FTF Episode 005


The Fire Pit Arena
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

July 3rd, 2016


Following all of the pyro and ballyhoo we cut to ringside with Chris Jones and Alan Irvine.

Chris Jones: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to FTF Episode Five!

Alan Irvine: We have a champion folks. On Episode Four John Ire defeated three other wrestlers in one night. He won the Summit Series and is now our FTF Champion.

Chris Jones: You don’t sound pleased Irv.

Alan Irvine: I just don’t like that we have a drunk as our champion. Someone like Miyami Kana is a better representative of this company.

Chris Jones: You can believe whatever you like but Toronto exploded when John Ire defeated Miyami Kana in the finals. He wrestled three matches in one night and the crowd appreciated his efforts.

Alan Irvine: Well Toronto sucks.

Chris Jones: That’s one opinion! But tonight we will see the official coronation of John Ire as our champion with the ceremonial championship presentation with FTF General Manager Morgan Odin.

Alan Irvine: As much as I don’t like Ire, that is going to be a monumental moment.

Chris Jones: But first we are going to see a double debut match. FTF has signed two new competitors and they are about to go head to head. Let’s learn more about them.


A smoke filled room and in the centre, a desk. The only light source is that of a flickering lamp. A slender figure sits behind the desk.

Second Hand Smoke: Fire…Thunder…Fighting.

On the desk in front of him sit several manilla dossiers. Each has the name of an FTF wrestler scribbled on the front.

Second Hand Smoke: Everyone here fights for something. Redemption.

The figure pulls one out, it reads AL DERRINGER.

Second Hand Smoke: Acceptance.

The second folder he analyzes reads EZRA LAFORGE.

Second Hand Smoke: Glory.

The third dossier he holds up and stares at. He pulls out a photo.

Second Hand Smoke: I don’t fight for any of these things. What I do fight for, is none of your fucking business.

He lights the photo on fire and tosses it into a nearby trashcan. The camera zooms in to show that the photo is of FTF Champion, John Ire.


A shabby looking man bursts out of a doorway, into the hallway of an apartment building, he is holding a briefcase with different denominations of money sticking out of it. He runs down the hallway and the scene freezes.

Lazlo Vaughan: That’s me. I’m Lazlo.

The scene resumes and we see that the first man is being chased by another, much larger man. Said man is carrying a baseball bat.

Lazlo Vaughan: I’ve always had a knack for getting on peoples’ bad side. It’s a talent, really.

Vaughan reaches the end of the hall and has nowhere to go. He turns and holds his hands up as the second man approaches.

Lazlo Vaughan: However, I’ve always been able to get out of those situations. Using certain…tactics.

The man runs up and goes to swing the bat but Vaughan shoots forward. The man’s motion stops and he begins violently shaking. The man drops the bat and then himself falls to the floor.

Lazlo Vaughan: I’m Lazlo Vaughan. Wrestling is a business that caters to con artists. That’s why it’s the business that I’m in.

We see that Vaughan is holding a taser. He reaches down and takes the man’s wallet and takes it, walking off with the briefcase in another hand.

Singles Match
Lazlo Vaughan
Second Hand Smoke
15 Minute Time Limit

The two competitors are in the ring and Second Hand Smoke stands head and shoulders over Lazlo Vaughan. Vaughan holds out his hand for a handshake but Smoke just looks at it quizzically.

Chris Jones: This man Second Hand Smoke has a presence about him Irv. It feels like the arena got colder when he came out here.

Alan Irvine: I like him! He looks like he’d bite your face off as soon as look at you.

Smoke clobbers Vaughan with a clothesline and gets him up to his feet. Smoke sends Vaughan into a corner and follows that up with a running big boot that sends Vaughan over the top rope, landing on the apron.

Chris Jones: What flexibility from this big man. I think Vaughan lost a tooth!

Smoke grabs Vaughan on the apron and walks him over to a corner. Smoke smashes Vaughan’s head off of the top turnbuckle and then suplexes him back into the ring. Smoke hits the ropes and drops a leg across Vaughan’s throat, getting a two count.

Alan Irvine: This man is scary. No two ways about it Jones.

Chris Jones: His facial expression hasn’t changed since the bell rang. This man is stoic.

Alan Irvine: Good to see that your word a day calendar is working out for you.

