FTF Episode 004: Summit Series


The Fire Pit Arena
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
June 26th, 2016

“Who walks out as the first FTF Champion?”

— Pick ‘Ems

The opening signature plays and the audience in The Fire Pit is going nuts. The swing camera settles on the announce table.

Chris Jones: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Episode Four of Fire Thunder Fighting. My name is Chris Jones alongside my broadcast partner Alan Irvine. Irv, are you ready for tonight?

Alan Irvine: I’ve been ready ever since Morgan Odin made the announcement. Tonight we will see eight wrestlers compete in the one night Summit Series to crown the first ever FTF Champion. It’s going to be insane.

Chris Jones: No doubt. We are just seven matches away from seeing who will become the first FTF Champion, who do you think is going to take it Irv?

Alan Irvine: There is a sharp difference between who I want to see win it, and who I think is going to win it. If we’re going with who I want then it’s the team of Karina Zima and Marie Veleno.

Chris Jones: Only one person can become champion.

Alan Irvine: I know that Jones! But if either of them win, then they both win. Do you understand? These ladies are a unit!

Chris Jones: Fair enough. If that’s who you want to win, then who do you think will win?

Alan Irvine: I have to go with Miyami Kana. She is undefeated and no one has even come close to putting her down. I see her running through the competition tonight.

Chris Jones: A fair pick.

Alan Irvine: Who do you see taking the whole shebang, Jones?

Chris Jones: I’m going to go with dark horse Al Derringer. I don’t think we’ve seen the best of him yet but I feel that the Summit Series will bring it out of him.

Alan Irvine: A wasted pick! We should put money on this because I know that Derringer is going home empty handed tonight. I know that for a fact.

Chris Jones: I don’t think Morgan Odin would take kindly to us gambling on the Summit Series but what he will take kindly to is us getting into the action, so let’s do that with our first first round contest!

Singles Match
Ezra LaForge w/ Ken Laurier
Miyami Kana
15 Minute Time Limit

Both LaForge and Kana make their entrances, the bell sounds. Kana charges LaForge but the latter avoids a leaping knee strike and rolls forward. Kana charges again, looking for a high roundhouse but LaForge evades that as well.

Chris Jones: These two met on Episode Two and Kana came out as the victor. We’ll see if LaForge learned anything from that encounter.

LaForge quickly locks up with Kana and forces her into a headlock but Kana shoves her into the ropes. LaForge hooks both of her arms over the top rope to stop her momentum which causes Kana to rush her again. LaForge drops her head and back drops Kana over the top rope.

Chris Jones: Excellent defence from LaForge. Maybe she did learn something last time.

Alan Irvine: I highly doubt it. Luck.

Kana caught the top rope with her hand on the way down and was able to land on the apron. Kana then nailed LaForge with a quick high kick to the back of the head.

Alan Irvine: Kana is inhumanly fast. She’s like a blur.

As LaForge stumbled to the centre of the ring, Kana shoots in with a springboard and puts LaForge down with a big leg lariat. Kana transitions beautifully into a jackknife cover but LaForge is able to kick out just after two.

Chris Jones: I cannot disagree. Kana has been impressive in every outing she has had here in FTF. LaForge…less so.

Alan Irvine: He admits it!

The two spring back up to their feet and LaForge catches Kana with a toe kick to the mid-section. LaForge applies a front face lock and goes for a suplex but on the way over Kana slips out and lands behind LaForge. Kana pulls LaForge back into an Okada roll and gets another near fall.

Chris Jones: Miyami Kana is trying to end this contest quickly. A smart strategy.

Alan Irvine: She knows that she can beat LaForge, this time she wants to do it faster.

LaForge is visibly frustrated at this point as she rallies back and applies another headlock. Kana lifts her up for a back suplex but this time LaForge back flips and lands on her feet. LaForge catches Kana in a waist lock and quickly takes her over with a German suplex.

Chris Jones: Big German suplex! LaForge needed that.

Kana is dazed but LaForge doesn’t let go. LaForge gets Kana back up and this time takes her back with a half nelson suplex! LaForge covers but Kana rolls onto her stomach and under the bottom rope to escape.

Alan Irvine: Miyami Kana is so smart! That could have been the end but she’s not letting LaForge capitalize.

