FTF Episode 001


The Fire Pit Arena
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
June 5th, 2016


The scene shakes to life and the FTF signature plays, the sharp logo fades into view and then washes over the scene of The Fire Pit Arena in Toronto, Ontario. Guitar driven music pumps throughout the arena p.a. system before the camera falls on the ringside announcers table.

Chris Jones: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first edition of Fire Thunder Fighting. My name is Chris Jones and I will be calling the action alongside my broadcast partner, colour commentator Alan Irvine.

Alan Irvine: Oh ho ho you are all in for a treat this evening. This is the first step for a company that is set to change the face of professional wrestling. We have gathered a starting roster of eight top talents to compete for you here tonight, each of them unique and incredible in their own way. Of course, some are more incredible than others.

Chris Jones: And they will be looking to prove that tonight. We have four match ups ready to present to you tonight and all four of them promise to showcase exactly what FTF is setting out to be. These talents went through a rigorous vetting process to ensure that they would not only bring their absolute best, but bring out the absolute best in each other.

Alan Irvine: Those that don’t? Those who fail to measure up? Well maybe they don’t have a place on the next show. Here in FTF mediocrity will not fly. You need to earn your spot, nothing is guaranteed. Some of the faces you see here tonight, may not be here next week. Win or lose, they need to bring the mother fucking ruckus.

Chris Jones: With that being said let us introduce to you our first two competitors.


The small tron in the middle of The Fire Pit comes to life with a vision of old glory waving in the wind. A portion of the Canadian audience boos until the scene shifts to a pair of combat boots. The camera tilts up to show a very large, very muscular man chomping on a cigar.

Al Derringer: Fire Thunder Fighting, the name is Sergeant Al Derringer. I may be retired but that don’t mean that my fight is over. I came to Toronto to be the goddamn example that pro wrestling needs. I am a soldier of fortune and Fire Thunder Fighting was the highest bidder. I am here to wage my own personal war.

He puts his cigar back in his mouth, takes a long draw and then lets out a large cloud of smoke.

Al Derringer: I’m here to win a new kind of glory. FTF is my battleground and everyone here is my enemy. I’ve never lost a battle, I don’t plan on starting now.

Derringer smirks and puts his cigar back in his mouth before the scene cuts. The audience is left buzzing, likely with varying opinions.


A shot of Tokyo at night. The shot fades into that of an alley, soaked from an earlier downpour. Steam rises up from manhole cover and a figure walks through.

Miyama Kana: I am death.

The figure kneels on the ground.

Miyama Kana: I am destruction.

The shot moves in to show her face.

Miyama Kana: I am Miyami Kana and tonight I arrive.

With that she stands and backs away through the steam, disappearing into the night.

Single Match
Al Derringer versus Miyami Kana
15 Minute Time Limit

Both competitors make their entrances to mixed fan fare. Derringer is the much larger of the two, made evident when the two stand face to face (sort of). The bell sounds and Kana immediately starts laying into Derringer with big kicks that stagger the big man. Derringer swings but Kana avoids and and staggers him with a dropkick that pops the audience.

Chris Jones: Miyami Kana is revered in her home country of Japan. She has been called “the living weapon” and with good reason.

Alan Irvine: Al Derringer is an former American serviceman, he has seen real battle on more than one occasion. Someone like Miyami Kana doesn’t scare a man of his calibre. He’s going to eat her alive.

Derringer takes refuge in the nearest corner but Kana rushes him again looking for running double knees. Derringer avoids her attempt and she crashes into the turnbuckle. When Kana stands Derringer blasts her with a lariat to the back of the head. Derringer then sends her across the ring and floors her with a big boot. He covers but Kana is able to kick out.

Chris Jones: Based on the weight difference alone that kickout surprised me. This is going to be an uphill battle for Kana.

Alan Irvine: Derringer can end this whenever he wants but I think he wants to show the world exactly what he is capable of.

Chris Jones: That could be his downfall in the end. Kana is not to be played with.

Derringer mounts Kana and starts hitting her with some grounded shots. He then sends her into the ropes again and lifts her up with a military press. Derringer holds Kana high in the air for the entire crowd to see. After what probably felt like a lifetime for Kana, Derringer twists her and plants her with a thunderous powerslam. Derringer stands and holds his arms out, demanding the crowds’ adulation which he barely receives.

Alan Irvine: Of course these Canadians don’t appreciate this man. I sometimes forget just where the hell we are Chris.

Chris Jones: This crowd was gathered to see top tier fighting. Grandstanding before you’ve made your mark isn’t likely to go over well.