Smoke gets Vaughan up to his feet and holds him in the air with a two handed choke. The referee administers a five count and at four Smoke tosses Vaughan onto the mat.

Chris Jones: Smoke is just having his way with Lazlo Vaughan here.

Vaughan staggers up to his feet and walks right into Smoke. Smoke lifts Vaughan up over his shoulder and runs into the corner. He smashes Vaughan’s back into the top turnbuckle and then flips him onto his feet.

Chris Jones: I’ve heard about this, it looks like Smoke is setting Vaughan up for the Last Gasp!

Smoke applies a standing dragon sleeper and then falls to the mat, applying the body scissors. Vaughan has no choice but to submit.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Second Hand Smoke!

Following the contest Smoke allows his hand to be raised. He kneels down beside Vaughan and puts his hand on his forehead. Smoke then mutters some words in a foreign tongue before standing and exiting.


In the backstage area FTF Interviewer Ben Choi stands with VJ Merrick.

Ben Choi: Ladies and gentlemen I am here with VJ Merrick. VJ, can we discuss your attack on Mick Mooney last week at the Summit Series?

VJ Merrick: What is there to discuss mate?

Ben Choi: You assaulted him and you are to face him one on one next. You also asked for this match and I’d like to know why.

VJ Merrick: It’s pretty fuckin’ simple really. He called me a plug. At the time I didn’t know what that was but it pissed me off so I kicked his ass. Simple as that.

Ben Choi: And you know what it means now?

VJ Merrick: I do! I looked it up on the urban dictionary. It means “someone who is completely and utterly useless”. That made me even more pissed so I asked Odin for this match.

Ben Choi: You feel that you are not useless?

VJ Merrick: Fuck no! I’m fair dinkum as they come mate. Me and Mick Mooney are gonna have a ripper tonight but he’s gonna end up flat on his back, just like at Summit Series. Get me? Sweet as.

Merrick tosses the mic back to Choi and walks out of frame.

Singles Match
Mick Mooney
VJ Merrick
15 Minute Time Limit

The next contest sees the two rookies with bad blood face off. Mooney and Merrick lock up immediately with Mooney forcing Merrick down into a head lock. Merrick shoves Mooney off into the ropes and drops him with a high flipping dropkick.

Chris Jones: This is our first chance to see what VJ Merrick can do in a one on one environment.

Alan Irvine: After his grand sacrifice two weeks ago against John Ire and Al Derringer. He took the fall so that his friend Hatchet Muldoon could secure his spot in the Summit Series.

Merrick keeps Mooney grounded with a headlock but Mooney is able to fight up. Mooney attempts a back drop but Merrick flips over, lands on his feet and hits the ropes. Merrick runs back looking for a wheel kick but Mooney catches him and plants him with a back drop into a pin for a two count.

Alan Irvine: You know we haven’t seen much out of Mick Mooney either but he just seems to be like your typical Canadian hockey player douche bag.

Chris Jones: Well you’re half right, Mooney did spend some time in the OHL until an injury cut his career short.

Alan Irvine: Then what makes him think he can make it in FTF!?

The two get back up and lock up. Merrick hits Mooney with a toe kick to the mid-section and then attempts a suplex but Mooney slips over him and behind him, taking Mooney down with an Okada roll! He gets another two count.

Chris Jones: Merrick is getting frustrated now. He thought that this would be a cake walk.

Merrick wipes his face in frustration then rises looking for a backfist but Mooney catches his arm and takes him over with an arm drag. Merrick scrambles back up and gets taken down with another arm drag from Mooney.

Alan Irvine: Come on Merrick! He’s making a fool out of you!

Mooney shoots Merrick into the ropes but Merrick comes back and flattens Mooney flattens him with a leg lariat! Merrick taunts the audience, yelling “He ain’t shite!” before going to grab Mooney but Mooney shoots up and takes Merrick down with a school boy for the quick three count!

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Mick Mooney!

Mick Mooney gets his hand raised but can’t even enjoy it as VJ Merrick hits him from behind. Merrick starts putting the boots to him before security breaks it up.

Chris Jones: Well to no ones surprise, VJ Merrick is a sore loser.

Al Irvine: He’s embarrassed! A loser like Mick Mooney should not be beating a man like VJ Merrick.

Chris Jones: He did just that, though. But I imagine that this is not the end of this issue between these two men.

