FTF Episode 006


The Fire Pit Arena
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

July 10th, 2016


The usual opening happens and much like last week we cut to Chris Jones and Alan Irvine at ringside.

Chris Jones: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to FTF Episode Six and what a huge show we have for everyone tonight, right Irv?

Alan Irvine: I’m torn Jones. Tonight the main event is going to see Hatchet Muldoon and Miyami Kana fighting to determine who challenges John Ire for the FTF Championship at FTF Episode Eight: Death Or Glory.

Chris Jones: And why are you torn Irv?

Alan Irvine: Because I love them both! Why can’t they just agree to both challenge Ire at Death Or Glory?

Chris Jones: I don’t see Kana and Muldoon to coming to that kind of agreement. Or any kind of agreement really.

Alan Irvine: I guess. It’s just sad.

Chris Jones: Elsewhere tonight we will see Ezra LaForge face the biggest challenge of her young career. Tonight she takes on the proverbial thorns in her side, both Karina Zima and Marie Veleno in a handicap match!

Alan Irvine: Stupid move. And she asked for it! My ladies are going to stomp her head into mush. Laurier needs to talk his protege out of competing tonight or it will likely be her last match.

Chris Jones: I don’t know about that but to kick off our show we will see rookie upstart Mick Mooney get a chance at glory when he takes on FTF Champion, John Ire. Let’s go to the ring.

Singles Match
John Ire
Mick Mooney
15 Minute Time Limit

John Ire comes out first to the sounds of “Forever Pissed”. The audience loves their champion and he greets them by spitting beer in their general direction, which they of course love.

Alan Irvine: Think of the children John!

Mick Mooney is out next and while he does have his supporters, they don’t number as high as the champion’s. The bell sounds and we behind with Ire smashing Mooney with a clothesline.

Alan Irvine: Expected.

Chris Jones: Mick Mooney is getting a big opportunity tonight. He needs to be more on his game.

Alan Irvine: What game? This kid sucks. You talk about how good Ire is, you know that Mooney can’t measure up. You know who will? Muldoon or Kana.

Chris Jones: Can’t pick one?

Alan Irvine: Don’t make me!

Mooney gets up and swings blindly, obviously knocked loopy. Ire grabs Mooney with a ripcord and pulls him back into a sleeper hold. Ire holds onto it for a while before falling to his stomach, dropping Mooney with a sleeper slam.

Chris Jones: That…that didn’t look pleasant.

Ire gets Mooney up and the kid is in bad shape. Ire goes to lift him overhead with a military press but Mooney struggles out and lands behind the champ! Mooney hits a high knee to Ire’s back that sends the champ falling forward.

Alan Irvine: He actually caught him! What the hell?

Chris Jones: Mick Mooney has dropped the FTF Champion!

Mooney almost can’t believe his luck but he shakes it off, charges and nails Ire with a knee to the side of the head! Mooney then starts dropping bombs on Ire.

Chris Jones: This kid is fighting with everything he has!

Alan Irvine: And it’s not much!

Mooney backs up and calls to the crowd before charging at Ire but his momentum stops when Ire lifts Mooney up, jumps and plants him with a huge spinebuster. Mooney looks to be broken in half and Ire looks as pissed as ever.

Chris Jones: And that right there is why John Ire is FTF Champion.

Ire gets Mooney up and lifts him over head. He then walks to a corner and hits the To Hell With Ya Alabama slam into the corner! Ire then gets Mooney up and blasts him with The Pisstaker. The champion covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, the FTF Champion, John Ire!

John Ire is handed his championship and has his hand raised. Ire kneels down beside Mick Mooney and tussles his hair, before leaving the ring.


Backstage FTF Interview Mischa Sloan stands with the femme fatales of FTF, Karina Zima and Marie Veleno.

