTF Champion John Ire. Thank you Ben.

Odin walks away and Choi turns to the camera with a stupid look on his face.

Singles Match
Ezra LaForge
Lazlo Vaughan
15 Minute Time Limit

Ezra LaForge comes to the ring without Ken Laurier at her side. The audience pops for her and not so much for rookie Lazlo Vaughan.

Chris Jones: Ezra LaForge is alone here tonight Irv. Let’s show people what happened to her manager and mentor Ken Laurier last week at the hands of Karina Zima and Marie Veleno.

Following the contest Karina Zima and Marie Veleno stand over Ezra LaForge. Ken Laurier enters the ring to check on his protege and that’s when Zima and Veleno turn their attention to him.

Zima taps Laurier on the shoulder and he turns around right into the total elimination from Zima and Veleno! Laurier is turned inside out and the Canadian audience boos like crazy.

Alan Irvine: Ken Laurier shouldn’t have gotten into the ring. Karina Zima and Marie Veleno are dangerous people, they showed that right there.

Chris Jones: Laurier isn’t an active competitor, he’s retired. It was a shameful act from the team of Zima and Veleno.

The match begins and the two competitors lock up. Vaughan breaks LaForge’s hold with a boot to the mid-section and then shoots her into the ropes. On her return he downs her with a back elbow.

Chris Jones: Lazlo Vaughan was not successful in his debut but if he can get a victory over FTF Original Ezra LaForge then that should raise his profile.

Alan Irvine: A win over LaForge means nothing. She has done nothing.

LaForge rallies back and hits Vaughan with a forearm shot to the face. She then applies a front face lock and takes him over with a snap suplex. LaForge then floats over into a cover but only gets a two count.

Alan Irvine: You know, LaForge has showed promise in the past but she has yet to do anything remarkable here in FTF.

The two get back up and Vaughan reverses an Irish whip attempt and catches LaForge with a clothesline. He then applies a kneeling chin lock, causing LaForge to writhe in agony.

Chris Jones: The Total Pro is a submission wrestler but right now she finds herself on the wrong side of one. Vaughan is trying to wear her down.

Alan Irvine: And it’s working. Even with Laurier at ringside she has found it hard to get victories. Without him, she has no shot.

LaForge fights her way up and hits Vaughan with some big elbows to the mid-section. She takes him over with a snapmare and follows that up with a quick dropkick to the back of his head.

Chris Jones: A quick series of offence from Ezra LaForge. Her speed is often overlooked.

Vaughan tries to fight back but LaForge applies an arm wrench that doubles him over. She then knees Vaughan in the face which sends him staggering into a corner. LaForge follows that up with a running Stinger splash into the corner.

Alan Irvine: She is going to fuck up this momentum, I know it.

Chris Jones: I’m glad that you aren’t showing any bias Irv.

Alan Irvine: I speak the truth Jones.

Vaughan staggers out of the corner and LaForge applies a waist lock before taking him over backwards with a German suplex into a bridge but she only gets a two count. Vaughan comes back after hitting the ropes with a leaping lariat.

Alan Irvine: Adda boy Lazlo! You’ve got this.

Feeling like he has the match well in hand Vaughan gets LaForge up and attempts a ddt but she reverses it into a full nelson facebuster, which she transitions into the Professional Grade submission! Vaughan has no choice but to submit.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, “Total Pro” Ezra LaForge!

Ezra LaForge has her hand raised as Lazlo Vaughan rolls to the outside of the ring.

Chris Jones: A much needed win for Ezra LaForge, you have to believe that Ken Laurier is watching from home with a smile on his face.

Alan Irvine: I don’t think that he’ll be smiling for long! Look!

Karina Zima and Marie Veleno appear at the top of the ramp. They begin walking towards the ring but LaForge is ready, inviting them into the ring.

Chris Jones: Ezra LaForge needs to get out of there!

Alan Irvine: Zima and Veleno told me earlier that they now want to be referred to as Pretty/Dirty. They said that it’s in reference to their beauty and how they get things done. I didn’t need that explained to me but the mouth breathers in the audience do.

Chris Jones: Well it looks like Pretty/Dirty have come to finish the job that they started weeks ago. LaForge is all alone.

Zima and Veleno enter the ring but LaForge is ready to fight. She puts her back to the ropes and motions for them to come at her. Just as both Zima and Veleno begin to advance unfamiliar music starts up and a figure appears at the top of the ramp.