— THE RIGHT PATH (..Sort Of)

Following a brief commercial, the “Total Pro” Ezra LaForge comes to the ring flanked by her manager and mentor Ken Laurier. The two enter the ring and Laurier takes the microphone.

Ken Laurier: I have been in this business for a long time. I faced a lot of adversity in my career. A lot of set backs. Many lost opportunities. However, no matter how bad things got I never resorted to certain…tactics.

The audience cheers for the Canadian wrestling legend.

Ken Laurier: I never resorted to sneak attacks. I never resorted to cheating. I never resorted to gang assaults. Karina Zima and Marie Veleno both resort to these tactics. All of them.

The audience boos, there is really no love for Zima and Veleno in Toronto.

Ken Laurier: Ezra LaForge is a Total Pro. I wouldn’t let her call herself that if she wasn’t. But she is still learning and I want her to see that the ways of Zima and Veleno are not the ways to get ahead. That–

Before Laurier can continue he is cut off by the entrance music of Karina Zima. Zima comes out onto the stage with Marie Veleno. Zima is armed with a microphone.

Karina Zima: Oh dedushka please stop talking. You are just jealous that angel moy and I are much more successful than your kotenok. We have trumped her at every turn.

At this point LaForge takes the microphone.

Ezra LaForge: You wouldn’t be so lucky if it was a fair fight.

Marie Veleno: Luck has nothing to do with it little girl. We are the two best talents in this company, that’s why we keep winning.

Ezra LaForge: That’s why you both lost to John Ire last week?

This incenses Zima and Veleno.

Karina Zima: Kotenok we would advise you to watch your mouth or we will be forced to shut it. Again.

Ezra LaForge: I would love it. How about I take both of you on at the same time? That way it’s all legal.

Laurier covers the microphone with his hand and advises LaForge against this, he tells her to wait.

Marie Veleno: If that is what you want little girl then that is what you will get. Next week, mio angelo and I will face you next week in a handicap match. If that is what you really want.

LaForge shoves her way past Laurier.

Ezra LaForge: You’re on!

LaForge’s music cues up and stands on the ropes, pointing at her two rivals on the stage. Laurier tries to talk some sense into LaForge but she ignores him. On the stage, Zima and Veleno look very pleased.

Singles Match
Hatchet Muldoon
Lobo Malo
15 Minute Time Limit

The next match sees the first meeting between Hatchet Muldoon and Lobo Malo. Malo attempts to start the match with a fast pace by hitting the ropes but Muldoon instantly turns him inside out with a clothesline.

Alan Irvine: The man that could be a future FTF Champion turns Malo inside out. I hate that little Mexican jerk.

Chris Jones: Are you in favour of the wall?

Alan Irvine: I’m not going to say that I’ll vote for Trump but I won’t not be voting for him.

Malo attempts to get up but Muldoon hits him with some clubbing blows to the back of the head. Muldoon then drops down and grinds his forearm into Malo’s face.

Chris Jones: I will agree that Muldoon definitely wants to get into title contention. He made it farther in the Summit Series than Malo so a win tonight could get him where he wants to be.

Muldoon allows Malo to get up and Muldoon shoots for another clothesline but Malo rolls through, pops up, springs off of the middle rope and takes Muldoon down with a back elbow.

Alan Irvine: God I hate this little Spanish fly. He’s a talentless gnat.

Chris Jones: Talentless is a stretch, Malo is a world class luchadore.

Alan Irvine: Pffft.

Muldoon gets up and Malo catches him with a dropkick to the knee. Malo then hits the ropes again and takes Muldoon down with a kneeling head scissors that drives Muldoon’s head into the mat.

Chris Jones: That one could be a tide turner Irv!

Alan Irvine: It’s only serving to make Muldoon more angry.

Malo calls for Muldoon to stand and the audience is firmly behind Malo. Muldoon stands and when Malo rushes him Muldoon grabs Malo by the throat. Muldoon tosses Malo into the corner and follows that up with a running elbow smash.

Chris Jones: What a shot from Muldoon! That one has Malo rocked!

Muldoon tosses Malo out of the corner and then climbs to the top rope. He jumps off looking for an elbow but Malo moves out of the way. Muldoon gets up to one knee and Malo blasts him with a superkick, earning a two count.