Mischa Sloan: Karina Zima, Marie Valeno tonight you two take on a rival of yours Ezra LaForge in a handicap match. What is your-

Karina Zima: Let me stop you right there kotenok. Ezra LaForge is no rival to us. She is a baby, a rebenok. She is jealous of our success and wants to try and piggy back on it. Simple as that.

Marie Veleno: Ezra LaForge is no threat to us. She is entering the viper pit tonight and she will not make it out alive. She can bring her nonno to the ring and he can watch her fail…again.

Karina Zima: We do not fear Ezra LaForge, tonight she gets embarrassed.

Just as Zima finishes talking, VJ Merrick walks into scene.

VJ Merrick: Oy ladies, how are ya?

Marie Veleno: Vattela a pigliare in culo.

Veleno and Zima walk off.

VJ Merrick: I think they like me! But that’s not why I’m here Mischa. I just wanted a word on that cunt Mick Mooney and how he just got his arse handed to him! The kid stepped up and got squashed. That was a ripper!

Mischa Sloan: Well while I have you here VJ, next up you face newcomer Second Hand Smoke. Your thoughts on him and the match?

VJ Merrick: The guy is a cunt. He can act as scary and blow all the smoke, (see what I did there), he wants but I’m gonna rip through that cunt with ease. Mick Mooney got lucky last week and I’ll deal with him on my own time. But tonight? Tonight I get back on track. Thanks lass.

Merrick walks off, heading to the ring.

Singles Match
Second Hand Smoke
VJ Merrick
15 Minute Time Limit

Second Hand Smoke comes to the ring with a very eerie entrance. The lights are out and a fog fills the entire arena. VJ Merrick comes out to the ring acting like his typical over-the-top self. The bell sounds and Merrick cautiously moves towards Smoke.

Chris Jones: I still don’t know what to say about this Second Hand Smoke guy.

Alan Irvine: I’ll be honest, he scares me.

Merrick hits Smoke with a right hand and it literally has no effect. Merrick hits Smoke with another shot and again it has no effect. Merrick hits the ropes and attempts to come back with a clothesline but Smoke just absorbs it.

Alan Irvine: Just run away Merrick! It’s not worth it kid!

Merrick tries for another right hand but Smoke grabs it and wrenches Merrick’s arm back. Smoke grabs Merrick by the throat and slowly walks him into the corner where he continues to choke him. The ref applies a five count and Smoke lets go at four.

Chris Jones: Smoke is definitely an intimidating figure. Very stoic.

Alan Irvine: Stoic! Again! You are really getting mileage out of that word.

Smoke picks Merrick up over his shoulder and drops him with snake eyes on the top rope. Merrick staggers back right into a running big boot from Smoke. Merrick drops and looks to be completely dazed.

Chris Jones: A heavy combination from Second Hand Smoke.

Smoke gets Merrick up and Merrick springs to life with an uppercut! Smoke just eats it so Merrick tries to run to the ropes but Smoke grabs him by the hair and pulls him back into an inverted face lock!

Alan Irvine: Oh no! No Merrick! Sweet boy!

Chris Jones: Yes I do believe that he is done for.

Smoke plants Merrick with an inverted ddt and then locks in the Last Gasp! Merrick struggles for a few moments but then eventually he has no choice but to submit. The bell sounds but Smoke doesn’t release the hold. He does after a few moments, much to the relief of the referee.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Second Hand Smoke!

Following the match Second Hand Smoke has his hand raised. Much like last week, he walks over to his fallen opponent and kneels beside him. Smoke puts a hand on Merrick’s face and then recites words in an otherworldly tongue. Smoke then leaves the ring.


Backstage we see Miyami Kana stretching, getting ready for her match, when she is approached by Lobo Malo.

Lobo Malo: Hey. I know that you and I have never seen eye to eye but I wanted to wish you luck tonight. Muldoon is a dangerous guy but I’d love to see you smash his face.

Miyami Kana: I do not need luck.

Lobo Malo: Yeah well I thought I would say it anyway. He can not become FTF Champion, he can not even get close to that title.

Miyami Kana: He will not.

