FTF Episode 003

The Fire Pit Arena
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
June 19th, 2016


The scene opens with John Ire lacing up his boots for his main event match this evening. His ribs are taped up and he looks as surly as we’ve ever seen him. Al Derringer then walks into the frame, his head still bandaged from the attack he suffered last week.

Al Derringer: How are you feeling soldier?

Ire snarls.

John Ire: I feel like punching someone in the face.

Al Derringer: That’s what I like to hear. Those two Aussie bastards need to get a taste of their own medicine tonight. You and I are gonna administer it.

John Ire: Yeah but in this case the cure is gonna kill ’em. Those cunts don’t deserve to be here. We need to send them packing.

Al Derringer: You said it. No sneak attacks. No weapons. Just a straight up fight. You’re ready for war?

John Ire: I was born for it mate.

Singles Match
Marie Veleno w/ Karina Zima versus Mick Mooney
15 Minute Time Limit

Marie Veleno makes her way to the ring flanked by her new running mate Karina Zima. Unfamiliar music hits and newcomer Mick Mooney comes to the ring, really playing to the crowd.Mooney attempts the handshake but Valeno just spits at his feet.

Chris Jones: Marie Veleno has yet to taste victory in FTF. But the same can be said about the debuting MickMooney.

Alan Irvine: Yeah but tonight is different. Tonight Veleno has Karina Zima by her side. Zima proved that she knows how to win when she beat Veleno last week.

The two lock up and Mooney forces a head lock. Veleno slips out of it and hits a high flipping dropkick to Mooney’s neck which sends him stumbling forward. He falls across the second rope, his arms and neck draped over it.

Chris Jones: Uh oh. Mooney needs to watch out for Zima on the outside.

Zima walks over and slaps Mooney in the face, earning her a warning from the referee. Zima flips him off and the referee scolds her with his finger. Veleno runs and nails a knee to the back of Mooney’s head which pushes him against the ropes and then shoots him backwards onto his back.

Alan Irvine: Relaxed rules! No disqualification.

Chris Jones: Technically it’s at the referee’s discretion. He could eject Zima if he so desires.

Alan Irvine: I doubt that he has the testicular fortitude to eject a woman like Karina Zima.

Veleno climbs to the top rope and points down at Mooney. She leaps off looking for a double stop but Mooney rolls out of the way. Veleno lands on her feet and Mooney rises up, grabs her from behind and plants her with a jumping reverse bulldog, planting Veleno. Mooney covers and the referee counts two but Zima puts Veleno’s foot on the rope.

Chris Jones: Veleno is lucky that the referee didn’t see that. He would definitely eject Zima for that.

Mooney sees it and tries to point it out to the referee but he tells Mooney that he didn’t see it. The referee then checks on Veleno as she complains about her neck. Zima gets up onto the apron and low blows Mooney! He drops to his knees.

Chris Jones: Come on! Veleno is proving nothing right now. This is practically a handicap match.

Alan Irvine: How man times to I have to tell you that Zima secures victory by any means necessary. She told Veleno that she could turn her career around and she is!

Chris Jones: It’s not right.

Alan Irvine: Who cares?

Veleno is quickly back up, she plants Mooney with a kneeling ddt and then ascends to the top rope. Zima cheers Veleno on as the latter leaps off the top rope with the Velenospina 630 senton. She hits it perfectly on Mooney and covers, getting the pinfall.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, “The Widow Maker” Marie Veleno!

The bell sounds and Karina Zima enters the ring. She holds up Marie Veleno’s hand and then the two embrace.

Karina Zima: I told you! You like the feeling of winning, yes? It feels good, yes?

Marie Veleno: Yes.

Karina Zima: This is only the beginning angel moy.


Cut to the backstage area, Morgan Odin’s office. The door opens and in walk Hatchet Muldoon and VJ Merrick. Muldoon is sporting a bandage on his forehead from the gash he suffered last week.