Chris Jones: The best superkick in FTF! The man from down under is definitely seeing stars.

Alan Irvine: He’s seeing gold, Jones. He has his sights set on the FTF Title and Lobo Malo will not stand in his way. I mean, hopefully not.

Muldoon kicks out with authority and is angry as hell. Muldoon lets out a primal scream and then charges, hitting Malo with a rising knee that takes Malo off his feet. Malo lands with a thud and Muldoon is done playing around.

Alan Irvine: That’s it Hatch! Kill ’em!

The Aussie gets Malo up and lifts him up for a powerbomb. Malo reverses it and sends Muldoon forward with a head scissors takedown. Muldoon lands draped over the middle rope.

Alan Irvine: Oh Christ. This move needs to be banned. I mean, luchadores should stop doing it. It’s so passé.

Chris Jones: Would it be bad if I started chanting booyaka booyaka?

Alan Irvine: I’ll strangle you with your headphone cable.

Malo hits the ropes and then charges towards Muldoon. Instead of going for his signature 619, Malo leaps over the top rope and comes down with double knees to the back of Muldoon’s head! Muldoon is shot back into the center of the ring.

Chris Jones: Hatchet Muldoon could be moments away from defeat!

Malo climbs to the top rope and points at Muldoon. The audience is on their feet. Muldoon stands and Malo comes off the top rope looking for a dragonranna but Muldoon catches him just in time and plants him with a powerbomb. Muldoon covers and gets the victory.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Hatchet Muldoon!

Hatchet Muldoon refuses to have his hand raised. He goes to exit the ring but takes the time to step on Malo’s head, before leaving. As Muldoon walks up the ramp, Malo asks for a mic. Still laying on the mat, Malo screams at Muldoon.

Lobo Malo: I’m not done with you vato! Get back here!

Muldoon turns and stares Malo down.

Lobo Malo: Get. Back. Here!

Muldoon laughs and continues up the ramp, leaving Malo downed in the centre of the ring to wallow in his failure.


Backstage FTF Interviewer Mischa Sloan stands with the towering presence of Al Derringer.

Mischa Sloan: Al Derringer, you came into FTF and many touted that you would quickly become the face of the company. Weeks later, you sit with a one and three record. What are your thoughts on that?

Al Derringer: It’s not ideal, that’s for sure. I wish that my performance in the Summit Series was up to my personal standards but it obviously was not. I had my chance to become FTF Champion and I failed.

Mischa Sloan: So what is next for the Soldier of Fortune?

Al Derringer: Rebuilding. The Summit Series has come and gone, now I’m looking towards the future. Tonight I get my rematch with the first person to beat me in FTF, Miyami Kana.

Mischa Sloan: Miyami Kana made it all the way to the finals at the Summit Series. She has only one loss on her record. What will you do differently to ensure that you are victorious tonight?

Al Derringer: I am humbled, Mischa. In the military they teach you to never underestimate your enemy and that’s what I did the first time I faced Miyami Kana. That won’t happen this time. This time I am ready.

Mischa Sloan: And if you beat her, is it your intention to challenge John Ire?

Al Derringer: Without question. I will defeat Kana tonight and then I will lay down the challenge to my friend John Ire. I respect John, I think he is talented but he has something that I want. Therefore, he is in my sights. But right now, my focus is on Miyami Kana. Over and out.

Derringer walks off, ready to do battle against Miyami Kana.

Singles Match
Al Derringer
Miyami Kana
15 Minute Time Limit

The main event of the evening sees a rematch from FTF Episode 001. Both competitors make their entrances. Derringer attempts a handshake but Kana just laughs. The bell sounds and Kana attempts a kick but Derringer catches it.

Chris Jones: Kana started their first encounter with some kicks but this time Derringer saw it coming.

Alan Irvine: So the fuck what? He’s still gonna get his ass kicked. Well maybe not kicked, but beat.

Derringer shoves Kana down and then drops an elbow to the inside of her knee. Derringer stands, still holding her leg and turns it into a spinning toe hold. He drops a knee onto Kana’s knee, causing her to let out in pain.

Alan Irvine: Who the hell taught this gorilla shit like that?

Chris Jones: We are still in the early going of FTF as a company. I doubt we’ve seen everyone’s full arsenal just yet Irv.