LaForge gets a head of steam and attempts to suplex Kana from the apron into the ring but Kana catches her with a high kick to the face. LaForge stumbles backwards and Kana springboards into the ring again, catching LaForge with a glancing knee to the forehead. LaForge drops instantly.

Chris Jones: What a shot!

Alan Irvine: LaForge is busted open Jones!

The referee checks on LaForge as a small pool of blood develops on the mat. The referee backs Kana off and continues to check on LaForge.

Chris Jones: This is a bad bounce for LaForge, the referee may very well end this match Irv.

Alan Irvine: Her dreams of becoming FTF Champion may be finished. Good, she isn’t ready!

The Total Pro tells the referee that she is fine and pushes past him, right into a fireman’s carry. Kana then leaps and plants LaForge with the jumping death valley driver. Kana covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, advancing to the semi finals, Miyami Kana!

Following the match Ken Laurier slides into the ring to check on his protege. EMTs hit the ring and attempt to stop the bleeding as Miyami Kana marches to the back, ready for her next test.

Singles Match
Al Derringer
Hatchet Muldoon
15 Minute Time Limit

The next contest sees bitter rivals square off. The match begins with the two bulls locking up. Muldoon delivers some big shots to Derringer’s mid-section and then staggers Derringer with an uppercut.

Chris Jones: In the short time FTF has been around these two men have developed quite the hatred for one another.

Alan Irvine: Muldoon is the better competitor. Derringer just can’t accept that.

Derringer fires back with a big right hand and then a scoop slam. Derringer hits the ropes and drops a knee onto Muldoon’s forehead. Derringer mounts Muldoon and hits him with a flurry of shots.

Chris Jones: Big shots from the former American serviceman!

Muldoon fights back to his feet and smashes Derringer with a head butt. Derringer staggers back and Muldoon takes him over the top rope with a clothesline. Derringer lands with a thud on the outside.

Alan Irvine: That one hurt Derringer. Three hundred pounds landing with an audible thump.

Chris Jones: Outside the ring is where Muldoon is at home. This is not good for Derringer.

Muldoon follows Derringer outside the ring and gets him up. Muldoon sends him hard into the ring steps and then follows it up with a running knee to the face. Muldoon then puts the sole of his boot into the side of Derringer’s head, grinding it against the steps.

Chris Jones: I understand that we have relaxed rules but the referee needs to get this fight back into the ring.

Alan Irvine: He needs to do no such thing! We need a clear winner.

Chris Jones: I won’t argue with that but still, this is a bit much.

Derringer fights back up but Muldoon catches him with an elbow to the side of the head. Muldoon slides Derringer back into the ring and then ascends to the top rope. Muldoon comes off of the top rope with a double axe handle that puts Derringer down.

Chris Jones: Hatchet Muldoon is not a man who should take to the air but that worked for him.

Alan Irvine: You can’t argue with what works Jones. Muldoon is definitely ahead on points here.

At this moment, VJ Merrick walks down the ramp. Muldoon takes notice of him and shouts some obscenities, which Merrick sends right back. Merrick reaches the bottom of the ramp and Muldoon tells him to “Get the fuck to the back!”.

Chris Jones: Hatchet Muldoon abandoned VJ Merrick last week, costing Merrick his spot in the Summit Series. Perhaps Merrick is her for some revenge?

Alan Irvine: He better not be or Muldoon will send him back to the land down under in a fucking body bag.

The momentary distraction lets Derringer get up and blast Muldoon with a forearm to the back of the head. Derringer then sends Muldoon into the ropes and catches him with a spinning power slam on his return. Derringer covers for a two count.

Chris Jones: Impressive power slam from Derringer. Muldoon is not a small man, that took a lot of strength.

The two men get back up but Muldoon shoves Derringer into the referee, who takes a bump. Merrick quickly slides into the ring and takes Derringer down with a leaping leg lariat! Merrick then slides out of the ring.

Chris Jones: Come on! How is VJ Merrick still willing to help Muldoon after what happened last week?

Alan Irvine: They are countrymen! They stick together through whatever!

Muldoon gets Derringer up and with amazing strength he plants him with a huge powerbomb! Derringer lands with a hard thud that shakes the ring. Muldoon then covers and the referee gets up just in time to count the fall.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, advancing to the semi finals, Hatchet Muldoon!

Following the bell Hatchet Muldoon quickly exits the ring. He and VJ Merrick embrace while Al Derringer recovers in the ring. For Derringer the night is over.


