FTF Episode 002

episode2The Fire Pit Arena
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
June 12th, 2016


The scene fades into the show the parking lot of the Fire Pit. Al Derringer steps out of a car with his bags when out a fan darts over to him. The fan is in his mid-twenties with an athletic build.

Fan: Hi Mr. Derringer! My name is VJ Merrick and I loved your match last week, you’re the best!

Merrick has a strong Australian accent. Derringer sighs but forces a slight smile.

Al Derringer: Thanks kid but it wasn’t my best. I’ll fix it this week.

VJ Merrick: I know you will! You’re an American hero! Will you sign my ticket?

Al Derringer: Sure.

Merrick hands Derringer his ticket and a sharpie. As Derringer signs it he is cracked in the back of the knee with an axe handle by Hatchet Muldoon. Merrick steps away, smirking.

Hatchet Muldoon: Think you’re a hero huh mate?

With Derringer on all fours, Muldoon smashes him over the back with the axe handle.

Hatchet Muldoon: This isn’t the military you dumb cunt. There’s no room for heroes here. So fuck off.

Muldoon then hits Derringer with the axe handle in the back of the head. Merrick then kneels down beside him.

VJ Merrick: You’re no hero pal. You’re not even a winner. Hatchet Muldoon, now there’s a hero.

Merrick kicks Derringer in the side of the head and laughs before walking off with Muldoon.

Singles Match
Karina Zima versus Marie Veleno
15 Minute Time Limit

Following the introductions Zima moved towards Veleno and extends her hand. Veleno hesitantly accepts it and Zima immediately pulls her into a school girl to get a quick two count.

Chris Jones: Both of these competitors are coming off of losses last week. It seems that Zima will do anything to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Alan Irvine: She doesn’t hide that fact. She is here to win by any means necessary.

Zima then runs to the ropes and tries to exit the ring but Veleno catches up with her and hits her with a forearm to the back of the head that sees Zima spill through the ropes to the outside.

Alan Irvine: What a move! The Widow Maker is no playing tonight!

Chris Jones: There was no dirty tactic that could have saved Zima there.

Alan Irvine: I don’t disagree…for once.

Veleno climbs to the top rope and flies to the outside with a moonsault that catches Zima and takes her down. The crowd pops big for that one.

Chris Jones: Marie Veleno proving that she is one of the best high flyers here in Fire Thunder Fighting.

The Widow Maker gets hold of Zima and tries to whip her into the barricade but Zima reverses and sends Veleno running. Veleno jumps onto the barrier and comes flying back at Zima, hitting her with a back elbow.

Alan Irvine: Good thing the rules are a little more relaxed here in FTF.

Chris Jones: That’s true. We like to have finishes here in FTF. No count outs or disqualifications…within reason of course.

Alan Irvine: Of course.

Veleno gets Zima up and slides her into the ring. When Zima gets to her feet Veleno hits a springboard into the ring but Zima catches her with an eye poke in mid air! Veleno drops and Zima covers for another two count.

Chris Jones: There is Karina Zima taking advantage of our relaxed rules. She is quickly becoming the Royce Gracie of FTF.

Alan Irvine: So when Morgan Odin tightens the reigns she will get demolished?

Chris Jones: Chances are.

Zima brings Veleno into a corner and repeatedly smashes Veleno’s head off of the top turnbuckle. Zima then floors Veleno with a spinning heel kick to the mush and covers for yet another two count.

Chris Jones: Zima with a devastating spin kick! That dropped Veleno.

Alan Irvine: Well Zima does have skills. She wouldn’t be here if she didn’t. She just prefers the cheap shit. I respect that.

Chris Jones: Given that you drink Blue Ribbon that makes sense.

The Conniver shoots Veleno into the ropes but Veleno steps off of the second rope and comes back with a tornado ddt. Veleno gets Zima up but Zima pokes her in the other eye and plants her with the Proshchay Driver! Zima covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Karina Zima!