Kana gets to her feet and Derringer advances, however, he is caught with a high roundhouse kick to the side of the head. Kana then hits the ropes and flies at him, smashing him in the face with a forearm that pops the audience. She then laces his chest with several high kicks before spinning around with a hard kick to the mid-section. With Derringer doubled over Kana climbs to the top rope and looks to come down with a double stomp but Derringer moves out of the way and turns her inside out with a lariat. He covers again but she kicks out at two.

Alan Irvine: There it is, that’s why this is a mismatch. Miyami Kana is just too undersized to take down the American muscle that is Al Derringer.

Derringer’s expression changes from smug to a grimace as he gets Kana up and calls for the end. He grabs her around the throat and lifts her into the air but Kana shifts her weight and brings him down into a cradle. The referee counts and Kana gets the pinfall!

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Miyami Kana!

Kana’s music plays and the referee holds up her hand. Derringer is bewildered as he kneels in front of the woman who just upset him. Derringer stands and stares at Kana for a moment who gets right back in his face. The referee gets between them but neither competitor moves. After a few tense moments Derringer nods at Kana and moves to exit the ring.

Alan Irvine: What the hell did we just see?

Chris Jones: We just saw what Fire Thunder Fighting is all about. Miyami Kana took her shot and she was successful. Time will tell if Al Derringer gets another opportunity to prove his worth to the FTF leadership.

Alan Irvine: He had better! That was a fluke and nothing more. I can’t believe it.


As Derringer and Kana both exit the arena the lights dim and the tron comes to life again. We see a woman walking through an airport. She is slender and graceful, with jet black hair tied back into a neat ponytail. Her eyes are covered by large, fashionable sunglasses.

Marie Veleno: In my home country of Italy I earned the name of Widow Maker. I sent both men and women alike home to their significant others as shells of their former selves.

She continues through the airport, walking with purpose and confidence.

Marie Veleno: It is something I took no joy in. It was my job and it secured me my station in life. It did not thrill me but it allowed me to live the life that I deserve.

The shot closes in on her face.

Marie Veleno: I will continue to ruin the lives of others in order to preserve my own. This is not a promise, this is how it has been and how it will continue to be. How you deal with your demise is entirely up to you.

The camera stops back tracking and Veleno walks past, her heels clicking off into the distance.


Inside a combat sports dojo we see a young woman punching and kicking pads held by her trainer. She is fast, she is accurate. Cut to the same man against a black backdrop.

Ken Laurier: Ezra LaForge is a once in a lifetime athlete.

Cut back to her taking down a sparing partner at the legs, transitioning into a heel hook.

Ken Laurier: If I had come up against someone like her when I was an active competitor, I would have been in real trouble. Coming from a former three time world champion, I feel that that says a lot. (Laughs)

The sparring partner submits and LaForge backrolls and stands, the referee holds up her hand.

Ken Laurier: I think that Fire Thunder Fighting is a perfect proving ground for LaForge. She is my most successful student and I consider her to be a Total Pro. Whomever stands across from her at FTF’s inaugural show…well…they aren’t going to have a good night.

We close in on LaForge’s face which is sporting a cold, hard gaze.

Single Match
Ezra LaForge w/ Ken Laurier versus Marie Veleno
15 Minute Time Limit

The arena buzzes as Ezra LaForge enters first with her mentor Ken Laurier by her side. Marie Veleno enters next, refusing to indulge the audience members that line the ramp way. She enters the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

Chris Jones: This is a good matchup on paper. From what my research tells me, Marie Veleno is a talented high flyer who is as quick as they come.

Alan Irvine: I disagree. I think that Ezra LaForge is all hype. Ken Laurier just wants more time in the spotlight so he’s hitched his wagon to some young hottie. I bet Veleno makes quick work of her.

The bell sounds and the two women lock up. LaForge puts Veleno on her back with a headlock takeover but Veleno springs back up to her feet and moves for the ropes. Veleno hits a springboard from the second rope and comes back with a cross body but LaForge evades it. Veleno rolls through, unharmed, and is quickly back to her feet.

Alan Irvine: Veleno has LaForge on the ropes already. LaForge is out of her depth.

Chris Jones: I don’t feel that we’ve seen any indication of that yet Alan.

Alan Irvine: Then you aren’t paying attention.

The two lock up again and after a few moments of struggle LaForge is able to take Veleno down with a swinging neck breaker. LaForge attempts to transition into a bully choke but Veleno scrambles and grabs the bottom rope with her feet. LaForge breaks the hold as Laurier coaches her from ringside.

Alan Irvine: Get the camera off of Laurier. That’s what he wants!