Cut to the backstage area and Morgan Odin’s office. He is watching the show on a monitor when two figure walk in, Karina Zima and Marie Veleno.

Karina Zima: You wanted to see us bobyshka?

Morgan Odin: Ah yes I did. I wanted to congratulate the two of you on your recent success.

Marie Veleno: You may congratulate us when we win the Summit Series this evening.

Morgan Odin: If you do, I will. But I did have a second reason why I wanted to see you.

Karina Zima: Which is?

Morgan Odin: Well as you just saw, interference is something that will taint this tournament. After what happened last week I didn’t think that VJ Merrick would attempt to help Hatchet Muldoon but I was wrong.

Marie Veleno: Very much so.

Morgan Odin: That being said, I won’t let it happen again. Merrick is being escorted out of the building as soon as we can find him. I couldn’t stop him the first time, but he won’t get a second chance. As with you two, you won’t even get an initial opportunity.

Karina Zima: Chto vy imeyete v vidu? What do you mean?

Morgan Odin: What I mean is that you two, respectively, are barred from ringside during each other’s matches tonight. If either of you even attempt to go to the ring you will be disqualified from the Summit Series!

Marie Veleno: That is bullshit!

Morgan Odin: No. It isn’t. That’s all ladies, good luck tonight.

Both Zima and Veleno scowl at Odin before stomping off.

Singles Match
John Ire
Marie Veleno
15 Minute Time Limit

Veleno makes her entrance alone and looks a little concerned. Ire then walks to the ring confidently, getting a huge ovation. He enters the ring and stares down Veleno before the bell sounds.

Chris Jones: Marie Veleno looks awfully worried without Zima by her side.

Alan Irvine: She’ll be fine, she can outsmart a drunken fool like John Ire.

When the bell rings Veleno attemps to rush Ire but she is immediately smashed with The Pisstaker! Veleno is sent flying back, with her toes landing beside each ear. Ire then covers and gets the quick three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, advancing to the semi finals, John Ire!

Ire has his hand raised and then immediately leaves the ring as Veleno lays on the mat, not moving.

Chris Jones: John Ire is not getting paid by the hour tonight!

Alan Irvine: What a coward! Striking a woman like that!

Chris Jones: There are no gender barriers in FTF! Veleno signed up for intergender matches.

Alan Irvine: It isn’t right Jones! It isn’t right!

Singles Match
Karina Zima
Lobo Malo
15 Minute Time Limit

The next sees Karina Zima flying solo against Lobo Malo. Once the bell rings Zima attempts to shoot out of the ring as per usual but Malo catches her and brings her backwards with an Okada roll for a two count.

Chris Jones: One has to think that Zima is likely to suffer the same fate as her friend Marie Veleno. Albeit, not as quickly.

Alan Irvine: How can you say that Jones? Zima is a talented competitor. Malo can’t think that he’s in the clear just because Veleno is barred from ringside.

Chris Jones: I doubt that he does.

They get back up to their feet and Zima is caught with a high round house kick in the face. Zima stumbles back and catches her self in a corner but Malo runs in and sends her flying across the ring with a monkey flip.

Chris Jones: Lobo Malo taking control early. You know that he would love to advance and get another shot at facing John Ire after his tough loss to “Pissed Off” a few weeks ago.

Alan Irvine: Malo can’t be thinking about John Ire or the FTF Title. He needs to keep his eyes on the here and now.

Malo runs, shoots off the second rope with a springboard and attempts a lionsault but Zima rolls out of the way. Malo is able to land on his feet and when Zima turns around she is put on her back with a head scissors takedown.

Alan Irvine: Zima is luring Malo into a false sense of confidence. Mark my words, when she strikes she will strike hard.

Malo urges Zima to stand and when she obliges Malo goes for a wheelbarrow into a bulldog but Zima uses his momentum against him. Zima takes him over head with a bridging back suplex for a two count.

Alan Irvine: Boom! There it is. Karina Zima is so much more capable than you give her credit for Jones.

Chris Jones: I have never discredited her ability. I do not care for the way that she goes about her business.

Alan Irvine: You don’t have to like it, but you need to recognize it’s effectiveness.

Malo is able to quickly recover by rolling backwards and then charging, hitting Zima with a picture perfect dropkick. Zima stumbles backwards and falls through the ropes to the outside.