Following the contest Karina Zima quickly rolled out of the ring. She took a bow as Marie Veleno recovered in the center of the ring.


After a brief commercial we cut to the ring where FTF General Manager Morgan Odin stands with announcer Chris Jones.

Chris Jones: Ladies and gentlemen, I am here with Fire Thunder Fighting General Manager Morgan Odin who has promised to reveal FTFs top prize here tonight. Mr. Odin.

Morgan Odin: Thank you Christopher. In two weeks FTF will host a tournament called the Summit Series.

The audience pops.

Morgan Odin: The eight current roster members will compete over the course of the evening to determine the first FTF Champion. One night, one tournament, one champion. Whomever can win three matches on that night will be the standard bearer of FTF.

With that, Odin reaches into a black velvet bag held by Jones and reveals the stunning trophy – the FTF Championship title.

Morgan Odin: Bonne chance to all involved.

Singles Match
John Ire versus Lobo Malo
15 Minute Time Limit

The next match up is between two of the more popular competitors in FTF. John Ire was introduced first and came out to a large ovation. Lobo Malo was second and got an equally large reaction. The two men shook hands and the match began. Malo immediately took Ire down with a Japanese arm drag.

Chris Jones: Lobo Malo is going to have to keep a fast pace. If John Ire can get in close then Malo could be in trouble.

Alan Irvine: You know, even though both of these guys won last week I wasn’t very impressed. I’m surprised they were both invited back.

Chris Jones: You have to know that that makes absolutely no sense.

Ire attempts to rally back but Malo darts under a clothesline attempt, hits a springboard off of the middle rope and puts Ire down with a head scissors takedown. Ire takes a moment to recover and plans his advance.

Chris Jones: John Ire is rocked a little bit here. He doesn’t know how to handle a speedster like Lobo Malo.

Malo keeps the pace up when he charges and hits Ire with a basement dropkick to the face. Malo then ascends to the top rope but Ire rolls out of the ring. Malo jumps off of the top rope looking for a cross body but Ire catches him and drops him with a power slam.

Alan Irvine: I think I heard Lobo Malo’s spine snap!

Chris Jones: John Ire’s striking game is off the charts but he is a very powerful man to boot.

Ire gets Malo up and lifts him up for a powerbomb. Malo is able to back flip out of the predicament and land on his feet but before he can act again Ire turns him inside out with a lariat. Ire then gets Malo up and slides him into the ring.

Chris Jones: I think that John Ire is now, actually, pissed off.

Alan Irvine: Isn’t he always pissed off?

Chris Jones: It seems to me that he has a hair trigger temper. That is where the nickname comes from.

Pissed Off gets up onto the apron and Malo attempts a high flipping dropkick but Ire slaps it away. Ire reenters the ring and floors Malo with a clothesline. Ire then drops an elbow on Malo’s mid-section. Ire covers but only gets a two count.

Alan Irvine: I know that Lobo Malo beat a crafty competitors last week in Karina Zima but John Ire is a bruiser. The guy is more dangerous.

Chris Jones: I feel that it may be a bit too early to make those kind of judgements.

Ire gets Malo up and sends him hard into the corner. He follows that up with a running back elbow and Malo staggers out of the corner. Ire hits Malo with a combo of rights, lefts, and then finishes with a big uppercut that takes Malo out of his boots.

Chris Jones: By jove! Malo was just destroyed!

Alan Irvine: By jove? What is this? The ’30s?

With Malo dazed, Ire lines him up for The Pisstaker. When Malo gets his wits about him, Ire unloads but Malo evades it. Ire turns around and goes for Mala Luna but Ire grabs his legs and swings him forward with incredible force. Malo’s face bounces hard off of the mat.

Chris Jones: What a counter by John Ire!

Alan Irvine: That stupid mask may be the only thing holding Lobo Malo’s face together.