Kana then walks away. Malo then turns around and from the shadows comes Muldoon. He smashes Malo with a clothesline and then hits Malo with some vicious stomps. When Malo is sufficently subdued, Muldoon crouches down on top of him.

Hatchet Muldoon: That was not a nice thing to say mate. You should have learned your fuckin’ lesson last week. Keep my name out of your fuckin’ mouth, alright?

With one final kick to Malo’s mid-section, Muldoon walks off.

Handicap Match
Ezra LaForge w/ Ken Laurier
Karina Zima & Marie Veleno
15 Minute Time Limit

The next contest was a personal one. Ezra LaForge came to the ring flanked by her mentor Ken Laurier. Next out came the femme fatales, Karina Zima and Marie Veleno. Veleno and Zima will have to tag in and out of this match.

Chris Jones: Ezra LaForge has not been able to shake the pairing of Karina Zima and Marie Veleno. They are determined to force her out of FTF.

Alan Irvine: And they are doing us a service! She should be out of FTF, she isn’t ready.

Chris Jones: I wholeheartedly disagree.

The match begins with both Veleno and Zima pointing and laughing at LaForge. Veleno starts the match. She and LaForge tie up with LaForge taking Veleno over with a deep arm drag.

Chris Jones: LaForge needs to keep Veleno away from her corner. She needs to isolate and execute.

Veleno gets up and LaForge charges with a front dropkick that sends Veleno flying backwards into her own corner. Veleno gets up, shocked. She tags in Zima. Zima enters the ring and when LaForge rushes her, Zima sticks her body through the ropes.

Chris Jones: Classic Zima. I’d love to see her take the fight to an opponent, just once.

Alan Irvine: She doesn’t have to! She’s a strategist.

The referee separates LaForge from Zima. Zima then reenters the ring and when LaForge charges Zima goes for a toe kick to LaForge’s mid-section but LaForge grabs her leg and takes her over with a dragon whip.

Chris Jones: LaForge needs to keep this up. She can’t let the frequent tags happen between Veleno and Zima.

Alan Irvine: Of course she can’t! But that’s her problem! She’s too hard headed. She doesn’t listen to reason and that’s why she finds herself in this situation.

Chris Jones: I can’t argue with that. LaForge really needs to learn patience, it would benefit her greatly.

Zima gets up and goes for a forearm smash but LaForge takes hold of her arm and tries to force Zima to the mat with an arm bar. Zima counters by grabbing LaForge’s hair and whips her onto the mat.

Chris Jones: Even in a two on one scenario, Zima has to cheat.

Alan Irvine: There is no disqualification, kinda.

Chris Jones: Well the referee needs to think of LaForge’s safety. This is already a stacked deck.

Alan Irvine: She wanted it.

Chris Jones: How many times have you used that defence?

Alan Irvine: Wow Jones, dark.

Proud of herself, Zima drags LaForge over to her corner by the hair, despite the referee’s protests. Zima tags Veleno up and Veleno climbs to the top rope. Zima holds LaForge up by her hair and Veleno comes off of the top rope with a double stomp to the back of LaForge’s head.

Chris Jones: My God. They are trying to end Ezra LaForge’s career.

Veleno gets LaForge to her feet and whips her into a corner. Veleno then charges in looking for a monkey flip but LaForge catches her, turns her around and sits her on the top rope. LaForge then takes Veleno off of the top rope with a dragon screw!

Chris Jones: She is not done yet! She will keep fighting!

Alan Irvine: Which is a rookie mistake! She should lay down and die!

Chris Jones: Oh come on Irv.

LaForge hits the ropes and comes back with a legdrop to the back of Veleno’s neck. She then quickly applies the Professional Grade which has Veleno screaming in pain. Before the hold can do too much damage Zima runs in and kicks LaForge right in the face.

Chris Jones: This is a mugging.