Hatchet Muldoon: To what do we owe the honour of being called to the boss’ office?

Morgan Odin: I just wanted a quick moment of your time to discuss the main event tonight.

VJ Merrick: You mean where we finish off those cunts Ire and Derringer? Yeah it’s gonna be sweet.

Morgan Odin: Oh it might not be. You see I had a discussion with Ire and Derringer earlier. I don’t want this match to break down into mayhem.

Hatchet Muldoon: With us involved? No boss. Never. Scouts honour. (Laughs)

Morgan Odin: Right. Well to be sure of that I have added a stipulation. Whomever eats the fall tonight? They don’t get to be in the Summit Series for the FTF Championship next week. I want to ensure that we get a winner.

Hatchet Muldoon: What the fuck?!

Morgan Odin: That’ll be all gentlemen.

Muldoon gets face to face with Odin.

Hatchet Muldoon: I’m gonna tell you what I told Derringer. You do not want me as an enemy. Right?

Muldoon grunts and gestures to Merrick that they are leaving.

Singles Match
Lobo Malo versus Miyami Kana
15 Minute Time Limit

The next match has the audience buzzing. Lobo Malo and Miyami Kana are both introduced and while Malo was is well received, Kana also has her fans. The bell sounds and they dart at each other. They lock up but Malo takes Kana down with an arm drag.

Chris Jones: This is bound to be a good one. Lobo Malo and Miyami Kana have similar styles.

Kana pops back up and shoots for a dropkick but Malo swats it away. Malo goes for one of his own but Kana ducks. Kana shoots for a leg sweep but Malo jumps over it. Malo shoots for a high kick but Kana does a back handspring.

Alan Irvine: You know every time I see Kana I am more impressed.

Chris Jones: Neither competitor has been able to take control. They are very evenly matched.

The audience is on their feet as the two lock up again. Malo drops and takes Kana over with a deep arm drag but she cartwheels and goes for a roundhouse kick. Malo blocks it with his forearm and goes for one of his own but she evades it in a Matrix-esque fashion.

Chris Jones: What an exchange! This is what FTF is all about!

Tired of the lack of progression in their back and forth, Kana feigns another high kick and when Malo ducks she kicks him in the face. Malo staggers back and Kana runs, jumps, and hits Malo with a superman forearm to the face.

Chris Jones: Kana adapting on the fly. This is what has made her so successful in Japan.

Alan Irvine: Here’s hoping that she sends this idiot Lobo Malo back to Mexico.

Kana takes Malo down with a Japanese arm drag, traps his arm and begins viciously kicking him in the side of the head. Kana then rolls Malo onto his stomach and applies a reverse arm bar! Kana wrenches back as hard as she can.

Alan Irvine: Malo had a fine early showing but now he is at Kana’s mercy.

Chris Jones: It’s still early. This is still anyone’s match.

After a few moments in the hold, Malo is able to flip over and turn it into a pinning combination. Malo gets a quick two count before Kana slips loose and while Malo is kneeling she hits a spinning kick to the side of his head.

Chris Jones: Malo needs to turn the momentum soon or Kana could run away with this contest.

Alan Irvine: I just said that!

Kana moves quickly and steps off of the second rope. Kana leaps into the air and drops a leg across Malo’s throat. Kana covers and gets a two count but Malo is able to kick out. Malo kips up and takes Kana down with a wheel kick.

Chris Jones: That was the opening that Lobo Malo needed!

Kana gets back to her feet and Malo meets her with a jumping forearm. Kana eats it and then fires back with one of her own. Malo answers and this continues back and forth until they have hit each other six times each.

Chris Jones: The audience are on their feet!

Alan Irvine: Come on Miyami! End this fool!

Malo hits Kana with a knee to the midsection and then does a handspring into the opposing ropes. Malo comes flying backwards and hits Kana with a jumping cutter that lays her out.