Chris Jones: Malo is absolutely dissecting Zima here. She can’t seem to find her footing. Perhaps Veleno’s quick loss has shaken Zima’s confidence.

With Zima down on the outside Malo hypes up the audience and then hits the opposing ropes. He comes charging across the ring and dives through the ropes with a suicide dive but Zima side steps him and sends him head first into the guard rail.

Chris Jones: Oh my God! That could have broken Lobo Malo’s neck!

Alan Irvine: We can only hope!

Chris Jones: That’s not nice Irv.

Alan Irvine: So what?

Zima is quite pleased with herself. She walks over to Malo and hits an arrogant stomp to the back of the masked wrestler’s head. She then stands on his head with both feet while the audience showers her with boos.

Chris Jones: She is so disrespectful. Try and win the match Zima, get him into the ring.

The conniver slides back into the ring and demands that the referee count Malo out but the referee refuses. Malo gets to his feet, holding the back of his head but Zima charges and hits him with a baseball slide to the back of the head which sends Malo face first into the guard rail, again.

Alan Irvine: Adda girl Zima! Give it to that masked loser.

Chris Jones: You are incorrigible.

Zima screeches at the referee that he needs to count but the referee, again, refuses. Malo rises and is able to get up onto the apron. Zima rushes him but he shoots his shoulder through the ropes and catches her in the mid-section. Malo then dives over the third rope with a sunset flip into a pin that gets a two count.

Chris Jones: Near fall! Lobo Malo is still in this.

Alan Irvine: …great.

The two competitors get back up and Malo rushes Zima looking for a Juvi driver but instead she takes him over with a northern lights suplex and then transitions into a cradle, yanking on Malo’s tights for leverage! The referee doesn’t see it and Zima gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, advancing to the semi finals, Karina Zima!


In the backstage area we see FTF Rookie Mick Mooney chilling on an anvil case looking at his phone. Just then he hears a “Pssst.”

Mooney looks all around and when he sees nothing, he shrugs and looks back at his phone. A few seconds later he hears another “Pssst.” Mooney looks behind him and VJ Merrick pokes his head up.

Mick Mooney: What are you doing down there dude? What’s your name again Merr-

VJ Merrick: Shut. Up! Security is looking for me. Don’t say my name.

Mick Mooney: Right! Odin wants you outta here because you interfered in Muldoon’s match earlier. That was a pretty shitty move dude.

VJ Merrick: Yeah. Whatever. Who cares. Listen, you and I are both rookies. We need to look out for each other. That means that you need to help me.

Mick Mooney: Ah no can do man. I don’t really like what you and Muldoon are all about. Cheating is pretty lame and I want to see a real champ come out of this tourney, you know? So yeah, hard no bud.

VJ Merrick: You are going to help me.

Mick Mooney: Did you not hear me you fucking plug? I said no way.

VJ Merrick: What did you call me, ya cunt?

Mick Mooney: I called you a plug.

VJ Merrick: I thought so.

With that, Merrick grabs Mooney by the hair and slams him into the concrete. Merrick then starts laying a beating into Mooney until we hear “There he is!”.

Security rushes onto the scene and grabs Merrick. Three men haul him out of frame.

Singles Match
Hatchet Muldoon
Miyami Kana
15 Minute Time Limit

The next contest sees Muldoon start the match very cautiously. Kana shoots in on him but he backs off, holding his hands up. Kana tries a second time but Muldoon backs off again. The third time she darts in he hits her with a hard shot to the jaw.

Chris Jones: Miyami Kana needs to be careful here, Muldoon is a dangerous man.

Alan Irvine: You said it.

Kana is staggered and Muldoon pounces, he forces her into the corner. There Muldoon hits Kana with a series of big shots before tossing her to the mat. Muldoon hoists himself onto the top rope and jumps off with a diving knee to her head.

Alan Irvine: See? Muldoon doesn’t need VJ Merrick. He’s handling Kana with skill. I like her but she’s not match for this crazy Aussie.

Muldoon gets Kana back up and puts her back into the corner where he buries some big kicks to her mid-section. Kana drops to a seated position and Muldoon holds his foot against her head.

Chris Jones: Muldoon is maintaining the pace that he wants in this contest. He can’t let Kana get too far away or she’ll open up on him.

Alan Irvine: Muldoon doesn’t get enough credit. He may look like the human embodiment of a dumpster but he’s pretty smart.