Chris Jones: Wait just a minute! That’s Constance Ripley! Another student of Ken Laurier’s!

Alan Irvine: What the hell is she doing here! She’s not on the roster!

Ripley charges to the ring and slides in under the bottom rope. Veleno goes to attack but Ripley smashes her in the face with a leaping leg lariat. LaForge then connects with a big superkick to Zima that sends her over the top rope to the floor.

Chris Jones: And that’s what happens when the sides are even!

Alan Irvine: This is completely unfair. Constance Ripley is not a member of the FTF roster. How the hell was she let in the building?

Chris Jones: Who knows but the fact of the matter is that Ezra LaForge is no longer alone and things are about to get very interesting.

Ripley and LaForge stand side by side in the ring as Zima and Veleno retreat up the ramp.


Cut to the backstage area, a very dark and dimly lit part of the arena. All we can see is the glow of a lit cigarette before Second Hand Smoke leans into the light.

Second Hand Smoke: Al Derringer. You believe yourself to be a hero. You believe that you stand for truth, justice, and all of those traditional American values. More than that, you believe that they are the right things to stand for.

Smoke takes a long drag and exhales.

Second Hand Smoke: They are not. You tried to play the hero this evening and I, I played the role of reality. I stopped you dead in your tracks because there are no heroes in this industry. There are no heroes in this world.

Another long drag.

Second Hand Smoke: At Death or Glory I will show you the ultimate fate of anyone who attempts to be a guardian angel, a hero. I will show you failure. I will show you pain. I will show you death. I will show you what happens to hope when I confront it.

Smoke leans back into the shadows and the scene fades.

Singles Match
Al Derringer
VJ Merrick
15 Minute Time Limit

Al Derringer is in the ring, having just watched Second Hand Smoke’s challenge. VJ Merrick then comes to the ring and the match begins. Derringer rushes Merrick quickly and smashes him with a shoulder tackle.

Chris Jones: Al Derringer has yet to get a singles victory here in FTF.

Alan Irvine: Tonight won’t be the night. Merrick is too crafty.

Chris Jones: That being said, Merrick hasn’t registered any victories, so tonight someone breaks their losing streak.

Merrick was sent flying across the ring and Derringer follows that up with a running stomp. Derringer hits him with a few more stomps and then gets him up. Derringer goes to toss Merrick into the corner but Merrick pokes him in the eye.

Chris Jones: A cheap shot from VJ Merrick.

Merrick runs and hits Derringer with a chop block while the latter staggers around the ring holding his eye. Merrick hits the ropes again and grounds Derringer with a bulldog. Merrick covers but Derringer kicks out.

Alan Irvine: It is VJ Merrick’s time! He needs to come back from that embarrassing loss to Mick Mooney.

Chris Jones: He already sent a message to Mooney earlier this evening. Defeating Derringer tonight would send an even bigger message.

The Solider of Fortune gets back to his feet and Merrick charges at him. Derringer hits Merrick with an uppercut and then lifts him overhead with a military press. Derringer drops Merrick, catches him and slams him.

Chris Jones: Derringer’s power never ceases to amaze.

Alan Irvine: And yet he’s still the biggest loser in the company.

Derringer drops a couple of big elbows and then sends Merrick into a corner. Derringer follows that up with a running back elbow. Derringer then holds one hand up and delivers a huge slap to Merrick’s chest.

Chris Jones: My God! They heard that in the parking lot.

Merrick tries to escape but Derringer shoves him back into the corner and hits him with another giant slap. Again, Merrick tries to escape but Derringer does it again. Merrick drops onto his ass and his chest is already welted up.

Alan Irvine: Who slaps someone? Is that really the behaviour of a soldier?

Chris Jones: Tell that to Ric-

Alan Irvine: We don’t talk about guys from that world!

Merrick rolls out of the ring, holding his chest in agony. Merrick calls for a timeout and surprisingly, Derringer doesn’t chase him. Merrick then flips Derringer off and goes to leave, this sets the Sarg off.

Chris Jones: I think that may have been a bad idea Merrick.

Derringer exits the ring and charges after Merrick. Merrick turns and sees him coming. Derringer goes for a clothesline but Merrick moves out of the way at the last second and Derringer collides with the ring post.