Chris Jones: What a maneuver!

Alan Irvine: Easy there Vinny.

Chris Jones: Who?

With the audience on his side Malo taunts   Kana, begging her to stand. When she does Malo hits a springboard and sails through the air but Kana catches him in a fireman’s carry and plants him with a jumping Death Valley driver. Kana covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Miyami Kana!


In the backstage area we see Marie Veleno and Karina Zima celebrating Veleno’s victory.

Karina Zima: I told you angel moy, I get results.

Marie Veleno: Indeed you do. One of us is going to claim victory in the Summit Series. I can feel it.

Just then Ezra LaForge walks into frame.

Ezra LaForge: I wouldn’t so much worry about the Summit Series just yet. You need to worry about me, tonight, Karina.

Zima scoffs.

Karina Zima: Malyshka you do not worry me. You could not win last week, you will not win this week. Now go away and play with your dolls or something. (Laughs)

LaForge gets in Zima’s face.

Ezra LaForge: You know what? I broke all of the dolls I had as a girl. I’m going to do the very same to you tonight. Just as long as your lackey here doesn’t get involved.

Marie Veleno: I do not appreciate that insult. You would be wise to take it back.

Ezra LaForge: You would be wise to stay in the back tonight or else I won’t be held responsible for what happens to you. Understand? Good.

With that Ken Laurier walks into frame.

Ken Laurier: Come on LaForge. Say what you need to say in the ring.

Laurier leads LaForge away.

Karina Zima: That’s right malyshka. Listen to father. He knows best.

Singles Match
Ezra LaForge w/ Ken Laurier
Karina Zima w/ Marie Veleno

15 Minute Time Limit

The next match sees Ezra LaForge rush Karina Zima right off the bat but Zima powders to the outside where she takes refuge with Marie Veleno. LaForge shouts for Zima to get in the ring while Ken Laurier coaches his protege to stay in the ring.

Chris Jones: This is ridiculous. Zima and Veleno are making a mockery of this match.

Alan Irvine: Hey it worked earlier!

After a few moments on the outside Zima gets up on the apron. Zima goes to enter the ring but LaForge rushes her. Zima swings her body back out to the apron and the referee is forced to come between them.

Chris Jones: LaForge needs to stop feeding into these games. It’s what Zima wants.

With LaForge in close, Zima reaches over the referee’s shoulder and pokes LaForge in the eye. LaForge staggers to the middle of the ring and Zima quickly enters.

Alan Irvine: Haha! LaForge needs a few more lessons in strategy.

Chris Jones: This is an embarrassment.

Zima rushes LaForge and attempts a spear but LaForge catches her and turns it into a front choke and body scissors! Zima is trapped in the center of the ring with nowhere to go.

Chris Jones: LaForge caught her! Zima is trapped.

Alan Irvine: Do something Veleno! Help her!

Veleno is trying to will her associate on from the outside as LaForge wrenches back. Zima reaches for the ropes but she has a long way to go.

Chris Jones: This could be all over for Karina Zima!

With the referee focused on asking Zima if she gives up, he doesn’t see Veleno push the bottom rope closer to Zima’s hand. Zima grabs the bottom rope and the referee forces LaForge to break the hold.

Chris Jones: I can’t believe this.

Alan Irvine: Believe it Jones, these ladies know how to turn the tide in their favour.

Laurier shouts at the referee from ringside but the ref explains that he didn’t see anything. Both Zima and LaForge are up when Zima shoots in with a cradle for a two count.

Chris Jones: A near fall for Karina Zima.

LaForge quickly gets back up and runs into the ropes. Veleno hooks LaForge’s leg from the outside. Zima then shoots in and bundles LaForge up for the Proshchay Driver! Zima covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Karina Zima!

Marie Veleno enters the ring to celebrate with her associate Karina Zima. As Zima’s hand is raised, LaForge slowly stands. Veleno and Zima stare her down.