Muldoon backs up and then charges, looking for a knee strike but Kana pulls her self up and over onto the apron! She then springboards into the ring but Muldoon catches her with an uppercut on the way down. Muldoon covers for a two count.

Alan Irvine: No flippy shit in this match. Muldoon just shut Kana down.

Muldoon waives his finger in front of Kana’s face in a scolding manner before getting her up. He attempts a suplex but Kana slips behind him and hits a high round house kick to his head that sends him into the corner.

Chris Jones: And just like that Miyami Kana is back in this match.

Alan Irvine: We’ll see how long that lasts Jones!

Chris Jones: We will!

Kana lets out a primal scream and runs at full speed smashing Muldoon with a high flipping dropkick to the face. Muldoon staggers out of the corner and Kana lays in a hard kick to the side of his leg that drops him to a knee.

Chris Jones: Kana is gaining momentum, Muldoon could be in trouble.

Alan Irvine: She took out his base which is clever. I like both of these competitors but they have their obvious weaknesses. The key is exploiting them.

Chris Jones: Was that real analysis?

Alan Irvine: I have my moments.

With the audience behind her, Kana hits the ropes and comes flying back with a shining wizard to Muldoon’s face. He is on his back seeing stars as Kana climbs to the top rope. She leaps off with a crooked moonsault that lands perfectly. She covers but Muldoon powers out at two.

Alan Irvine: Kana actually has Muldoon on the ropes! I don’t believe it!

The two get back up and Kana charges but Muldoon catches her with a high knee. Muldoon then lifts her up into a military press and brings her down hard with a powerslam. Muldoon then calls for the end.

Alan Irvine: Here it is! Muldoon’s ticket to the finals.

Chris Jones: It isn’t over until it’s over Irv!

Alan Irvine: What an incite.

Muldoon lifts Kana up for a powerbomb but at the last second she takes him down with a head scissors! Muldoon stumbles forward and finds himself draped over the middle rope! Kana points at him with a finger gun and then runs.

Chris Jones: Kana is calling her shot!

Kana comes charging in looking for a 619 but Muldoon catches her feet! He pulls her out and looks for a slingshot but Kana jumps at the last second and lands on the top rope! Kana then comes off of the top rope with a surprise block buster! She covers but Muldoon gets his foot on the bottom rope.

Chris Jones: Near fall! Kana almost had him there.

Alan Irvine: It isn’t over until it’s over, Jones.

Kana lines Muldoon up and attempts the fireman’s carry but he is too heavy. He drops to his feet and goes for a high knee but Kana takes him down into a school girl, getting the surprise three count!

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, advancing to the Summit Series Finals, Miyami Kana!

Kana quickly slides out of the ring and Muldoon cannot believe it. He stands and grabs the referee by the shirt. Muldoon lifts the referee off of his feet and tosses him across the ring. Kana marches up the ramp with her arms raised as Muldoon continues to scream and yell obscenities in the ring.

Singles Match
John Ire
Karina Zima
15 Minute Time Limit

In the second semi final match John Ire hits the ring to massive applause. Karina Zima, less so. Ire attempts to do away with Zima just as quickly as he did with her partner Marie Veleno but Zima ducks and rolls out of the ring.

Chris Jones: Karina Zima with her standard tactic here.

Alan Irvine: If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

Instead of giving chase, Ire just sits on the top rope and sighs. Zima stays on the outside until the referee begins the ten count and she is forced to reenter the ring. Ire doesn’t move, he just waits for her to approach.

Chris Jones: Smart move by John Ire here. He doesn’t want to play Zima’s game.

Alan Irvine: Well she owes him a serious beat down after what he did to Marie Veleno earlier.

Chris Jones: Yes but I doubt that she will deliver.

When Zima gets close, Ire attempts to come off of the top rope with a double axe handle but Zima pulls the referee into the way. Ire stops from hitting him and Zima pokes Ire in the eye. She then hits Ire with a flurry of forearms that put him into the corner.

Alan Irvine: Ha! Not so smart now are you Ire?

Zima charges in at Ire but he blasts her with The Pisstaker out of nowhere! Zima is flattened and Ire covers for the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, advancing to the Summit Series Finals, John Ire!

— Setbacks

Cut to the backstage area where Ezra LaForge is being checked on by EMTs, here head is being bandaged. Ken Laurier stands beside her.