Alan Irvine: There’s your turning point. That’s gonna cost Derringer this match.

Chris Jones: It looks like Derringer’s shoulder was where he connected. That could hurt him in the long run.

Alan Irvine: It’s not gonna help him next week when he faces Second Hand Smoke. You need to be 100% to even have a shot against that guy.

Merrick slides back into the ring and demands that the referee count Derringer out but the referee refuses. Instead, the referee exits the ring to check on Derringer. At this time, Mick Mooney comes from the audience to a pop!

Alan Irvine: Oh get this idiot out of here!

Chris Jones: It looks like Mick Mooney has come for revenge on VJ Merrick!

Mooney slides into the ring and hits his version of the fameasser, which he calls The Tough Go, on Merrick! Merrick is down and Mooney quickly slides out of the ring.

Chris Jones: The Tough Go! Merrick got planted!

Derringer reenters the ring, neither he or the referee has seen anything. Merrick is just getting up to his feet when he walks right into the Shock & Awe chokebreaker from Al Derringer. Derringer covers and gets the three.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Al Derringer!

Derringer gets his hand raised and looks ecstatic.

Chris Jones: He has finally done it, Al Derringer gets his first singles win!

Derringer asks for a microphone.

Al Derringer: Second Hand Smoke, you want to show me death? Well I have news for you punk, I’ve seen death. I’ve stared it right in the face and I smiled. This soldier has seen more death than you can imagine. I’ve confronted it hundreds of times and I survived. I’ll see you at Death or Glory, where I plan on taking the latter.


In the backstage area FTF Interviewer Mischa Sloan stands with Ezra LaForge.

Mischa Sloan: Ezra, congratulations on your win this evening.

Ezra LaForge: Thank you. But I’m sure that you want to talk about something else.

Mischa Sloan: Indeed. Constance Ripley came out to aid you this evening when you were confronted by Pretty/Dirty. What can you tell me about your relationship with her?

Before LaForge can reply, Constance Ripley walks into frame.

Constance Ripley: I’ll field this one. Ez and I are partners. Our mentor Ken Laurier called me a few weeks back about coming in to help against those fools Zima and Veleno. It took me a minute to get here, but believe that if I had been here last week Ken would not be in the hospital.

Mischa Sloan: Do you have any words for Zima and Veleno?

Constance Ripley: In fact we do.

Ripley grabs LaForge’s shoulder.

Constance Ripley: We just spoke to Morgan Odin and since I signed my contract earlier today at Death or Glory, Ez and I will be facing off with Veleno and Zima.

Ezra LaForge: That’s right. Next week, the White Wolves put an end to this issue with Pretty/Dirty. Permanently.

The White Wolves walk off, their words hanging in the air.

Tag Team Match
Hatchet Muldoon & Miyami Kana
John Ire & Lobo Malo
15 Minute Time Limit

The main event sees a preview of Death or Glory. Hatchet Muldoon teams with number one contender Miyami Kana to take on FTF Champion John Ire and Lobo Malo. Malo and Kana begin the contest.

Chris Jones: These two are no strangers to each other. The same goes for Muldoon and Ire.

Kana checks Malo with a kick to the knee but Malo eats it. He then lunges forward with a right hand and follows that up with a roundhouse kick to the head. Malo shoots Kana into the ropes but she comes back with a springboard elbow.

Chris Jones: The number one contender is down. One has to think that if Malo can pin Kana here, he would be in the FTF Title conversation.

Alan Irvine: It’s not going to happen. Kana is laser focussed right now. Next week she is going to end John Ire’s FTF Title run before it even gets started.

Kana goes tit for tat as she shoots Malo into the ropes but he does a hand spring and comes back with a cutter! Kana goes down but back rolls into her corner where Muldoon blind tags her.

Chris Jones: I doubt that Kana cared for that.

Alan Irvine: Hatchet is just trying to work as a team. She must understand that.

Chris Jones: I doubt it.

Muldoon enters the ring and charges Malo but Malo ducks under his clothesline attempt. Muldoon then turns right into a running high knee that sends him back into the corner. Malo charges in and goes for a monkey flip.

Chris Jones: Big move inbound!

Before pulling back with the monkey flip, Malo tags in Ire. Malo takes Muldoon over with a monkey flip but Muldoon scrambles back up only to eat a short arm clothesline from Ire, which gets a big pop from the audience.