Veleno catches LaForge with a hook kick to the midsection and then drops her with an implant ddt. LaForge rolls out onto the apron and pulls herself up but Veleno is right there to hit LaForge with a dropsault. LaForge drops off of the apron to the outside, almost on top of her mentor. Veleno then runs as if to do a dive but instead she stops short, kicks the bottom rope and flips her hair at LaForge which stirs up the audience.

Alan Irvine: Ha! Considering that Veleno is one of the best high flyers in the world but LaForge isn’t worth Veleno’s best shot. I love the head games Jones.

Chris Jones: LaForge and Laurier definitely did their homework on Veleno. Any game plan that they may have devised likely just went out the window.

LaForge cautiously gets up onto the apron and Veleno charges. LaForge shoots her shoulder through the ropes right into Veleno’s gut. LaForge then shoots into the ring with a flip and a blockbuster. LaForge quickly transitions into a crossface. Some boneheads in the audience attempt to start a “you-know-who” chant but the more considerate members of the audience put a stop to it. Laurier coaches LaForge from ringside but to no avail, Veleno is able to reach the ropes.

Chris Jones: LaForge is working Veleno’s neck, likely trying to set her up for the Professional Grade.

Alan Irvine: It won’t come to that. Veleno is going to poison LaForge and hopefully send her back to Laurier’s training camp.

Chris Jones: Veleno hasn’t had a great deal of offence. I would say that LaForge has had the majority thus far.

Alan Irvine: Just. You. Wait.

Veleno fights back to her feet and catches LaForge with a spinning back fist. Veleno then steps off of the second rope and puts LaForge with a tornado ddt. With LaForge down Veleno hops onto the apron and then shoots into the ring with a Latino Heat style flipping senton. Veleno covers but LaForge kicks out at two.

Alan Irvine: What say you now Jones?

Chris Jones: I never said that Veleno wasn’t talented, I said that she hadn’t had much offence yet.

Alan Irvine: Yeah yeah. Backpeddle all you want but I’ve been a Veleno supporter since day one. Mark it down.

Chris Jones: Duly noted.

Veleno allows LaForge the opportunity but when LaForge is up Veleno nails her with a slap to the face. LaForge responds with a hip toss and transitions into a Border City Stretch!

Chris Jones: The Professional Grade! LaForge has it locked in!

Alan Irvine: No! Get to the ropes Veleno!

Chris Jones: They are in the centre of the ring! The Widow Maker has nowhere to go!

LaForge wrenches back and Veleno screams out in pain. Veleno struggles to try for the ropes but LaForge isn’t letting her move. Laurier wills LaForge on from ringside and Veleno has no choice but to tap out.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, “Total Pro” Ezra LaForge!

Laurier enters the ring right after the bell and celebrates with his student. The referee raises her hand on one side and Laurier raises the other.

Chris Jones: A big win for the Total Pro. Laurier must be ecstatic.

Alan Irvine: I don’t believe this. Veleno shot herself in the foot.

Chris Jones: You need to bring your best here in Fire Thunder Fighting. Nothing less will do.

Alan Irvine: Maria Veleno learned that tonight. She’ll be back.

Chris Jones: That is something that we can agree on.


The lights in the arena dim and the tron comes to life again. This time it is with a shot of FTF General Manager Morgan Odin.

Morgan Odin: Hello FTF fans. I hope that you are enjoying the show thus far.

A big pop rises up from the audience and Odin smiles.

Morgan Odin: I want to let you all know that as General Manager of FTF I am here to provide you with the best competition that I can come up with.

The audience pumps again and a small FTF chant begins.

Morgan Odin: That being said I want all of you to know that this show is not about me. It’s about wrestling. I am just here to keep order and to serve you. I will stay out of the affairs that go on in that ring as much as I can.

The audience cheers for that, clearly happy that an authority figure isn’t seeking the limelight.

Morgan Odin: Now for the primary reason that I am speaking to you tonight. Next week I am going to announce what every competitor in FTF is fighting for. I will show you what the top prize of this company is. Enjoy the rest of the show and thank you all for supporting FTF. For supporting wrestling.


Cut to a luchadore mask sitting on a table. A voice with a Mexican accent is heard.

Lobo Malo: All my life I have tried to be good. I have tried to make choices that follow that ideal.

The shot switches to aerial views of Mexico City in the daytime.

Lobo Malo: While I have had a successful career, my commitment to doing what is right has made my personal relationships suffer.

The shot switches to the border that separates Mexico and the United States. Hoards of cars are lined up on either side.

Lobo Malo: I now find myself in FTF, as a means to see my family again. I do not regret what I have done. But I do regret the pain I have caused.

Cut back to the mask. A hand grabs it off of the table and a figure, seen from behind, puts it on.