Ken Laurier: A minor set back. You will get another chance.

Ezra LaForge: I am ten times the wrestler that Veleno and Zima are but Zima made it father than I did. Maybe playing by the rules isn’t worth it.

Ken Laurier: I don’t want to hear you say that ever again. Zima was just destroyed by a better competitor, fairly. Honor and integrity are what separates us from the unworthy. We do not resort to such tactics.

Ezra LaForge: Then I need to rid myself of those two but I can’t do it alone. They outnumber me and that’s how they keep defeating me.

Ken Laurier: This is true. They are crafty and they will keep coming after you. You need a partner. Someone you can trust.

Ezra LaForge: Is that you? Is the White Wolf going to lace up his boots again?

Ken Laurier: No. My wrestling days are behind me. But I do have someone in mind. Let me make a call.

Laurier walks out of frame, inspecting his cellphone.


FTF Championship
Singles Match
John Ire
Miyami Kana
60 Minute Time Limit

Morgan Odin came out next and carries the FTF Championship title over his shoulder. He sets the championship on a velvet draped podium before taking his place at the announce table.

Nina Nichols: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is the final match in the FTF Summit Series 2016. Introducing first, from Osaka, Japan…Miyami Kana!

Kana makes her way to the ring and the audience is partially on her side. She has a stern expression and only briefly glances at the championship.

Nina Nichols: And her opponent, from Cardiff, Wales…”Pissed Off” John Ire!

The audience pops huge as Ire stomps down the ramp. He enters the ring and Kana walks right up to him. There is a stare down before the referee separates them. The bell sounds and the audience hushes.

Ding, Ding!

Kana rushes Ire and hits him with a knee to the mid-section. She shoots across the ring and hits the ropes. On her return Ire goes for a clothesline but Kana ducks under it, hits the opposing ropes and catches Ire with a high knee to the back.

Morgan Odin: I have been very impressed with Miyami Kana thus far. Seeing her in the finals does not surprise me in the least.

Chris Jones: She has taken more punishment then John Ire has tonight, she wants to end this as quickly as she can.

Alan Irvine: And she will.

Ire stumbles forward and Kana charges, hitting Ire with a chop block that drops him to a knee. Kana then hits the opposing ropes and treats Ire to a basement dropkick to the face.

Alan Irvine: I may not like John Ire but I’m a bit surprised that Kana is kicking his ass so easily right now.

With Ire down, Kana climbs to the top rope and attempts a flying double stomp but Ire moves out of the way. Kana rolls forward and Ire rises. Ire attempts a big boot but Kana rolls forward again.

Chris Jones: Kana’s speed is what will win her this match. If she can keep putting distance between herself and Ire then she has a good chance of winning.

Morgan Odin: We will see.

Kana pushes off of the middle rope and staggers Ire with a back elbow. She then hits the ropes and takes him down with but another chop block. Kana then leaps over Ire and plants him with a block buster.

Alan Irvine: Miyami Kana is going to take the title and Ire is never going to get a shot in.

Chris Jones: I doubt that you truly believe that.

Alan Irvine: Doubt all you like.

Instead of covering, Kana lets Ire get to his feet and hits him with a serious of stiff kicks to the back and chest before hitting him with a spinning toe kick to the head that finally drops him. She covers but only gets a two count.

Chris Jones: Miyami Kana nearly just became the first FTF Champion.

Kana ascends to the top rope again but Ire gets up, stumbles forward and takes hold of her. Ire tosses Kana off of the top rope and she lands hard on her back.

Alan Irvine: Ire is finally able to turn the tide. Good. I want to see a bit of competition, not a squash.

Chris Jones: Of course that is what you want.

Kana attempts to rally back to her feet but Ire shows some explosiveness when he charges and catches Kana with a big boot that turns her inside out. She stumbles back to her feet out of instinct but Ire floors her with a lariat that sees her land on her face.

Chris Jones: Kana just got destroyed! How will she get up after that move?

Morgan Odin: Fighting spirit, I imagine.

Instead of covering Ire whips Kana into the corner. He follows that up with a clothesline that nearly takes her head off. Ire then pulls Kana to the center of the ring and lifts her up with a suplex. Instead of dropping her, he tosses her across the ring!

Chris Jones: There we see the power of John Ire. If he can keep that up Kana may not last much longer.