Chris Jones: Some nice teamwork from Ire and Malo!

Alan Irvine: Why am I not surprised that these two idiots get along?

Chris Jones: I imagine that they only get along for the purposes of this contest. They don’t seem to be particularly compatible.

Ire keeps Muldoon grounded with a chin lock. Ire digs his knee into Muldoon’s back, but the latter just grits his teeth. Muldoon fights his way up and hits the champion with some elbows to the mid-section.

Alan Irvine: Get ‘im Muldoon! Remember how he hurt you on episode one?

Pissed Off finally breaks the hold and Muldoon hits the ropes. Muldoon tries for his clothesline from down under but Ire just absorbs it. Muldoon tries a second one and again Ire just absorbs it. On the third attempt, Ire has had enough and he drops Muldoon with a bionic elbow.

Chris Jones: My God Irv, John Ire is a hoss.

Alan Irvine: Try and keep your panties dry Jones.

Ire attempts to get Muldoon in position for something or other but Kana has had enough, she springboards into the ring and nails the champion with a missile dropkick to the back of the head. The referee immediately gets her to leave the ring and Kana actually smiles.

Alan Irvine: Oh I like this side of Miyami Kana.

Chris Jones: We have never seen this side of her. Is this mind games Irv?

Alan Irvine: Definitely. She wants John Ire to know that he is never safe.

This affords Muldoon the opportunity to get up but Ire dives and tags in Malo. Malo hits a springboard of his own into the ring and nails Muldoon with a flying forearm. Malo then starts putting the boots to Muldoon.

Chris Jones: Kana isn’t the only one who can fly!

Muldoon gets up and goes for a right hand but Malo takes him over with a magistral cradle! Muldoon is trapped but is able to kick out right after two. Muldoon back rolls, stands up and smashes Malo with the clothesline from down under.

Alan Irvine: How’d ya like that one? Still got all your teeth ese?

Chris Jones: Is that cultural appropriation? You saying that?

Alan Irvine: God I hope so.

Malo is down and Muldoon knows that he has to tag Kana in. Muldoon drags Malo by the foot over to his corner and tags in Kana. Kana enters the ring over the top rope and comes down with a stomp on the back of Malo’s knee.

Alan Irvine: What a savage move! Kana is out for blooooood.

Malo lets out in pain and before he can realize it Kana has his rear guard. She then begins smashing him with a series of crossfaces, however, Kana is staring at Ire on the apron as she does it. Blood starts rolling down from the nose hole in Malo’s mask.

Alan Irvine: And she has found it!

Kana allows Malo to crawl forward to his corner and just before he can tag Ire, she charges and nails the champion off of the apron. Kana then gets Malo up but he puts her down with a huricanranna out of nowhere.

Chris Jones: Desperation move from Lobo Malo!

Alan Irvine: This guy always reeks of desperation.

Chris Jones: You know the scent well.

Alan Irvine: Fuck off Jones.

Malo goes to tag but Ire isn’t on the apron. Kana gets to her feet and stalks Malo but just before she can grab him, Ire is up on the apron and he makes the tag! But the referee’s back was to the corner.

Chris Jones: I don’t think the referee saw the tag Irv!

Ire goes to enter the ring but the referee tells him that he didn’t see it! Kana uses the opportunity to get Malo up and gets him ready for the Night Time Driver. Muldoon drops off of the apron, runs around to the other side of the ring and pulls Ire off of the apron! Ire’s face smashes off of the apron on the way down.

Alan Irvine: And Ire is out of the equation! It’s all you Kana!

In the ring, Kana gets Malo up and plants him with the Night Time Driver! Kana covers while staring at Ire, getting the pinfall for her team.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners, Hatchet Muldoon and Miyami Kana!

Hatchet Muldoon exits through the crowd, holding his arms high. Kana has her hand raised and she exits the ring, but unlike every other time, this time she has stolen the FTF Championship from the referee. Ire enters the ring and shouts something to her. She holds the title up and then lays it on the ramp, before walking off.



Match Results:
– Second Hand Smoke def. Mick Mooney
– Ezra LaForge def. Lazlo Vaughan
– Al Derringer def. VJ Merrick
– Hatchet Muldoon & Miyami Kana def. John Ire & Lobo Malo