The Soldier of Fortune allows Kana to get up to her feet and he shoots her into the ropes. She goes to step off of the second rope but Derringer is fast enough to kick the rope which causes her to fall.

Alan Irvine: As much as I hate to say it, Derringer has done his homework.

Chris Jones: He isn’t making the same mistakes as last time, that’s for sure.

Alan Irvine: I have a feeling that he’ll make all new ones!

Derringer gets Kana up and lifts her up for a stalling suplex. Kana uses her flexibility to hit Derringer with some knees to the head but he is resilient, he takes her back over with a suplex and covers, putting his full weight on her.

Chris Jones: Smart move from Derringer. He is much bigger than Kana, even if she can kick out it is going to take all she has to do it.

Kana is able to kick out but it saps a lot of her energy. Derringer gets her up and lifts her up into a bear hug, attempting to crush Kana’s ribs. Kana tries to fight back but Derringer rag dolls her which puts a stop to it.

Alan Irvine: He actually has a decent strategy. He is keeping Kana close and she hasn’t been able to do anything.

Chris Jones: No one has been able to control Kana like this.

Alan Irvine: Honestly? I agree.

Derringer continues to rag doll Kana but she won’t submit. Derringer then lifts her onto his shoulder, charges and drives her into the corner. He then hits her with a series of fast clotheslines that snap her head back each time.

Alan Irvine: Christ! Her head is gonna come right off!

Kana staggers out of the corner right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Derringer. Derringer holds Kana over his knee, placing one hand on her knee and another on her chin, bending her as far as she will go.

Chris Jones: We are seeing a different, more focussed Derringer here tonight Irv.

Alan Irvine: I can’t disagree. As much as I hate the fucker, he came in with a game plan and it’s working. Kana is at his mercy.

Derringer releases Kana and then stomps around, proud. He salutes the audience and many salute him back. When he turns to Kana she is up and she hits him with a rising knee that staggers him!

Alan Irvine: And just like that Kana is back in this match!

Derringer catches himself on the ropes but Kana charges him again and hits him with a high knee that sends him backwards over the top rope to the outside! Derringer lands on his feet but is rocked.

Chris Jones: Kana did exactly what she needs to do, she created some space.

Alan Irvine: Now she needs to capitalize. She has beaten this lug before, she can do it again!

Chris Jones: It’s anyones match right now.

In the ring, Kana lets out a giant howl and then charges. She is moving a bit slower because of her bad knee but still she is able to dive over the top rope with a flipping senton that finds it’s mark and takes Derringer down.

Alan Irvine: There she is! Kana is back in this thing.

Kana rolls back into the ring to recover as Derringer pulls himself up using the apron. When he is up to his feet Kana charges and hits a baseball slide right into his face that knocks him down.

Chris Jones: Kana is keeping Derringer on the outside and it’s bound to make the serviceman angry.

Alan Irvine: And then he’ll make a mistake. Kana doesn’t get enough credit for her ability to strategize.

Derringer is visibly frustrated on the outside. He charges and jumps up to the apron but Kana is right there to hit him with a knee. She then attempts another but he slugs her with a big right hand that sends her onto her back.

Chris Jones: Derringer has had enough. He will not be denied here tonight.

Derringer enters the ring and Kana has rolled backwards, back up to her feet. She then charges forward and ducks under a clothesline attempt. She then comes back with a basement dropkick to Derringer’s knee.

Alan Irvine: Kana taking a page out of Derringer’s book! I love it.

Chris Jones: Making space wasn’t working but taking out Derringer’s wheels might!

With Derringer kneeling, Kana goes for a springboard but he dives forward and hits her with a forearm shot to her lower back. He then lifts her up and smashes her shin over his knee. With Kana down, Derringer calls for the end.

Chris Jones: Derringer needs to be careful here. It isn’t over until it’s over.

Alan Irvine: He’s going to blow it. No doubt.

Derringer grabs Kana around the throat and goes for the Shock & Awe but Kana shifts her weight and brings him down into a sunset flip! She gets a two count but Derringer is able to kick out.

Alan Irvine: It almost happened again! In the exact same way!

Chris Jones: Derringer was able to kick out! He saw it coming!

Derringer gets up and shoots Kana into the ropes. She comes back and he attempts to grab her throat again but she slides through his legs, hits the ropes and nails him with a Busaiku knee strike! Derringer drops and Kana covers, getting the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Miyami Kana!