Veleno gets LaForge up and sends her into the corner where Zima stands. Veleno follows that up with a running high knee and then tags in Zima. Zima enters the ring and with Veleno, she launches LaForge across the ring with a giant beal.

Alan Irvine: What teamwork!

LaForge gets to a knee and Zima blasts her with a shining wizard. Zima then lets LaForge get up and tags in Veleno. The two then charge, Veleno goes high and Zima goes low and they take LaForge out with a total elimination. Veleno covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners, Karina Zima and Marie Veleno!

Following the contest Karina Zima and Marie Veleno stand over Ezra LaForge. Ken Laurier enters the ring to check on his protege and that’s when Zima and Veleno turn their attention to him.

Chris Jones: This doesn’t look good Irv. Back in the day Ken Laurier was a formidable competitor but injuries have made him retire. He needs to get out of there before something bad happens.

Zima taps Laurier on the shoulder and he turns around right into the total elimination from Zima and Veleno! Laurier is turned inside out and the Canadian audience boos like crazy.

Chris Jones: Ken Laurier is a Canadian legend! We are going to need a SWAT team to get Zima and Veleno safely out of the arena.

Alan Irvine: That’s it girls! Take your spot! You don’t owe anyone any respect!

Zima and Veleno walk up the ramp, arm in arm, very happy with what they have done here tonight.


In the backstage area Al Derringer is seen coming out of Morgan Odin’s office, hanging his head. Ben Choi walks up to him.

Ben Choi: Al Derringer. Word has it that you were called in to see FTF General Manager Morgan Odin, can you tell us what happened?

Al Derringer: That’s between me and Mr. Odin. What I will tell you is that I am still here and I’m not giving up. All of these set backs haven’t broken me.

A voice answers from off camera.

Second Hand Smoke: Are you sure about that?

Second Hand Smoke walks into frame and stands next to Derringer.

Second Hand Smoke: You look pretty broken to me. You look like you could use some assistance.

Al Derringer: Listen pal, I don’t know you and I don’t wanna know you. Why don’t you just piss off and mind your business.

Second Hand Smoke: Oh but this is my business Alan. I feel that I can help you, that we can do great things together. Great, terrible things.

Al Derringer: I don’t know what the hell you are talking about pal but I’m nearing the end of my capacity for politeness. Kick rocks before it’s all used up.

Second Hand Smoke: Alright Alan, I will go away. But I will be watching you, waiting to see the day that your own inadequacies finally break you. Good day, Sergeant.

Smoke slides out of frame but Derringer keeps his eyes on him, perplexed at what just transpired.

Number One Contendership
Singles Match
Hatchet Muldoon
Miyami Kana
15 Minute Time Limit

The main event of the evening sees two heavy hitters go head to head. The match begins with Kana rushing Muldoon with a high knee but he catches her and dumps her over the top rope immediately.

Alan Irvine: Muldoon is taking this match to the outside early. That’s where he is comfortable.

Chris Jones: That’s a clever move.

Muldoon quickly goes outside the ring and collects Kana. He gets her to her feet and drops her sternum first over the guard rail. Muldoon then gets Kana back up and whips her hard into the guard rail.

Alan Irvine: This is best strategy I’ve seen against Miyami Kana so far.

Chris Jones: I can’t disagree. Derringer failed against her last week but you know that Muldoon was watching and got some ideas.

Muldoon takes hold of Kana and lifts her over his shoulder. Muldoon charges and plants Kana with a running power slam hard into the steel ramp. Kana lets out in pain but Muldoon silences her with a flurry of punches to the face.

Alan Irvine: Miyami Kana is eating some serious punishment here.

The Man from Down Under has Kana mounted and is repeatedly punching her in the face while the referee implores him to get back into the ring. Muldoon somewhat obliges by getting Kana up and subsequently he whips her hard into the ring apron.

Chris Jones: Muldoon is taking Kana apart. There is a lot on the line in this contest and both competitors know that.

Alan Irvine: Muldoon wants another shot at becoming FTF Champion. Kana had hers already and unfortunately, she blew it.