Malo quickly gets up and turns, looking to jump for some kind of kick but Ire quickly smashes him with The Pisstaker elbow. Malo flies backwards and lands on his neck, his toes touching the mat above his head. Ire keeps him folded up in the cover and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, “Pissed Off” John Ire!

Lobo Malo slowly gets up and is still pretty rocked. Ire walks over to him and the two have a momentary stare down before Ire slaps him in the back in a gesture of respect.


Cut to the backstage area where Marie Veleno has an ice pack on the back of her neck. A trainer writes something on a clipboard and then walks out of the left side of the frame. Then from the right comes Karina Zima.

Karina Zima: Hello comrade. How are you feeling? How are the eyes?

Marie Veleno: You have about five seconds to walk away before I remove yours.

Karina Zima: That is an understandable reaction. I would be upset too. But think about this Widow Maker – I am most transparent about the lengths that I am willing to go to win.

Veleno says nothing.

Karina Zima: And it works, yes? But you put up quite a fight. I think you have an incredible amount of talent and potential. So what I propose is that we work together.

There is a brief pause.

Marie Veleno: I am listening.

Karina Zima: Most excellent. How about I buy you a vodka and we discuss how one of us can win this Summit Series in two weeks. Yes?

Veleno stands and gets in Zima’s face. There is a few second of tension before Veleno steps aside and gestures forward.

Marie Veleno: After you.

Zima smiles and leads the way, Veleno walking after her.

Singles Match
Ezra LaForge w/ Ken Laurier versus Miyami Kana
15 Minute Time Limit

Our third contest of the evening sees “Total Pro”Ezra LaForge come to the ring flanked by her trainer and manager, “White Wolf” Ken Laurier. She gets a decent reaction but those cheers dissipatedwhen Miyami Kana is introduced. LaForge attempts a handshake before the bell but Kana just stares at her, unflinching.

Alan Irvine: Have you ever seen Miyami Kana’s tapes, she isn’t shaking your hand LaForge. Ken Laurier should have had you do your research. After watching Kana last week I researched her some more and she is a vicious, calculating competitor. I am a fan.

The bell sounds and Kana smashes LaForge in the face with a high kick. Kana puts LaForge in the corner and hits her with a succession of forearms to the face before throwing her onto the mat. LaForge attempts to recover in the opposing corner but Kana runs in and hit her with a feint dropkick to the face.

Chris Jones: Ezra LaForge has yet to make a move in this contest. Kana is an onslaught right now.

Alan Irvine: Perhaps the Total Pro isn’t ready to take on someone of Kana’s calibre.

Chris Jones: It may be too early to tell.

With Laurier willing her on from ringside LaForge catches a strike attempt from Kana and takes her over with a hip toss. LaForge locks in a standing hammerlock but Kana reaches back, flipps over LaForge and lands behind her. Kana then takes LaForge over with a stalling German suplex into a bridge. LaForge is able to kick out at two.

Alan Irvine: Kana is not only fast. She has incredible power behind her strikes and she is deceptively strong. Much like Lobo Malo with John Ire, if LaForge wants to survive she needs to keep Kana close.

Chris Jones: I agree. LaForge can’t give Kana any room to move.

LaForge back rolls and gets to her feet. Kana rushes in at her but is met with a toe kick to the mid-section. LaForge grabbs the back of Kana’s head and hits her with a knee to the nose. LaForge then applies a front face lock and takes Kana down with a snap suplex. LaForge floats over into a cover but Kana kicks out at one.

Chris Jones: The Total Pro puts Kana down and only gets a one count. That may have just served to make Kana angry.

The two get back up and are both on the defensive. They stare at each other for a moment while the crowd roars in approval. Both competitors dart forward and lock up, with LaForge forcing Kana down into a head lock. Kana shoves her into the ropes but LaForge comes back with a short arm clothesline.

Chris Jones: LaForge is building momentum. She could ride this to what I would consider an upset victory.

Alan Irvine: This is a situation where she can’t make any mistakes or Kana is going to dive right in and kill her.