Kana has her hand raised and Derringer is still down. She exits the ring and marches up the ramp, as per usual.

Alan Irvine: Haha! Derringer you idiot! You didn’t see that one coming.

Chris Jones: Another loss for the Soldier of Fortune. Where does Al Derringer go from here?

Alan Irvine: To the unemployment line! This guy can’t get his footing, he needs to leave FTF and go back to the minor leagues.


In the ring FTF General Manager Morgan Odin stands beside a pedestal. Atop the pedestal is the brand new FTF Championship.

Alan Irvine: You know, now that I think about it I have no fucking clue why we are doing this. Ire was given the title after his victory last week. We saw confetti, he got to celebrate. It already happened!

Chris Jones: I believe that it’s the symbolism that Mr. Odin wants to demonstrate. John Ire wrestled three matches last week. He was spent when he received the title. Mr. Odin wants to give him the opportunity to say a few words.

Alan Irvine: Oh come on. We don’t need to hear from this drunkard. Just give him his title and get him out of here.

Chris Jones: Well that’s where we disagree.

“Forever Pissed” cues up and John Ire walks out onto the stage to much fanfare. He has a can of an undisclosed beer in hand, which he slugs and then spits into the audience. They respond with unanimous applause.

Alan Irvine: Come. On! There are children in the audience. How can you can condone this kind of behaviour Jones?

Chris Jones: No comment.

Alan Irvine: Expected!

Ire marches down the ramp and stomps up the ring steps. He enters the ring and walks past Odin, grabbing the FTF Championship off of the pedestal. Ire climbs to the top rope and puts one foot on the top turnbuckle. He raises the title in the air and the audience roars in approval.

Chris Jones: There he is ladies and gentlemen, the first ever FTF Champion.

Ire gets down and walks over to Odin. The two stand face to face and Odin extends his hand. Ire waits a moment and then shakes it. Ire then takes a microphone.

John Ire: Toronto, alright?

The audience cheers in the affirmative.

John Ire: Thought as much. You see, I’m standin’ here as your FTF Champion because it’s what I said I was gonna do. No cunt in the back was going to stand in my way. This thing was mine from the day the put the fuckin’ thing together.

Toronto can’t get enough.

John Ire: I’m not a happy man. It’s how I get what I want. But let me tell ya, right now I’m about as happy as a cunt like me can be.

Alan Irvine: I’m going to puke Jones.

John Ire: Now I’m ready to kick the arse of any cunt that wants to try and take this gold away from me. And you know what? It’s not gonna be easy. So anyone who wants to step up, you better pack a fuckin’ lunch. Because I stay pissed, and that’s no good for you.

Almost as if responding to the call, Oriental styled music cues up and Miyami Kana walks out onto the stage. She points at the ring and then at herself.

John Ire: You wanna be first lass? No problem. I’ll have another go. As long as Odie here wants to make the fuckin’ match, then it’s on.

Before Odin can respond the audience parts and we here a grunting voice take over the p.a. Hatchet Muldoon appears in the crowd.

Hatchet Muldoon: Just hold the fuck on. Last time I checked Memoirs of a Geisha wasn’t the only person to pick up a bleedin’ win tonight. I smashed that Spider-Man looking cunt so I feel like I’m due for a shot too mate.

Ire turns to Muldoon and shouts that he’ll “fuck you up too”, not speaking into the microphone. Odin then takes hold of a microphone and steps forward.

Morgan Odin: You know I had some ideas on how to determine Mr. Ire’s first challenger but since the two of you have taken initiative, I’ll save them. I like people that speak up and both of you have done just that.

Cut to a split screen of both Kana and Muldoon listening.

Morgan Odin: So next week in our main event we will see Hatchet Muldoon take on Miyami Kana with the winner facing John Ire for the FTF Championship at FTF Episode Eight: Death or Glory!

The audience pops huge for that and “Forever Pissed” cues up. Ire climbs back up to the top rope and holds the belt up in the direction of the stage and Kana. He then does it to the crowd where Muldoon stands as Episode Five goes off the air.



Match Results:
– Second Hand Smoke def. Lazlo Vaughan
– Mick Mooney def. VJ Merrick
– Hatchet Muldoon def. Lobo Malo
– Miyami Kana def. Al Derringer