Lobo Malo: Nothing will stop me from achieving my goal. Nothing, and no one.


Moscow. Russian streets are busy. Cut to the basement of a bar. Dingy and dirty. A young woman puts a much larger man on his back.

Karina Zima: Life is an unfair game. The best at playing it aren’t always the most deserving.

The same woman accepts a wad of cash from a reluctant man.

Karina Zima: All men may be created equal but that is not the way of the world.

The woman walks past a group of hecklers.

Karina Zima: If the best man should win, how is that any motivation to play fair?

The woman exits the bar, counting her money.

Karina Zima: I do not play fair. I play to win.

Single Match
Karina Zima versus Lobo Malo
15 Minute Time Limit

The entrances happen and the audience seems to be behind the luchador Lobo Malo. Karina Zima does not seem to care. The bell sounds and Zima quickly exits the ring. The audience boos as Zima circles the ring and Malo calls for her to come in and fight. Zima gets up on the apron and nearly enters the ring but Malo advances and she sticks her body back through the ropes. The referee backs Malo off.

Alan Irvine: Oh I like her.

Chris Jones: Zima is playing her game from the get go. She knows that she can outwit Malo.

Alan Irvine: Are you saying that he’s an idiot?

Chris Jones: No. I’m saying that Zima is quite obviously a tactician. She won’t win based on physical skill, but mental.

Zima finally enters the ring and Malo keeps his distance. Zima steps forward with her hand extended. Malo looks around and the audience chants no but Malo accepts it. Zima then catches him with a boot to the midsection and rolls him up for a two count.

Chris Jones: Lobo Malo’s compulsion to always do the right thing may cost him in this contest. Karina Zima is perhaps the slipperiest competitor in FTF.

Alan Irvine: Oh come on Jones that is perverted.

Chris Jones: You have a disgusting mind.

Alan Irvine: You aren’t wrong.

Malo tries to recover but Zima treats him to a knee to the side of the head. She grounds him and hits him with several glancing elbows to the head. The referee tries to intervene but she shoves him away. That moment when his head is turned away Zima catches Malo with a thumb to the eye. She then gets Malo up and takes him over with a suplex. She covers and shouts to the referee.

Karina Zima: Count!

The ref begrudgingly obliges but only gets a one count. Zima retreats to a corner as Malo gets to his feet. Malo goes to rush Zima but she sticks her upper body through the ropes. The referee has to intervene.

Alan Irvine: I’m going to be honest Jones. I think I’m in love with Karina Zima.

Chris Jones: That doesn’t surprise me.

Alan Irvine: I’m taking that as a compliment.

Chris Jones: Don’t.

The referee is between both competitors but behind his back Zima slips in a low blow on Malo. She then darts forward and takes Malo over with a side Russian leg sweep. With her opponent down Zima ascends to the top rope.

Chris Jones: For a tactician I feel like this is a bad move on Zima’s part.

Zima measures Malo but he rushes in at her. She jumps off of the top rope and lands on her feet. Zima charges Malo but he leaps up onto her shoulders, spins around and plants her with Malo Luna! Malo covers and gets the three count.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, Lobo Malo!

The referee raises Lobo Malo’s hand and Karina Zima approaches him. She swiftly kicks him in the groin and exits the ring to the sound of a chorus of boos.


A pub in London, England. A man has his massive left hand wrapped around a pint glass. He lifts it to his lips and drains the remaining contents before slamming it down on the bar.

John Ire: I look at the world around me and I find myself wonderin’, wonderin’ where all the bad asses have gone.

Ire gestures to the bar keep for another.

John Ire: Am I alone in the universe? Am I the only bloody hard arse left in this world? That’s how I feel lads. That’s how I feel.

A pint lands before him and he takes a big slug.

John Ire: Word is that a place in Canada is where the world is keeping all the real bad cunts. Looks like that’s where I’m goin’.

Ire drains the pint glass and tosses it at a passer by. It smashes against the man’s head and he drops.

John Ire: Aye, everyone there is gonna learn what a bad cunt really looks like.


The Australian outback, night time. We can hear the various whirring and chirping of bugs and animals. Another sound begins to rise up, the sound of slashing. We settle on a patch of long grass. Suddenly, a machete cuts through them with a powerful swipe.

Hatchet Muldoon: How ya goin’ boys? The name is Hatchet Muldoon and I like to fight. That is ta say, I love to fight.

He sticks the machete into the soil.

Hatchet Muldoon: Word around the watering hole is that Fire Thunder Fighting is a place where we can expect some top tit violence.

He leans into the camera.

Hatchet Muldoon: That’s just my game mate. Just my game.