Chris Jones: This will not be good.

Like two vipers, Veleno and Zima strike simultaneously. Veleno smashes LaForge with a forearm smash while Zima darts behind the latter. Zima goes low with a leg sweep as Veleno goes high with a spinning roundhouse, their version of the Total Elimination.

Alan Irvine: That’ll teach LaForge not to threaten dangerous people like Veleno and Zima. She asked for that one Jones.

Chris Jones: I disagree but never-the-less, the pairing of Veleno and Zima have gone 2-0 this evening.

Ken Laurier slides into the ring and chases the pair off before checking on his protege. Zima and Veleno trotted up the ramp arm in arm, laughing.



Tag Team Match
Al Derringer & John Ire
Hatchet Muldoon & VJ Merrick
15 Minute Time Limit

The main event sees the bandaged pair of Al Derringer and John Ire head to the ring against the Ausholes, Hatchet Muldoon and newcomer VJ Merrick. The match begins with Derringer and Merrick.

Chris Jones: Both Derringer and Ire have scores to settle here. I expect this to be a violent contest.

Alan Irvine: We’ve yet to see VJ Merrick in the ring but last week he showed the level of violence that he is willing to bring.

Chris Jones: And it may cost him.

Merrick tries to shoot in on Derringer but is turned inside out with a clothesline. Derringer gets Merrick up, shoots him into the ropes and puts Merrick down with a big boot.

Chris Jones: Derringer getting the upper hand early. He is certainly motivated.

Alan Irvine: He’s also a two time loser. If he gets pinned or submitted tonight, he’s out of the Summit Series!

Chris Jones: Well that goes for whomever eats the fall.

Alan Irvine: It’s going to be him. He has yet to get a victory in FTF.

Muldoon chirps Derringer from the apron so Derringer gets Merrick up in a military press and proceeds to toss Merrick at Muldoon! Both Ausholes come crashing down on the outside and the audience roars.

Alan Irvine: C’mon! Muldoon was minding his own business!

Chris Jones: Derringer doesn’t seem to care. He’s had enough of Muldoon already.

Ire drops off of the apron and makes his way around to where both Merrick and Muldoon are recovering. Ire is primed to strike with a leaping forearm on Muldoon but Muldoon pulls Merrick in the way and Merrick eats the shot.

Chris Jones: A cowardly move from Muldoon, pulling his partner into harms way!

Ire gets Merrick up and puts him in the ring before flipping Muldoon off. Derringer gets Merrick up and whips him into his own corner. Derringer follows up with a running clothesline.

Chris Jones: VJ Merrick is just getting dismantled here.

Alan Irvine: Just wait until Muldoon gets in there. The tide will turn.

Derringer sends Merrick across the ring to Derringer’s corner and hits him with another big clothesline. Derringer then tags in Ire. Ire gets Merrick up and tosses him with a huge beal over to Muldoon. Ire gestures for Muldoon to tag in.

Chris Jones: Now is Muldoon’s chance!

Muldoon drops off the apron and the audience boos. Ire shrugs and gets Merrick up but Merrick pokes him in the eye. Merrick falls back and reaches for a tag but Muldoon isn’t there.

Chris Jones: Muldoon wants no part of “Pissed Off” John Ire!

Alan Irvine: It’s called strategy!

Merrick yells at his partner but Muldoon waves him off and heads up the ramp. Merrick stares in horror as Ire runs into the corner with a knee to Merricks face. Merrick staggers up to his feet and eats a Pisstaker from Ire. Ire covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here are your winners, Al Derringer and John Ire!

Derringer and Ire get their hands raised as Muldoon stares at them from the ramp. Merrick is knocked out cold as FTF comes to a close.


– Marie Veleno def. Mike Moody
– Miyami Kana def. Lobo Malo
– Karina Zima def. Ezra LaForge
– John Ire & Al Derringer def. Hatchet Muldoon & VJ Merrick