Kana rallies back and attempts a side kick but LaForge catches it, pulls Kana in, and takes her over with a capture suplex. LaForge then beautifully transitions into a cross arm breaker which gets a pop from both the crowd and Laurier at ringside. Kana is able to reach the ropes but there is significant damage done.

Chris Jones: That left arm and shoulder of Kana’s just took significant damage. If LaForge can lock in the Professional Grade like she did last week with Marie Veleno, it could spell the end for Kana.

Now favouring her left arm, Kana attempts a spinning back fist with her right hand. LaForge avoids it and puts Kana on her back with another hip toss but this time LaForge holds onto Kana’s left arm. LaForge pulls Kana back up and turns it into a standing kimura. Kana roars in pain.

Alan Irvine: I can’t believe it! The rookie may actually take down the Japanese sensation! I don’t care for Ken Laurier or his student but this would be massive for both of them.

Chris Jones: Laurier is overjoyed, ringside! He can smell victory in the air.

Kana is able to break the hold by rushing LaForge hard into the nearest turnbuckle. Kana backs up and rushes in for a high knee but LaForge shoots forward with a right cross that cranks Kana and staggers her. LaForge then climbs to the top rope.

Alan Irvine: This seems…unwise.

Chris Jones: Even Laurier thinks so. He’s telling LaForge to get down!

Despite protests from Laurier at ringside, LaForge measures Kana. Seeing her opponent primed to strike, Kana darts sideways and hits the top rope. LaForge loses her balance and straddles the turnbuckle.

Alan Irvine: There it is, that one mistake I was talking about.

Kana then steps forward and takes LaForge off of the top rope in a fireman’s carry. Kana plants LaForge with a jumping death valley driver and covers for the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Miyami Kana!

Miyami Kana has her hand raised and then quickly leaves the ring, her mission complete for the evening. Laurier enters the ring to check on LaForge, who has yet to move.


Cut to the backstage area where FTF Interviewer Ben Choi stands with Al Derringer who has his head taped up.

Ben Choi: I am Ben Choi, here with Al Derringer who is set to face Hatchet Muldoon in tonights main event. Mr. Derringer, after being attacked earlier in the evening by your opponent and his accomplice VJ Merrick, how are you feeling going into this match?

Al Derringer: Well Choi it’s pretty obvious that I’m not one hundred percent. Muldoon and his lackey did a number on me earlier, there is no doubt about it.

Derringer pulls out a cigar and examines it.

Al Derringer: But I found myself in worse spots when I was in the service. I’ve found myself with tougher odds. Those two Aussie maggots don’t scare the Sergeant. Not. One. Bit.

Before Choi can ask his next question, John Ire walks into frame.

John Ire: Listen here Sarg. I want to thank you for preventin’ Muldoon from stabbin’ me last week. It’s appreciated. That bein’ said, I’ve got your back tonight. If that little cunt Merrick tries to interfere, I’ll be there to cave his fookin’ face in.

Al Derringer: That’d be much appreciated, if need be. Just save a piece of him for me, ya hear? I owe him a receipt.

John Ire: I can’t make any promises on that front mate. But I’ll try.

Derringer lights up his cigar and shakes Ire’s hand and the scene cuts.

Singles Match
Al Derringer versus Hatchet Muldoon
15 Minute Time Limit

Al Derringer is introduced and as soon as Hatchet Muldoon gets to the ring the brawl begins. Muldoon is forced into a corner and Derringer hits him with a serious of shoulder thrusts to the mid-section.

Chris Jones: In just two short weeks these two men have developed a severe hatred for each other.

Alan Irvine: Well it’s Derringer’s fault. He should have minded his own business.

Chris Jones: He should have let Muldoon stab John Ire?

Alan Irvine: …yeah.

Muldoon staggers out of the corner and Derringer destroys him with a clothesline. Derringer gets Muldoon up and drops him face first onto the top rope with a snake eyes. Muldoon stumbles backwards holding his face and Derringer blasts him with a big boot.