Backstage we see Hatchet Muldoon getting ready for his main event match against John Ire. Muldoon is picking his teeth with a switchblade, sitting on a road case when Al Derringer walks past him.

Hatchet Muldoon: Hey mate. Saw your match earlier.

Muldoon chuckles.

Hatchet Muldoon: Expected more from a serviceman, if I’m being truthful.

Al Derringer: Who fuckin’ asked you?

Hatchet Muldoon: No need to get hostile friend. I was merely offering an observation. I was hoping to motivate ya. For the future. That is…if Odin brings ya back. Word is that you’ve gotta earn your place ’round this joint.

Al Derringer: I’ll be back. Just pray to your Aussie God that it’s not to face you.

Hatchet Muldoon: Now now mate, let’s not get off on the wrong foot. I’ll be nice enough to let you know that I’m not the kind of guy you want as an enemy. Understand?

Al Derringer: I’ll take my fucking chances.

Hatchet Muldoon: Well why don’t you watch what I do to that pissed up Brit next. Then you’ll know that I’m serious. I’ll show you what a winner looks like.

Muldoon pats Derringer on the shoulder and walks by him, leaving Derringer silently fuming.

Single Match
Hatchet Muldoon versus John Ire
15 Minute Time Limit

Nina Nichols makes the introductions and the bell sounds. The two men come at each other like colliding bulls. They tie up and struggle in the centre of the ring before Muldoon forces Ire into a corner.

Chris Jones: This one isn’t going to be pretty A.I. I know it.

When Muldoon winds up for a shot Ire floors him with an uppercut. Muldoon stumbles backwards and Ire rushes him, hitting him with a huge combo that brings the audience to their feet.

Alan Irvine: Something tells me that Ire didn’t polish his skills in a bar room.

Chris Jones: He definitely started there, he told me so.

Alan Irvine: Oh you’re great friends are you?

Muldoon pie faces Ire backwards and hits him with a massive lariat. Ire falls through the ropes to the outside. Muldoon hits the opposing ropes and dives through them but Ire gets wind of it and guides Muldoon head first into the guard rail.

Chris Jones: Jesus Christ! Did you hear that A.I.?

Alan Irvine: I’ve got ears don’t I?

Ire then gets Muldoon up and hits him with a hard gut shot. Ire then introduces Muldoon’s face to the ring steps. Ire rolls Muldoon back into the ring. The audience cheers for Ire and he throws his hands up for them, taking in their adulation.

Alan Irvine: Great. We’ve made a drunk a fan favourite.

Ire attempts to get Muldoon up but Muldoon pulls something the cuff of his pants and cracks Ire in the jaw. Ire drops and the referee checks on him, Muldoon throws something to the outside of the ring and covers but only gets a two count.

Chris Jones: Those were brass knuckles! Muldoon had brass knuckles!

Alan Irvine: And he didn’t get caught. Shut up about it.

Ire gets to his feet and spits a gob of blood onto the match. He lets out a primal howl and advances on Muldoon. Muldoon attempts a haymaker but Ire ducks under it, spins Muldoon around and hits him with a bicycle knee to the chin.

Chris Jones: I didn’t expect that! What a shot!

Muldoon falls back into the ropes and bounces back at Ire in quite the daze. Ire winds up and smashes Muldoon right in the face with a roaring elbow.

Chris Jones: The Pisstaker! The Pisstaker!

Alan Irvine: Muldoon looks like he’s out cold.

Ire covers as Muldoon lays stunned on the mat. The referee drops and makes the count, giving the three count to Ire.

Nina Nichols: Here is your winner, “Pissed Off” John Ire!

John Ire has his hand raised by the referee as Hatchet Muldoon rolls onto his stomach. As Ire celebrates, Muldoon pulls himself up to his feet. Muldoon glares at Ire and then reaches into his other boot.

Chris Jones: Uh oh. Muldoon looks like he’s going for another weapon!

Believe it or not, Muldoon actually pulls out the switch blade that he had backstage earlier. When he approaches Ire, a figure comes through the crowd and slides into the ring.

Alan Irvine: It’s Al Derringer! Al Derringer, the soldier of fortune is out here.

Derringer slides into the ring and nails Muldoon with a lariat from behind. Derringer strips Muldoon of his blade and then plants him with the Shock & Awe chokebreaker. Muldoon rolls out of the ring and Ire (still standing on the second turnbuckle) turns around to see Derringer. The two lock eyes in a tense moment as FTF goes off the air.


– Miyami Kana def. Al Derringer
– Ezra LaForge def. Maria Veleno
– Lobo Malo def. Karina Zima
– John Ire def. Hatchet Muldoon


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