Alan Irvine: I have faith in her. She hasn’t let me down yet.

Kana lands with a thud onto her lower back and Ire is in complete control. Ire gets Kana back up and hits her with some clubbing blows to the face. Kana attempts a high kick but Ire catches it, lifts her up and drives her into the corner.

Morgan Odin: This is most definitely somewhere that Kana does not want to be.

In the corner Ire starts hitting Kana with some big shots. He then lifts her up to the top rope and climbs up with her. Ire applies a front face lock and falls back, planting Kana’s head into the mat with a top rope ddt.

Chris Jones: Oh my God!

Alan Irvine: I think…I think she might be dead.

Morgan Odin: Or close to it.

Ire covers but Kana gets her foot on the bottom rope. She then rolls out of the ring to recover. Ire gets up to a knee, shocked that she saved herself.

Alan Irvine: Smart move by Kana. Get some separation.

Ire rolls out of the ring and takes hold of Kana. He whips her into the steel steps but she leaps over them and turns. Ire runs at her but with the steps between them, Kana dropkicks the steps into Ire’s bad knee.

Alan Irvine: Yes! Kana is a genius.

Chris Jones: Kana needed that to turn the tide.

Kana places Ire’s foot on the steel step and then leaps up onto the apron. She jumps down with a stomp right onto his knee and Ire lets out a roar in agony. Kana then repeatedly stomps on Ire’s knee.

Morgan Odin: Clever move by Kana. If she takes out Ire’s base then that severely hinders him.

Kana allows Ire to get up and then quickly rolls into the ring. He follows her but when he stands Kana charges and hits a dropkick to his bad knee. Kana then hits the ropes again and comes back with a shining wizard.

Alan Irvine: Kana is in complete control! We are about to crown our first FTF Champion!

Chris Jones: John Ire is in a very bad way.

With Ire down, Kana climbs to the top rope and comes off with another double stomp. She hits it but to Ire’s knee! He lets out another agonized roar and Kana covers but Ire kicks out at two, with authority.

Chris Jones: John Ire’s knee must be destroyed. If he can’t walk then Kana will pick him apart.

Kana attempts to rush Ire again but he drives his shoulder into her mid-section and carries her quickly into the corner. Ire then nails Kana with some big body shots and lifts her with a military press but his knee buckles and she drops her.

Alan Irvine: He can’t do it! Ire’s knee has suffered too much damage.

Morgan Odin: Kana’s plan has worked, John Ire could be moments away from being on the losing side of history.

Chris Jones: I can’t help but agree.

With Ire kneeling, Kana hits the ropes and comes back with a knee to the back of his head. Kana then gets Ire up and attempts a fireman’s carry but he hits her with elbows to the side of the head.

Alan Irvine: No Kana! Stick to the knee!

Chris Jones: A glimmer of hope for John Ire!

Kana attempts to recover with a head scissors but Ire plants her with a last ride powerbomb! Ire covers but Kana kicks out just before the three count.

Alan Irvine: She will not be denied!

Both competitors stand and begin hitting each other with big shots. They go back and forth until Ire nails a nasty uppercut. Kana turns around, holding her jaw but Ire grabs her from behind and nails her with a ripcord Pisstaker! Kana drops and Ire covers, getting the three count.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner of the FTF Summit Series and new FTF Champion, John Ire!

The audience in Toronto becomes unglued! The explode with cheers as the referee raises John Ire’s hand. Morgan Odin enters the ring and presents Ire with the FTF Championship title. Ire raises it high as confetti falls from the ceiling.

Alan Irvine: He has done it. John Ire is the first FTF Champion. I do not like the man but he has earned it.

Chris Jones: History has been made, John Ire is now the standard bearer for Fire Thunder Fighting.

Odin raises Ire’s hand. In Ire’s other hand is the FTF Championship. The audience roars in approval as FTF Episode Four comes to a close.



Match Results:
– Quarter Finals: Miyami Kana def. Ezra LaForge
– Quarter Finals: Hatchet Muldoon def. Al Derringer
– Quarter Finals: John Ire def. Marie Veleno
– Quarter Finals: Karina Zima def. Lobo Malo
– Semi Finals: Miyami Kana def. Hatchet Muldoon
– Semi Finals: John Ire def. Karina Zima
– Finals: John Ire def. Miyami Kana to win the FTF Title