Chris Jones: An angry Al Derringer is a dangerous Al Derringer. The Soldier of Fortune is not playing with Hatchet Muldoon.

Muldoon tries to go to the ropes to recover but Derringer gets him up and cracks him in the face with a hard right cross. Derringer grabs Muldoon by the wrist and pulls him into a spinning power slam.

Alan Irvine: Al Derringer is not 100% in this match. He said so himself. If he couldn’t beat Miyami Kana last week when he was at his best, how is he going to beat Muldoon tonight?

Chris Jones: He seems to be doing pretty well so far.

Derringer mounts Muldoon and feeds him some hard shots to the face, attempting to open Muldoon up. He is successful as a small cut opens on Muldoon’s forehead. That is when Derringer starts hitting him with glancing elbows to make it worse.

Chris Jones: The Soldier of Fortune is out for blood. The referee may consider stopping this match if that cut on Muldoon’s head gets any worse.

With Muldoon busted open, Derringer stands and begins stomping on his opponent’s head. Muldoon rolls out of the ring to try and recover but Derringer is right after him. Derringer attempts to grab Muldoon but Muldoon catches him with an uppercut and then sends the back of Derringer’s head into the guard rail with a side Russian legsweep.

Alan Irvine: That is a game changer right there. Muldoon is targeting Derringer’s head and it’s a smart plan.

Chris Jones: We don’t know the extent of Derringer’s injury. You’re right AI, this could be bad for the Sarg.

The audience boos Muldoon at this point but he grins through his crimson mask. Muldoon gets Derringer up and lifts him up for a back drop. Instead of dropping him on the ground, Muldoon falls so that the back of Derringer’s head hits the guard rail again!

Chris Jones: Hatchet Muldoon is a twisted individual.

Alan Irvine: Al Derringer wanted this match to happen. The doctors offered him a reprieve but he said no. This is his own fault.

Muldoon puts Derringer back into the ring. Derringer is on his stomach when Muldoon drops a knee to his lower back and holds his head up, so that Derringer is facing the small tron at the top of the ramp.

Chris Jones: What the hell is this now?

Alan Irvine: It looks like Muldoon wants to show Derringer something.

Chris Jones: My God…

The tron lights up and shows VJ Merrick backstage laying into a downed John Ire with an axe handle! The British Brawler is subdued, holding his ribs in agony by the time officials intervene.

Alan Irvine: Brilliant! Hatchet Muldoon and VJ Merrick are geniuses! No one is going to come and save the Sarg now.

Chris Jones: This is disgusting.

Back in the ring, Muldoon is laughing. Muldoon starts a vicious onslaught of punches to the back of Derringer’s head like a wild animal. Only moments later VJ Merrick struts down the ramp with the axe handle.

Chris Jones: Get this maniac out of here! He isn’t signed to FTF. Why is he here?

Merrick tosses the axe handle to Muldoon but before Muldoon can strike, the referee puts his body between the competitors. The referee calls for the bell while shouting “He’s done! He’s done!”.

Nina Nichols: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by referee stoppage, Hatchet Muldoon!

Following the announcement, the bloodied Hatchet Muldoon stands tall with his arms raised. VJ Merrick enters the ring and stands with his partner in crime. Muldoon then turns his attention back to Al Derringer, his eyes glazed over.

Chris Jones: We need security or someone out here. They are going to kill Al Derringer!

Alan Irvine: You are more than welcome to intervene on his behalf Jones, but it didn’t work out so well for the last two people who tried.

Merrick tosses the referee aside and then gets Derringer up. Merrick holds Derringer’s arms back and Muldoon winds up before smashing Derringer in the head yet again with the axe handle. Derringer drops, his body limp. Both Merrick and Muldoon stand over him, smirking like human hyenas.


– Karina Zima def. Marie Veleno
– John Ire def. Lobo Malo
– Miyami Kana def. Ezra LaForge
– Hatchet Muldoon def. Al Derringer