Wrestler Spotlight: John Ire


ftftitleCountry: Cardiff, Wales
Height & Weight: 6’1″, 231lbs.
Alignment: Face
Style: Brawler

– The Pisstaker (Roaring Elbow)

Signature Moves:
– To Hell With Ya (Alabama Slam into the Corner)

John Ire is not a happy man. A veteran of the British wrestling scene, John Ire was brought into FTF because of his hard hitting style. Known as the Cardiff Knockout King, Ire found most of his matches ending with his opponent blacked out on the canvas.

Ire came to FTF as a member of the Original Eight. He participated in the first main event of FTF where he defeated Hatchet Muldoon. During the inital run of shows, Ire developed a friendship with Al Derringer. Both men were entered into the Summit Series Tournament at FTF Episode Four and Ire was able to defeat Marie Veleno in the first round, Karina Zima in the second round and Miyami Kana in the finals to become the first FTF Champion.

Title History:
– FTF Championship (1; First)
– FTF Summit Series 2016 Winner


Match History:
– FTF 001: John Ire def. Hatchet Muldoon
– FTF 002: John Ire def. Lobo Malo
– FTF 003: Al Derringer & John Ire def. Hatchet Muldoon & VJ Merrick
– FTF oo4: John Ire def. Marie Veleno
– FTF 004: John Ire def. Karina Zima
– FTF 004: John Ire def. Miyami Kana to win the FTF Championship