Muldoon repeatedly smashes Kana with forearm shots. Muldoon then takes Kana over to the ringsteps, applies a front facelock and takes her over with a suplex onto the ring steps! Kana lets out in pain again and Muldoon has a satisfied look on his face.

Chris Jones: Hatchet Muldoon is a scary man willing to do terrible things.

Alan Irvine: And he should be! Everyone should be. If you aren’t here to be FTF Champion then get the fuck out.

Chris Jones: That is one way to put it.

The audience boos Muldoon as he gets Kana up and attempts to whip her into the ring apron again, however, this time Kana jumps up to the apron and comes back with a huge hook kick to Muldoon’s jaw.

Chris Jones: Miyami Kana is still alive!

Muldoon finds himself draped over the guard rail when Kana jumps up to the top rope. Kana leaps off of the top rope and comes down on Muldoon’s back with a double foot stomp to Muldoon’s back.

Alan Irvine: Holy shit! That could have broken Muldoon’s sternum. Kana is showing that she can be just as vicious as him.

Chris Jones: That she is. The tide has definitely turned.

Kana grabs Muldoon and slides him back into the ring. She hops over the top rope, favouring her lower back, and she plants Muldoon with an STO! She then transitions beautifully into a modified figure four headscissors submission!

Chris Jones: She calls this the Magic Hour! Kana with a beautiful submission on Muldoon.

Muldoon is trapped in the middle of the ring with Kana screaming for him to submit. Muldoon is able to get his foot on the bottom rope but the damage has been done. Muldoon pulls himself up using the ropes and Kana subdues him with a spinning hook kick to the jaw.

Alan Irvine: What I like about Kana is that every time we see her, we see something different.

Chris Jones: I agree. She can beat anyone in a variety of different ways. They don’t call her The Living Weapon for nothing.

Kana lines Muldoon up and calls for the end. Muldoon stands and Kana charges, looking for the Blood Sacrifice busaiku knee strike but Muldoon side steps her and sends her flying hard into the corner.

Alan Irvine: Kana beat Derringer last week with that knee strike but Muldoon had it scouted.

Muldoon gets Kana up, looking for his Outback Bomb but Kana back flips off of his shoulders and catches him with a hard roundhouse kick to the head. Kana then hits the ropes and comes running in but Muldoon turns her inside out with a clothesline from down under.

Chris Jones: What a clothesline! Hatchet Muldoon unleashed with that move.

Alan Irvine: He may be the most hard hitting man on the roster.

Chris Jones: Tell that to John Ire.

Both competitors are down and the audience is on their feet. Muldoon gets up first but Kana rises looking for another hook kick but Muldoon knees her in the mid-section, threads her arm between her legs and plants her with a pump handle slam!

Alan Irvine: This could be it!

Muldoon drops to his knees beside Kana and starts hitting her with furious elbows to the side of the head. Kana is nearly knocked out as the rabid Muldoon rains down elbows on the side of her head.

Chris Jones: What ferocity! Muldoon is a man possessed!

Alan Irvine: That look in his eyes is legit terrifying.

Once satisfied, Muldoon gets Kana up and she can barely stand. He whips her into the ropes and on her return he attempts another clothesline from down under but Kana ducks underneath it, hits the ropes and comes back with the Blood Sacrifice! Kana covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner and number one contender for the FTF Championship, Miyami Kana!

Miyami Kana’s music plays and she has her hand raised. As usual, she slides out of the ring and stomps up the ramp but at the top of the ramp stands FTF Champion John Ire. Kana keeps stomping forward, she walks right up to him and stares him in the eye. She then looks up at the title and for the first time (that we’ve seen), she smiles.


 Match Results:
– John Ire def. Mick Mooney
– Second Hand Smoke def. VJ Merrick
– Karina Zima & Marie Veleno def. Ezra LaForge
– Miyami Kana def. Hatchet Muldoon to become #1 Contender